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For the Sake of the World


Angel of Chaos
If you wish, you can skip over the intro. It’s a tad long, but I feel it necessary.

Welcome everyone to my third current fanfiction, For the Sake of the World. My other two fanfiction can be found as references in my sig. They would enjoy some reading if you ever think to look at my other works.

Years ago when I first joined Serebii, I wrote a very short-lived Harry Potter/Pokemon fanfiction that will remain unnamed because it was too horribly written for you to go and dig up (I say this of all my fanfictions written before 2008 and I mean it). Later, in 2007, I wrote another Harry Potter/Pokemon fanfiction but never posted it. For three long years, I forgot completely about my two former attempts.

Last November, however, as I was watching part one of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I realized how much better I could have made my second draft. This fanfiction is the re-written form of this draft with a whole lot of new plotlines, characters, and action written in.

A few things to clear up before we get started with the prologue.

1. I have read all of the books in the Harry Potter series and have seen all of the movies (the 5th and 6th ones multiple times as I own them). I KNOW some of these characters will have out of character moments. As a fanfiction writer, that is bound to happen no matter what canon you write about. And I KNOW that this storyline veers to and away from the plotlines in the series and will not exactly sound like the series. That’s the beauty of fanfiction. A new take on something that we all have read and seen. It’s especially interesting with a series like Harry Potter which is not only popular but also due to end (movie-wise) this year.
2. Aquapolians. They look exactly like humans, but they’re not humans. They are half human and half Pokemon, which means they are physically humans with Pokemon powers. Each Aquapolian has a type that he or she can use just like a Pokemon. The country of Aquapolis lies just south of Japan and consists of the usual regions (Kanto, Hoenn, etc) with Ever Grande a large region and the country’s capital situated in the middle of all the other regions. This is where the Hall of Fame is situated, the seat of Aquapolian government. The Champion and Vice-Champion are similar to the President and Vice-president of the United States. (Also, wizards are not counted as humans in this story. Aquapolians refer to humans as humans. Wizards refer to them as Muggles).
3. I’ve taken characters from the Pokemon canon and several other canons (they are secrets!). Same thing goes as Note 1. One or two of them are out of character all the time.
4. I’m taking events from the 5th, 6th, and 7th books, which means I may touch on some things that may count as spoilers. To be safe, I’m not going to point out anything that I took from the books as far as plotlines to make sure that anyone who has not read those three books yet is not spoiled.
5. The action takes place in three short arcs which I have divided up according to semesters. The first arc is the first semester of the main characters’ 6th year. The second arc is the second semester and the first semester of their 7th year. The third arc is the second semester of their 7th year.
6. This note will be reserved for a PM list. You can either state in a post if you want to be on the list or you can PM or VM me.

PM List:

And now, I present to you For the Sake of the World. ☺

For the Sake of the World

Rated PG-13 for violence, some swearing, and some dark content.

"To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."
—Albus Dumbledore



The rough country road was entirely too bumpy for Daniel Smith’s taste. He jostled around in the passenger seat of the black Ford truck as it bounced back and forth on the gravel. He glanced over at the driver to see his reaction at the ever-worsening condition of the road. The driver didn’t acknowledge his look, only kept his eyes straight ahead.

Smith heaved a big sigh. “Are you sure this is where he lives?” He whined, rooting around on the floor for a map of the area.

The driver rolled his eyes. “We’re getting there, Daniel, just hold on.”

“I am holding on! For my life, Tojiro!”

“Don’t be so dramatic,” Tojiro replied, fingering the pendent around his neck. “We’ll be there soon enough. Besides, no one but wizards live out in this part of the country. Why would the roads have to be paved if no one drives cars in these parts?”

Smith wanted to know how Tojiro knew how to drive a car in the first place. His writing partner was Japanese-Aquapolian and had grown up in Aquapolis. No one there drove either. They either teleported, flew, or traveled on foot. Cars were foreign concepts in the Aquapolian and wizarding worlds. Smith used to think this was what made human technology superior, but after seeing the Floo Networks of the Ministry of Magic and the unlimited energy supply Ever Grande generated on a daily basis, small things like cars barely mattered.

Then again, when Tojiro Kakisu had something set in his mind, he carried it through no matter what was in his way. The car was actually Smith’s, but Tojiro had had a friend teleport the car across the Atlantic so the two writers could drive it through the roads of Great Britain.

To get his mind off of the uneven road that spread out for what seemed like miles in front of them, Smith asked a question that had been burning in his mind since Tojiro had called him a few months beforehand with the news of their soon-to-be interview. “So, our client called you personally to request that you write this biography? Isn’t it usually the other way around with us calling the family to ask if we can have permission to write?”

Tojiro acted as if this were not strange in the least, keeping his eyes straight ahead to the road. Smith noticed his knuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel too hard. If Smith hadn’t know Tojiro for so long, he would have thought this occurred from the Aquapolian being scared of driving. In actual fact, he was terribly excited about what was to take place.

“Her family…what is left of it…requested that we write the biography before that damn Rita Skeeter got to publishing a slanderous book about her life. Who knows what kind of conspiracies that vile witch would have put into that manuscript?” Tojiro snapped, not at Smith, but at the air in front of him, angry with the witch reporter who had slandered many a good wizard’s name with her horrible biographies.

“Well, that’s true, but still…they must really trust you to call you personally and ask…although I suppose we should count ourselves lucky. This young woman should have been celebrated in every country and state on Earth for what she did.”

Tojiro nodded vigorously. “Maybe now she will be…” He muttered, squinting ahead, the sun nearly blocking their entire view of the road in front of them…or the end of the road for that matter. Smith was relieved as the Ford truck slid comfortably onto green grass as bright as emeralds. Tojiro flipped down the screen on the window to block the sun from his eyes.

Ahead of them sat a rather small stone house that stood awfully close to the edge of a tree filled cliff. Smith wondered how long this house had stood here…probably for centuries. It was old and worn, but looked cozy and warm enough to foster a family. It looked perfect for an abode for wizards. Tojiro braked to a stop a few yards away and sat back in his seat, taking a deep breath.

Both men knew something momentous lay ahead of them. Something ancient…a story that began three thousand years before and ended only a year ago in their age. They glanced at each other, bracing and readying themselves for what was to come before they both pushed open their doors and stepped out into the British sunlight.

As soon as Smith stepped a few feet closer to the house, he was bombarded by two black cats who wound between his legs, murmuring to him strange meows. A closer inspection surprised him as he took in the golden rings that lined one’s ears, paws, tail, and forehead and the blue that adorned the other’s features. He had never seen cats with such patterns before…

Tojiro laughed at his amazement as Smith leaned down to pet the two creatures. “Those aren’t cats, Smith, they’re Pokemon.” Smith jolted up, staring at them for a long time before Tojiro explained, “They’re both dark-types called Umbreon. The golden one is the normal species color while the blue one is what we call a shiny…very rare…” The Japanese-Aquapolian wondered where the owner had gotten this rare creature. He knew that the wizard had spent some time in Aquapolis, but he didn’t know he had caught a few Pokemon while there.

Smith tried not to trip over the two Umbreon as he and Tojiro made their way to the front of the house. They steeled themselves once more, the Umbreon sitting on either side of them as if to present the visitors to their owner. Tojiro knocked loudly, nearly banging on the door in his excitement and nervousness. Light footsteps echoed on a stone floor beyond the threshold, stopping as the lock turned.

The door creaked open completely, revealing the young wizard. His untidy black hair flopped into his eyes, which were covered by a thin pair of wire glasses. Emerald green eyes swept over the two men, taking in their casual look of jeans and sweatshirts. He had insisted that the two interviewers come dressed comfortably. He was dressed in similar attire, oddly wearing an Aquapolian Institute of Technology sweatshirt. The visitors tried not to stare at the lightning-bolt shaped scar on his forehead, choosing instead to glance down at the Umbreon at their feet, who were wagging their tails at the appearance of their owner, who, Smith guessed, was in his early twenties.

“Mr. Kakisu. Mr. Smith. Glad to see you made it all the way out here in one place,” he said, his emerald eyes sparking with good humor. “Come on in and don’t let the Umbreon trip you up.” He turned around and the Umbreon bolted through the door after him, sliding into the hallway and sitting to stare at the visitors once more. Their red and gold eyes would be very unsettling, Smith thought, to someone who was not in their favor.

The two interviewers followed the young wizard into a cozy den that featured a sofa and several chairs covered in cloth. Tojiro couldn’t help but look around at the pictures that lined the walls, featuring the young wizard with various wizards and Aquapolians through the years. Smith glanced down at a table that sat next to the fire. It was covered in letters from various names of people, most of which came from someone simply known as “SS.”

The wizard noticed Tojiro staring at one picture in particular. In a low voice, the Aquapolian asked, “Is this her?” He couldn’t take his eyes off of the young woman’s in the portrait. As in all wizarding portraits, it moved, showing the wizard and the young woman laughing, the wizard’s arm around her shoulders. In a brief moment, they looked up into each other’s eyes, a warm and intimate feeling sparking between the two of them before they looked back at the camera. The picture was in black and white, so Tojiro couldn’t see the all-too ethereal sheen of Aquapolian crystal that he knew shone from her eyes.

The wizard nodded, stepping over to stand by him and gaze at the picture himself. “Yes, that’s her…” He whispered. Tojiro glanced over to see the wizard’s heart breaking very briefly in his emerald eyes before they retained their good humor once again. “I have other pictures that I would like to be placed in the book if you don’t mind...” He crossed the room to pick up a manila folder filled slightly with black and white photos.

There was another pause before Smith spoke in his strong, Southern accent. “Mr. Potter, you do realize the momentous thing you have asked of us? To write the biography of not only the century…but the last three millennia?” Smith was still unsure of his worthiness to participate in this project. The young woman’s story was not his own…however, she had saved his life in a more direct way than anyone could imagine.

“You can call me Harry, Mr. Smith,” the wizard said. “Are you Aquapolian, sir?” The question took Smith by surprise. Though some Aquapolians wore their telltale pendants under their clothes, most wore them for all to see who they were. If he were Aquapolian, he reasoned, he would wear his for all to see.

“My name is Daniel, Harry…and, no, I’m human,” he said. “I’m one of the millions of lives she saved that fateful day. I’m in debt to her in more ways than one, and, hopefully, I can pay only a fraction of my debt by writing of her life.”

There was a pause as all three let Smith’s words sink into their brains. Tojiro glanced up at Harry, expecting him to look as saddened as he had glancing at the picture. However, there was a confident and proud spark in his eyes, as if those words meant more than the world to him. “Thank you, sir. I’m grateful that both of you have made the trip out here to sit down with me. However…I don’t think this is the perfect place for us to talk…”

When Harry had called both men a few months beforehand to speak of the interview, they had agreed that the interview would be more of a conversation than a question and answer deal. Harry wouldn’t just tell about the young woman’s life, but the story behind all of the events that had occurred four years beforehand. This was how the ancient Aquapolians had written history, he said, and he wanted to continue that tradition. For a wizard, Tojiro thought, he had certainly assimilated himself into Aquapolian culture. He had mentioned beforehand that he even worked for the government in Ever Grande, which she had been a part of.

Harry continued, watching the Umbreon play in the foyer as he spoke. “We’d have to teleport or Disapparate there, I’m afraid. A truck won’t be able to reach the spot…we could stay here, of course…”

“No!” Smith said firmly, almost shouting. “We’ll go wherever you think is perfect, Harry. Unfortunately, Tojiro here is a poison-type, so we’ll have to Disapparate instead of teleport.”

Harry smiled, obviously glad that they had agreed to go with him. He strode over to the sofa and picked up a small blue duffel bag. “Do you have everything you need?” He gestured to the black Ford out front.

Tojiro patted the bag on his shoulder. “I’ve got everything right here. We can leave whenever you’re ready, Harry.” The wizard nodded and retrieved two Poke Balls from the bag, recalling the two Umbreon before packing them back up.

“If you’d step outside, we can be on our way.”

A few stomach churning moments passed before the three travelers stood on a grassy cliff that overlooked the bluest lake Smith had ever seen his four decades of life. He gazed up at the tree filled hills around them, his eyes widening at the huge fortress-like castle that stood overlooking the other side of the lake from them. He leaned over to Tojiro. “Is this…”

“Hogwarts? Yes it is, sir…” Harry said, turning to gaze at the castle for a few seconds. “This is where we spent the best two years of our lives together...She would have wanted us to come here.”

Tojiro nodded, taking in the majestic magic of the place as they sat down on huge rocks overlooking the cliff. He pulled out his laptop, setting it to read their words and record them into speech automatically. Smith glanced at the piece of technology, awed by the simple-looking model that he himself owned…but didn’t do nearly as much as Tojiro’s Aquapolian model.
Smith looked away once again, glancing first at Harry, then at Tojiro. A broad smile crossed his face. Harry frowned in confusion. “What is it, sir?”

“Well, isn’t this wonderful?” He said excitedly.

“What’s wonderful?” Tojiro asked, mirroring Harry’s expression.

“Here we are: a wizard, and Aquapolian, and a human sitting together conversing with each other about the past. Don’t you agree that this was made all possible by her? This meeting to speak about her life was literally created by her!” He laughed. At this realization, Tojiro laughed and shook his head, pressing a few keys on his keyboard. An even bigger smiled crossed Harry’s face.

“She did indeed,” he muttered, standing up and gazing back over the lake.

A few more minutes of silence passed before Tojiro spoke up. “Harry? Are you ready to begin?” He looked up from his laptop, placing it firmly on the ground between them.

Harry was jolted out of his daydream by the writer’s words. “Yes, yes I am…” He stepped out to the cliff, his eyes on Hogwarts as a breeze blew in from the lake. He thought he could see the outline of an aqua blue beast with a flowing purple mane and Aquapolian crystal eyes standing on a far cliff, but he knew it was just his mind imagining things.

“What I’m about to tell you may seem a little too clear in your minds. However, I shared a mind link with her that allowed me later to look on everything that had happened to her. Other events that she didn’t take part in I learned from others who were there and knew her.” He paused. “She really did live a short life, but she touched so many others…”

He turned back around, his eyes trained on both writers’ as he continued. “What I’m about to tell you is the story of Quamachi. The Chosen One. The Dimensional Warrior. The Daughter of Shadow and Light. Or, as she was known in this time, Katharine Jones.”
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Angel of Chaos
It always takes me a while to get my fics started up. Until then, I must write and write and continue to write...

On a side note, this story may be told by Harry, but it's from different characters' perspectives as well. These characters will head each section to give you an idea of whose persepective the action is coming from at a particular time.

Chapter One


The clattering sound echoed throughout the Champion’s office as she laid the star shaped metal badge on his desk resolutely. He gaped at it and stared up at her, his dark blue eyes filled with questions. She stared back with her own Aquapolian crystal blue eyes, challenging him to say something.

“You’re resigning?” He gasped after a few silent moments.

“Only for a few months,” she said resolutely. “You know I have to do this.”

“No…no, actually you don’t.” He leaned forward in his chair, anger flashing through his eyes. “Do you know how much time it will take the armies to get used to another commander?”

“Drake is a wonderful commander, Wallace. Better than I’ll ever be.”

“You can’t just run away from your job…”

“I’m NOT running away!” She snapped, anger flashing through her eyes. Stunned, he sat back in his chair, watching as the struggle between anger and sadness played out in her eyes.


He stared out of the window into the moonlit night, his black soulless eyes looking at nothing in particular. Behind him stood a woman with long blonde hair and cruel green eyes. She wore a long black tailored cloak, white shirt, and black pants over black boots.

“Do you have a message for me to take to the Dark Lord, my Lord?” She asked, eagerly awaiting his reply.

He snapped out of his trance, not turning to address her. “Yes. Tell him not to underestimate the Chosen One.” His eyes looked far away again, and she sighed, leaving the room at once.

The wind picked up outside, blowing dark rainclouds over the setting sun and shedding shadows across the fields and lake that surrounded the sprawling castle grounds. The astronomy tower that stood facing the scarlet and purple rays was filled with the blustering gusts of the coming storm. He was afraid that this storm would be worse than the last, though not enough to cause serious damage to the surrounding landscape. However, it would mean that his friend would have a hard trip to his meeting at nightfall with the sons and daughters of darkness.

Albus turned to the wizard beside him, seeing the hesitation in his eyes. Though his friend never shared his true emotions with anyone around him, Albus had grown skilled at reading the few expressions that crossed his face.

“Sir, are you sure…?”

Albus cut him off. “You’ll be late to the meeting.” He turned back to the windows. “There’s a storm gathering.” The wizard glared at him for only a few seconds more before turning and descending down the tower steps. Albus didn’t turn to see him go. His eyes were on the lake and the huge crystal beast that prowled around its perimeter.


She had had enough. She couldn’t stand the hurt in his eyes any longer. “I’m leaving,” she muttered, turning on her heel. He bolted out of his chair.

“Katharine, wait!” He shouted over the clacking of her boots on the marble floors.


He gazed out of the window at the gathering storm, a small smile spreading across his face. A flash of Aquapolian crystal eyes filled his mind. “How can I forget those eyes?” He whispered to himself.


Her eyes flashed brightly as she burst out of the Champion’s office, startling his secretary as she bolted across the lobby and out of the doors, dashing into the streets of Ever Grande. Her mind was set. She would leave the city that night.


Another storm was brewing overhead, the third band of rain to batter the British countryside in the last two weeks. The leaves underneath her feet were slippery, still wet from the previous day’s downpour. She picked her way down the forest slopes deftly, not once loosing her footing on her descent. It was unusually cold for this time of year, but she refused to acknowledge the dip in temperature, keeping her mind focused on the mission in front of her. The sword strapped around her waist glowed in the moonlight, and she fingered its hilt, wishing for the chance to make use of it. For the chance to shed blood.

Her husband had always joked with her, saying that she loved bloodshed so much that she was turning into a vampire. She would laugh along, wishing if only those silly human stories were true. She would make an excellent vampire, she thought. A perfect killing machine for those silly humans. She imagined herself an even greater villain than Bram Stoker’s creature. The European-Aquapolian writer had taken the human stories and twisted them into a creature he modeled after the demons in Aquapolian legend. The blood-drinking wasn’t quite true of the demons. She knew that from first hand experience.

She heard someone’s footsteps to her right, causing her to freeze in place. Her first instinct was to send a psychic blast in the direction of the sound, the second to retrieve her sword, and the third…She fingered the wand in her coat pocket, running her hand across its smooth wood, issued to her, ironically, by the very Aquapolian government she was working to destroy. She raised her hands, waiting for another sound to spur her into action.


The thought of attacking the would-be intruder vanished from Nicole Wallace’s mind, replaced by joy at hearing an old friend’s voice. A woman materialized from the shadows a few yards to her right, cruel green eyes trained on hers. For a human victim, these eyes would strike fear into the heart…the last thing the human would ever see. However, Nicole felt comforted by her friend’s gaze, a familiar sight in an unfamiliar country. Unfamiliar in the sense that she had not been there in ages. She was a British-Aquapolian who had spent little time in Britain after her teenage years.

“Bellatrix!” She rushed up to her friend, nearly skipping like a schoolgirl. She and Bellatrix had killed many humans in their day, reveling in their pain, and even bonding over the experience. Quite against what one would expect of their natures, they embraced quickly before pulling back and examining each others’ faces.

“You haven’t changed in years, Bella!” Nicole gasped. “I see Azkaban didn’t wear you down at all!” The famous wizard prison had been Bellatrix’s home for years after she participated in the march of the Dark Lord nearly two decades beforehand. Nicole had wished that she could join the march, but she had been busy with her own Shadow Lord’s plans at the time.

Bellatrix’s cruel smile sent her an unspoken thanks. They weren’t ones to thank anyone for compliments they knew they deserved. “And Nikky…you’ve grown even more dazzeling than before. How is Ever Grande?” She leaned in, her eyes sparkling with eagerness, as if she were dying to know what Nicole had to say about the Aquapolian capitol.

She rolled her eyes as if she were bored with the subject. “Soon to be in our grasp. My cousin still sits in a high place at the Hall of Fame. However, I was…let go…of my job. They boarded up our gym in Sinnoh, Bella…” Only the very slightest hint of sadness flashed in her cruel eyes before being replaced with anger. “They’ve replaced our gym with the one in Sunyshore run by some novice named Volkner.”

Bellatrix frowned. “We’ll get revenge on them all, Nikky. Speaking of such…” Her smile widened. Nicole knew the witch was just as excited as she was about introducing Nicole to the Dark Lord and the rest of his followers, the Death Eaters, which shared nearly identical passions and goals as the Shadow Followers of the Shadow Lord. “We don’t want to be late for the meeting, now do we?”

“Of course not!” She gasped in faux horror. “I want to make the best of impressions on the Dark Lord…How could I do that if I’m late?!” They laughed as Bellatrix led the way down the slope and through the dark maze of trees, Nicole’s hand placed calmly on her sword. There was no danger to her here. She just felt most at ease with her hand wrapped around the steel blade.

A fire burned a few yards ahead of them, lighting up a large clearing filled with dark figures. A wave of excitement washed through Nicole. The circle of Death Eaters around the fire almost seemed sadistic in her mind. She and Bellatrix stepped into the leaping light, her face outlined by the flames and her pale blond hair glowing brightly. She stood up straight, smoothing out her long black coat, and glanced around at the circle of wizards. Most of them were speaking with each other, none wearing the trademark mask Death Eaters used to wear back when she was first acquainted with their group.

With almost no noise whatsoever, two wizards Apparated into the clearing to her left, spreading shadows around them in all directions. Bellatrix only glanced over at the new arrivals for a few seconds before turning back to her right, striking up a conversation with an older wizard with white-blond hair that was tied in a braid down his back. Nicole turned to look at the new arrivals, who were whispering to each other furiously.

For the first time in years, he was extremely nervous about attending a Death Eater meeting. He had been a spy for Dumbledore for nearly two decades without a conflict, but now…now things were different. Everything would change in the next week, and he wasn’t sure how his role as double agent was supposed to work with these changes. Turning away from the white-haired wizard beside him, he glanced at the unknown woman who stood with Bellatrix a few yards away. She was dressed completely in black, her pale blond hair giving a sharp contrast to her black as night coat and cruel eyes. He turned back to the wizard, who was also studying the new arrival.

“That must be the Shadow Follower the Shadow Lord sent, Lucius,” he said in a low voice, keeping his eyes on the suspected Aquapolian. Lucius didn’t reply right away, shifting from one foot to the other nervously. Unlike Severus, he had never exactly chosen a side in the upcoming war between shadow and light. He was still on the fence, part of him fighting against shadow to avenge his other half, and the other staying with the shadow because that was where he had remained comfortable all of those years. The next week would change things for him as well.

“I’ve only heard terrible things about her,” he finally spoke, glancing around at the other Death Eaters in the circle. “She’s supposedly second-in-command of the Shadow Forces behind the Shadow Lord himself…” The woman looked a different kind of threatening than Bellatrix. Calm, collected…she could probably watch a human die easily without changing her expression…or possibly even laughing at the pain. Severus despised those kinds of people.

Before he could say anything else to Lucius, the woman’s cruel green eyes turned to look at them, a sinister smile spreading across her face.


“Bella?” She asked, tugging on the black sleeve of Bellatrix’s worn black dress. “Who are those wizards over there?” She sounded excited, as if she were dying to meet more mortals who shared her hatred of and passion for killing humans. Bellatrix glanced over in the direction of the eastern woods, frowning at the wizards Nicole was pointing to.

“I don’t trust him…” She said, not pointing out which of the two wizards she was referring to. She lowered her voice even more as if she didn’t want anyone in the circle to hear what she had to say. Nicole leaned even closer until their light and dark heads nearly touched. “He’s our spy on the inside of the Order of the Phoenix…” She paused as if to see if Nicole needed an explanation, but she remained silent. The Order of the Phoenix was an organization composed of wizards that fought against the Death Eaters, much like the Legendary Team of Aquapolis who fought against the Shadow Followers. They were all an annoying lot. “Most importantly, he gives tells us of Dumbledore’s actions.”

Once again, Nicole did not need explanation of this wizard, one of the most powerful of their age. He was well known in Aquapolis with ties to the government in Ever Grande. She had to admit that it was necessary for them to defeat Dumbledore if both lords were to gain power. “As he proved useful so far?” She asked, glancing over at the two wizards. She cursed herself for feeling slightly unnerved at the fact that the black-haired wizard was looking in her direction. Something about him seemed off to her, but she couldn’t put a finger on what it was.

