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Forever & Again

What other art should we do in the shop

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Conquer Phoenix

Falling Light

Welcome to Forever & Agian! If you want some art, feel free to request something from the shop!

Waiting List :



1. Do not request different items. You can check the maximum you can request here :

Userbars : 8
Banners : 1
Badge Case: 1

2. Wait 24 hours after receiving your last request before requesting again.

3. If you keep breaking rules, you'll receive a permanent ban.

4. Use what you requested.

5. We have the right to deny a request or change the request a little if it needs to be.

6. Also if you want art for clan and must go over the caps set by Forever & Again. Please add in somewhere that it for a clan and the order can be as larger as you want.

7. Please upload your request to your own host as I am not responsible if your request gets deleted.
*** Credit To Mew_ For He Used These Rules At His Shop***

Animated Userbars

Normal Userbars

I'd like to request a [B]userbar [/B]from [B]Forever & Again[/B]
[B]Animated (yes/no)[/B]:
[B]If Yes, Which Pokémon? (only one)[/B]: 
[B]Non-Animated Pokémon[/B]:
[B]Pokémon Position[/B]
[B]Background colors[/B]:
[B]Special Backgrounds (yes/no)[/B]
[B]If Yes, Please Provide A Background Link?[/B]
[B]Extra [/B]:

Simple Banners

{---} | {---}

I'd like to request a [B]simple banner[/B] from [B]Forever & Again[/B]
[B]Background [/B]:
[B]Text [/B]:
[B]Font ([url]www.dafont.com[/url]) [/B]: 
[B]Extra [/B]:

Regular Banner

{---} | {---}

I'd like to request a [B]regular banner[/B] from [B]Forever & Again[/B]
[B]Text [/B]:
[B]Size [/B]:
[B]Extra [/B]:

Smudge Banners

{---} | {---}

I'd like to request a [B]smudge banner[/B] from [B]Forever & Again[/B]
[B]Image (only 1)[/B]: 
[B]Text [/B]:
[B]Font ([url]www.dafont.com[/url])[/B]:
[B]Size [/B]:
[B]Extra [/B]:

Tech Banners

{---} | {---}

I'd like to request a [B]tech banner[/B] from [B]Forever & Again[/B]
[B]Extra [/B]:

Floating Banners

{---} | {---}

I'd like to request an [B]floating banner[/B] from [B]Forever & Again[/B]
[B]Images [/B]:
[B]Text [/B]:
[B]Font ([url]www.dafont.com[/url])[/B]:
[B]Extra [/B]:

Special Banners

{---} | {---}

I'd like to request a [B]special banner[/B] from [B]Forever & Again[/B]
[B]Text [/B]:
[B]Extra [/B]:


Hey peeps there will be new management coming to the shop soon I will update all the art next week so people can start ordering

Hope to see you soon


Am I even still here
Good luck with the shop guys!
Zero, if you want me to help out in the shop ever (i can do recolours and fusions) then pm me


♥ Ace ♥
I like them both, but sorry to say, but I if you can take that second pic of zim outta the first one that'd be great. if you cant I understand


hey trainer
Hey! Nice banners! Mind if I request one?

Art type: Simple Banner
Color: A darker shade of Mahogany, ish.
Text: StriatonRadio anywhere on the page, and then under/on Marowak "Bone Rush", Heatran "Attract", Wailmer "WAILMER!" and Tentacruel "-10"
Pictures: http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/98/105Marowak.png
http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/3405/heatrane.png (Just the heatran XD)

Thanks so much! Hopefully this isn't too much to ask. :)