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For those getting the game(s) or heavily leaning on getting the game(s), Pikachu or Eevee?

For those applicable, which Let's Go game(s) will you/will you likely be getting?

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Water starter fan
Yellow was my original game, so if I do get one of these, it can only be Pikachu


Winning Smile
Staff member
Super Mod
Eevee version, if I do get it; I just prefer the Pokemon over Pikachu.


Ice Type Enthousiastic
Eevee, the version exclusives are more up my alley.

Pokemon Power

Well-Known Member
I'm thinking about getting both. Though specifically, I'm thinking about getting Let's Go, Pikachu on launch day, then getting Let's Go, Eevee a few months later.


Pikachu. If you could evolve Eevee I might have gotten Eevee, but since you can't evolve it...I mean, the entire point of Eevee is that it evolves.


Island Challenger
Pikachu. If you could evolve Eevee I might have gotten Eevee, but since you can't evolve it...I mean, the entire point of Eevee is that it evolves.
But what about its signature Z-Move? I like using gimmicks and that +2 stat boost is a GREAT gimmick to abuse


Oldschool Firedog
Eevee! I have crazy Pikachu fatigue after having it plastered on everything to do with pokemon for 20 years running. At this point I'm almost a "given the option between pikachu and just about anyone else, I'll pick the one that's not pikachu."


Water Addiction
Pikachu. At least it had a better type and cuter, Im already sick and tired of Eevee glorification in the games and especially anime.


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
Let's Go Pikachu! I CAN'T WAIT to see what updates they've done to Kanto and it's lore!


Well-Known Member
I'm going with Eevee. Sure it cant evolve but I like you can give it a move for each of its eevolutions. I plan on using the Dark, Fairy, and Electric type special moves.


The Scruffy Professor
I'm getting Eevee initially though I'll probably ask for Pikachu for my birthday or Christmas. Gotta have the whole collection.


Gives 'em the slip..
Eevee for sure. We’ve followed Pikachu for twenty years, but Eevee’s been around just as long and its two major outings have been Mystery Dungeons and Coliseum by proxy of Umbreon/Espeon. Now you get to start out with the cute little sh!t and it stays a cute little sh!t ala Pokémon Yellow mechanics.


Previously Iota
Let's Go Pikachu, but if I end up really loving the game (and depending on save capability), I will probably get Let's Go Eevee for Christmas.


Pikachu the Prophet
I got Let's Go Pikachu simply because I like Pikachu much more than Eevee


Recorder of Tales
Let's Go Pikachu, because my brother won't budge on letting me have Eevee, and I want to be able to get all the Pokemon. :mad:

That, and my baby brother loves Pikachu, and since I'll be playing all the way through with him, might as well let him play with his favorite. :D