Bellatrix seemed to hesitate before answering. “Yes…but I tell you he sympathizes with the side of the Order…” She whispered. Seeing Nicole stiffen and grip the hilt of her sword, she quickly added, “But I have no proof…” Nicole relaxed again, the threat of a traitor in their midst disappearing in her mind. Curiosity struck her again.

“Well, let me see if I see any proof that we can use.” Nicole knew Bellatrix was paranoid and rarely trusted anyone she worked with. Her Aquapolian friend, however, was a much better judge of character than she was. Bellatrix frowned as Nicole left her side and advanced toward the two wizards, ignoring Bellatrix’s objections.

As she drew closer, they turned to her, slightly surprised at her appearance, and obviously wondering who she was. She put on her friendliest smile (as ironic as it seemed), almost seeming like a child who wanted to make new friends. She wrapped her hand absentmindedly around her Aquapolian pendent as she stepped closer. Why was she even the slightest bit nervous about meeting more of the Death Eaters?

She skipped any hellos or pretense and launched straight into an introduction. Neither wizards nor Aquapolians shook hands. Wizards simply bowed the head slightly while Aquapolians bowed in a more Asian style. To show the greatest respect, they would fist their right hand over their heart and bow deeply, but this was reserved for heads of state such as the Champion or the Minister of Magic. Aquapolians also introduced their region of origin and type. Nicole bowed slightly, introducing herself. “I’m Nicole Wallace from Celestic, Sinnoh in Aquapolis. I’m a psychic-type sent by the Shadow Lord to aide the Dark Lord in his missions.”

Both wizards hesitated, apparently stunned and surprised by her sudden introduction. The taller of the two, the one with such blonde hair, it was nearly white, cleared his throat, nodding to her. “Lucius Malfoy.” Nicole’s emerald eyes narrowed in interest. The Malfoy family was the most famous pure-blood wizarding family in all of Britain, possibly the world. Of course, one of their own would be amongst the Death Eater’s ranks, seeing as they all carried a simple hatred of humans.
Nicole turned her gaze to the black-haired wizard, who simply muttered, “Severus Snape.” She nodded, smiling her cruel smile.

“I hear from Bellatrix that you are our spy into the Order of the Phoenix.”

The statement seemed to surprise him. “Yes…I am. The Dark Lord feels it necessary to keep an eye on Dumbledore.”

“He must trust you greatly to give you such an important task. Likewise, Dumbledore must trust you as well.”

“I’ve been teaching at Hogwarts for nearly two decades. I haven’t given him any reason to doubt me.”

“Oh, you’re a professor?” Nicole’s eyes widened in interest. “What do you teach?”


“I trust that you attended Hogwarts yourself…both of you…” She glanced back over at Lucius.

“Yes, both of us were in Slytherin House,” the white-haired wizard said.

Bellatrix appeared behind her. “Nicky, the Dark Lord is about to arrive. We need to be in our places before he gets here.”

Nicole nodded, turning back to the wizards. “I’ve heard that the Chosen One of Aquapolis will be attending Hogwarts this year. I trust you’ll keep an eye on her. I only have one suggestion: Don’t underestimate her. She’s been aware of her powers since she was very young, and she knows how to use them well.” With that, Nicole turned away from them and walked back to her spot beside Bellatrix, who shot Snape a glare.


He and Lucius watched Nicole return to her place. They didn’t have time to speak before the Dark Lord materialized into the clearing in a wave of shadows. He glanced over his followers before addressing them.

“I have called this meeting to make all of you aware that the final stages of our plans will take place in a manner of months. However, I have been informed that a new roadblock may have recently been placed in our way.” He paused. “The Chosen One of Aquapolis will be attending Hogwarts this year. I do not know why she is here in this country to learn magic, but my sources do not lie. In effect, I have asked my good friend the Shadow Lord to lend us the assistance of one of his most powerful Shadow Commanders.” He turned to Nicole and smiled. “Welcome, Nicole. I trust the Shadow Lord has sent me a message.”

She didn’t seem at all nervous as she stepped forward, her eyes confidently meeting the Dark Lord’s. Severus wondered what kind of leader this Shadow Lord was to make Nicole so easy around the Dark Lord. Not even his own Death Eaters acted so confidently around him, most wondering if he would strike them down at one sign of insolence. Either the Shadow Lord was much more intimidating than his wizard friend or Nicole underestimated the Dark Lord’s power greatly.

The Aquapolian stood proud and tall, addressing the Dark Lord in a voice that emphasized how important she believed her message was. “The Shadow Lord wishes you great luck with your final mission. He hopes that you will secure the Ministry of Magic as we pursue to take control of the government in Ever Grande.” She paused, glancing around the circle at the Death Eaters, her emerald green gaze causing several of them to flinch, several to be jealous at how dark she could look with one glance.

“He also wished me to share what I know about the Chosen One of Aquapolis.” She stepped even further into the circle, walking around the Dark Lord and glancing down at the body of a person Severus had not noticed before. “I have fought the Chosen One in battle several times over the years. Though she is young, she is very skilled and knows much of her abilities. However, she is extremely trusting.”

“Trusting enough that we will be able to approach her within Hogwarts’ walls?” The Dark Lord asked, glancing over at Severus.

“I believe so,” she replied, fingering the hilt of her sword and looking down at the body on the ground. The woman was still alive, but barely breathing. The Dark Lord followed Nicole’s interested gaze downward.

“A human sympathizer,” he explained. “She used to teach Human Studies at Hogwarts.”

Severus’ eyes widened when he realized who was lying at Nicole’s feet.

Nicole smiled, turning to the woman, whose eyes were on hers. “You believe humans should live?” She asked in a low voice that the entire circle could hear, oddly enough.

The woman struggled to respond. “What…you’re doing…is wrong…”

Nicole’s eyes widened in mock surprise. “Really? What about humans makes them worth saving? They start wars, create famines…they have poisoned this planet. They are unintelligent beyond all reason. They are inferior in every way. What makes you think that wizards and Aquapolians should survive on this planet with these inferior beings?”


“They are weak. This planet will die if they continue to act in such a way.” She drew her sword from her side, handling it skillfully. “Do you still stand by them?” She asked, pressing the tip of the blade on the woman’s neck.”

The woman turned her head to stare at Nicole, her eyes full of fear and determination. “I do.”

Nicole shook her head in fake sadness. “A pity then.” She gripped the hilt of her sword, glancing over at the Dark Lord, who nodded to her. She raised the sword over her head and swung it down.

Severus closed his eyes to avoid seeing her end. Beside him, Lucius let out an almost imperceptible gasp, causing him to open his eyes and freeze. Nicole had decapitated the woman without a single thought as to her actions. She replaced her sword at her side, turning to the Dark Lord, who simply nodded to her, impressed by her actions. Nicole stepped back into her place beside Bellatrix, shooting a triumphant smile toward the other Death Eaters in the circle.

Lucius and Severus glanced at each other, moments passing before Lucius spoke. “They say that the Shadow Lord is a demon. Now I must question whether or not his supposedly mortal followers are demons as well.”

Severus nodded, keeping his eyes on Nicole. When she turned and looked at him, her emerald eyes darkened. He would have to watch his actions around her. She was absolutely too sharp for his taste.


Angel of Chaos
Seems as if it's going to take a while to garner some readers. Meh, this always happens with new fics. I will continue to post new chapters in the meantime.

Chapter Two


“Ouch!” Harry winced as a first year accidently dragged his suitcase over Harry’s foot in the crowded space of Platform 9 ¾. He shook his foot angrily while trying to keep up with his best friends Ron and Hermoine, who were pushing through the crowd in order to get onto the Express in record time. Harry limped after them, bowling into Ron right before they boarded the train.

“Well that was very uncoordinated of you, Harry,” Hermoine snickered, dragging her suitcase behind her as Harry and Ron righted themselves in the cramped train corridor. “Hopefully you’ll be able to get rid of that problem before the first Quidditch match of the year.”

Harry rolled his eyes as the trio made their way down to their favorite compartment in the train. Luckily, it was completely empty and they were able to store all of their suitcases above their heads as per usual. Before Harry could even get a chance to sit down, Hermoine spoke up excitedly.

“Do you know what I heard a few minutes ago from some Ravenclaw girls?” She asked, leaning forward for Ron and Harry to hear. “We have an exchange student from Aquapolis who will be in our year.”

“Wait…Hogwarts takes Aquapolian kids?” Ron asked, confused. “How come I haven’t seen any around the school?”

“You have, Ron. You know those kids who wear the Aquapolian crystal pendants in our house?”

“I thought that was just a fad that was going around!”

Hermoine sighed. “Anyway, she’s supposedly really important. She’s won tons of tournaments in Aquapolis…I think she’s famous…But I didn’t catch her name.”

“Do you think this could be the result of Shadow Followers being seen in Hogsmeade last year?” Harry asked, though he usually didn’t trouble himself over Aquapolian matters. Aquapolians were very similar to magical folk, but derived their powers from the elements around them and did so without the use of a wand. However, Aquapolians could use magic as well as wizards could, and even wizards could learn how to use Aquapolian powers, though Harry never understood the need to do so.

Hermoine shrugged. “I’m sorry, Harry, but I didn’t hear anything beyond that.”

Harry sighed and glanced out the window. Maybe this, their 6th year, would be normal for a change.

His thoughts were interrupted by Hermoine. “Harry, don’t tell me you’re still hearing that voice…”

He glanced back at her, frowning. “I’ve been hearing that voice inside my head for nearly three years. I don’t think it’s gone away yet.”

Ron and Hermoine exchanged a worried glance as Harry turned to look out the window once again.


Katharine Jones stepped into the train, clutching her carry-on bag close to her side as students pushed by her in hurried attempts to find a seat before the train left. At her feet was her Umbreon, trying desparately not to get stepped on. She pushed her way through the crowd, glancing into each room that she came across to see if there was a seat she could sit in.

She accidently bumped into a boy about her age with white-blond hair and black eyes. He took one look at the Aquapolian pendent around her neck and sneered at her. “Watch it, fairy.” She glared at him before he pushed past, angry at the insulting slur that non-Aquapolians called her kind at times. She would remember him…

She finally came across a room that only held three people. She hoped they wouldn’t mind letting her sit with them…


Harry heard a knock at the compartment door and glanced up at the girl on the other side of the screen. She opened the door and leaned inside halfway, fixing them with her strangely colored blue eyes. “Hi, may I sit with you? This is my first trip on the Express…and I’m having a hard time finding a seat…”

Harry’s eyes widened at her voice. He glanced over at the others, but they didn’t notice his surprise.

Ron stared at her for a few seconds before saying, “S-sure!” She smiled and stepped inside, closing the door behind her. She had golden blonde hair and the most brilliant blue eyes they had seen. A black cat-like creature with golden rings around its legs, ears, and forehead scurried in behind her. She sat down beside Harry.

“Is that an Umbreon?” Hermoine spoke up, staring interestingly at the cat beside the girl.

She smiled. “She sure is.” She placed a hand on top of the Umbreon’s head. “My name is Katharine Jones. I’m from Aquapolis…and, I guess I’ll be a sixth year…”

They went around and introduced themselves. After Harry said his name, Katharine’s eyes widened, but she did not fawn over him as others did. She simply smiled and said, “Nice to meet you, Harry Potter.” She noticed Hermoine was staring at her intently.

“You have such an…unique eye color,” she said, referring to Katharine’s Aquapolian crystal blue shade of eye color. “I’ve heard that only one or two people in the world have that color…”

“Just one that I know of,” Katharine said. “I guess it just comes with my job.” The two boys stared blankly at her.

Hermoine’s eyes widened. “You’re the Chosen One of Aquapolis?” She whispered fervently.

“What?” Ron asked, confused.

“The Chosen One legend, Ron. Haven’t you heard of it?”

“Of course I have…it’s just…I thought it took place three thousand years ago.”

Hermoine sighed. “You haven’t read the entire legend have you? It says that the Chosen One would return later to fight the forces of the Shadow.”


“Have you had to do much Shadow fighting?” Harry asked Katharine curiously.

“Not much. Just a Shadow Follower or two here and there,” she answered.

“I heard that we’re getting some Aquapolian professors this year. Do you know if that’s true or not?” Hermoine asked.

“Yes, you are. Two that I know of right now. You’ll get to meet them once we’re there.”

Harry could no take his eyes off of Katharine the entire time she talked. Her voice was the voice inside his head…the one that had been speaking to him for years. He kept his eyes on Katharine, his mind completely focused on her as she conversed with Ron and Hermoine. The only thought that crossed his mind was a question. Why?


Dr. Cyrus Jones was in no rush to disembark the Hogwarts Express when it slowed to a stop. Even so, he was the first one off since he rode in the professors’ carriage at the beginning of the train. He was surprised to find that no professor actually sat there, making him think that he was late. He stepped off of the express and glanced around, looking for the professor that he was supposed to meet when he got there.

“Professor Jones?” Cyrus turned around to see a wizard with black hair and eyes walking toward him. He was dressed completely in black robes. Cyrus tugged at his own loose fitting robes.

“Actually, it’s Dr. Jones,” he corrected the man politely, pulling at the strap on his duffel bag. Cyrus was known to be able to get along with everybody. He had a cheerful and clever disposition, able to charm anyone into going along with what he had to say. His students, even those who failed his classes, hung on his every word during class, eager to learn whatever he could throw at them.

The second he corrected the wizard, he instantly knew that he had made a mistake that would not normally have been so with any other wizard, Aquapolian, or human. The man frowned at him, and his smile waned a bit as he nervously pulled at his robes, wondering why wizards ever bothered to wear such bothersome things. He wondered what he could say to break the awful silence between the two of them…

“Dr. Jones?” The man asked, emphasizing the “dr.” “What exactly do you have a doctorate in?” His words were snide, and Cyrus frowned. He definitely was going to have a tough time with this one. He hoped the professor he had to teach with that term was less…cynical than this wizard was.

Cyrus cleared his throat, trying to plaster his usual smile back on his face, though it was difficult. “Aquapolian physics.” The moment he said it, the wizard gave him the most skeptical look he had ever seen someone display. True, many outside of the Aquapolian community thought that Aquapolian physics was just some poor attempt of Aquapolian scientists to distinguish themselves from human scientists, but it was a true discipline, and one Cyrus had worked in for years.

“I didn’t know we were going to have a physics class this year,” the wizard said, turning away from him and walking down the station toward the large exit at the opposite end from them. Cyrus took several paces to catch up, tripping over his robes several times along the way.

“Actually…I’m teaching…a combination of Aquapolian history and the history of the Shadow Forces,” he said, finally setting his pace with the wizard’s.


The line of first years to enter into the castle stretched from wall to wall in the station. Katharine tapped her toes impatiently, waiting for the line to get a move on as soon as possible. She towered over the other first years, who were all five years younger than she was. Several of them gave her confused looks when she stepped into line, obviously wondering what in the world she was doing there. She ducked her head as other students passed, completely embarrassed by the stares everyone was giving her.

“Are you really a first year?”

Her head shot up at the boy’s question. He was standing a few feet in front of her, arms crossed defiantly. Other kids turned around to listen to the conversation, interested in what she had to say. The boy’s floppy brown hair hung into his brown eyes, giving him a shabby look. Katharine pushed her golden bangs back from her face, giving him a stern and exasperated look.

“Yes, yes I am,” she said after a few moments’ hesitation. The boy’s eyes widened and several of the first years started to whisper to each other. Katharine sighed. She didn’t need any rumors about her to spread around. This year was going to be hard enough.

The boy looked over at another boy standing a few feet away from him, shoot him an undefinable look. Katharine tried to see if she could spot the hidden conversation going on between the two of them, but she couldn’t. Finally, the boy turned back to her, giving her a smirk. “Exactly how old are you?” He asked in a rude tone.

If it had been a guy her age, she would have snapped back, but she wasn’t playing this boy’s childish games. She looked him straight in the eye and said, “Fifteen.” The boy’s smirk grew larger, prompting her to frown. What was this kid’s problem?

“Were you too stupid to start school when you were ten?” He laughed. She could feel her blood pressure rise. The only thought rushing through her head was to make sure not to attack the boy right here in the middle of the station. That would cause quite a scene.

“I bet you’ll get placed in Gryffindor,” the boy continued. “with all the stupid kids.”
“Where do you plan to get places? Slytherin?” She shot back.

“Yes, yes I do.” He smirked. She rolled her eyes. She spotted Cyrus across the station and waved to him, trying desparately to put a smile on her face.


Cyrus waved back to Katharine, who looked absolutely miserable in the line of first years.

The wizard beside him glanced at Katharine, a surprised look crossing his face for only a few seconds. “Who is that?”

“Oh…that’s my niece, Katharine. She’s the right age to be a sixth year…but…this will be her first year here.” He gave Katharine a thumbs up, to which she rolled her eyes. “Yeah, she doesn’t look too happy…Hopefully she’ll get sorted into Gryffindor House.”

“And you say that why?”

Cyrus shrugged. “Because apparently, I’m going to be Gryffindor Head of House this year.” They continued walking toward the castle. “Katharine doesn’t want to be placed in Slytherin. I’ve heard the Slytherin Head of House is a real jerk…”

“Do you actually take responses by owl during the summers, Dr. Jones?”

Cyrus was taken aback by the question. “Um…yeah.”

“Then please explain why you haven’t returned any of my letters about the curriculum this term for our Defense Against the Dark Arts class.”

Cyrus stopped. “Wait…Your…”

“Severus Snape. Apparently we’ll be teaching together this year.” He took a few steps forward before looking back. “And I am the Slytherin Head of House.” He continued without looking back.

Cyrus laughed, smiling to himself. “Oh, yeah. This year is going to be fun,” he said sarcastically before following Snape.


“Miss. Jones, I presume?” A witch’s voice to her right caught her attention, and she turned around. The carriage ride to the main part of the castle had been terrible, with the young Slytherin-to-be taunting her the entire way. Now, she stood in the entrance to the Great Hall, alone except for the lady behind her. Katharine took in the tall witch before her. Obviously well into her sixties, the witch and her emerald green robes exuded a commanding aura that told Katharine she had been here for years and held a high position amongst the faculty. Beyond her stern ice blue glare, Katharine could see almost a grandmotherly disposition that softened her features considerably.

“Yes, ma’am, I’m Katharine Jones,” she nodded, bowing slightly. She knew that the wizarding world normally did not bow as Aquapolians did or shake hands as humans did as a greeting, but between the two more magical worldly classes, there was more bowing than hand shaking. The witch gave her a warm smile and returned her bow, prompting an even bigger smile from the girl.

“Due to your…special circumstances, Professor Dumbledore has requested that you be placed in Gryffindor House for this term. I normally would greet you as the Head of House, but this year, the Gryffindors will have a new Head to deal with.” She said this with cheer, but a little sadness, as if she had been in the position so long, she would miss her students terribly. “Dear me, I am extremely rude,” she paused. “I am Professor Minerva McGonagall. I believe you will be in my sixth year transfiguration class this term…”

Katharine gaped. “Sixth year?” She had fully prepared herself for a term of sitting in first year classes, learning magic that most witches and wizards her age had learned years beforehand. Now she was even more worried. How was she going to catch up in her classes?

McGonagall had obviously sensed the wave of tension coming off of the young Aquapolian. “Don’t you worry. From the report Professor Jones gave us of how far you have come with your magic, you should have no trouble catching up. Though, after the feast, you should come see me so that I can set you up with your tutor for the year…just to make sure you have learned most of the basic spells.”

Most of the students in the hall had already filtered into the Great Hall. “Go ahead then, Miss Jones. I believe Potter and his friends have already saved you a seat at the Gryffindor table.”

“Thank you.” Katharine gave her a grateful smile before stepping into the Great Hall, taking in a sharp breath as her eyes lit upon the enchanted ceiling, where stars twinkled in a black sky as candles danced around beneath. The illusion was breathtaking and mesmorizing. She walked between the four tables, glancing up at the table in the back of the hall where the staff sat. She waved to Cyrus, who was in the process of sitting down beside a man with medium length black hair and cold black eyes.

Katharine’s eyes followed the sea of red and gold until she spotted an empty seat between Harry and one of two twins with fiery red hair the same color as Ron’s. She slid in between the two of them, nervously nodding to several of the Gryffindors who shot her a welcoming smile.

The twin next to her immediately introduced himself. “I’m Fred Weasley, and this is George.” George waved. “And who might you…”

“Don’t start hitting on her, George,” Ron snapped, glaring at the twin, who laughed as Katharine realized that the twins were so identical, it was almost impossible to tell them apart. Apparently, she was sitting next to George instead of Fred. She quickly glanced over the two to see if she could see any distinguishable features and decided it would take some time for her to tell them apart…


Before the staff had even entered the Great Hall, Cyrus followed McGonagall down the winding passageways of Hogwarts, careful not to trip over his robes in front of his new colleague. He had been informed earlier that he was taking her place as Gryffindor Head of House for the term, and she continuously filled him in on what this position entailed. Apparently, he was supposed to basically be a sponser for the kids in the house and make sure that they didn’t get into too much trouble.

“Dear Lord, Professor Jones, where on Earth did you get your robes fitted?” She finally asked after Cyrus nearly took a fatal fall rounding around a sharp corner.

He smiled sheepishly. “Apparently, Aquapolian tailors aren’t the right people to go to for fitted wizard robes. Any recommendations, Professor?”

“Yes. Go to Diagon Alley next weekend and don’t wear your robes this week. Don’t want to make a fool of yourself in front of your class and Professor Snape, now do we? Especially since you’ll both be Gryffindor and Slytherin’s Heads of House this year.”


Pokemon Physiologist
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Took me some time, but I only read 2 of the 3 chapters posted in this fic.

Interesting; i don't usually read pokemon/anything else crossovers, but this one kept me entertained for a while. Not the usual kind of plot, with the aquapolians playing now a key role in the story, which are an original twist for a crossover.

Every character I have seen seems solid so far, since some of them appear on movies/books you don't have to make that effort into describing their looks/personality, but still, it is essential to do so and you did it in a clear and precise way, without emphasizing too much in each one of them.

I feel the flow of the story is interrupted by these sudden perspective changes, It's not bad, but it made my reading a little more difficult. I suppose it's because I had to handle a lot of information simultaneously, specially during the Death eaters meeting.

Finally, I think you abused of "Dark Lord", and "Shadow Lord", I suppose they have names (specially Voldemort), I get it, it's to keep their characters, but I think there are other options to refer to them; because it gets too repetitive and confuse when using both of them in the same paragraph.

Still, this was very well written and it attracted me enough to join your PM list, and I'm pretty sure I'll be reading the 3rd chapter very soon.

Thanks for your time, I look forward to the next chapter


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The perspective changes really are an ongoing experiment for me. In my other fics, one of my main characters, whenever she's in a scene, tells it from the first-person perspective while everyone else gets third person. Sometimes it's hard to tell from which perspective a scene is coming from, and I feel in some of these scenes it is importent, however...the changes started to get on my nerves even as I was writing. In the future, I'll be keeping them to the minimum. If they get too annoying, I'll probably abolish them all together.

Ah, the Dark Lord and the Shadow Lord. Can be quite confusing. I'll try to throw Voldemort's name in there once in a while...and the Shadow Lord's name (which will be revealed way in the future). Thank you for catching that, thought. I can see that that is annoying as well.

Thank you for reviewing! I'll add you to the PM list ASAP! Since this is an off-week for me, I'll be writing more and might have the next chapter up by next week or the week after.


Angel of Chaos
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Chapter Three


In the headmaster’s office, Cyrus was preoccupied with a spinning globe-like instrument that sat on one of the many bookshelves. Small dots of light illuminated points on the globe, including one spot on Ever Grande, Aquapolis, where the government of Aquapolis was located. This one glowed slightly brighter than the others. If this globe was a reflection of how the well the Ministry of Magic got along with the countries where the dots were located, then the brighter glow in Aquapolis surprised him. It was well known that the newer, younger Champion that sat in the presidential position in Aquapolis was not entirely in favor with the current Minister of Magic, Cornilius Fudge.

He had been the first to arrive to what he supposed was a meeting that the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, was holding for his staff before the feast began. He was so preoccupied with the curious globe, however, that he did not notice when someone else entered the room until that someone else cleared his throat.

