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For old fans only, do you still watching the Pokemon anime?

Ditto B1tch

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Well, as the title says, if you were introduced to Pokemon since season I, do do you still watching the anime? If not, why did you stopped? And so, what keeps you watching it?

I think it is pretty hard for somebody keeping watching the anime for around 20 years. The anime just go stuck in a cicle of standard events, which just made it become nothing else than a way to promote the series. It isn't just about age, but the anime really sucked. There are some cartoons and animes I can watch (Naruto, Justice League, Spider-Man, for example) meanwhile I just can't watch Pokemon anymore. I may watch the first seasons for nostalgia, but only that. It's so dumb that Ash always lose the league, that Team Rocket still trying to steal Pikachu, that Giovanni didn't fire Jesse and James out, that they forgot about GS Ball (of course, the public is composed mostly by imature children, that would be a problem). I kept my love for Pokemon only with the games. It's unfortuante that an anime that started greatly, with so much content and unumerous possibilities, went into a mess of non-sense and boring episodes with repetitive stories. It can be a distraction for children, but not for teenagers and adults.


Beyond Evolution
I started in Advance Generation, so I'm not really sure if I'm considered as an old-timer fan (I'm 22, does that make me an adult?). I still do watch the anime, though, and there are definitely a lot of reasons for it. I'm quite aware that it has a very repetitive cycle for marketing and introduction of newer generation for kids, but once you accept that, it actually isn't all that crappy. Maybe it really just boils down to preference, but I am an anime lover myself and I can still put Pokemon in my list every season.

Some parts, it has something to do with Ash Ketchum himself. He is on a never-ending, repetitive journey, and I get to see him acquire different Pokemon, battle with them, battle against really awesome opponents, and do things that are normal for main characters in a series. There's just this feeling of wanting to see him go through the same process again and again with a different regional team, and that is more or less rooted to my love for the games, as well.

I'm with the people who believe that the current XY saga has become really different and exciting, though. Look, my years of watching him go through all of this is starting to show some signs of development, and it's pleasurable to watch.


The Dragon Lord
Yeah, I still watch it, and have been my entire life. Admittedly, part of the reason I watch it is nostalgia, but that's not even the most of it. The big reason I watch it is because of the world itself. I have always been attracted to Pokemon as a franchise because of the world. It is such a wonderful place, a place that I long to be a part of. While the games may allow me to control a character in the world of Pokemon, it's not nearly as realistic or organic of a view of the world as the anime gives. The anime is the best way to enter the world of Pokemon for now, so I will continue to watch it.

Also, it helps that I'm not annoyed by Ash, Team Rocket, etc.


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I'm 26 and I stopped watching the anime around Orange Islands. I stopped watching it just because I lost interest. I seen bits and pieces up through the Advanced generation because my brother watched it. I do make it my goal to watch at least one new episode after a new generation of games has come out.

Emperor Empoleon

Honor of Kalos
Eh. Kinda/Sorta/Not really. I think my time with the show ended after Sinnoh. I can still go back and enjoy older episodes from the Original Series, Advanced, or D&P, but I abandoned ship sometime into BW and the I mostly watch XY in passing save a few plot points.
I'm 28 and I still watch the show.

I know it has flaws and is repetitive, but I honestly don't pay that much attention to it. I only really watch the show for the monsters themselves, anyway.


Lost in the Waves
No. It's boring and wore out its welcome 15 years ago.

Ashton Ketchum

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Yes, because of AmourShipping (Ash+Serena). And if Ash will lose the League, I oochno stop watching the show forever. Since I was tired of his failure, and if he and Serena would part - I will be very painful!


The Dragon Lord
Yes, because of AmourShipping (Ash+Serena). And if Ash will lose the League, I oochno stop watching the show forever. Since I was tired of his failure, and if he and Serena would part - I will be very painful!

Sorry to break it to you, but this league is going to be no different than any previous one, and Serena is going to be no different from any previous female companion. Ash is going to lose and Serena is going to leave.

Ashton Ketchum

Well-Known Member
Sorry to break it to you, but this league is going to be no different than any previous one, and Serena is going to be no different from any previous female companion. Ash is going to lose and Serena is going to leave.
I'm still hope - you wrong.


Petal Blizzard
Nope. It's the only pokémon related thing that I dropped as soon as I was outside its target audience.

I watched Lucario's movie after I was told it was "soooooooooo good", but that's about it.


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Staff member
I still watch it, though I've had on & off periods throughout the years.

I watched regularly during the Original and Advanced series, especially at the beginning during Kanto and the Orange Islands, though there were a few Johto and Advanced episodes I didn't see until years after they aired due to forgetting, not having access to the TV at the time, etc.

When DP came around, I watched religiously until Canalave. Then, I went through my "burn-out" period with the anime where I didn't watch for several years other than a few episodes here and there. I pretty much skipped the BW series (only saw a few episodes during its runs, though I've gone back to see some Gym Leader episodes since then).

I got back into the anime with XY. I record new episodes every week and eventually get around to watching them (I have the latest 3 stashed on my DVR lol).
I also have the Pokemon TV app and use it from time to time to rewatch episodes or catch up on ones I missed and want to see.

The games are still by far my favourite part of the franchise, though.


The Super Mario Bros. Movie
No I stopped. It happened after the anime was taken off from Kids WB. As I didn't have cable/satellite to watch it on CN (at that time). Since getting satellite on 2009, I stopped waking up in the morning to watch it. I felt like I lost interest of watching it. Like you OP, it's the same thing each time they land on a new region. The old Pokemon anime will always be in my heart.

I wanna be the very best...


Pokèmon Master
I still watch the show, however after DP, the show went completely downhill. Kalos is better than Unova, in my opinion, however, the show has gotten boring and I don't keep up entirely. I watch the episodes when I get a chance. The English dub of the show is the worst, especially for the newer generations. Anyways, I have been watching since it first aired... just not as consistently as I use to.


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I watched it from season one, and then dropped off a bit around the start of the Hoenn saga. Then came back to be a more regular viewer during Sinnoh and then stopped completely when the Unova stuff started.

It just became way too formulaic, or maybe I just got old enough to recognise that it was so formulaic. Plus with the changes in voice actors and animation style make it too unfamiliar for me to really be bothered about getting back into.

I still watch the movies though but thats only because its way less of an investment to watch one movie as opposed to hundreds of filler episodes. I mean maybe if there was a guide that said which episodes something of consequence happened in (Ash catches a new team member/one evolves/meets someone important/gym battle etc) then maybe I could get into it. But I just can't sit through 20+ "pokemon of the day" episodes in between the plot progression anymore.

Pokegirl Fan~

I only watch Serena focused episodes now and some Bonnie episodes. The anime is too repetitive especially with the filler episodes and the entire formula is follows. I really only watch for the female companions now a days since they are like the only characters that get decent character development. Plus Ash and Team Rocket killed my interest in them and in the show with how they were portrayed and regressed in BW.


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I stopped shorty after the Johto series started.


The Dragon Lord


So long
I don't. It has not got anything to do with the anime itself though, I just lost interest in it and stopped watching it during the early Johto seasons. The way the anime was shown in my country during the early years was rather weird too, they ended up skipping entire seasons and then they showed several older episodes multiple times, starting over from the very beginning one or probably a few times. This appears to have been fixed somewhere around the R/S days though. Nowadays I don't have any interest in watching the anime and I really don't have the time for it either.