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Forgotten Memories: PearlshippingVS.Pokeshipping fanfic

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by CrazedPochama, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. CrazedPochama

    CrazedPochama UxieWorshiper

    Hello~ I had and idea a while ago about a fanfic... It is kinda like the Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire Manga, the relation beteween Ruby and Sapphire, but I twisted it...

    I don't own the characters or Pokemon
    rated: PG
    (these ages will change further in the story)
    Satoshi age: 5
    Kasumi age:7
    Hikari age: 3.5
    Kengo age: 4
    Kenjii: age: 7
    Takeshi age: 9

    * Hikari's POV

    The sun shined brightly overhead as I was making my way to my nursery school. My name is Hikari, and it is my first day for Kanto Preschool! My mother is not far behind me, and beside me is Kengo, one of my bestest friends. Personally, I think that he is a big baby and a huge scaredy-kat! I also know Satoshi-kun will be there, as well as his older, meaner friends. But, like I always say, "No need to worry," because Satoshi-kun is really nice!

    I said good-bye to mommy, and looked around me. There were so many kids like me! Some were crying, while others were running around like Mankeys!
    "Pikari-chan, I wanna go home!" wailed Kenny.
    "Oh be quiet! We'll have lots of fun!" I said.
    "But there are big kids!"
    "No need to worry! There will be Satoshi-kun! Remember?"

    I ran ahead. I was tired of Kengo's whining! We were big kids now! We had to have fun! With all the excitement, I bumped into someone. "Watch where you're going, annoying squirt!"
    "Sorry! Kasu-chan?!" I cried.
    "Oh, it's YOU!" Kasu-chan sneered.
    "So?" I retorted.
    "Well, you don't know much around here, but I will tell you one thing, stay away from us big kids, especially Satoshi-kun!"
    "Why? He's my friend too!"
    "He told me he hates BABIES like you!"

    I was on the verge of crying, but then I heard teacher-san calling us. The rest of the day was boring, with just sharing our names, and our 'hobbies'. The best part was that I saw Satoshi-kun! He was a head taller than me, but shorter than Kasu-chan. The problem was that I had to play with Kengo, Haruka, and Kotone. I was afraid that Kasu-chan might scream at me, making me cry. "Let's built castles!" squealed Haruka.
    "Ok," I sighed.
    "What's wrong?" aked Kengo
    "Yeah, what's wrong, Pikari?" Haruka said.
    "It's just that... I wanted to play with Satoshi-kun and his friends," .
    "We'll help you! Right, Kengo?" Haruka chirped.
    "Well... It sounds dangerous," Kengo started
    "Oh Kengo! C'mon it'll be fun!" Haruka added.
    "Fine," he sighed.

    We made our way to the jungle gym, where the big kids hung out. We were gonna prove that we weren't babies! And to prove to Satoshi-kun that I was all grown up!


    Hope you liked it~ It will get interesting! I attempted to make it sound like a little kid's POV, but I failed... I am still a bit shaky on dialougue, so you don't have to point that out.

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