Cyrus literally jumped, startled by the sudden presence in the room. As he turned around, he nearly knocked over several instruments while tripping on his own, un-tailored robes. As he looked up, he inwardly sighed. The last person he needed to make an idiot of himself in front of was Snape. “I thought it was impossible to Disapparate on the school grounds,” he said, trying to distract the professor’s attention from his clumsy slip-up.

“I didn’t Disapparate,” Snape said, looking at him disapprovingly. Cyrus rolled his eyes. Not only was he pretty young to be a professor, but he also looked ridiculous in the robes that were too big for him to wear. Unfortunately, he was required to wear them in the classroom. He would be forever making an idiot out of himself by tripping over them.

“Is Professor Dumbledore very interested in science?” Once again, he tried to change subjects, gesturing to all of the instruments and mechanisms that filled Dumbledore’s office.

“He’s interested in many human and Aquapolian things, yes. The wizarding world, however, does not take such a keen interest in science as Aquapolians do, you’ll find.”

Cyrus shook his head. “That’s a shame. Even Aquapolians have their own brand of physics. I had to study it for years to get my second doctorate…” He cursed himself for bringing it up as soon as he saw the unimpressed look on Snape’s face.

“Really? Please tell me where this wonderful university is that grants a person two doctorates in such a short time frame.”

Cyrus’ frown turned back into his usual sarcastic smile. “That would be the Aquapolian Institute of Technology.”

The door to the office swung open as Albus Dumbledore stepped in, followed by McGonagall and a wizard that looked only slightly younger than Dumbledore. Cyrus frowned again when he realized they were not accompanied by his mentor. Dumbledore stepped up near his desk, which was on a raised part of the room, to glance at the four professors gathered there.

“We seem to be all here except for one person. Tell me, where is Professor Rowan?”

“He’s always late, sir,” Cyrus smiled again. “Always late…”

“Well, we’ll just have to bring him up to date when he gets here. I believe introductions are in order. Cyrus, please meet Professors Minerva McGonagall and Horace Slughorn.” Cyrus nodded to both the witch and the wizard. McGonagall gave him a curt nod back, and Slughorn merely smiled. He seemed almost the grandfatherly type to Cyrus. “Minerva, Horace, this is Dr. Cyrus Jones from the Aquapolian Institute of Technology. He’ll be teaching alongside Severus Defense Against the Dark Arts this year.” Dumbledore glanced at the Aquapolian. “And from the looks of things, you’ve already met him.” As the two professors gave each other slight glares, Dumbledore shot them a knowing smile. “Now…”

Suddenly, the door to the office burst open, and in walked a scruffy looking man with brown hair and green eyes burst in. He, like Cyrus, was wearing ill-fitting robes. An Aquapolian pendent in the shape of a star hung from his neck. Every professor in the room stared at the newcomer for a few seconds until he spoke.

“Well, I hope I’m not too terribly late!” He said in a jolly voice, pushing his hands into the pockets of his robe.

“How is it that you always manage to show up late?” Cyrus asked, annoyed.

“I had a good excuse this time. I accidently slammed into the Disapparation barrier that lines the grounds. I must say it’s very effective. Stopped me dead in my tracks…” He laughed.

“What were you doing Disapparating in the first place? You’re a psychic-type…” Cyrus groaned.

“I don’t like to teleport outside of Aquapolis, thank you very much. Regardless, I am sorry I’m late, professor,” the man said, nodding to Dumbledore.

“It has been a while since we last spoke, David. Tell me, how are your students?” Dumbledore asked.

“Getting their doctorates much too soon, I’m afraid,” Rowan said, shooting Cyrus a meaningful look. The younger professor glared back and crossed his arms. He had spent years trying to earn his two doctorates from the seemingly mental professor. His fellow students in the program had all earned their doctorates before him…even years before him. He had always thought Rowan held him back because the professor did not see any potential in Cyrus. Until, however, Cyrus secured the title that now preceded his name. Rowan had confided to him that he had seen the most potential in Cyrus and had kept him in the program longer to see what he could achieve. Rowan was much like Dumbledore: Extremely intelligent, but slightly mental. In Rowan’s case, he was almost as mental as he was intelligent.

Before a mini fight could erupt between the former teacher and student, Dumbledore introduced Professor David Rowan to everyone, including Cyrus, to whom Rowan said, “Ah, yes, one of my…well, I wouldn’t say brightest…maybe most confident student in terms of his abilities…”

Cyrus gave him an I’m-going-to-kill-you smile. “Funny, that doesn’t explain why I had to wrestle both doctoral certificates from your hands during a ceremony I should have attended three years earlier than I did…”

Snape looked from Rowan to Cyrus and muttered, “The fact that you received your doctorates from him in the first place explains a lot.” Cyrus stopped smiling and gave his colleague a glare. If this continued any longer, the term would be oh so much fun…

Dumbledore sensed the tension in the room mounting between his two D.A.D.A. professors and cleared his throat. “Well, we have some business to go over before the opening feast. Of course, you can all guess that it would concern the two Chosen Ones…”


Katharine’s stomach growled and she winced, hoping that no one had heard it. Ron was apparently the only one who had heard. As he smirked, she had the urge to kick him under the table, but she wasn’t good enough friends with him to do so. She still felt a little uneasy knowing nothing about anyone at Hogwarts except for Cyrus and Rowan, whom she had known for years. Despite this, she felt as if she had known Harry for longer than the few hours she had actually known him. She couldn’t put her finger on why this would be so, but she knew it was true. He seemed…familiar…

The Great Hall quieted down as a wizened wizard Katharine had never met before stood to the podium in front of the professor’s table. She could spot Rowan and Cyrus sitting beside each other at the table, their usual friendly animosity sparking in the air between the two professors. Not only had Cyrus received his doctorates from Rowan, but Rowan had also been Cyrus’ sempai, his mentor who trained him to use his powers and to train Pokemon. Every Aquapolian received a mentor when he or she turned 10 and every sempai received a student when he or she was 20. Sometimes, sempais ran in generations. Cyrus had been sempai to Katharine’s sempai, for example.

She scanned further down the professor’s table, observing each professor in turn. McGonagall sat beside Rowan, a pleasant, but strict expression on her face. As Hermoine had told her earlier, McGonagall had been the Gryffindor Head of House for years before Cyrus joined the faculty. She was the Transfiguration professor and quite strict.

Beside her sat a wizard that reminded Katharine of her image of a grandfather (though she never knew hers). He was slightly plump with wispy white hair and a jolly expression on his face. He was dressed in green robes with the Slytherin symbol adorning the buttons. She wondered if he were the Slytherin Head of House, then reminded herself that that was impossible. When asked about the Slytherin Head of House, Harry had rolled his eyes and told her he was an insufferable jerk. This wizard looked as if he didn’t have a single bad thing to say about anyone.

However, the wizard sitting beside him fit Harry’s description better. This was the wizard she had seen Cyrus speaking with in the train station before she followed the first years to the castle. He had clearly not gotten along well with her uncle from what she had seen. Knowing her uncle, who got along with everyone, this guy had to be an insufferable jerk to put Cyrus in a foul mood. Before she could ask Harry who this professor was, the wizened wizard spoke up. He was dressed in powder blue robes which matched his piercing blue eyes, giving him an intimidating look. She guessed he was the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore.

“I would personally like to extend a warm welcome to all of you who are new or are returning for another year here at Hogwarts. We are undergoing a few changes this year sparked by recent events.” To Katharine’s surprise, he skipped over talking about what these events were. She had heard rumors that the Dark Lord, a dark wizard who had decades beforehand gone on a killing spree in Great Britain, had finally returned. The lightning bolt-shaped scar that adorned Harry’s forehead was proof that the Dark Lord existed and had returned to seek out those who took part in his demise nearly two decades beforehand. Maybe Dumbledore just didn’t want to scare the first years, she guessed.

“We have two new faculty members this year that will help bring on the changes that I believe will improve your understanding of the Aquapolian world that lies half a world away from us. The first is Professor David Rowan, who will be teaching the new Aquapolian Studies class, which will meet in Professor Babbage’s Human Studies classroom…may God rest her soul…” Katharine spun around to look at Harry. The look he gave her meant that this Professor Babbage’s death had most likely not been an accident. “Aquapolian Studies will allow you to get a glimpse of Aquapolian history and its legends, including the legendary beasts that roam the Earth.” At Dumbledore’s nod in his direction, Rowan stood up and nodded to the students, who politely applauded him.

“Our second new addition to the faculty this year is Professor Cyrus Jones, who will replace Professor McGonagall as head of Gryffindor House.” Murmurs arose at the Gryffindor table. Apparently, this was startling news to all of them. Katharine tried to keep her attention on Dumbledore instead of her murmuring housemates. “Professor Jones will also be teaching the new addition to the Defense Against the Dark Arts curriculum which will involve the Shadow arts known in Aquapolis.” Cyrus stood and nodded to the students much as Rowan had. Apparently, the Gryffindor House decided that it would be best to keep an open mind and cheered the loudest for him amongst the houses. The least cheers, of course, came from Slytherin.

“New changes will also be made to our existing faculty. Professor Horace Slughorn has returned to take his former position as Potions Master.” The grandfatherly wizard stood up as the houses applauded. Harry, Ron, and Hermoine shot each other confused looks. Katharine frowned. Was something wrong?

She leaned forward in her seat, her eyes on Harry. Noticing her confusion as well, he explained, “Professor Snape has been our Potions Master since I’ve been here. The only other position I can see him in is Defense Against the Dark Arts, but that’s already been filled…”

Seeing the confusion on all of the students’ faces, Dumbledore pressed on. “Which means that Professor Snape will be taking our regular section of Defense Against the Dark Arts. He and Professor Jones will be teaching together on the subject this term. Bear in mind that this is an experiment that I hope will be successful.”

Cyrus glanced over to the black-haired wizard that sat on the other side of Slughorn, and Katharine realized this must be the Professor Snape Harry was talking about. In addition, he was also Head of Slytherin House. The heads of Gryffindor and Slytherin teaching together in the same classroom would be interesting.

Dumbledore continued his speech. “These new additions will hopefully serve to remind you that threats not only come from our world, but also in the world of Aquapolis. It’s easy to forget that evil exists everywhere in the world when such great shadows darken our immediate vision. With that, I leave you to your new year here at Hogwarts.”

Katharine glanced over at Harry before looking down at her plate, which had magically been filled with a salad dish. She would speak with Harry sometime that night to see if she could pinpoint exactly what about him seemed so familiar. After, of course, her meeting with McGonagall. She wondered which of the professors at the table would be her tutor.

She knew exactly whom she did not want to be taught by. There was something about Professor Snape that struck Katharine as ominous, and it wasn’t just the fact that he was the Head of Slytherin or didn’t get along with her uncle. She stole quick glances at him for the rest of the feast and caught him glancing at her from time to time as well, unsettling her nerves.


Angel of Chaos
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Chapter Four


All of the Gryffindor students crowded into the hallways after supper was finished, milling about as they headed to their dorm. Katharine stuck close by Harry so that she didn’t get lost, practically following in his footsteps the entire way. Before they entered the common room, he finally noticed that she was behind him, and swung around, surprised at how quiet she had been.

“The password for this year is Tajiri Hotohori, I believe,” he said.

Katharine’s eyebrows rose. “A Japanese name? Isn’t that the name of one of the most famous Japanese-Aquapolian battlers in the world?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know…”

Before Katharine could comment further, McGonagall appeared again, stepping up to speak to both of them. “Professor Dumbledore would like to speak to both of you in his office.” They looked at each other, confused. “Come along, then…”

As they walked along, Katharine tried to further break the ice. “Do you get called to the Headmaster’s office regularly?”

“Not really…” Harry answered, ducking his head. “Unless I’ve done something…”

“Ah…So that’s how you have fun around here…?”

McGonagall gave her a mock stern glance before turning to a statue at the end of the corridor they had stopped in. The oddest thing was…that the statue was an Alakazam, and not a magical creature from the wizarding world.

“The statue changes every few days,” Harry explained. Katharine nodded her head.

“Michaelangelo,” McGonagall said.

“Wait…what…?” Katharine began before the statue started to move aside for them. She shook her head as they stepped inside Dumbledore’s office, which was filled with every sort of strange device possible. She even noticed prototypes of technology being developed in Aquapolis at the time. Standing to their left were Cyrus and Snape, who both did not seem happy to be there.

Dumbledore stood in front of his desk, casting a warm gaze down at the two teenagers as McGonagall moved to stand beside Cyrus. Dumbledore motioned to the couch in front of him. Katharine and Harry sat down.

“What I’m about to tell you may come as a surprise to the both of you,” he started. “As the Chosen Ones of your respective countries, you each have a task to fulfill with your powers. However, your tasks are not separate. In fact, you both must take down similar enemies. And, because of that, you have been granted a mind link.”

The two teenagers glanced at each other in confusion, then turned back to Dumbledore. “A what?” Katharine asked.

“A link that allows you to communicate with each other mentally as well as determine locations and states of health and mind. You will be able to use this power well…However, only if you know at least a portion of each others’ abilities. For that, I have set you both up with a mentor in order to further your abilities in the wizarding and Aquapolian worlds.” He paused. “Harry, Professor Jones has agreed to teach you how to use various Aquapolian elements to your advantage. We don’t know for sure which powers you can use…but rest assured, Professor Jones will teach you how to use them to the fullest.”

“As for you, Katharine,” he continued. “Professor Jones has told us that you know a considerable amount of spells, but there is always room for improvement. With that said, Professor Snape will be helping you fill in the gaps in your magical education.” He paused. “And now, it is getting late.”

The two teenagers glanced at each other before standing up.


Cyrus pulled Harry aside as soon as they reached the corridor outside of Dumbledore’s office.

“Have you ever used martial arts before?”

Harry looked at him as if he were crazy. “No, sir. I’ve never had to…”

“Well, that’s the first thing you’ll need to learn. Aquapolian attacks are all based off of martial arts and being able to move around quickly on the battlefield and in hand-to-hand combat.”

“Okay…” Harry nodded.

“We’re going to start with a few basic elements…Grass, fire, water…then go on to elements like psychic and dark. You do know the seventeen elements of Aquapolis, right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, then we’ll go through each and every one of them.” Cyrus glanced out of the window they stood by at the lake that sat further down the mountain. “We’ll have you spar with Katharine every once in a while to check your progress.”


“Now,” Cyrus turned back to Harry with a warm smile. “Tomorrow’s going to be an interesting day. We both need to get some sleep.”


She was still reeling after Dumbledore’s assignment of her mentor. The last person in the world she wanted to learn anything from…After Cyrus had taken Harry aside, she was left in the corridor with her new mentor, awkwardly waiting for him to speak.

“How far in your magical education have you advanced?”

Katharine pondered his question for a few minutes. “I’m not quite sure…” She said, shrugging. “The Aquapolian magical education system is different.”

He sighed. “Then we’ll have to start from the basics to review what you do know.” He held out a small notebook for her to take. She looked through the pages for a few moments, glancing at the spells written down. “There are fifty in all. You should know all of them by the end of the term.”

She looked up at him with an are-you-kidding-me? look on her face. He didn’t respond to the glance she gave him. “Furthermore, during your lessons, you’re not to use any of your Aquapolian powers. Am I clear?”

She nodded. “Yes, sir.”

“Then we will meet each Friday night at eight o’clock.” With that, he left the corridor, leaving Katharine to glance over the notebook herself.

The following morning was bright and sunny as he sat down to the breakfast table with Ron and Hermoine, the latter of which was reading a newspaper.

“I can’t believe this…” Hermoine almost slammed down the paper in disgust.

“What is it?” Harry asked.

“It’s the way that the wizarding press is treating the new Champion…It’s absurd!”

“New? I thought he came into office a few years ago?” Ron asked.

“Champions serve ten year terms, Ron. He might as well be new. Anyway, why would the Ministry of Magic try to ruin the strongest connections we have with a foreign power? Ever Grande and the Ministry have been tightly connected for centuries!” She shoved the newspaper at Harry. “Just look at this!”

The headline read, “Has Sootopolis Failed to Put Down Another Uprising Inside His Borders?” The gist of the article was that Wallace Sootopolis, the current Champion, was too young and inexperience to handle the uprisings that took place daily in Aquapolis, mostly led by those who wished to exterminate all humans and turn away from the Ministry of Magic. The article came with a picture of the young Champion, who seemed to be barely older than the sixth years sitting at the table. He was dressed in a plain suit, and seemed to be calmly answering questions to the press shown in the moving picture.

“What’s that?”

Harry jumped at the sound of Katharine’s voice coming from behind him. All three sixth years turned their heads up to look at the Aquapolian teenager, who blushed. “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to intrude…”

“Not at all. Here.” Harry handed the paper to Katharine for her to read.

“You can join us for breakfast…” Hermoine said. Katharine sat down without a word, staring at the article in front of her.

“No one has any idea about the Vice-Champion as well. He or she hasn’t been caught by the press yet and whoever it is…I’ve heard is even younger than the Champion,” Hermoine continued.

Harry glanced over at Katharine, who seemed to be as pale as a ghost. “Are you okay?”

“Oh…” She jumped at his question and plastered a warm smile on her face. “Yeah…Just…sort of mad about this article.”

“As she should be.” Hermoine said, shaking her head.

“So, do you have your schedule yet?” Harry asked, taking a sip of his pumpkin juice, which Katharine had stared at for a few seconds before finally tasting it.

“Oh…yeah, it’s right here,” she said, pulling a crumbled up piece of parchment out of her robe pocket. She wasn’t used to all of the olden day parchment and quill communication system the wizarding world had set up. She usually lived her life with text messages, notes written on her laptop, and news over the Internet. In fact, even the human nations were used to such things. However, one couldn’t say that the wizarding world was far behind in terms of technology and civilization. Their moving pictures on newspapers and flying notes lifted by magic made up for not having computers or cell phones.

Katharine poured over her schedule, which, back home in Aquapolis, would have simply been e-mailed to her from her homeroom professor, who had usually been Professor Rowan. Her first class was Defense Against the Dark Arts, followed by Potions, Transfiguration, Aquapolian Studies, and Divination. She frowned at the last one.

“What’s Divination?” She asked, glancing over at Hermoine. “I know the word has to do telling the future, but is that really a class?” She raised one eyebrow, skeptical of the class’ authenticity. Hermoine put down her fork and reached into her bag for a thick light blue book entitled “The Art of Divination.”

“It’s a class and it’s exactly what you just said,” she muttered as Katharine glanced through the book, wincing at the practices written on its pages. Aquapolian beliefs and wizarding practices hardly ever came into dispute, but on subject such as forseeing the future, there was an ocean’s worth of disagreement between the two. The wizarding world included divination as part of every wizard and witch’s education, while Aquapolians looked down on the process, believing that no mortal was supposed to know the future.

“I don’t really think you have to take the class,” Hermoine hastily added. Katharine sighed and put the book down.

“Looks like I have Defense Against the Dark Arts first thing in the morning. That should be fun…” Katharine said, changing the subject.

“So do we,” Ron added, taking a bite out of his scrambled eggs.

“I wonder how they’re going to work out this two professor thing,” Harry said.

“Well, it’s a novel way to run a class for sure,” Hermoine added.

“Especially since they hate each other,” Katharine muttered, taking another swig of her pumpkin juice. “Seriously, why put the heads of Gryffindor and Slytherin Houses together in one classroom?”

Harry shrugged. “Dumbledore has a reason for everything, I guess.”


She was still getting used to the layout of the castle, so she followed Harry to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. On their way there, she spotted the boy who had insulted her on the train. After making eye contact, he simply glared at her and continued walking.

“Do you know who that Slytherin guy is with the really white blonde hair?” She asked Harry, catching up to his steps so they could talk.

“You mean Draco Malfoy?”

“Yeah…I guess…”

Harry shook his head. “He’s a bloody jerk.”

“That was my first impression of him, too.”

Katharine took the seat next to Harry in the classroom and glanced around to get a feel for the room. She noticed that the different houses tended to split up the sides of the room and that the class only contained Gryffindor and Slytherin students.

This should be interesting.


They glanced at each other, eyes wide. “I guess this is our mind link,” Katharine whispered. “We should use it wisely.” Harry gave her a skeptical look and she rolled her eyes as everyone quieted down. The doors to the back of the classroom opened and in walked Snape.

He didn’t start speaking until he reached the front of the room, and Katharine could immediately tell why he intimidated even the Slytherin students in the classroom.

“The headmaster has found it necessary for this class to be split into two subjects this term. I will be teaching the Defense Against the Dark Arts section.” He glanced over in Katharine’s direction, and she inwardly cringed, trying to make herself as unnoticiible as possible in her desk. “We have a new student in this section as well…”

As everyone in the classroom turned to look at her, Katharine’s eyes fell to her desk. She was terrible in crowds, even after battling in colloseums for years with thousands of spectators watching. This, however, was different. She fiddled with her Aquapolian pendent, waiting for the professor to continue.

“While Hogwarts has admitted some Aquapolian students in the past, Miss Jones will be the first in several decades to attend the school. Coincidentally, the last Aquapolian to attend was also placed in Gryffindor. Most Aquapolian students find it hard to catch up to the curriculum without using their own powers to boost their magical skills.”

The words seemed like a challenge to Katharine, who sat up a little straighter and lifted her eyes from her desk, glaring at Snape in defiance.

We’ll see about that.

I guess we shall…

Before another word could be spoken, the doors in the back of the classroom flew open to reveal Cyrus, wearing better-fitting robes than he had the day before. A stack of books levitated behind him, held up by his psychic powers.

“Sorry I’m late! I had to find my textbooks…They were shipped out here this summer and apparently misplaced.” Cyrus smiled at his own words, but glared at Snape as if the professor had anything to do with the misplacement of his textbooks. As he walked toward the front of the classroom, the books placed themselves neatly one-by-one on the students’ desks. Harry glanced down at the book as it slid onto his desk. The History of the Shadow was written in plain white letters on its cover.

After making his way to the front, Cyrus turned around to see half of the class curiously shuffling through the book, gazing at the pictures of legendaries inside the pages. “As the title says, this is a history of the workings of the Shadow from the foundation of Aquapolis to the present. You’ll find nearly 16,000 years worth of history in those pages.”

Harry opened his book to a random page, glancing at an illustration of a sleek blue and white Pokemon named Latios.

That’s the legendary of heros. It’s counterpart, Latias, is the legendary of heroines. Katharine’s voice rang in his head, giving him an explanation of the legendary’s symbolism.

“Anyway, my name is Dr. Cyrus Jones…professor in this case. I’m an Aquapolian physicist and historian from the Aquapolis Institute of Technology in Ever Grande. I’ll be teaching the Defense Against the Shadow Forces portion of this class. Of course, we need to know our enemies so that we can defeat them, which is why we’re going to study the history of the Shadow, or Grayson, as he’s now known as.”

Hermoine raised her hand. Obviously, just speaking out in the classroom was discouraged. Back in Aquapolis, students usually respectfully spoke in the classroom. Rarely did arguments spring up, and, in those cases, they were hotly contested debates. Anything from what Pokemon native to Kanto were the strongest to whose team would win the Black and White Conference in Isshu that year were discussed. Katharine inwardly shrugged. Aquapolian education was usually vastly different from education anywhere else in the world. Cyrus was a little confused by Hermoine’s hand raising before he finally nodded to her to speak.

“How do you know that the Shadow is a person? If the Shadow were a person, how can someone be Shadowficated?”

“Excellent question. The Shadow is actually not just a person or an Aquapolian. He’s a demon. We’ll get to that later. Furthermore, he has the power to Shadowficate people, a subject we will get to later. Now…”

“I believe today was to be my day of teaching,” Snape broke in in an irritated manner.

“Well, if someone had actually contacted me over the summer…we could have settled the schedule by now,” Cyrus said with his usual smile plastered on his face. Katharine winced, sensing a storm brewing between the two professors. They glared at each other for a few seconds before Cyrus finally relented. “From the schedule we’ve worked out so far,” he continued, addressing the class. “Defense Against the Dark Arts will be Mondays and Wednesdays and Shadow Forces on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Fridays will be dueling days.” With that, he walked back toward the classroom doors, nearly slamming them shut behind him.


He hadn’t meant to storm from the classroom, but as he heard the doors slam behind him, he winced and sighed. Teaching with this man was not going to be easy. He stalked down the hallways toward his makeshift office, surprisingly running into McGongall on his way there.

“Aren’t you supposed to be teaching a class right now, Cyrus?” She asked.

“It’s not my day to teach,” he said, continuing to walk toward his office with McGongall stepping into his stride.

“The two of you do not need to be at each others’ throats the entire term,” she said as he opened the door and stepped in, sitting behind his desk. The walls were bare except for a few pictures depecting Giratina, the power of dimension, a Pikachu, and Palkia, the power of space. McGonagall stood in front of his desk, looking down at the young professor as he pretended to flip through a book entitled The Powers of Time and Space.

“You know why you are both here and teaching together,” she said, shutting the door and lowering her voice. “To protect Katharine. I don’t expect you to bond over this common goal, but at least don’t fight with each other every step of the way.”

Cyrus rolled his eyes and sighed. “It would have been a lot simpler if you hadn’t stepped down as Gryffindor Head of House.”

“It’s just for you to keep an eye on both her and Harry.”

“I can keep an eye on Harry during our weekly tutor sessions…”

“Harry, like Katharine, is someone you need to keep an eye on all the time.”

Cyrus laughed. “You don’t know how much trouble Katharine has gotten into through the years…She’s always been a handful.”

“Then you know exactly how to keep an eye on her.”


That night, he sat down in the Gryffindor common room next to Katharine, who was running her hands through her Umbreon’s sleek fur.

“So instead of a cat, rat, toad, or owl, you get to bring a Pokemon with you?” He asked.

“Apparently, that’s always been the rule with Aquapolians.”

“I haven’t seen any other Aquapolians in school since I’ve been here.”

“Apparently, the last Aquapolian student graduated over two decades ago.”

Harry paused. “I wonder why there haven’t been any recently.”

“I can tell you exactly why.”

Harry looked up to see Hermoine, who was holding the newspaper she had received at breakfast.

“Aquapolis has obviously been boycotting the school for a while…even before Champion Sootopolis came to power.” She paused. “There has to be something more going on between Ever Grande and the Ministry.”

“They no longer trust each other,” Katharine pointed out. “Not even in this war against the Dark Lord and the Shadow Lord.”

“If they stand apart, how are we going to win this war?” Harry asked.

“Excellent question.”

There were a few moments of silence before the door to the common room was flung open by Cyrus, who stepped into the room and instantly into the middle of the common area. Several students were surprised by his sudden teleportation, which was faster than most Disappration.

“Okay! Everyone in here! I give you two minutes!” He shouted loud enough for the students already in their dorms to hear. They began filing out one-by-one to see their new Head of House, who instantly jumped on top of a footstool so that he could be seen by the entire room. Katharine, Harry, and Hermoine stood up and migrated to that part of the room themselves.

After the allotted few moments had passed, Cyrus glanced around the room, took a deep breath, and addressed the house. “For those of you who have not met me before, I am Dr. Cyrus Jones, the new Defense Against the Shadow Forces professor and your new Head of House. Professor McGonagall has stepped down as Head of House for a few years…and I know you guys are bummed about that, but we have something else to focus on.”

The students looked around at each other, confused. Katharine crossed her arms, waiting for her uncle to continue.

“As you all know, there is a house cup competition every year between the four houses. The house that earns the most points collected from merit and Quidditch matches will earn fame, glory, and honor…for, well, a year. As you know, I’m teaching my class alongside the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Snape.” A few boos rose from the crowd, one actually escaping Katharine’s lips before she could stop it.

Wow, already down on him, are we?

Well, after what happened today in class…Yes, yes I am.

“Of course, I’ve got to show him exactly why Gryffindor is the best house in Hogwarts. So…if we win the House Cup this year, you’ll get to see me duel him during class.”

The students looked enthusiastic at this prospect, nodding in agreement and high-fiving each other. Cyrus stepped down from the footstool, shooting a confident look at Katharine before walking off in the direction of his own dorm.


“Can anybody tell me what this legendary Pokemon is?”

The next day’s classes drug on until it was time for Aquapolian History. The second day of class was actually the first day of class for Rowan, who had failed to show up the day before, having completely forgotten what times he was teaching. Now, he was walking in front of a hologram of the legendary power of dimension. Hermoine’s hand shot up as soon as he finished his question.

Of course.

Don’t make fun of her. She enjoys answering these questions too much.

“Yes! Miss Granger!” Rowan shouted from the front of the classroom.

“It’s the power of dimension, Giratina…supposedly the most powerful of the six powers.”

“Correct! And what are the six powers…” He glanced around the room for another answerer. “Mr. Potter!”

Harry was completely caught off guard, but managed to answer, “Land, sea, sky, time, space, and dimension.” He was surprised by his own knowledge.

How did I know that?

The same way I know you had a crush on Cho Chang for the longest time back in your 5th year.

Keep out of my mind!

I’m not in your mind! The knowledge just comes to me at really odd times!

The two teenagers shot each other wary looks. Controlling their mind link would be much more difficult than either had predicted when Dumbledore confided in them about their special power. They silently agreed to practice as often as possible to ensure that they used it efficiently and expertly.

Of course, this silent pact was not without the reassurance that they wouldn’t shy from using the link for all kinds of mischief.


Angel of Chaos
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Chapter Five


After a few days, she had once again mastered the routine of attending school. The books she had been loaned by several of her professors were old and worn-out. Cyrus had failed to take her book shopping, though not on his own fault. The days before they had left for England, she had been enjoying the last waves of summer in the Sevii Islands with her friends, battling and surfing on Three Island for days. Her Potions book was especially falling apart, having been owned by a student who apparently made notes in nearly every margin and called himself the “Half-Blood Prince.” She had picked it over a few better-looking books in Slughorn’s classroom, knowing that older and written in books were usually the best ones.

The third day of classes brought a challenge to the Potions students. The Gryffindor and Ravenclaw members of the class gathered around the center table of the classroom. Slughorn held a huge book of potions, from which he was reading to the class the ingredients to the Draught of Living Death. Katharine shivered at the idea of its power, feeling repulsed by something that could kill instantly.

“Now…this is a very advanced potion, so I will put your skills to the test. The one of you who can brew the best pot of the Draught of Living Death will earn a bottle of Felix Felicius.”

What’s Felix Felicius?

A potion that brings you luck.

I don’t need it.

Well, if you don’t need it, let someone else win it.

I can’t just sabotage myself that way.

Then give it to someone else if you win it.

The students split up to work at their individual stations. Katharine opened her book to the recipie for the Draught, wrinkling her nose at the ingredients spelled out in the book, as well as all of the writing the previous owner had placed on its pages. She grabbed the knife nearby, staring at her ingredients fiercly until she started working, following only the instructions outlined by the previous owner on the page.

At the end of the class, Slughorn went around to each student’s desk, checking their draughts. Katharine fidgeted, nervous after her first attempt at making a potion. The professor finally stopped at her table, looking into her cauldron with a curious expression on his face.

“Very impressive…” He muttered. He looked up at her. “How long have you been studying Potions?”

She ducked her head. “This is actually the first potion I’ve made.”

“You’re serious?” She nodded. He looked back in the cauldron. “Why, this is the most perfect Draught of Living Death I’ve seen in decades!”

Katharine raised her head, astonished at his words. He laughed. “Why don’t you see me after class? There’s something I’d like to ask you…” He continued on to the next student, leaving her dazed.

After the class ended and she was awarded the vial of Felix Felicious, Katharine lingered behind as Slughorn cleaned up the classroom, waiting to speak to him. He finally turned to the young Aquapolian, a huge smile on his face.

“Several of your professors have told me that you are a real magical prodigy for an Aquapolian who has barely studied magic. Your performance today has assured me that you are a perfect candidate for my club.”

“Club, sir?”

“Yes! You can think of it as a little honors society…the Slug Club, it is called. Why, your friend Mr. Potter is in it, as well as Miss Granger and Miss Ginny Weasley. What do you say?”

Katharine paused and shrugged. “Sure!”

He laughed and shook her hand. “The first meeting is next Wednesday at eight o’clock in the potions quarters! I’m looking forward to seeing you then!”


The more he read Cyrus’ textbook, the more enthralled he became with the legendaries. There was Giratina, the power of dimension, which ruled over the Dimensional World and was the most powerful of the six powers. There was also Lugia, the power of sky, which had been Shadowficated in the past by the Shadow Lord. His favorite so far seemed to be Deoxys, which was rumored to be a virus from space.

Wednesday night, as he was deep into his textbook, Katharine sat down beside him, clutching her Umbreon in her lap. The dark-type nosed the cover of Harry’s book, looking at him with curious red eyes.

“So, Professor Slughorn invited me to be part of the Slug Club.”

Harry closed his book. “It’s about time he did.”

“What?” She asked, confused.

“The Slug Club is almost like a collection of sorts. Professor Slughorn asks students who are relatives of famous wizards or are prodigies in the classroom to join. You being the first Aquapolian to attend Hogwarts in years and a good student on top of that qualifies you.”

“Hmm…” She brushed Umbreon’s fur thoughtfully.

“Anyway, I have a question to ask you.”


“Have you ever played Quidditch before?”

Katharine paused. “No…they don’t play it in Aquapolis. I’ve never really been on a broomstick before, either. Why?”

“Well, the Gryffindor team is having tryouts this Friday, and…well, we’re short on players, so…”

“Harry, I can’t play Quidditch.”

“Well, you can at least try out.”

“And fall off the broomstick in the process.”

“You never know until you try.”

She sighed. “Okay…”


The rest of the week drug on. She was surprisingly excited about the Quidditch try-outs that Friday, but not at all excited about her tutoring session that followed afterward. She had been dreading it the entire week. Finally, Friday came. She made her way out onto the pitch with Harry, who was dressed in his captain’s uniform. A bunch of Gryffindors stood in a circle around him, itching to fly up above the stadium seats. Several cast Katharine strange looks as if they didn’t expect her to be out there.

“Okay!” Harry raised his voice to quiet down anyone who was still talking while he addressed the team. “This year, all of the Houses are playing Double-Seeker Quidditch, which means we have a Seeker position open for try-outs. We’re only going to have one Seeker try-out on the field at a time so that we don’t crowd the air, okay?” Everyone nodded, with some guys nudging each other with their elbows and casting interested looks at Katharine. She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes, glaring at them as if to say that she was not interested in any of them. They looked away, disappointed.

“Okay, we’ll have Jean Moonflower up first.” As he called out her name, a short girl with blonde hair so light it was nearly the color of an Absol’s fur stepped forward, gripping her broomstick tightly in her hands. She cast her bright blue eyes over Katharine’s face, confidently nodding to the Aquapolian girl before turning back to Harry. “What year are you?” He asked, glancing down at the clipboard he held with the students’ names and positions scribbled on it.

“I’m a fourth year,” she replied in a firm voice. She was obviously psyched up and ready to take to the skies. Harry nodded at her to take her position. Several boys at the back of the group stepped forward with a large wooden chest, which they set in the middle of the field. One of them carefully opened the chest’s lid as Jean mounted her broomstick, rising a few feet off of the ground and leaning forward into the ready position. Another of the team members carefully took a small golden ball out of the chest, watching it carefully as it sprouted wings and nudged against his hand, trying to fly free.

“Begin!” Harry shouted. Jean was off like a shot, following the ball carefully as it flew around the pitch at a break-neck speed. Katharine focused on the ball herself, making sure to study its flight patterns while she awaited her turn. Ron’s younger sister Ginny, who was completely outfitted in her own Gryffindor uniform, stood nearby, keeping time as Jean rushed through the sky. It took the girl half an hour to finally snag the Snitch out of the sky and return to her starting point. Several team members clapped. Obviously, this time was very good. Katharine resolved herself to be faster.

As the next try-out, a tall girl named Dunia Shore, took to the skies, Harry pulled Katharine aside into the Gryffindor’s equipment tent. “I’m guessing you don’t have a broomstick,” he said, gesturing to the broomsticks leaning up against the tent’s walls. They were of all types of wood and sizes. “You can borrow one of these for your try-out if you like. Just one more before your turn.” He paused, scuffing his boots in the grass before continuing. “You know, if you don’t really want to…”
“No.” She grabbed one of the broomsticks beside her, glancing it over. “I’m totally ready.”

“Good. You’re the next one up.”


“We don’t really play Quidditch in Aquapolis.”

“Well, as Head of House, you should get used to watching the matches.”

Cyrus and McGonagall had come out to the stadium to watch the tryouts for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. As they approached the pitch, Cyrus stopped to stare at the current flyer in the sky. McGonagall followed his line of sight to see Katharine taking off after a Snitch.

“I didn’t know she can fly a broomstick…”

“She’s never done it before…” He muttered.

“What?” The witch asked, not believing her ears.

“She’s never flown on a broomstick before…just on other Pokemon or by herself.” He shook his head. “This is a recipie for disaster.”


She whipped through the air, her eyes solely on the Snitch in front of her. She was slightly aware that she was going entirely too fast for the broomstick to be handled carefully, but she didn’t pay full attention to it.

You’re going too fast.

Get out of my mind! I’m concentrating!

If you keep going at this rate, you’ll crash!

Katharine pushed Harry’s thoughts out of her head as she approached the Snitch, riding her broomstick up beside it and reaching out to catch it. Only a few seconds passed before she leaned forward to snatch it out of the air. Unfortunately, she lost her grip on the broomstick, dropping out of the sky.


He watched her plummit to the Earth, but no one was fast enough to break her fall. All he could do was rush in her direction to make sure that she wasn’t seriously hurt. Harry made it to Katharine before him, and he could see the young wizard shaking her into conciousness.

“Are you all right?” He asked as he finally made it to her side. Her eyes seemed blurry as she looked up from Harry to her uncle. She nodded slowly, raising her right fist for Harry to look at what was inside.

“I caught it…” She just managed, trying to sit up.

“Wait, wait…” Cyrus said, kneeling down beside her. “We need to get you to the infirmary.”

“No, I’m fine…” She finally sat up and pushed herself to her feet, handing the Snitch over to Harry as she tried to walk a couple of feet. She grimaced, and Cyrus’ heart sank. It seemed as if she had broken her ankle.

“Come on, we’re going to the infirmary,” he said, grasping her shoulders. They started to leave the stadium with Harry right behind them. When he came to where McGonagall stood, he muttered, “I guess they’ve found their new Seeker.”

“We sure have,” Harry said, inducing a scowl from both professors.

“She can’t surely well crash to win every match,” McGonagall said as they walked back up the hill to the castle.

“I just need to train more…” Katharine muttered, causing Cyrus to role his eyes.


She was only in the infirmary for an hour, as she convinced Madame Pomfrey that she didn’t need crutches and that she could simply levitate instead of walk for the next few days. At dinner, she could hear people whispering about her tremendous crash.

“Well done.”

Katharine looked up to see Ron smiling at her from across the table. She laughed. “It was a spectacular fall, wasn’t it?”
“You could have gotten yourself killed!” Hermoine exclaimed from her seat beside Ron. She scowled at the young Aquapolian, then turned her head once again to her Potions book. Ever since Katharine had won the Felix Felicius in Potions class, Hermoine had dedicated herself to thoroughly studying her Potions book until she could outperform Katharine in Slughorn’s class. Little did she know, that with the help of the book’s previous owner, Katharine had been making higher marks than she even would have with her own surperb intelligence.

“It takes a lot to kill me,” Katharine retorted, spearing a piece of apple on her plate with her fork. “Believe me, I’ve fallen off of Mt. Coronet before and came away with only a few scrapes.”

Ron’s eyes widened. “Mt Coronet? You mean the highest mountain in Aquapolis?” Hermoine glanced up from her book to glare at Katharine as if she didn’t believe a word the Aquapolian had just said. She simply nodded to affirm Ron’s question. “Why did you fall off of it?”

“I was fighting someone near the Spear Pillar…and I fell off mid-fight…” A dark look came over her features as she played out the scene in her head. Dark eyes flashed in her vision and a sword swept through the air, narrowly slicing her throat. She took one wrong step backwards, and she plummeted off of the rock face, too stunned to even think about levitating.

“Are you okay?”

Harry’s voice jarred her back into reality. The three young wizards were staring at her. Even Hermoine had a worried look on her face. She shook her head slightly and pasted a huge grin to reassure them that she was fine. “I’m okay…just going over an old battle in my head…” She put down her fork and thoughtlessly sprang up onto her ankle, wincing as pain rushed through her leg. Harry winced along with her, but only in sympathy. Apparently, they couldn’t feel each other’s pain, but they could sense it. Katharine glanced at her watch. “I’m late!”

“For what?” Ron asked through a mouthful of turkey. Hermoine rolled her eyes at his rudeness and glanced down at her Potions book once again.

“My tutoring sessions begin tonight!” Katharine explained, hurridly shoving her books into her shoulder bag and checking to make sure that her wand was in her pocket. This time, carefully, she levitated herself a few millimeters off the floor. The distance was so minute, no one could tell that she wasn’t actually standing on the ground. “Have fun tonight!” She shot at Harry. “I assure you, your sessions will be much more pleasurable than mine! Cyrus is a wonderful teacher!” She threw her bag over her shoulder and preceded to pretend to walk to the Great Hall’s doors at a fast pace, giving up halfway there and levitating out. Luckily, no one except for her three friends noticed.

She hurried down the castle’s halls, letting her powers guide her up stairs and around corners. She finally reached the dungeons, where Snape’s office was. She lowered herself to the ground, wincing and shifting her weight off of her hurt ankle as she knocked on the door. Snape opened it a moment later, scowling at her.

“You’re late.”

“I got into an accident earlier today, sir.”

“What kind of accident?” He looked her over from head to toe to see if he could pinpoint what kind of injury Katharine had sustained. For a few seconds, it seemed as if a worried look came over his features, but it returned to a scowl so quickly, she thought she had just imagined it.

“I fell off of my broomstick trying to go after a Snitch at tryouts and broke my ankle,” she explained, trying to keep a polite tone in her voice. After only a week of being in his class, she already couldn’t stand Snape. He repeatedly favored the Slytherin students in the classroom while Cyrus showed no favoritism at all. He also seemed to pick on the less intellectual students in the class and continuously was trying to test her knowledge as if he believed she wasn’t as versed in magic because she was an Aquapolian. However, as Cyrus had stressed to her several times over the previous week, she did not need to, in any way, slip into the sarcastic tone she took with people she could not stand.

“If you’re trying out for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, they might actually stand a chance at winning this year,” he said, shoving the door open wider and turning back into his office. Katharine followed him in, staying off of her bad foot. “That is,” he added. “if you can remain on your broomstick for longer than a few seconds.” Katharine winced, wondering who had told him about her fall. Cyrus surely wouldn’t have given up that piece of information to Snape willingly. Perhaps McGonagall? Then again, the witch was still clearly siding with Gryffindor in Quidditch matters, so why would she tell the Slytherin Head of House about Katharine’s fall? “I trust you’ve never ridden a broomstick before?”

“No, sir…but I can fly myself so…” She shifted over on her good foot, wincing as her bad foot touched the ground only slightly.

“So you thought you could ride one at a careless speed without getting hurt?” He raised one eyebrow at her from across the room as if challenging her actions. She silently seethed, trying not to glare at her professor or roll her eyes, both of which she had done to Cyrus countless times when he got on her nerves.

“I thought I could catch myself before I hit the ground…even at that speed…” She added when she thought she saw him reading another counter-remark. She tried desparately to keep the rage out of her voice while she spoke. This was already turning out to be a long term.

“Hopefully, you have more sense when it comes to fighting Shadow Followers,” he sneered. “Otherwise, we’ll be without a Chosen One once the Shadow Lord decides to make his move. Now, have you taken a look at the notebook I gave you?”

“Yes, sir,” she said, holding up the small notebook.

“How many of them do you think you already know?”

“About half of them.”

“Then we have a lot of work to do…” He brushed past her to open up the door. “We’ll work at the bridge since Jones has decided to take the courtyard.”

“Okay,” she said, following him out of the office.


He stepped into the courtyard and glanced around, his eyes finally resting on Cyrus, who was on the far end. “Professor Jones?”

Cyrus seemed to snap out of the daze he was in. “Harry! Good, you’re on time!” He strolled across the courtyard. Harry realized that the professor held a sword in his hand. “Okay, we’re going to be working on your fighting skills today. “

“As in…?”

“As in your martial arts skills.”

“I have none, sir.”

“Then we’ll get to start with a blank slate!” Cyrus put the sword down beside a pillar and got into a fighting stance a few feet away from Harry. “Copy my stance.”

Harry awkwardly copied his stance, putting one fist in front of the other and one foot behind the other. He awkwardly swayed on his feet.

“Now, I’m going to attack you. Try to block.”

Cyrus rushed at Harry, who flung both of his arms out in front of him as a reflex. Cyrus swept his feet out from under him, causing the young wizard to crash on his back to the ground. He groaned as Cyrus helped him back up.

“We’re going to work on that. Remember, attacks can come from anywhere.”

Before Harry could even catch his breath, Cyrus swung at him with a forceful punch. He ducked just in time to avoid it, running into Cyrus at full speed to disable the Aquapolian. Cyrus fell on his back, jumping up in a split second and smiling. “That was better. Let’s work on that some more.”


The bridge was cold and dark. She could see the moon shining in the distance, the only light to illuminate her lesson.

“Now, we’re going to start with the most basic spells so that I can make sure you know them,” Snape said, standing a few yards in front of her. “Try the first one in the book.”

Katharine glanced down at the notebook in her hand and raised her wand. “Lumos!” She shouted. The tip of her wand glowed a bright blue, causing her to squint her eyes at the sudden light that filled the area. Snape crossed his arms and examined her spell for a few seconds before striding forward.

“I thought I told you before that you are not to use any of your own powers during your lessons?”

“I’m not, sir…” She protested.

“I’m sure you cast the spell using magic, but it could have also been heightened by the fact that you’re currently using your own powers to levitate off of the floor.”

Katharine glanced down at her shoes. She was only a few millimeters off the floor, hardly enough for anyone to notice. She looked back up. “I can’t rest any of my weight on my ankle, sir.”

“None of your powers!” He snapped.

Reluctantly, she let her feet rest on the ground, wincing as pain shot through her foot. After only a few seconds with her feet on the floor, her head spun as pain shot up her leg. A pained expression came on her face, but Snape had turned away so as not to watch her suffer through her injury.

“Again!” He snapped. “We want to make sure that you can cast spells without your own powers as a crutch.” He stayed turned from her, his eyes fixated only on her wand. Katharine finally allowed herself the fleeting satisfaction of glaring at her professor as she cast the spell again. Her wand’s tip lit up the same as before, no difference in its intensity. She continuously cast the spell at his orders, cursing him silently in her head as her mind spun with pain for the rest of the lesson.


He woke the next morning extremely sore, but also extremely excited. Not only was Cyrus an amazing teacher, he was showing different strategies and explaining different legends to Harry while they trained. He had never been one for learning inside the classroom, but Cyrus’ way of teaching caught every bit of his attention. He had already started hanging on the professor’s every word in Defense Against the Shadow Forces, as well as Rowan’s in Aquapolian History. There was something about the way the Aquapolians approached their subjects that captured everyone’s attention and imagination. Harry believed part of it was due to all of the new and exotic things they brought to the table.

Katharine was late for breakfast that morning, making him worry. He tried to probe her mind, but found her exhausted to the point that her head was so cloudy, he couldn’t read it. She entered the Great Hall about a half an hour before class started, levitating up to their table.

“How was your lesson last night?” Harry asked as she sat down to her plate. Something about the look on her face told him that something was wrong. She hesitated for a few moments before speaking.

“It was awful. I hate him…” She muttered, staring at her plate. Hermoine leaned forward.

“What did he have you do?”

“First of all, I couldn’t use any of my powers, so he made me stand on my broken ankle the entire time. Second of all, he made me go over first year spells over and over to make sure that I had them down.”

“He made you stand on your ankle?” Harry asked, his eyes wide. She nodded.

“Yeah. It still smarts even though I’m levitating everywhere today.”

“You should tell Professor Jones about this,” Hermoine said. “I think that’s a little too strict, don’t you?”

“Cyrus will just fly into a blind rage, and I don’t need to spark up anymore animosity between the two of them.” Hermoine shook her head. Katharine didn’t speak for the rest of the meal.

Anger surged through Harry as he watched her slowly get up and gather her schoolbooks for the day’s classes. He had hated Snape before, but his current state of rage topped any that he had felt towards the professor in an extremely long time.


Angel of Chaos
There's a good three or four month timeskip in this chapter. I'm sure you'll be able to spot it. Day-to-day details of Harry and Katharine's life together aren't needed at this point, and it's time to get to the end of the first...fifth of the story. XD

Beware! Spoilers of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince are to come. Sure, I just spoiled this chapter for those of you who have read the book, but I've followed some events from the 6th and 7th books pretty closely, so I count them as spoilers.

Speaking of the 7th book! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 just came out yesterday in America! Please go see it! I'm not going to go see it until next Friday, but I heard it was epic and some of the upcoming events of this story correspond to the movie!

Chapter Six


He was seething mad after speaking with Harry later that day. It didn’t take him long to find Snape in his office.

“We’re not putting Katharine through a boot camp just to test whether or not her magical abilities are powerful enough to defeat Death Eaters!”

“This isn’t a game, Jones. If you have that same attitude towards teaching Potter, he won’t stand a chance against any Shadow Follower who comes after him.”

“We’re not at an emergency level right now…Unless you happen to bring us news about what’s going on inside the Death Eaters at this very moment…”

“They’ve brought in Shadow Followers to help fight. The Shadow Lord is obviously backing the Dark Lord for a soon-to-be strike.”

“Any names on these Shadow Followers?”

“The only one I’ve actually met identifies herself as Nichole Wallace.”

Cyrus’ face grew pale, but he remained calm, sitting down in an empty chair in the corner. “So Nichole’s here in London?”

“Yes, apparently staying with Bellatrix Lestrange.”

Cyrus sighed. “Nichole’s possibly the most dangerous Shadow Follower that Grayson has under his command. She’s completely lethal and pretty much a psychopath.”

“I should keep an eye on her, then.”

“See that you do. Our inside to the Shadow Forces has been keeping an eye on her for years, but he’s stuck in Aquapolis for now.” The two men glared at each other before Cyrus left without another word.


“I got the spot?” She asked, staring at Harry.

“You had the best time, so of course. We just need to have you stop crashing every time you go after the Snitch.”

She rolled her eyes. “If I break a bone or two every now and then, what’s the harm?”

“We need our Chosen Ones in one piece, mind you. A broken bone or two would not be the best condition to face the Dark and Shadow Lords in.”

Katharine and Harry turned in their seats in the Great Hall to see Dumbledore striding up the aisle. “May I see you both in my office?” He asked.

A few minutes later, they sat in the headmaster’s office, Katharine and Harry on the couch in front of his desk, and Dumbledore right behind his desk. He leaned forward to address them.

“How was the first week of the term? I hope it wasn’t too stressful…and I hope you’re both enjoying your classes.”

“Yes, sir! Especially Aquapolian History and Defense Against the Shadow Forces!” Harry exclaimed.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying those classes, Harry. Professor Jones and Professor Rowan have a pure passion for the subjects they speak of in the classroom. That is why I hired them in the first place. How are your tutoring sessions with Professor Jones going?”

“I’ve only had one so far, sir…” He said. “But I’m already learning a lot.”

“How about you, Katharine? Professor Snape tells me that you’ve already mastered most of the first year spells. Incredible, really, for an Aquapolian to know so much about magic.”

“I’ve studied it on my own for quite some time, professor. I’m interested in learning how to use it against the Shadow Lord.”

“Hopefully you’ll learn even more while you’re here. Now…to some more serious business…” he paused. “There seems to be a powerful Shadow Follower here in England now…Katharine, you may have heard her name somewhere. Nichole Wallace?”

Her eyes widened. “Nichole’s here in England?”

“Who is she?” Harry asked.

“Only the most powerful, cruel, heartless Shadow Commander Grayson ever hired!”

“Well, now that we know who we’re up against...I’ll inform the Order of the Phoenix to keep an eye out for her,” Dumbledore said.

“What’s the Order of the Phoenix?” Katharine asked, confused.

“It is a group of wizards and witches that operates quite like the Legendary Team of Aquapolis. Instead of being led by the Minister of Magic, however, I have taken control of the group for the past years…Our government isn’t very good at keeping secrets or trusting other nations, you see.”

“Yes,” Katharine muttered. “I know.”

“Now, the both of you can return to your studies. I just wanted to check on the both of you to see how you’re doing.”


The weeks came and went. Harry worked hard to learn everything he could from Cyrus, who proved to be the best teacher he had ever had. Katharine continued her lessons with Snape, although she complained every following day about how he was a slave driver when it came to her lessons. She had proved to be the best new team member Harry had ever picked for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, winning match after match for them. After the first few matches, in which she had slightly less severe falls than her tryout run, she perfected her broomstick-riding skills, flying through the sky with ease and chasing after the Snitch skillfully and stealthily.

Harry also learned much more about Katharine personally as the months wore on. She was warm towards most anyone, polite even to most of the Slytherin students, and, of course, to each and every one of her professors, including Snape. She was a hard worker inside the classroom, quickly catching up to Hermoine in terms of class rankings. She was extremely intelligent and knew a lot about many subjects. She caught everyone’s attention with her tales of Aquapolis and her adventures during her travels across the country. She was quiet at times, and, at others, she had a sort of Zen quality to her actions. She was extremely gifted in her magic, her own elemental powers, her sword-wielding skills, and in her Pokemon battles, changing from one form of weaponry to the other with ease. Furthermore, she had a calming affect on everyone around her, and enjoyed teasing her friends playfully, including Rowan and Cyrus. Harry grew closer to her every day and enjoyed her random thoughts in his head more and more as the term continued.

Before anyone could think twice about how fast the term was passing by, there was snow on the ground, and it was December. The Christmas holidays were only weeks away, and Christmas trees and holly leaves were springing up everywhere around the castle. Once or twice, Harry and Katharine were almost pushed together by their friends under a mistletoe, but they always succeded in turning away at the last second, blushing at the very thought of being that close to each other.

On the second day of December, Harry and Katharine walked to one of their last classes before Christmas break, Aquapolian History. “And so, there I was on Mt. Coronet, facing up against the leader of Team Galactic, and, all of a sudden, I hear this loud crash!” Katharine exclaimed. “I look up to see Giratina, the power of dimension towering over us. Have to admit both of us were scared to death when it appeared, too…” She trailed off when she saw Snape approaching them across the hallway.

“Headmaster Dumbledore wants to see you both in his office immediately,” he said as soon as he was within speaking distance of the two teenagers. Without another word, he continued down the passageway. Katharine glanced after him before turning to Harry.

“I guess we get a pass from Rowan’s class…”

“Yeah, but I’m going to miss whatever story he’s going to tell today,” Harry said as they turned in the direction of Dumbledore’s office.

“Then, I’ll tell you another story instead. Okay, this one takes place in Jhoto…”

They reached Dumbledore’s office a few minutes later, Katharine speaking the password (Nintendo 64) before they could go in. Dumbledore stood behind his desk and stepped forward to greet them when they came in.

“Good to see you both. I have a favor to ask the two of you…I have a quick trip I must take out of Hogwarts, and I need both of you to accompany me.”

“Of course, sir…but where are we going?” Katharine asked.

“It’s a temple that you are very familiar with, Katharine.” He stepped forward and offered both of his arms to the teenagers. “We’ll Disapparate there.” At Katharine’s wrinkled nose, he said, “Disapparation isn’t that much worse than teleporting. You’ll see.” And, with that, they disappeared from his office.


She gripped her head as they reappeared inside a cold chamber. “I really do prefer to teleport from now on, professor.”

“Quite alright if you can manage to teleport that far,” he answered, making his way down the chamber. She looked up at the Aquapolian ruins carved into the marble around them. She had walked along these passageways many times beforehand, running her hand over the letters carved into the smooth white marble. While the Ministry of Magic in London had built its headquarters out of black marble, the Cave of Origin was completely made of white marble, reflecting the ancient relationship between wizards and Aquapolians. It was saddening to think that that connection was breaking down because of petty politics between Ever Grande and the Ministry.

Harry and Katharine kept close behind Dumbledore, although, because Katharine knew the way so well, Harry had no problem keeping up with the wisened wizard on their small trek through the marble tunnels. They weaved in and out one passageway to another, finally appearing in a chamber with ceilings so high, Harry had struggle to see the roof, even with his glasses and Katharine’s eyes. The marble glowed faintly, filling the chamber with a dim light. The room had almost an otherworldly feeling to it that Harry couldn’t put his finger on.

In the middle of the chamber stood and altar that reached to Katharine’s waist. Six grooves were carved in a circle around the altar. Obviously, six circle-shaped objects were supposed to be place there.

“This altar is supposed to hold the six orbs of the six powers. Blue, Red, Crystal, Diamond, Pearl, and Opal for sea, land, sky, time, space, and dimension respectively,” Dumbledore explained to Harry. “However, during times of crisis, the orbs scatter about the face of the Earth so that they cannot be found altogether by a force of darkness.” He turned to the two teenagers, fixing them with a serious gaze. “It is up to the two of you to find them and stop the forces of evil from marching across the Earth using their power.”

Harry paused. “How are we supposed to find them, sir?”

“Both of you can sense them from long distances, and can activate their powers at will. However,” he paused. “There is an artifact left by an Aquapolian who died years ago that may lead you to all six orbs. Unfortunately, no one knows where it is.”

“So, you’re suggesting we leave Hogwarts to find these orbs?” Katharine asked.

“No! Not at all.” He laughed. “I just want the two of you to keep this in mind as events unfold over time. Now…” He turned back to the altar. I think it’s time we return to Hogwarts…”


They Disapparated back into the astronomy tower a few seconds later, Katharine teleporting because she hated the alternative. A storm was kicking up outside. Katharine seemed to be on edge for some reason.

What’s wrong?

I can sense Shadow Energy in the distance…

Dumbledore glanced around as if he too could sense someone dark approaching. He turned to the two teenagers. “Go back to your dorms. Now…”

Reluctantly, Katharine and Harry started to make their way down the astronomy tower steps. Halfway down, Katharine stopped still on a hidden platform, pulling Harry after her.

What are you doing?

If there are Shadow Followers here, I want to be able to stop them.

They waited silently as footsteps crossed the platform above them. They were too light to be Dumbledore’s. Finally, they stopped. A few more breathless moments passed before Dumbledore spoke.

“Draco? What are you doing here so late at night? You should be in your dorm…” He stepped toward Draco, who held his wand high and pointed at the wizard.

Harry started, but Katharine pulled him back.

What is he doing?!

I don’t know, but just watch! Dumbledore’s too powerful to be harmed by the likes of Malfoy.

“Are you here to kill me, Draco?” He asked, stepping closer to the young wizard.

“Get back!” He shouted. “You don’t understand! If I don’t so this, the Dark Lord will kill me and my family!”

“You aren’t capable of this, Draco…”

“You don’t know what I’m capable of!”

“Anyone is capable of anything…” Another voice spoke from behind Draco. Katharine glanced up and froze. It was Nichole Wallace. She stepped forward, shooting a cruel smile at Dumbledore as she and a witch with long black curly hair and a crazy look in her eyes stood on either side of Malfoy.

“You must be Nichole,” Dumbledore said politely. “I’ve heard a great deal about you.”

Nichole’s dark eyes narrowed, and she stepped forward silently, her long black coat slightly gliding across the ground behind her as she faced down the old wizard. She carried no visible weapon on her. No wand, sword, or Poke Balls were visible on her person, but Katharine knew that she was just as dangerous without weapons as with them. Many a human and Aquapolian had fallen victim to her powerful dark attacks, and now, it seemed as if she were targeting any wizard that stood in the Shadow Lord’s way.

“I’m sure you’ve heard nothing good about me if Jones and Rowan can be counted on…” She said in her deeply cold voice, stopping a few feet away from the wizard. She had placed herself firmly in between Malfoy and Dumbledore as if to get in a few last jeering remarks before the wizard met his end. Harry tried to struggle out of Katharine’s grasp, but it was no use. Her hands had formed a vice on his arm that seemed to be made of steel. He couldn’t believe that she had that powerful a grip on his arm.

“Does your Shadow Lord wish to see even more lives taken, Nichole?” Dumbledore asked, not glancing down to where the two teenagers stood, only visible from his position. Katharine took a step backward to ensure that she and Harry were completely out of sight. At the same time, she glanced around them to make sure that no one else was on the same platform. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she spotted Snape a few yards away from her, silently stepping toward the two teenagers. She breathlessly watched as he motioned her to stay quiet. Though she didn’t like him, Katharine had complete trust in him as an ally, especially since Dumbledore trusted him so thoroughly.

She watched as Snape silently made his way up the stairs behind Nichole, who had her back turned to him the entire time. Without noticing that the wizard was almost a few feet behind her, she turned to Malfoy. “You can kill him now, Draco. It’s time for us to take what is rightfully ours.”


Snape’s voice startled Nichole, who spun around to see the wizard behind her, his wand drawn. For a few seconds, a concerned look passed over her cruel features before her trademark cold and calm smile came once again to her face.


Dumbledore’s voice was almost pleading, but Katharine could just make out a stained tone to his voice, almost as if he had complete control of the situation, but was acting accordingly to stop the Shadow Follower and Death Eaters from making any sudden moves. Nicole turned to Snape, nodding at the professor before dragging Malfoy behind her down the steps. They came within inches of discovering Katharine and Harry, whom the young Aquapolian had concealed only a few seconds before Nicole appeared on the platform. Harry marveled at the way Katharine simply thought of turning them invisible. Aquapolian powers, which could be put into use by only a simple thought, were so different from magical spells, and Katharine’s powers were far above exceptional.

Katharine kept them invisible as she gazed back up at the platform where Dumbledore and Snape stood alone. Something didn’t feel right, as if the headmaster wasn’t out of trouble yet. She gripped Harry’s arm tighter and only pulled away after he winced in pain.

No more words were exchanged between the two professors before Snape raised his wand at Dumbledore. Katharine’s breath caught in her throat. What was he going to do? She wrapped both arms around Harry’s, inching toward the steps up to the top platform while the scene played out before them in slow motion.

The spell that Snape cast was muffled in her ears as a blast of green light slammed into Dumbledore. She could only just make out Harry’s shout in her head before she let go of him, blindly racing down the steps and out of the tower after the shadowy figure ahead of her. Scenes of her tutoring sessions raced through her head. Never once did he show any sign of full defection over to the Death Eaters. She would have been able to sense it before he turned, surely.

However, the fact that Dumbledore could possibly be dead blinded all of her judgement as she raced down the passageways of Hogwarts, her feet barely touching the marble floors as she spun around corners, wishing that she had her sword on her. Rage started to blur her gaze as she thought about all of the trust that she had placed in her professor after being told that he was their spy inside the Death Eaters. She had had no reason to doubt him, and he had even taught her how to use her magic more effectively. Why then was he betraying them all now?


After Katharine let go of his arm and flew down the steps without saying another word, he was torn between ascending the staircase to see if Dumbledore was okay or descending the steps to stop Katharine from getting herself injured. He chose to rush up the stairs, trusting that Katharine would keep herself from getting hurt while he checked on his old friend and mentor.

The thought that Dumbledore might be dead crossed his mind only slightly, but as he reached the platform, he realized that only a few options for Dumbledore’s disappearence were plausible. He had either Disapparated at a speed unknown to Aquapolian or wizard, or he had been hit by the spell and fell out of the tower. As Harry stumbled up the steps of the tower, the realization that Dumbledore was indeed dead nearly made him fall to his knees. The only thing that kept him from stopping everything to wallow in his own sorrow was the fact that Katharine was now chasing after a group of Death Eaters by herself. He turned around immediately and descended the stairs as fast as he could, his thoughts rushing to find Katharine’s, finding them jumbled, confused, and enraged.


She followed the group of Death Eaters and Shadow Followers through the forest that bordered the castle on all sides, trying to catch up to them before they crossed the Disapparation barrier. Her feet moved so fast, she literally flew over the ground toward the edge of the forest, her mind only on the group she was chasing after. Whenever a tree got in her way, she simply passed right through it, using the ghost element to speed up her pursuit.

She finally burst from the tree cover into the sloping hills of Scotland, nearly sliding down the steep hill in front of her. She could see Nichole dragging Malfoy beyond the barrier, with Snape a few steps behind them. She grasped the wand in her pocket, but forwent her magic for her own powers.

“Stop!” She shouted at him before he could step beyond the barrier. The ground around the barrier rose up to block his escape, the rock and soil rising meters above the ground to stop him. He turned to see her approaching him at a furious pace, her anger not stopping as her feet flew across the frozen ground. He seemed to pause a moment before firing a spell in her direction.

She teleported out of the way, landing a few yards to his left. She countered with another spell, which he blocked completely. Stunned by his fast reaction, she took a few steps back, catching her breath and raising her wand as she stepped forward. He didn’t attack as she came within a few feet of him.

“We trusted you! I trusted you!” She screamed at him, her eyes shining with rage. She could feel the air around her shuddering, absorbing her anger as the ground underneath her started to shake. The elements around her were responding to her temperament, ready to strike at a moments’ notice. Snape took a few steps backward, his eyes on her, trying to predict her next attack.

A rush of psychic energy sliced past him, narrowly slamming into the barrier he had put up between them. He fired back at her, knocking her off of her feet. She jumped to her feet in an instant, throwing another rush of energy at him. It slammed into the rock barrier behind him, off by several feet.

“Your anger is controlling the direction of your attacks!” He shouted as she, once again, tried to hit him with her powers. “Stop throwing your powers around senselessly and concentrate!” Another spell slammed into her, causing her to crumple to the ground. She couldn’t move her arms or legs, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t teleport from that spot. She felt almost as if she had been paralyzed by an electric attack, much like an injury one of her Pokemon would have sustained in battle. All she could see was sky, and she realized after a few seconds that she couldn’t even lift her head. Panic struck her as the thought that Snape would take this opportunity to kill her sunk into her mind.

A few moments later, he appeared in her field of vision, standing over her for a few seconds before kneeling down slightly to speak to her. Confused, she tried to listen carefully to whatever he had to say. If it was to benefit her, she needed to hear every word he spoke. If it was to further indicate that Snape was a traitor, she would keep every word lodged away in her brain until she could attack back.

“Don’t come after us, and stay away from the Dark Lord. This battle is Potter’s, not yours.”


Figuring out where Katharine was and in what situation she was in was as easy as breathing for him. He could tell that she was frightened and couldn’t move, so, as he stumbled through the forest, he struggled to lock on to her senses. He could hear someone speaking, but he couldn’t make out the words or voice. A few seconds later, he burst into the clearing and spotted Snape standing over Katharine, who was sprawled on the grassy hill, her wand lying a few feet away from her. Rage rushed through him at the thought of Snape hurting her, and, before he knew it, a stunning spell raced across the clearing toward his professor.

Snape, however, was too fast for him to hit. He simply blocked Harry’s spell, looking up to glare at him before stepping past the Disapparation barrier. Harry raised his wand again, ready to strike, but Snape was gone. He muttered a few curses under his breath, his rage calming as he turned to Katharine, who seemed to be unhurt, paralyzed only by a stunning spell. He knelt over her and spoke the countercurse, immediately feeling life flow back into her limbs and neck.

Katharine, however, seemed to be far away as far as her thoughts went at that moment. He nudged her gently, wondering if she was unconscious. He could feel the thoughts racing through her head, however, so he knew that she was still very much alert. “Katharine…” he shook her harder as if to wake her up from some deep sleep. She turned her brilliant crystal eyes to him, tears streaming down her cheeks in long streams of salt water.

“I couldn’t stop him…” She whispered. “My job is to protect people and save lives…and I had a chance to…” She burst into tears of frustration. Harry helped her into a sitting position, but she simply crumpled into his arms, sobbing into his shoulder. Harry didn’t know exactly what to do except wrap his arms around her and let her cry on his shoulder for a few minutes.


He was having a great difficulty processing the events that had happened during the past hour or so. He and Rowan quickly moved on McGonagall’s orders to move Dumbledore’s body into his study, where no student would accidently stumble upon the fact that their headmaster had been killed by Death Eaters who happened to sneak through the barrier placed around Hogwarts. As the two Aquapolian professors laid the old headmaster’s body on a couch in the corner of his office, McGonagall paced back and forth, muttering to herself and wringing her hands. Suddenly, she stopped and glanced wildly to the two professors, her eyes wide. “Where are Harry and Katharine?” She practically whispered, almost too silent for them to hear from the other side of the room. Cyrus and Rowan glanced at each other, hesitating for only a second before rushing from the room.

Cyrus’ only thoughts were on the strong Shadow energy hanging around the castle’s passageways and the possibility that Katharine may have been hurt. He pushed the fact that one of his co-workers had killed their headmaster to the back of his head for the moment. Katharine was first and foremost in his mind at the moment, and nothing would stop him from making sure she was okay. He and Rowan searched the castle frantically for the two teenagers, finally widening their search to the forests around the castle.

Cyrus had finally made his way to where the first barrier was set up before he spied Katharine and Harry sitting on the grassy hill, Katharine’s head buried in Harry’s shoulder. From where he stood, Cyrus thought that she was hurt badly, but he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that she was only shaking from sobs. His footsteps caused the two teenagers to look up. Katharine’s Aquapolian crystal blue eyes were filled with tears. Wordlessly, Cyrus kneeled beside her as Harry stood up and took a few steps back, allowing Katharine to wrap her arms around her uncle, her sobs once more wracking her body.

Needless to say, Cyrus knew that Harry was just as shocked as Katharine was. However, the teenage wizard was shocked to the point that he couldn’t even think of crying at the moment. Cyrus wondered if the full realization of Dumbledore’s death had even hit Harry yet. For the moment, he pressed his cheek onto Katharine’s golden head, pulling her tightly to him in relief over her safety. If she had been seriously injured by any of the Death Eaters or Shadow Followers that had appeared at Hogwarts that night, the Dark Lord or Shadow Lord would soon have been one follower less.

At those thoughts, he remembered who had murdered Dumbledore, and he drew back suddenly from Katharine, who was wiping tears away from her eyes, trying to regain her composure.

“What is it?” She asked as he jumped to his feet, his hands clinching tightly into fists at his side.

“Let’s just say, if Snape comes back…he’s going to have to answer to me,” Cyrus said through gritted teeth. The two teenagers glanced at each other.


The fire in the Headmaster’s study helped to warm her up as she sat beside Harry, trying to come to terms with what had just occurred. McGonagall, Slughorn, Rowan, and Cyrus stood around Dumbledore’s desk, muttering to each other about future plans.

“What do we do now?” Harry whispered, staring into the fire.

“We call up the Order of the Phoenix and the Legendary Team and prepare to fight,” Katharine answered immediately.

“The Legendary Team? All the way from Aquapolis?”

“They’ll get here as fast as they can…in fact…”

The door to the office opened, revealing a tall Aquapolian man with dark brown hair and brown eyes who was wearing a blue coat and brown pants. The four professors turned to him, McGonagall and Slughorn confused by his sudden appearance.

“Zach, good, you got my message,” Rowan said, stepping over to speak to him.

“They’re already here…” Katharine whispered.


“The Legendary Team. That’s Detective Zach Nichols out of New York. He hunts down and arrests Shadow Followers that prey on humans.” She turned back to Harry. “This isn’t just the Order of the Phoenix’s battle anymore. Now while Shadow Followers are helping the Dark Lord.”


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Chapter Seven


She stood up from her seat beside Harry and approached Cyrus and Nichols. “It’s been a long time, detective.”

“It sure has. I’m sure you’ve been stirring up all kinds of trouble here at Hogwarts, haven’t you?” Nichols glanced at Cyrus, who shrugged. “Anyway, I’ve contacted some of the members of the Order of the Phoenix. They should be here shortly.”

“Good,” McGonagall said, approaching the three Aquapolians. They heard a knock on the door and everyone turned as Rowan opened it. Katharine recognized the Divination professor, Sybil Trelawney as she stepped into the room. “What is it Sybil?”

“There is something written on one of the eastern walls,” the witch practically whispered in her usual spooked voice. “Someone has entered Hogwarts and inscribed a warning.”

“Take us to this warning, Sybil,” Rowan said, the first to follow after her into the passageways. Katharine and Harry followed the rest of the professors through Hogwarts to one of the stonewalls, gasping at what was inscribed in blood.

“Bring the Chosen One to the Forbidden Forest, or watch everyone in Hogwarts die,” Nichols read off of the wall, turning back to the professors. “We need some back-up as soon as possible.

“Which Chosen one do you think they’re talking about?” Katharine asked.

“Most likely Harry,” Cyrus replied. “The Dark Lord doesn’t have any quarrels with you.”

“That’s in, then,” Harry announced. “I have to go.”

“We should think about this before we act,” McGonagall said. “You aren’t going alone.”


The professors and Nichols left the two teenagers in the Headmaster’s office while they took a patrol around the castle grounds to strengthen the barriers. As soon as they were left alone, Katharine turned to Harry, a determined look in her eyes. He was still trying to wrap his head around the night’s events, but he could already tell that the wheels in Katharine’s head were turning fast, working out a plan to help them survive the current situation. Suddenly, Harry realized what was really passing through her mind, and reached out his hands to grip both of her shoulders, turning her crystal gaze to his to make sure that she was completely paying attention to him.

“You can’t go by yourself. You can’t sacrifice yourself to keep Hogwarts safe. It’s me they want, Katharine,” he shook her slightly, trying to at least put some sense into her head, but the look in her eyes didn’t disappear, and he sighed. It was too late. She wouldn’t be deterred now.

“If they want you, they can come and try to take you from the hands of the Order and the Legendary Team. And I can lead them here into a trap, or at least take out as many Death Eaters and Shadow Followers as I can. Besides,” she smiled, filling him with a bit more assurance. “I’m not that easy to kill. Trust me.”

Harry thought about what she was proposing for a few minutes. Time was of the essence. If they were going to sneak away before the professors returned, they had to do it as soon as possible. But, he just couldn’t bear with the thought of even letting Katharine stick her neck out for him to survive. Finally, he conceded, promising himself that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

“But we can’t go by ourselves,” Harry said firmly. “The two of us could walk into a trap…that we’ll never escape from. So, who’s most likely to go along with our plan and not tell the others?” He thought through the list of their professors. He could think of only one that would willingly follow their plan and protect them no matter what.

“Rowan,” Katharine answered, reading Harry’s mind exactly. “Let’s find him ASAP. I don’t want Cyrus to see us leaving…” She bolted up from the couch, and Harry followed after her. A few hours beforehand, Katharine had brought down a sword and her full team of Pokemon to keep in the Headmaster’s office in case of another attack. She strapped the sword to her back and wrapped her belt around her waist, sliding her wand into her back pocket to ensure that she could retrieve it easily. Harry watched this process, amused. “Well, I’m a one Aquapolian army…I told you I won’t be killed so easily,” she said with great humor.

They stole their way through Hogwarts passageways, making sure to avoid running into any professors as they searched for Rowan. Thankfully, they found him alone near the main entrance, putting up an invisible barrier against Shadow Followers. They creeped up behind him silently, jumping nearly ten feet in the air when he addressed them.

“You guys aren’t exactly stealthy enough to be ninjas,” the Sinnoh professor said, turning to the two teenagers with an amused smile on his face. “If you’re going to sneak out of here, you’ve got to do better than that.”

“Professor,” Katharine started. “Could you help us…with a little plan…?”

“Knowing you, it isn’t a little plan, but yes. As long as you promise me that you won’t let yourselves get killed needlessly.”

“We promise,” the teenagers responded in unison.

“Okay, then. Let’s hear your master plan.”


The Forbidden Forest was almost pitch-black at that time of night, but, luckily, Katharine’s eyesight adjusted well to any situation she found herself in. She stole down the hillsides quickly, passing from tree to tree until she was well into the forest, where she stopped and gazed around her. She could sense a general aura of Shadow energy, but no person in particular.

“I’m here!” She shouted, her voice echoing in the woods. “Come and get me!” She shouted again. Silence reigned. She took a few steps backward, her eyes gazing around her.

A spell whistled past her ear and she spun around, letting loose a stream of fire at the Death Eater who stood behind her. He screamed as his robes caught on fire. His companion, a Shadow Follower, put the robes out with a water attack, then turned to attack Katharine.

He was entirely too slow. Waves of ice covered the two enemies in no time at all, incasing them in a hollow ice cube that allowed them to breathe, but kept them in one place. Katharine scrambled down the hill, dodging attack after attack as she descended in further into the Forbidden Forest.

Another Death Eater rushed at her. This time she blew him off his feet with a psychic blast so powerful, he was knocked unconscious. She swung around to punch another Aquapolian, quickly taking him down with a blow to the head.

During her entire attack of the enemies within the forest, she was fully aware that somewhere above her head, Harry and Rowan were keeping an eye on her, Harry on his broomstick and Rowan simply levitating above the trees.

She finally made it down the hill after attack nearly a dozen more Death Eaters and Shadow Followers. The forest was even more silent there, but she kept her guard up. A spell whizzed by her ear and she turned, firing a psychic blast in the wizard’s direction. Surprisingly, he deflected it, stepping into the moon’s light to where she could get a better look at him. He had long, white-blonde hair and wore a black coat that fell to the ground. Something about him seemed oddly familiar to her.

He lowered his wand, a smile spreading across his face. “Katharine…How good to finally meet you…” He said, stepping closer to her. She quickly retrieved her wand from her back pocket, holding it up in front of her in case he decided to attack close-range. “I’ve been waiting for years to finally speak to you. You know…” He tilted his head to one side. “You look just like your mother.”

Katharine’s eyes widened at his words. “How do you…did you know my mother?”

He laughed. “That is for another time all together.” Stepping closer, he introduced himself. “I am Lucius Malfoy. I believe you are in my son Draco’s class at Hogwarts?”

“Yes…” She said, backing further away from him.

“Lucius! What are you doing?”

They turned to see Nichole Wallace striding across the forest floor towards them, a wizard walking behind her. They both stepped into the moonlight, and the wizard revealed himself to be Snape. Katharine kept herself rooted to the ground, only shooting a glare at her former professor.

“I’m simply introducing myself,” Lucius replied, giving Katharine a cruel smile. “before the Dark Lord arrives.”

“Well then, make sure that she doesn’t leave before he comes!”

A large crashing sound came from the trees beside Katharine, and two large chains attached to opposite-standing trees lashed out and gripped her arms, pulling tight to keep her from flying away. She pulled at the chains and tried to teleport away, but a blinding shock kept her from leaving. She dropped to her knees, panting with the effort of trying to free herself.

“As long as she doesn’t set fire to the forest, I’m sure she’ll stay here until the Dark Lord arrives!” Nichole exclaimed as she stepped forward, forcing Katharine to look up at her. “We haven’t seen each other in so long, Chosen One! You’ve grown older by a few years! How old are you now? Sixteen?” She laughed. “Far too young and pretty to die so early, hm? Alas, it is your fate!”

“Are those chains really going to be enough to keep her here?” Katharine heard Snape ask Lucius.
She tried to turn her head away from Nichole’s cold, cruel gaze, but the Shadow Follower grasped her chin and wrenched her head back to look at hers. “I’m going to make you pay for his death…” She whispered. “You will suffer for what you have done.” She smiled at the pained expression in Katharine’s eyes, letting her chin go and backing away from the teenager. Katharine lowered her gaze to the ground, letting her blonde hair fall over her face as painful memories flew through her head. She tried to control her sobs so as not to let any of the Shadow Followers or Death Eaters hear her cries….especially Snape. She had to focus and retrain her emotions into vengeful anger instead of pitiful sadness.

“I do say that she certainly took down a good many Death Eaters on her way into the forest,” she heard Lucius comment to Nichole. “I thought an angel would be more merciful in attacking her enemies. She moves like a killing machine.” Katharine clinched her fists, her mind fluttering over the fact that this Death Eater had known her mother, who had died when she was barely a few months old. She had known neither of her parents. Cyrus was her father’s younger brother who had taken her in after their accidental deaths. How had her Aquapolian mother made her way all the way to England to run face-to-face with a Death Eater?

Burning for answers and to show her three enemies that she wasn’t afraid, she forced herself to her feet, pushing her golden hair away from her face so that she could glare at them with her brilliant crystal blue eyes. “What do you plan to do with me? Kill me here and then attack the castle?” She demanded. She wanted to know her fate immediately so that she could plan out an attack. She wasn’t going to go down without a fight or without ensuring that the castle was going to be ready for whatever attack the Dark Lord had planned.

“None of the above,” Nichole answered, crossing her arms and shooting a smug look at the Aquapolian teenager. “We’re waiting for the Dark Lord to arrive and decide how you are going to die.” Her smile widened. “I hope to have the pleasure to kill you myself, but whatever happens, you aren’t getting out of this forest alive.”

“We’ll see about that,” she muttered, testing the chains around her wrists a bit. The trees were hundreds of years old and as sturdy as a concrete wall. The chains were not of metal, but of a magical material that tightened its hold on her whenever she pulled. She would have to convince them to release her or hope that when the time came for them to try and kill her, they would free her from the chains.

A dark silence filled the forest, and Katharine shivered. She had never seen the Dark Lord face-to-face before, but she reasoned that he wasn’t half as terrifying as the Shadow Lord was. The Dark Lord was, after all, a mortal compared to the immortal demonic Shadow Lord. He could be killed or defended against much more easily. Still, as the dark wizard stepped into the forest clearing with a group of Death Eaters following behind him, Katharine shivered at his appearance. His face resembled a snake’s and his robes were as pitch black as a starless night. His eyes were cold and could easily strike terror into anyone who dared oppose him. Katharine stood up straighter, putting on a braver face in an attempt to convince him that she wasn’t afraid of him at all.


He had made a move to save her when the chains shot out from around the trees, but Rowan had instantly grabbed his shirt sleeve to pull him back.

“They’re going to kill her!”

“Not while we’re here, but there’s no point in risking your life so soon!” The professor whispered sharply.

Harry’s gaze traveled back to where the Dark Lord was approaching Katharine. A shiver ran up his spine and the scar on his forehead stung.


“Chosen One,” the Dark Lord addressed her. “I had expected to see Harry out here, but I am not at all surprised to see you sacrificing yourself for the castle’s safety.”

She kept her mouth shut as he approached her, continuing to speak. “My good friend, the Shadow Lord, tells me that I can kill you if I wish, though he pleads for your body to be returned to your uncle afterward…I can’t let you stand in my way of ensuring that Potter dies soon, and, knowing your connection with him, I can safely assume that keeping you alive would provide him with a certain advantage. Now…” He turned to the group of Death Eaters and Shadow Followers that surrounded him. “As I am saving my powers to kill the boy…who will have the pleasure of killing the Chosen One?”

There was silence amongst the group until Nichole stepped forward, grinning from ear-to-ear. “I will, my Lord.” She shot a hungry look at Katharine, her eyes gleaming with anticipation.

“I’m afraid, Nichole, that I will have to decline. The Shadow Lord wants the girl in one piece.”

Nichole frowned and stepped back, crossing her arms in front of her and glaring at Katharine.

“Who else?” The Dark Lord ran his eyes over his Death Eaters. “I’m afraid Bellatrix will do the same…Lucius, your magic is needed to keep the chains in place…” His gaze swept over the rest of the Death Eaters before settling on Snape. “Severus…Will you kill the Chosen One?”

For some reason, Katharine thought that she saw a reluctant and fearful look sweep over her former professor’s face, only to be replaced by determination as he stepped forward silently. The Death Eaters and Shadow Followers surrounding the Dark Lord watched as he stepped closer to Katharine until they were only a few feet apart.

She glared at him, hoping that he knew that she wouldn’t forgive him for what he had done earlier that night…and for what he was about to do. He seemed hesitant, however, and the waiting made her even angrier. “Go ahead, professor,” she snapped, standing up as straight as she could. She had to look up to look at him because he was a foot or so taller than her. He took a few steps back, and Katharine braced herself for what came next.

“Avada Kedavra.”


It was all he could do not to scream as he saw Katharine’s body fall to the forest floor, stopped in its descent by the chains wrapped around the trees. He would have jumped down to kill Snape himself if Rowan didn’t grab him at that instant and teleported him out of the forest.

“What are you doing!?” He shouted at his professor as they appeared again on the grassy slopes outside of Hogwarts. He wrested his shoulder out of Rowan’s grasp, glaring at him. “He just killed her!” He shouted again.

“Harry, listen to me.” Rowan grasped his shoulders with an almost immortal grip, forcing Harry to look into his eyes. “You HAVE to calm down,” he said firmly, shaking the young wizard a bit. “We’re going to wait a few moments, okay? We’re going to wait here before doing anything else.”


He could only faintly hear the Dark Lord speaking to the rest of the Death Eaters, telling them their battle plans. After Katharine had collapsed, Lucius had immediately dissolved the chains, letting her rest on the forest floor. The Dark Lord was distracted enough for Snape to step forward and take the Aquapolian pendent from around her neck, slipping it into his pocket so that no one would notice, moments before the Dark Lord turned to address him again.
“Severus, please ensure that the Chosen One’s body is taken back to the castle so that they know that their attempts to protect the boy will be futile.”

“Yes, my Lord.” He glanced over at Lucius, who nodded. Snape stepped over to where Katharine lay, picking her up gently, and turning to Lucius, who followed him out of the Forbidden Forest.

A few moments later, they stood in the boating house near the lake. Katharine had been placed upright on one of the benches. Snape turned to Lucius.

“Today is the day you decide to either follow the Dark Lord completely, or help me save her.”

“I promised Caroline…”

“I KNOW you promised her, Lucius, however, from your actions the past two decades, I find it hard to believe that you will completely keep her out of harms way.”


He could hear shouting coming from the boathouse. Rowan led him inside to where Snape and Lucius Malfoy were arguing. Katharine’s body was on a bench nearby. Blind rage flooded his eyes, and Harry instantly tried to launch himself at Snape. Rowan slammed into him just in time to stop him from attaching the professor. The two Death Eaters watched as Rowan picked Harry up from where he had fallen to the floor and shook him by his collar. “CALM…DOWN…” He said very slowly to the young wizard.

“But Professor!” He shouted, turning to glare at Snape. “He killed her! She’s dead because of him!”

“Harry! Listen to me!” Rowan tried to shake him again. Snape and Lucius looked on in silence as the professor tried to get Harry to calm down.

“I’ll kill him!” Harry tried to wrench away from Rowan’s grasp, but the Aquapolian was amazingly strong, pulling Harry’s gaze up to look at him.

“Harry, she’s alive…she’s just unconscious. That’s why you can’t sense anything from your mind link,” he said very slowly.

“What?” He asked, confused, as Rowan let go of his collar, finally convinced that the wizard wouldn’t launch himself at Snape.

“She’s alive, Harry.” Rowan repeated, glancing over at Snape, who took an Aquapolian pendent from the pocket of his robes. Harry’s eyes widened when he recognized Katharine’s cross-shaped pendent. She had told him months ago that, when Aquapolians died, their pendent’s disappeared. However, hers was very much intact.

Rowan stepped forward and took the pendent from Snape, giving it to Harry to hold. “Are you returning to the Dark Lord?” He asked both Death Eaters.

“Yes. We’ll be invading the castle with him,” Snape replied.

“I’m going to guess it will only be half-heartedly,” Rowan said, glancing at Lucius.

“Yes,” Lucius said. “There will be at least fifty of us, so prepare whatever army you can gather together.”

Harry looked at each person, confused. “You’re going to fight with us…why?”

“That explanation must wait for later, Harry,” Rowan said, stepping over to Katharine’s side. “I’ll take her back to the castle. How long until she wakes up?”

“Another hour,” Snape replied.

“Perfect. When does the Dark Lord plan to strike?”

“Within the hour.”

“Then we don’t have a second to lose. Come on, Harry,” Rowan said, picking Katharine up into his arms and stepping to Harry’s side. “We need to get back and inform the others about the coming battle.” Rowan turned to the Death Eaters. “Try not to get yourselves killed out there.”

“We won’t,” Lucius replied as Rowan and Harry left the boathouse.

After they were at least halfway to the castle, Harry turned to Rowan. “Will you please explain to me what just happened back there?”

“Snape is a double spy, but, ultimately, he is on our side.”

“How do you know that, Professor?”

Rowan stopped and turned to Harry, fixing him with serious eyes. “What I’m about to tell you must never be entrusted to anyone else except Cyrus, McGonagall, and Slughorn.”
A chill ran down Harry’s spine at the professor’s words, as if Rowan was about to impart to him a piece of knowledge that was crucial for the young wizard to know, but wasn’t exactly something he wanted knowledge of. Rowan stepped forward, his eyes set on Harry’s as he spoke calmly and sternly, telling Harry knowledge that gave him the shock of his life.


From the moment he had discovered that Katharine and Harry had left the headmaster’s study, he knew that they were no longer in the castle. From the sixteen years experience of raising Katharine, he knew instantly that she had fled to the Forbidden Forest to prevent the Dark Lord from taking more innocent lives. However, his terror at losing her overrode any sort of thoughts that she was smart enough to come up with a plan to keep herself alive. Racing through Hogwarts’ halls, he soon realized that Rowan was also missing. Gritting his teeth, he swore up and down at his mentor, whom he knew had probably aided Katharine and Harry in their escape.

To be certain, he searched the entire castle before finally looping around to the Great Hall, where McGonagall was instructing some newly arrived Legendary Team and Order of the Phoenix members to were they should set up defenses. He recognized Nichols’ partner, Serena Stevens, by her flaming red hair and determined stance. She held and unsheathed sword in one hand, the blade reflecting the torchlight off of its dangerous surface. Standing beside her was a wizard whom he had not met. The wizard had unruly, curly black hair and wore a mustache and small beard of the same raven color. His arms were crossed, and a serious expression was spread across his face as he listened to McGonagall’s words.

Without pausing to observe the other new arrivals, Cyrus stepped forward to interrupt the witch, not bothering to acknowledge her scowl as he quickly said, “Katharine and Harry are gone from the headmaster’s study,” he said somewhat frantically. “Rowan’s gone, too.”

“Where do you think they went, Cyrus?” Stevens asked, crossing her arms. The sword shone the torchlight up towards her face, making her hair look as if it were on fire.

“They must have gone to the Forbidden Forest,” he said, glancing around to see if everyone in the group understood the meaning of his words before he continued. Several gasps and widened eyes accompanied his message. “I know Katharine. She would have turned her own self in instead of seeing Harry get killed…”

“And she did.”

Everyone turned in shock to see Rowan and Harry walking towards the group, Rowan with Katharine’s body in his arms. Cyrus froze. “Katharine!” He shouted, rushing forward.

“She’s alive, Cyrus,” Rowan said calmly. “But, for now, we all need to pretend she’s dead.”

Cyrus pushed the hair out of Katharine’s face, trying to keep himself from freaking out at the sight of her pale face. She most definitely looked as if she were dead, and her Aquapolian pendant was nowhere to be seen. Over Rowan’s shoulder, Harry held up Katharine’s cross pendent, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’m going to take her to the headmaster’s office,” Rowan said. “Harry, you stay here with Cyrus and start setting everyone up for the coming attack.”

“They’re going to lay siege to the school?” McGonagall asked.

“In a little under an hour,” he replied, stepping away from the group and hurrying in the direction of the headmaster’s office. Cyrus turned to Harry.

“Did the Dark Lord try to kill her?” He asked.

Harry looked uncomfortable with answering his question. “No, it was one of his Death Eaters.”

“Who?” Cyrus demanded.

Harry paused for a few moments before sighing. “It was Snape.”

Cyrus frowned. “He’s dead,” the professor muttered.

“But you don’t understand…”

“I DO understand, Harry.”

“He’s on our side.”

“I would like to think so, but…”

“He was ordered to kill her, and he deliberately didn’t.”

“If he saved her life, why not Dumbledore’s?”

“I don’t know, sir.”
“Harry, there are a lot of unanswered questions, here. How can I possibly trust him after all that he’s done to betray us?” Cyrus asked, looking Harry squarely in the eye. The young wizard returned his determined gaze, and he could see that Harry wasn’t going to back down.

“Professor, you may not trust Snape, but…please, at least trust me. I promise you, he would never deliberately hurt Katharine.”


Just a Person
Really good fan fic! I love that you are combining Pokemon and Harry Potter (two of my favorite things)


Angel of Chaos
Really good fan fic! I love that you are combining Pokemon and Harry Potter (two of my favorite things)

Wow, thank you! Pokemon and Harry Potter are two of my favorite things, as well, so I enjoy writing this fanfic very much!

The next chapter should be up before the 22nd. Hopefully...I haven't started on it yet, but a big revelation is in the future, and I hope I get to it this year. XD


Angel of Chaos
School is back in session, which means every chapter after this will be shorter and will come more infrequently. Please be patient. I have a busy schedule this semester and may not be able to update sometimes until Christmas.

Chapter Eight


He stood in one of Hogwarts’ many towers, watching as an army of Death Eaters and Shadow Followers descended upon the castle grounds, spreading out to enter the gates at different positions.

“Stay here until Katharine wakes up, then fill her in on everything before striking. We’re going to leave the Dark Lord to the two of you,” Cyrus explained.

“Okay,” Harry replied before the professor rushed out of the room and toward the Great Hall. The young wizard sighed as he spotted the Dark Lord in the distance, following his shadow army.


A band of Death Eaters and Shadow Followers had already reached the Great Hall before he entered, racing to join the group of members of the Order and Legendary Team. He stepped beside Rowan. “Let’s hope this works,” he muttered.

“I do wish that Katharine had woken up by now,” Rowan replied. “It would make it far easier to come up with a better plan that involved the two of them.”

“Well, we’re going to have to play this one by ear, then,” Cyrus replied as Nicole Wallace stepped into the Great Hall, followed by several Death Eaters and Shadow Followers. She smiled cruelly at the people who had gathered to oppose the forces.

“I’m surprised to see that the Legendary Team formed so quickly to get here,” she said, stepping up until she was face to face with Cyrus. “It’s been a while, Cyrus. I heard that you were teaching here.”

“Of course. I’ll also be stopping you here.”

She laughed. “I should think not. Your precious Katharine is dead now…Maybe you’ll join her by the end of the day?” Cyrus glared at her as she continued. “All we want to know right now is where the boy is hiding…” She walked over to Rowan. “Perhaps you could tell us?”

He smiled. “I don’t think so.”

“But Professor, don’t you know that you must hold the safety of your students above all else?” Nicole took a step closer towards Rowan, fixing him with her cold black eyes. Rowan’s defiant smile ceased to fade from his features as he stared down the Shadow Follower. He had never met Nicole before in his life, but from stories he had heard about the commander, he knew that he was very likely staring death in the face.

He paused before answering in a low, calm voice that was very unlike his usual demeanor. “Letting you get a hold of Harry means the death of every child in this school. Katharine’s death has already put us into extreme jeopardy…we’re not going to let you kill our last chance for hope.” Several Legendary and Order members glanced over in shock at Rowan’s steady and defiant words, both surprised and supportive for his standing up to Nicole in such a way.

However, Cyrus could tell that his mentor wasn’t going to escape from this situation unscathed. Before anyone could rush to stop Nicole from attacking the professor, she pulled a wand out of her coat pocket and yelled, “Cruciatis!” Instantly, Rowan fell to the floor, yelling as waves of pain shot through his body. Several Legendary members stepped forward to stop her, but were forced back by a wall of Death Eaters that stood between them and Nicole.

Cyrus turned away to avoid seeing Rowan gasping and writhing in pain on the Great Hall’s floor. His mind worked through every possible way to stop Nicole from killing him. The only solution…was to put a great deal of trust into Katharine waking up on time and following Harry’s initial roughly drawn plans.

He turned back around, quickly yelling at Nicole to stop. “Fine! I’ll tell you where he is! Just leave Rowan alone!” His voice reached a desperate high for his mentor, who, though he could withstand a lot of pain for the cause, was quickly becoming weak from the pain that shot through his body. Nicole smiled, but didn’t lift the curse immediately. Anger rushed through Cyrus’ body as he realized that she was enjoying the last few moments of Rowan’s screams before she was forced to let him live. Finally, moments before Cyrus was ready to attack her instead of offering her a trade of information, she lifted the curse, leaving Rowan to gasp for air on the Great Hall’s floor.

Nicole stepped closer to Cyrus, who was a good few inches taller than her. Looking up at him with her signature cold gaze, she asked, “Where is the boy, Cyrus?”

He tried his best to look as if it were a struggle for him to impart the information. He reminded himself that he needed to look devastated after the loss of his niece and the perpetual loss of many other lives at the Dark Lord’s hands. Looking down at her through an ever-growing veil of fake tears, he said, “He’s near the main gates of Hogwarts…waiting for the Dark Lord to make his way into the castle.”


Her vision swam before her eyes as she pulled herself back into conciousness, sitting up in her seat to try and get a baring on her surroundings. She could sense Harry somewhere off in the distance, but he wasn’t anywhere nearby. She could also hear fighting in some other part of the castle.

Good, you’re up! Harry’s voice sounded in her head.

Where are you?

I’m near the astronomy tower’s wing. Meet me over there and we’ll come up with our final plan…


She struggled to her feet, grabbing her wand and sword that were laid out on a table nearby Shoving the wand into her jeans pocket and gripping the sword in her right hand, she slammed full force into the office’s double doors, her senses sharpening as if she were on the hunt. Whenever she was in the middle of or ready to do battle, her instincts were like that of a hunting feline, ready to strike at any moment, her blood pounding in her ears. Instinctively, she raced down the halls, following Harry’s aura down each corridor, breathing gently as she raced across the stone floors at a Liepard’s pace, her feet barely touching the ground.

Suddenly, she sensed a dark aura nearby. It wasn’t the oh-so-familiar Shadow energy that she was used to picking up from Shadow Followers. It felt like dark magic. She tensed up, continuing her path towards Harry, ready to strike out at the Death Eater as she rounded the corner.

She was not prepared at all when she came face-to-face with Snape.


He shifted from foot-to-foot, the scar on his forehead searing hotter and hotter. He knew that the Dark Lord was coming even closer to the castle, ready to destroy the one boy who refused to die at his hand. For some reason, Katharine had stopped advancing toward his position in the castle. Surprise and anger started surging from her, and he racked his brain to discover why she was acting in such a fashion.

“Harry!” He spun around to see Rowan limping toward him, looking haggard and worn. Surprised at his professor’s appearance, he rushed forward to help him sit down gently near a window. Rowan breathed heavily, trying to assure Harry that he was okay. “I just got hit by the Crutiatis curse, that’s all,” he said, leaning back against the stone wall. “You need to find Katharine and both of you need to get to the front entrance.”

“Are you going to be okay, Professor?”

“Yes,” he smiled. “I don’t think the Shadow Forces think that I’m a threat. Now, go!”


After a few moments, she recovered from her shock to throw a lightning-fast psychic blast at Snape, who quickly deflected it with a magic shield. Another furious blast followed after, shattering the shield and pushing him back several feet. She dodged a spell from him, sweeping to the side and allowing a surge of fire to rush forward, pushing him back into the stone wall. She quickly lifted her sword to his throat, seething with anger.

“Are you going to kill me now?” He asked calmly.

“Katharine, stop!”

She turned to see Harry rushing towards them. She glared at him, not understanding his interference. “Why should I?” She snapped.

“Trust me! Katharine, put down the sword…I can’t tell you why now…Just put it down!”

Reluctantly, she lowered her sword, allowing Snape to Disapparate instantly from the scene. She stared at the ground for a few seconds before raising her eyes to fix Harry with a crystal glare. “Why did you stop me?”

“I can’t tell you now…” He stepped closer. “We have to get to the front entrance…and we need to form a plan.”

She paused. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Now I am.”

She smiled. “Follow me and make sure your invisibility cloak is on hand.”


Fighting broke out as soon as Nicole had forced Harry’s location out of Rowan. The Shadow Follower herself had retreated, leaving the other Death Eaters and Shadow Followers to fight. The Legendary Team and the Order of the Phoenix sprang into action, using magic, powers, and swords to keep the Shadow Forces at bay.

A loud roar at the back of the Great Hall caused every to turn around. A huge Torterra was stomping across the stone floor toward a group of Death Eaters, huge vines whipping out from its back to ensnare them. Rowan ran up to Cyrus’ side, smiling. “Distractions, distractions!” He shouted, slamming into a Shadow Follower with a psychic blast.


He hid on one side of the courtyard, his invisibility cloak pulled over him so as not to be seen immediately. On the other side of the courtyard, he could sense Katharine leaning up against a pillar, her own powers causing her to be invisible. It seemed like forever before the Dark Lord appeared in the courtyard. As soon as he stepped in the middle, Harry threw off his cloak, grabbed his wand, and swept around to face the Dark Lord, who was mildly surprised by Harry’s sudden appearance.

“Have you come to defeat me all by yourself? You no longer have the Chosen One to protect you, do you?” The Dark Lord asked, laughing. Harry glared back.

“Actually, he does.”

The Dark Lord turned to see Katharine stepping out from behind the pillar, fixing him with her crystal gaze. He was completely surprised by her being alive. “How can this be?”

“I’m not that easy to kill.”

“No…however, your friend is easier to kill!”

Harry threw out a spell just in time as a wave of red magic engulfed the courtyard. The two spells met in the center and exploded, keeping their material form. Out of the corner of his eye, Harry could make out Katharine standing still, closing her eyes, and holding her hands out in front of her. Suddenly, large stone walls spread from the stones of the courtyard’s floor, engulfing them in a box of solid stone.

She could hear the roar of spells bouncing off the stone walls as she made her way to the other side of the courtyard, trying to sense what side Harry was on now. She finally made her way to a corner, pressing her hand up against the smooth stone. They were, once again, in deadlock. She and Harry had to think of something fast.

Close your eyes.


Close your eyes and imagine Giratina.

She pressed her hand harder onto the stone, feeling power surge around Harry.

Imagine the power of dimension, and let its power loose.

A wave of energy slammed into the inside of the stone walls, roaring in her ears like the crash of waves. It slowly stopped and Harry teleported out of the box, gasping for breath.

“Are you okay?” She asked, kneeling down in front of him.

“Yes…but he’s not…” Harry smiled. “I don’t know what happened to him…but I don’t think he’s alive.”

Katharine pulled Harry back into the outside of the courtyard before raising her hands again. A box of ice and one of steel suddenly encased the stone box, trapping whatever remained of the Dark Lord inside. Harry smiled as she ran back over to him. “The three Regis.”


“The three Regis of Hoenn. Regirock, Regice, and Registeel.”

She shoved him playfully. “Look who’s learning about the legendaries.”

“And look who taught him all about them.”

They turned to see Rowan walking across the courtyard to them. “How long are you going to keep those walls up?”

“For at least a day, just to make sure.”

“All of the Shadow Followers and Death Eaters have fled. Miraculously, we lost no one in the fight.”

“Thank goodness.”
“However,” he looked from Katharine to Harry with a serious expression on his face. “McGonagall wants to see you in…her office.”


McGonagall, who had been named the new headmistress after Dumbledore’s death, stood in the headmaster’s office, holding a thin scroll of parchment. “I wanted to wait until everything was over before I gave this to you,” she said, stepping forward to hand it to Harry. “It is Professor Dumbledore’s will. Both of you are mentioned within it.” With that, she left the room, leaving the two teenagers to read the will by themselves.

“To Harry, I give the entirety of the Order of the Phoenix,” Harry read aloud. “You will guide it and guard it as you see fit to take on deeper and darker evils than the Dark Lord.”

“To Katharine, you are given sole possession of the Legendary Team. The Champion has agreed upon the event of my death that you would take control and lead it to victory against the Shadow Lord,” Katharine read aloud. “In addition, I urge you to speak to Professor Slughorn about a certain matter that you may have already uncovered the truth behind.” She paused, looking at Harry with a confused look on her face. “Do you know what that means?”

He shook his head. “He was always fond of talking in riddles.”

She sat thinking for a while. “We have a day to waste…”

He nodded. “Should we go to him now?”

“Yeah. Let’s go now.”


She wasn’t surprised when they found Slughorn in his study. Everyone was picking up the pieces of their lives after the Dark Lord’s death, but, since there had been no fatalities, things were not nearly as dark as they could have been. Slughorn was packing his bags for winter vacation, which had been called in early that year by McGonagall. When Katharine and Harry entered, however, he immediately stopped and bade them to take a seat.

“Both of you look extremely rested for having just destroyed the Dark Lord!”

“Well, I didn’t have to face him alone,” Harry said, smiling at Katharine.

Katharine was too jumpy to make small talk with Slughorn. “Professor, we just received Professor Dumbledore’s will, and, in it, he says for me to speak of a certain matter with you. Do you know what he’s talking about?”

From the look on Harry’s face, she could tell that he already knew. However, his mind was blocked from her looking in to see.

Slughorn’s face fell slightly, then he seemed to gather the nerve to continue. “I imagine that Harry has not told you what he recently learned from Professor Rowan. David had him swear to him that he wouldn’t let you even see it in his mind.” He paused. “I guess that this will clear up some questions that you have, but before I continue, I would like to give you this.” He stood up and walked over to a chest, unlocking it with a key and stepping back with a steel cube in his hand. It had circular etchings like a tattoo spread across its surface.

“This…” Slughorn paused. “Was your mother’s pensieve.”

“Aquapolians can have pensieves?”

“Yes. Your mother especially had many memories to contribute to this one.”

“But how did it get all the way here to England?”

“Cyrus is not your biological uncle.”

Katharine gaped, trying to process this information. “Wait…what?”

“He’s not related to you at all. Your parents were both born and raised in England.”

“So…they were really from here?”

“Yes. Your mother was a British-Aquapolian from a wizarding family. As you know, since the Aquapolian and wizarding worlds are so closely connected, there are sometimes instances when, in a pure blood wizarding family, an odd Aquapolian is born. Your mother was from the pure blood Malfoy family.”

This caused her to actually gasp. “Are you serious?” She demanded.

“Very much so. She was Lucious Malfoy’s twin sister, which would make Draco your cousin. However, because the family took their pure blood status as a huge deal, they wrote your mother out of the family history and, eventually, shunned her completely.”

Katharine pondered this even further before asking, “What about my father?”
The question was obviously a loaded one. As Slughorn glanced around the room, trying to avoid actually looking at her or Harry, Katharine guessed that this was the information that Rowan had imparted to Harry for him not to share with her. She leaned forward, distracting Slughorn with a backtrack question. “What was my mother’s name?”

This seemed to distract Slughorn from the fluster that he was about to work himself into. Instead, his expression returned to its usual pleasant grandfatherly figure as he spoke. “Her maiden name was Caroline Malfoy. She was my best student. In fact, she placed top of her class, which has always been exceedingly hard for an Aquapolian student to do…” He seemed to pause for consideration, then laughed. “Of course, until now. You seem to have inherited her intelligence, and…your father’s…”

“Professor,” Katharine said sternly, noticing that he was straying again away from any facts about her father. She was starting to get nervous. Was he a Death Eater? Surely, her mother hadn’t been a Shadow Follower? Why was it so hard for Slughorn to just spit the answer out?! “Please, tell me who my father was.”

“Is,” Slughorn corrected. “Your mother passed away when you were very young, however, your father is still living. He is a wizard.”

This fact alone sent Katharine’s mind spiraling with questions. The Chosen One had been prophecied to be of Aquapolian descent. She hadn’t even thought of the possibility that one of her parents could have been a human or a wizard. Suddenly, she realized that Slughorn still hadn’t told her her father’s identity.

He seemed to see the frustration on her face, so he quickly spoke, leaning forward to look at her directly. “Your father…is Professor Snape.”

Her eyes widened. “Wait…” She looked from Slughorn to Harry with a disbelieving glance. “Are you serious?” She demanded, jumping up from her seat and pacing the room as Slughorn continued to speak.

“Of course, he wanted you to be placed in Slytherin, but Dumbledore thought it best for Cyrus to look after you a while longer…”

“Does Cyrus know?” Katharine demanded.

“Now…he does. He was told at the beginning of the school year.”

“And…so…Professor Snape volunteered to be my tutor because…?”

“He didn’t volunteer. Dumbledore placed him in that position.”

“I…I…” Katharine searched for the right words as she sat down again.

“I know this must be a shock to you, but…I beg you,” Slughorn said sternly. “Do not tell Severus that you have Caroline’s pensieve. He’s had to go through enough over the past few months. He doesn’t need to be reminded of her loss.”

“How did she die?” Katharine asked, running her hands over the metal cube.

“We don’t know who exactly killed her, but we do know that it was a Shadow Follower. You see, your parents met here during their time at Hogwarts. After they left, Caroline traveled around Aquapolis before returning here to teach.”

“She was a professor here? What subject did she teach?”

“Defense Against the Dark Arts.”

Katharine’s head spun as she remembered a conversation with Harry earlier in the school year. Apparently, Snape had wanted the Defense Against the Dark Arts’ position for years. She wondered if her mother’s having taught the subject had anything to do with that. She also wondered how close her parents had been. From the way Slughorn spoke, Snape had been devastated by her mother’s dying. She found it hard to even think about that. She found it hard to even process all the information Slughorn was giving her. However, at the same time, she wanted to know more. Slughorn glanced at her to see if she was okay, and she nodded, looking over at Harry’s concerned face to assure him too that she was going to pull through this conversation of surprises.

“They were married the year after she started teaching. After you were born, however, they knew that you should be taken far away from the influence of the Dark Lord. Thus, the night Caroline died, she took you to the Jones’ to leave you in their care. Afterwards, when she returned to England, she was attacked and killed.”

“Wait, you said Cyrus didn’t know who my father was up until a few months ago. What about Professor Snape? Did he know where I was?” Katharine asked, frowning. She hated to admit that she was actually afraid that Snape didn’t care enough about her to come and collect her from the Jones’ after her mother’s death. She realized that she had already begun to care about what Snape thought of her, even before the recent events had occurred. Maybe…maybe she had sensed that he wasn’t just an ordinary (albeit hated a bit) professor to her.

“Actually, your mother did not tell him who she had left you with. At that time, your father was involved in undercover spying for Dumbledore within the Death Eaters. It was too risky to even tell him, in case he was tortured for your whereabouts if your identity was ever known.”

“So, who knows about all of this?” Katharine asked. She wanted to know in case she had to tell others…if she ever wanted to impart this information to others….

“Cyrus, David, Professor McGonagall, and myself,” Slughorn said. “No one else should know, of course…except for Lucius Malfoy.”

Katharine’s eyes widened. “What if he tells the Shadow Lord?”

“He wouldn’t,” Slughorn said quickly. “He cared to much for your mother to put you or Severus in such danger.”

Katharine became silent again, still trying to process all of the information. Slughorn bent forward to speak to her.

“This pensieve holds something that your mother wanted to impart to you. I would study it carefully. Usually, only ones blood relatives would be able to open it.”


That night, he went to sleep exhausted from the day’s ordeals. However, his mind tossed and turned along with Katharine’s, who seemed to not get any sleep at all. Her mind was still trying to process all of the information Slughorn gave her…as was his. He still couldn’t believe that her father had turned out to be one of his most hated professors, and a Death Eater no less! Then, he remembered the prophecy that the Chosen One was to be the Daughter of Shadow and Light. If Caroline was supposed to be light, then that would make Snape shadow. But did that make him evil?

Dark Pokemon aren’t all evil. Shadows aren’t all evil, either.


She was to address the Legendary Team and the Order of the Phoenix the next day, but, as she walked with Harry to the Great Hall, she shook from head to toe. She didn’t want to face Cyrus after the information she had received the night before. She didn’t want to see Rowan, either. And, God forbid, she definitely DID NOT want to see Snape. He would be able to tell. He would know that she knew. She wouldn’t be able to deal with it. However, since he was technically part of the Order, he would most definitely be there.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

She jumped at Harry’s question, then nodded. “I have to.”

“I could speak, if you like. I mean, I know what you want to say…” He said, stopping and giving her a concerned look.

She shook her head. “No, it’s fine. I have to do this on my own.”

He sighed as they continued down the passageway toward the Great Hall. The entire Order of the Phoenix and part of the Legendary Team was gathered in the hall, waiting for them to enter. The members stood around in random patches, speaking to each other in hushed tones. Rowan spotted them as soon as they entered the hall and rushed toward them.

“Good, you’re here!” he exclaimed, a smile plastered across his face. “We’re all waiting for our next marching orders.”

Katharine nodded, a slight smile spreading across her face as she nervously looked around. She couldn’t see Cyrus or Snape in the crowd. Rowan’s smile fell from his face as he watched her, a concerned look replacing it.

“You know, don’t you?” He asked in a whisper.

She snapped her attention back to him and nodded. “Yeah.”

He nodded. “I thought so. I’m sorry we couldn’t tell you before.”

Katharine shook her head furiously and stepped forward, brushing past him as she muttered, “You couldn’t help it.”

Rowan sighed as she stepped forward to speak at the headmaster’s podium at the front of the hall. Everyone quieted and turned to look at her. Her blood froze when she saw Cyrus looking at her, and she grew dizzy when she spotted Snape. It didn’t seem like he knew that she knew…Did Cyrus? She pressed on with her address, furiously shaking back her fear.

“The Dark Lord may have been destroyed, but we still have another enemy to deal with…” She took a deep breath as she plunged on. The room was spinning out of control. She wondered slightly if her overexerting her powers had zapped more energy out of her than she had previously thought. Her head cleared slightly as she spoke in a determined voice.

“Our next enemy will be our strongest to face. The Shadow Lord, Grayson Strauss, is not an Aquapolian. He’s not even mortal.” She paused partly for dramatic effect, partly to help clear her head even more. The room was starting to calm down in her mind’s eye.

“The Shadow Lord is a demon.”


Emerald Mew
Hello. This is my first time reviewing a fanfic on here (and apparently one of the few reviews this fic has had even though it's been going since January), so I hope nothing sounds too harsh.

Since you're writing in third-person limited, you could probably just drop the character names before each scene and mention whom you're talking about within the story itself. This would probably make the POV changes less jarring to the reader. As long as you indicate the scene-change and change pronouns at the beginnings of the scenes into names, I think that should be enough to indicate that you've changed perspectives.

If the last Aquapolians haven't gone to Hogwarts in decades, you might want to edit the scene when Hermoine points out the students with Aquapolian pendants to Ron in an early chapter. Likewise, Cyrus introduces himself as the Aquapolian History teacher in his first scene, even though that's Rowan's position. You may want to edit that.

I'm not sure how I feel about Katherine being Harry's co-Seeker in Quidditch (or even the idea of double-Seeker Quidditch in general), though. It seems a little too much like you're just turning her into a female version of him. Especially considering that she crashed while the other candidates didn't. Making new rules for Quidditch just so she and Harry can both be Seeker seems a little forced. Does she have to be a Seeker in particular for the storyline or would one of the other positions have sufficed? Does she have to have made the team at all?

There are times when Harry and Katherine share the mind link without meaning to, but there are also times when the two don't have a clue about what the other experienced (like when Harry's asking Katherine how her lessons with Snape went). If the power's always on, this needs to be more consistent. If its more "on-and-off" depending on the distance bewteen them or something (which is how I read it), I suggest making this a bit more clear.

Since I'm basically reading this from start to what you have now all in one sitting, I only have a few specific things quoted.

“You’re late.”

“I got into an accident earlier today, sir.”

“What kind of accident?” He looked her over from head to toe to see if he could pinpoint what kind of injury Katharine had sustained. For a few seconds, it seemed as if a worried look came over his features, but it returned to a scowl so quickly, she thought she had just imagined it.

I fell off of my broomstick trying to go after a Snitch at tryouts and broke my ankle,” she explained, trying to keep a polite tone in her voice. After only a week of being in his class, she already couldn’t stand Snape. He repeatedly favored the Slytherin students in the classroom while Cyrus showed no favoritism at all. He also seemed to pick on the less intellectual students in the class and continuously was trying to test her knowledge as if he believed she wasn’t as versed in magic because she was an Aquapolian. However, as Cyrus had stressed to her several times over the previous week, she did not need to, in any way, slip into the sarcastic tone she took with people she could not stand.

“If you’re trying out for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, they might actually stand a chance at winning this year,” he said, shoving the door open wider and turning back into his office. Katharine followed him in, staying off of her bad foot. “That is,” he added. “if you can remain on your broomstick for longer than a few seconds.” Katharine winced, wondering who had told him about her fall. Cyrus surely wouldn’t have given up that piece of information to Snape willingly. Perhaps McGonagall? Then again, the witch was still clearly siding with Gryffindor in Quidditch matters, so why would she tell the Slytherin Head of House about Katharine’s fall? “I trust you’ve never ridden a broomstick before?”
Why is she wondering who told Snape she fell off her broomstick when she mentioned she was injured from a Quidditch tryout accident?

They Disapparated back into the astronomy tower . . .
So much for Apparation not working at Hogwarts.

A lot seems like you're trying to get Katherine's and Harry's worlds to mirror each other. They're different characters, so try to keep them that way. Both of them being genius Seekers the first time they've sat on a broom, Katherine saying Harry's original lines from time to time, both being orphaned before they knew their parents, and things like that are a little too convenient to the point where it starts breaching into Mary Sue territory.

The sudden cut to the end of The Halfblood Prince without much buildup was sort of oddly paced. Did they really somehow go the entire year without any Death Eater/Shadow Force intervention at all until that point? I know the events are based on the books, but this version lacked any buildup for Draco Malfoy's attempt to kill Dumbledore. I would think the fact that enemies are teaming up might play more of a role in Draco's life as well that could be used as foreshadowing (and the Sectumsempra scene was omitted entirely . . . I know Katherine got Snape's old book instead of Harry, but I would have expected at least some reference to Draco's struggle with what he'd been ordered to do before the scene on the Tower). Also, the original had a weakened Dumbledore making his conversation with Severus make more sense to be taken ambiguously. He's not injured here, so why does his "pleading" with Severus not tip off Nichole?

There's also not much buildup for who the Legendary team is other than that they're essentially the Order by a different name. I don't really like that the worlds are just essentially mirroring each other.

Additionally, when was Katherine ever shown to have "trusted" Snape before his apparent betrayal? She says the lines without much buildup.

Have the Horcruxes been written out of this version entirely, or did they just not get mentioned yet? Also, Snape being her father . . . Guess Snape got over Lily in this version of events?

And just how did she survive the Killing Curse? There also isn't much buildup for Harry using Giratina powers, either.

Poor Snape, he finally gets to teach the class of his dreams and he has to co-teach with someone else. I bet that's been driving him mental!

So, Katherine's faced off with "the leader of Team Galactic" on Mt. Coronet. Am I to assume that it's a different "Cyrus" from the one we've been seeing act as her uncle?

Anyway, I like your writing style and the earlier chapters were pretty good. I'm just not too sure about some of the later chapters in terms of pacing and plot development. The overall concept is pretty good, too, and its obvious that you have backstories developed for the Aquapolians that might be better if you worked them into the story in ways that don't simply mirror the Harry Potter world. I hope this doesn't sound too harsh.


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Hello. This is my first time reviewing a fanfic on here (and apparently one of the few reviews this fic has had even though it's been going since January), so I hope nothing sounds too harsh.

Since you're writing in third-person limited, you could probably just drop the character names before each scene and mention whom you're talking about within the story itself. This would probably make the POV changes less jarring to the reader. As long as you indicate the scene-change and change pronouns at the beginnings of the scenes into names, I think that should be enough to indicate that you've changed perspectives.

If the last Aquapolians haven't gone to Hogwarts in decades, you might want to edit the scene when Hermoine points out the students with Aquapolian pendants to Ron in an early chapter. Likewise, Cyrus introduces himself as the Aquapolian History teacher in his first scene, even though that's Rowan's position. You may want to edit that.

I'm not sure how I feel about Katherine being Harry's co-Seeker in Quidditch (or even the idea of double-Seeker Quidditch in general), though. It seems a little too much like you're just turning her into a female version of him. Especially considering that she crashed while the other candidates didn't. Making new rules for Quidditch just so she and Harry can both be Seeker seems a little forced. Does she have to be a Seeker in particular for the storyline or would one of the other positions have sufficed? Does she have to have made the team at all?

There are times when Harry and Katherine share the mind link without meaning to, but there are also times when the two don't have a clue about what the other experienced (like when Harry's asking Katherine how her lessons with Snape went). If the power's always on, this needs to be more consistent. If its more "on-and-off" depending on the distance bewteen them or something (which is how I read it), I suggest making this a bit more clear.

Since I'm basically reading this from start to what you have now all in one sitting, I only have a few specific things quoted.

Why is she wondering who told Snape she fell off her broomstick when she mentioned she was injured from a Quidditch tryout accident?

So much for Apparation not working at Hogwarts.

A lot seems like you're trying to get Katherine's and Harry's worlds to mirror each other. They're different characters, so try to keep them that way. Both of them being genius Seekers the first time they've sat on a broom, Katherine saying Harry's original lines from time to time, both being orphaned before they knew their parents, and things like that are a little too convenient to the point where it starts breaching into Mary Sue territory.

The sudden cut to the end of The Halfblood Prince without much buildup was sort of oddly paced. Did they really somehow go the entire year without any Death Eater/Shadow Force intervention at all until that point? I know the events are based on the books, but this version lacked any buildup for Draco Malfoy's attempt to kill Dumbledore. I would think the fact that enemies are teaming up might play more of a role in Draco's life as well that could be used as foreshadowing (and the Sectumsempra scene was omitted entirely . . . I know Katherine got Snape's old book instead of Harry, but I would have expected at least some reference to Draco's struggle with what he'd been ordered to do before the scene on the Tower). Also, the original had a weakened Dumbledore making his conversation with Severus make more sense to be taken ambiguously. He's not injured here, so why does his "pleading" with Severus not tip off Nichole?

There's also not much buildup for who the Legendary team is other than that they're essentially the Order by a different name. I don't really like that the worlds are just essentially mirroring each other.

Additionally, when was Katherine ever shown to have "trusted" Snape before his apparent betrayal? She says the lines without much buildup.

Have the Horcruxes been written out of this version entirely, or did they just not get mentioned yet? Also, Snape being her father . . . Guess Snape got over Lily in this version of events?

And just how did she survive the Killing Curse? There also isn't much buildup for Harry using Giratina powers, either.

Poor Snape, he finally gets to teach the class of his dreams and he has to co-teach with someone else. I bet that's been driving him mental!

So, Katherine's faced off with "the leader of Team Galactic" on Mt. Coronet. Am I to assume that it's a different "Cyrus" from the one we've been seeing act as her uncle?

Anyway, I like your writing style and the earlier chapters were pretty good. I'm just not too sure about some of the later chapters in terms of pacing and plot development. The overall concept is pretty good, too, and its obvious that you have backstories developed for the Aquapolians that might be better if you worked them into the story in ways that don't simply mirror the Harry Potter world. I hope this doesn't sound too harsh.

I know that the scene changes are jarring, but that's the way I set up this fic in the first place. I'll take into consideration changing it, though.

Wow, how did those conversations slip through the cracks? XD I changed some points of the story as I wrote, so...yeah, I'll edit those later.

The Seeker position is just a nice sidestory that doesn't really affect the main plot. Later on, you'll find out why Harry pushed her into the position in the first place.

Oh, yes, and there's a scene coming up in a while where it is explained that the mind link is "on-and-off."

Man, that first full conversation between Snape and Katharine was rough. >_< I'll add that to the edit list.

I forgot where the second quote is from...Wasn't it from when Dumbledore Disapparated them into and out of Hogwarts? Because, if you remember from the 6th movie, he can do that.

Yuck, I hate Mary Sue characters. :p This first part of the fic, yes, they do mirror each other. However, as time goes on, their personalites can be seen to be very distinct...

Since the entire focus of my story is really not on the books (it veers off in a completely different direction later), I really don't focus on outside forces until later on. That includes the Death Eaters/Shadow Followers. As you see, I made a completely shortened version of Voldemort vs. Harry. Why? Because they really have bigger fish to fry and there's something going on behind the scenes that no one can see yet.

The Legendary Team I created nearly five years ago before I even started into writing anything about Harry Potter. They are not a reflection of the Order of the Phoenix at all. Sorry if I sound a bit harsh, but this particular concept is close to my heart. You'll discover more about them in the coming chapters.

As you'll see soon, Katharine is a very trusting person...

Horcruxes have been written out completely, and, in this version, Snape never loved Lily, only Caroline.

How did she survive the killing curse? You'll find out later. XD And Harry's ability to use Giratina's powers will also be explained later.

Yeah, including the fact that he hates Cyrus' guts, partly because Cyrus actually got to be with Katharine while she was growing up.

The leader of Team Galactic in this story is not Cyrus. It's Mars, like in my original series. Don't worry about it, though, cuz it was just a side story to entertain.

Naw, I've had harsher reviews, believe me. Thank you for reviewing, though! I'll take everything into account as I write my further stories. I know that most of my replies to your concerns were "that happens later," but this really is maybe only 1/5 of the story so far, so there are many many questions that will be answered later on.


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Wow, suprising, but cool at the same time. I was not expecting her to be related to Snape (wasn't expecting that at all) Keep it up, this is getting good!


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Things are going to start slowling down considerably starting next week.

Chapter Nine

All of the members of the Legendary Team and the Order of the Phoenix seemed to solemnly nod at her announcement. She took a deep breath and continued on. “When it comes down to the final battle against the Shadow Lord, I will face him alone. However, to defeat his army of Shadow Followers and Death Eaters, we’ll need all of the help that we can get. For now, we should wait until we receive information on his next movements. We have an insider in both forces. For those of you who don’t know our agent in the Shadow Forces, his name is Karasuma Kirio, and he’s been gathering intelligence for us for years. He should send us immediate information to the Shadow Lord’s next movements. Until then, we should just be careful and make sure that we don’t alert the Shadow Forces to our movements.”

With her speech done, she stepped down and immediately exited the room, ignoring the confused looks everyone gave her as she left without another word. Harry glanced around before following after her, finally catching up to her in a corridor where she was leaning up against a wall, her forehead pressed against the cool marble.

“Are you okay?” He asked, worried.

She breathed deeply before turning her eyes up to him. “I can’t face them,” she protested. “I mean, this changes everything. What am I supposed to say to Cyrus? How am I supposed to sit in Defense Against the Dark Arts again, listening to a professor that I used to hate and know that he’s my father? How…how am I supposed to go through training sessions alone with him? He may not know that I know…but still…” She gasped again. “It’s just so…everything has changed…”

“For the better or for worse?” Harry demanded. Katharine’s eyes widened, surprised at his question. Her gaze lowered to the ground.

“I…I don’t know…”

“He saved your life. He cared enough about you to protect you…he didn’t betray you like you thought he did. Shouldn’t this information be better than what you thought before?”

She smiled. “I thought you hated him.”

“Listen…since he’s your father, I guess I’m going to have to tolerate him.”

Her smile widened. “I guess I have to as well.”
Harry paused for a moment, a thoughtful look passing across his tired features. Katharine wondered how much sleep he had gotten the night before. She doubted that he had gotten more than she had. After years of waiting for his final confrontation with the Dark Lord who had killed his parents, he had finally destroyed the dark wizard. It wasn’t as big of a shock as he had received, but it was still enough to keep him up at night of overexhaustion.

“You should talk to him,” he finally said, a serious look on his face as he looked Katharine straight in the eye. “He needs to know…that you know…” He stumbled. “And, you’re going to drive yourself crazy if you don’t put this to rest.”

She knew full well who he was speaking about, but she wanted to avoid the conversation as much as she could. “I don’t know…maybe Cyrus wants…”

“I’m talking about Snape,” Harry snapped. Katharine drew back at this unexpected display of anger from someone who rarely ever yelled at anyone, even when he was mad. She knew he was right, but still… “You can’t keep running forever,” he said. “It’s not going to change the fact that he’s your father.”

She exhaled, knowing he was right. “Okay…” She stared at her hands, clinching them and unclinching them as she thought through what she should say. “I just need….to be prepared. I have so many questions…I need to ask right away.”

He nodded, and she took a deep breath. “Wish me luck?”

He smiled. “Of course.”


It didn’t take Katharine long to find Snape. He had been speaking with McGonagall and Cyrus about the next steps for Hogwarts. As soon as Katharine entered the corridor where the three professors were speaking, McGonagall glanced over at her then back to Cyrus with a telling look on her face. He glanced over at Katharine, ducked his head and excused himself from the conversation, rushing in the opposite direction from where Katharine stood. She frowned, glancing down at the ground. Didn’t he want to see her? Or did he think that she was mad at him for not telling her?

She took another deep breath and stepped forward, gathering the courage to speak, but McGonagall cut her off.

“We’ve decided to open the school back up after Christmas Holidays. Until then, we’ll be sending students home immediately.”

“Okay…” Katharine nodded. “I can stay here until the holidays start.”

McGonagall nodded and glanced back to where Cyrus had disappeared. “I better catch up to him,” she said, leaving Katharine and Snape alone.

Quickly, before she lost the courage to do so, Katharine stammered, “We…we need to talk.”


“You should speak with her about this…” McGonagall protested as she caught up to Cyrus, who was staring out one of the huge floor to ceiling windows in the corridors. “She doesn’t look like she’s mad…”

“She may not be mad…” Cyrus started, looking at the professor for only a moment before looking out the window. “But she’s hurt. We should have told her earlier.”

“We couldn’t tell her earlier, Cyrus,” McGonagall said, stepping closer. “We would have been putting them both in trouble, not to mention the Malfoy family if word ever got out to the Dark Lord.”

“What do you think is going to happen if the Shadow Lord finds out?” Cyrus snapped, raising his voice in anger. “He doesn’t take too kindly to traitors, Minerva, and being the father of the Chosen One makes you an automatic traitor in his book. Not to mention that he’s immortal…it’s a wonder he doesn’t know by now, and, if he does…it’s a wonder Snape’s even alive!” He paused, seeing the surprise in McGonagall’s eyes at his anger. His eyes returned to the floor again as he lowered his voice. “I’ve spent the last sixteen years with Katharine…I guess…I guess I’m just terrified I’ll lose her all together now after she knows who her true parents are.”

“Cyrus,” McGonagall shook her head. “Katharine cares for you too much to ever leave you behind. Besides…” She paused. “I don’t think thing are going to go too smoothly between the two of them, no matter how much Severus would like them to…”


Instead of speaking inside the castle, they decided to step into the front courtyard to check on the barriers around the remains of the Dark Lord while they spoke. Katharine ran her hand across the icy surface, feeling where the ice had started to melt during the night. It was the time of year during which it was cold enough to keep the barrier solid. Despite that, the ice was still dripping. She wondered if she would have to put up another ice barrier before the next day.

“Who told you?”

She swung around at Snape’s words. He was turned away from her, so she couldn’t see the look on his face. She glanced down at the ground before looking up again. “Professor Slughorn did, sir.” Shifting her weight from one foot to the other, she wondered if he had wanted her to know at all. Perhaps he had wanted to be the one to tell her first? After months of observing him in the classroom or during tutoring sessions, however, she doubted that. He wasn’t the kind of person to tell someone such a fact directly. Her mind raced through all of the possibilities, including all of the questions she wanted to ask him. She made herself stop and calm down before she spoke again.

“Did…did you know who I was when I came to Hogwarts at the beginning of the year?” She asked, holding her breath. From what Slughorn had told her, Katharine assumed that Snape hadn’t seen her since she was a baby. After all, he didn’t even know where she had been taken to live or who her adoptive parents were. Surely, if he had known, he would have made an effort to see her. Her heart actually sank at the idea of his not making that effort. Why did she care so much?

He kept his back turned to her, so she couldn’t see his reaction to her question as he spoke. “Dumbledore told me that you would attend Hogwarts this year, so I knew that you would be here. As for recognizing you, it wasn’t that difficult.” He turned toward her, but from where she was standing, it was hard to see his face. “You look just like your mother when she was your age.”

Slughorn had shown her a picture of Caroline Malfoy from her days at Hogwarts. It was almost as if Katharine were looking into a mirror. Their hair was the same shade, and they seemed to be of the same height and complexion. The only major difference was the color of their eyes. Caroline’s eyes were a brilliant sky blue while Katharine’s were a darker, Aquapolian crystal blue, the shade that had been predicted by a thousand legends of the Chosen One again and again throughout history.

Katharine crossed her arms, deciding what the next best possible question was. “So…when were you going to tell me?” She asked a bit more harshly than she intended to. It almost came out as an angry outburst, but she had been dying to know ever since Slughorn told her. She had had to find out because of Dumbledore’s will, which would be the next item on her agenda of questions.

“I wanted to tell you as soon as you arrived at Hogwarts, but Dumbledore stopped me, saying that it wasn’t the right time and you needed to adjust to the school before you were told.”

“So…why did you kill him?” She asked simply.

“He asked me to.”

She stared at him. “He asked you to?”

“Yes. We’ve been gathering intelligence from the Death Eaters for several months that they were going to send Draco Malfoy to kill him in December…”

“So you volunteered to kill him instead,” Katharine interrupted, folding her arms in front of her chest. She understood where Snape was going with this. It brought up too many bad memories, however…

“Have you ever killed someone?”

His question jarred her unexpectedly. She didn’t want to answer the question at all. What would he think? She had blocked this particular memory from Harry’s mind so that he wouldn’t know, either…She decided to shake her head, images of flames appearing in her mind’s eye as she squeezed her eyes shut. Instead of staying in the nightmare, she immediately opened them to see that Snape was advancing toward the other side of the barriers. Apparently, their conversation about the previous night’s revelations was over. There was so much more to ask, but Katharine wasn’t in the state to continue on that topic.

“When are you taking the barriers down?” He called out from the other side. Katharine pressed her hands up against the cool ice, hoping that the cold would distract her mind form the flames dancing in her hands. She reached her mind out to see if she could sense any life within the barriers. None was to be found. The Dark Lord was most definitely dead. They still would have to be careful.

“I’ll go get someone to help us with this! It’s too dangerous to do on our own!” She shouted before turning tail and running, trying to drive the flickering images from her mind.


Though she could block most of her mind from Harry on a daily basis, little bits and pieces slipped through, such as the flickering flames that coursed through her mind at that moment. Harry couldn’t make heads or tails of the images and tried desperately to see if he could make out the figures that raced past in his mind’s eye. He hoped that everything was okay. Katharine seemed to be really panicked at that moment. One name was repeating itself over and over again in her mind.



Katharine prayed with every running step she took that Cyrus wasn’t intentionally avoiding her. What if he thought she was mad at him for not telling her that Snape was her father? She wasn’t that mad…She understood the risks behind the imparting of that information, even to her.

She searched nearly every room in the main part of the castle, finally happening upon Cyrus in the Astronomy Tower. He was gazing out over the lake below, his back turned to her. She carefully stepped up beside him, placing her hands on the rail and leaning against it. They remained there in silence for a few moments before Katharine spoke.

“I’m not mad at you…”

“I didn’t think you were,” he snapped.

She shook her head, looking down at the lake. “This doesn’t change anything…”

“It changes everything,” he said sternly. He turned to look at her, his eyes shining. “I don’t want to lose you.”

She shook her head furiously. “You’re not going to lose me…”

He sighed. “What are you going to do now?”

“About what?”

“About Christmas vacation?”

“I’ll go back to Aquapolis, of course.”


“Why not?”

“We need to stay in England to keep an eye on the situation with the Death Eaters and Shadow Followers.”

“So, where am I going to stay?”

“We’ll figure it out when we get there.”

She sighed. “Things are going to get worse, aren’t they?” The cold, icy wind that swept over the distant hills had reached the lake and the castle. Katharine’s golden blonde hair whipped around her as she shivered, wrapping her arms around her thin tank top and jacket. Cyrus smiled warmly at her, wrapping his own arms around her and holding her close.

Placing his chin on top of her head, he muttered, “Let’s go get on some warmer clothes so that the cold doesn’t kill us before the Shadow Lord does.” Katharine laughed, pulling away from him and pushing him good-naturedly. He was right. No matter what, Cyrus would always be precious to her as the man who had single-handedly raised her as her father.
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So, this is probably the last chapter I'll be posting for a while. School's starting to get really hectic.

Chapter Ten

“Wait, what?” Katharine asked Harry the next day, not believing her ears. “After all that’s happened, Slughorn’s holding a Christmas party?”

“Yeah,” he replied, sitting back on the couch and staring up at the ceiling. “The entire student body is invited.”

“Who are you going to go with?”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “Would you like to go with me?”

She smiled mischievously. “I don’t know…are you just asking me to piss off Snape?”

“If I said yes, would that change your mind?”

“If you said no, that would definitely change my mind,” she smiled back.


A few more days passed with the Legendary Team and the Order of the Phoenix taking shifts to guard the castle. As the heads of both teams, Katharine and Harry both had to take their turns making sure that no Death Eaters or Shadow Followers would attack the school for revenge. Katharine’s shift involved her flying amongst the castle’s ramparts, enjoying the freedom of jumping from one structure to the other, feeling the night wind on her wings.

Finally, the night of Slughorn’s party arrived. Harry paced around the Gryffindor common room, waiting for Katharine to get finished dressing before they left for the party. She finally descended the steps, dressed in a light blue halter dress that reached to the floor.

“You look really beautiful,” he whispered, smiling as she twirled around.

“Thank you,” she said, curtseying sarcastically. He laughed as they left the Gryffindor dorm to walk to Slughorn’s large quarters at the other end of the castle. It was crawling with students dressed in their finest. As soon as they entered the room, Slughorn stepped forward to speak to them, an excited look on his face.

“Good to see the both of you! I thought that after your ordeal that the both of you would want to rest instead of coming! And you came together…!” He smiled as if to say that he knew the two of them were dating.

“Oh! No, no, we’re just friends!” Both of them said at roughly the same time.

Slughorn nodded, laughing. “I’m sure you are! Please come over here. I have something to show you!” He guided Katharine and Harry over to a huge shelf that held dozens of photos. He picked one up and held it out to them. Two teenage girls smiled at the camera, one with blazing red hair and light green eyes and the other with golden blonde hair and striking sky blue eyes. Both wore Gryffindor’s colors and had their arms slung across each other’s shoulders in a friendly pose.

“The girl with red hair, Harry, is your mother when she was a fifth year. Standing beside her is her closest friend, Caroline Malfoy, your mother, Katharine.”

Katharine gazed at the picture for a few more moments. It was true that Caroline and she looked very alike. Her mother looked more soft and gentle than Katharine, but their facial features were almost mirrors of each other.

“Ah, and another photo of both of your parents, Katharine,” he said, reaching up to grab another photo, handing it to Katharine. This one was of her mother and a teenage boy with long black hair and dark coal black eyes. Her mother’s arms were wrapped around his left arm tightly. He seemed awkward, but happy to be near her.

“He looks…happy,” Harry muttered.

“It’s hard to believe he was ever happy,” Katharine added.

“Yes…ever since Caroline’s death, your father hasn’t been the same,” Slughorn added, taking the photo from her hands and placing it back on the shelf. “Now, I’ll let the two of you enjoy the party.”

They walked around, making small talk with other students. Katharine finally ran into Hermoine and the two of them stood in a corner talking for a long time.

“Is it true that the two of you are only pretending to date to piss off Snape?” Hermoine asked, laughing.

Katharine smiled, nodding. “Well…” She ducked her head. “Maybe we aren’t exactly…pretending…I mean…” She blushed.

“I knew it,” Hermoine nodded. “He’s smitten with you, you know.”

Katharine blushed even more furiously. “Yeah, I know.”

Suddenly, her head shot up as Snape entered the room, heading straight for Harry.

“Is something wrong, professor?” He asked.

“Yes, Professor McGonagall wants to see you in her office. I’m sure your date will be able to stand your being gone for at least twenty minutes,” he said with a sneer.

“Okay, professor. I’ll go tell her that I’ll be back in a while,” Harry replied, stepping over to where Katharine and Hermoine stood. Loud enough for Snape to hear, he addressed Katharine. “Professor McGonagall has called me to her office.” He smiled. “I’ll be back in a little while.”

Katharine ducked her head and laughed as Harry left the room. She didn’t even look up to see Snape’s reaction as he followed Harry.


“Orders?” Harry asked, confused.

“Harry, you’re the new leader of the Order of the Phoenix.” McGonagall still looked uncomfortable sitting behind Dumbledore’s old desk. Maybe because it was the unnatural shortening of her predecessor and friend’s life that made her rise to the position both painful and disorienting. She had served as interim headmistress before, but not under such circumstances. She drew herself up, sitting straight in the large chair before addressing Harry further. “The wizards are growing restless. Dumbledore used to give orders to them on a monthly basis as to how to go about their duties. They seem to want to stay here to protect the school, but with the ever-growing threat of the Shadow Lord…they may be needed elsewhere.”

Harry could feel a small stinging rebuke in her words. Though no one could ever possibly compare him to Dumbledore in terms of leadership, the former headmaster had deemed him worthy enough to take on the huge responsibility of leading a group of wizards straight into war. He had been so caught up in Katharine’s roller coaster of emotions for the previous few days that he had completely ignored his duties as leader of the Order. He drew in a deep breath, trying to calm the million thoughts that were flying through his head. “I need some time to think, if you don’t mind, Professor. But, I should be able to have orders of action out by tomorrow morning.”

McGonagall seemed satisfied with his response, a rare smile playing on her features as he stood up to leave and return to Slughorn’s party. Before he could even cross the room, however, she gave him one last piece of advice. “And, Harry, don’t let Katharine sway your decisions too much. Though she has experience leading the Legendary Team, a group of Aquapolians acts differently than a group of wizards. You are the sole leader of the Order of the Phoenix, so you should be the sole decision maker in this process. I’m sure Katharine will understand this, but please keep it in mind for the future.”

It was Harry’s turn to smile at McGonagall’s remark. As headstrong as Katharine was, she knew when to back off. “Thank you, professor,” he said before leaving her office.


As the Hogwarts Express traveled to London for the Christmas holidays, Katharine stared out the window at the British countryside. “This meeting will encompass the entire Legendary Team and Order of the Phoenix,” she said to Harry, who was sitting across from her. “We’re going to need all the help we can get to stop the Shadow Lord. He’s starting to incorporate all of the Death Eaters into his Shadow Forces, so his influence will grow even more here. I’m sure he’s going to call a meeting of all of the top Death Eaters and Shadow Followers soon…”

“And Snape’s one of them,” Harry finished. A worried look crossed her face for one split second, but he immediately picked up on it. “Why are you so worried about him working undercover against the Shadow Lord?”

“Because the Shadow Lord doesn’t tolerate traitors…even for one second.”

“Neither did the Dark Lord…”

“But he was mortal!” She snapped. “The Shadow Lord is a demon. He picks up on things easier, and though he doesn’t have to worry about getting assassinated as easily, he still doesn’t tolerate those who stand in his way…”

“It sounds like you know someone who did.”

Katharine drew in a ragged breath. He could tell she was trying to force back tears in her eyes. It was a few moments more before she spoke. “There was a kid in my class back in Aquapolis whose father was a Shadow Follower who decided to start spying on the Shadow Lord for the government. Grayson found out and had his entire family…his wife, my classmate, and his four-year-old daughter…burned to death in front of him. Can you guess who lit the fire?”


“Exactly. He doesn’t tolerate these things…”

“But it would be different for Snape, wouldn’t it? I mean…you’re the only family he’s got…and no one knows…”

“That’s why it’s especially important that no one figures it out. Grayson’s not going to ask questions if he ever figures out our connection…How could the father of the Chosen One possibly help the demon who’s trying to destroy her?”

“You’ve got a point…” He muttered.


They made their way down the dark streets of London until they came across a dark apartment in the darkest part of the city.

“This is the headquarters of the Order,” Harry explained to Katharine as they stepped up to the front door, Harry knocking loudly. A wizard with curly black hair and blue eyes opened the door, smiling at the two teenagers.

“Come on inside. Everyone is waiting for you,” he said, stepping aside for Katharine and Harry to step in. He shut the door and turned to Katharine, a surprised look in his eyes. “You look familiar…”

“I do? I don’t believe we’ve met…”

“I’m one of the Order, Sirius Black.”

“Katharine Jones,” she said, introducing herself.

“You’re related to Cyrus?” He asked as they walked down the hall into the kitchen.

“Not really…” She admitted. She wondered what she should call him from now on.

“She’s Snape’s daughter,” a voice sounded from the kitchen. They stepped around the corner to see Rowan sitting with his feet up on the table. Across from him was Ben and a brown-haired wizard Katharine had not met before. As Katharine sat down, she saw the surprise on Sirius’ face at this revelation.

“I knew I recognized you,” he said with wonder as he sat down across from her. “You look just like Caroline.”

“So I’ve been told…”

“We’re your escort to the Weasley home,” Ben spoke up. “The entire Legendary Team and Order of the Phoenix are meeting there.”

“Couldn’t we have gone straight there?” Katharine asked.

The brown-haired wizard shook his head. “It’s too dangerous for the two of you to travel alone.”

“I’ve traveled alone in Aquapolis before…”

“But not during war time,” Rowan pointed out. Katharine rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

“Fine, but if we have an escort…” She smiled, turning to Harry who was sitting beside her. “We’re teleporting there. I’ve had enough Disapparition for one lifetime.”


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