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Forum Drama

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Locke Yggdrasill

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I don't even get why we have a shipping forum


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I been here almost 4 years, And i have seen Drama some places.


I have nearly two years of uneventful serebii time on my record. Then again i don't come to misc. that often, the place makes me seriously embarrassed of the human population sometimes.

And also, it's nice being weird and knowing that there are people who are even weirder than you ;)


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I don't post on the forums to partake in the drama, so I usually just watch it unfold. The main reasons I come to Misc. are 1)Boredom and 2)to see if I can find a good laugh.

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I don't come as often as I used to, In the 04-05 era I was on practically everyday. Of course the lag has something to do with that but I mostly come on for my club, the occasional debate and some threads and Pokemon news nowadays. The place seems alot quieter then it used to be really but I don't know if that's just me because alot of sites I go to lately seem to be quiet often.

I wouldn't say Misc sucks, just doesn't interest me as it used to. And compared to some other forums, some are worse, some are well better when it comes to members (No offense to anyone, there are nice and good members here... Then there are those who are jerks or trolls, which I don't see often on some of the forums I go to).


What do you think of the people you meet on forums? On this forum?

I think most of the people on here are ok, at least the ones I've met so far. I usually stay away from any drama. I tend to avoid troublesome sections like Misc. I only joined because I was bored and I needed a Pokemon-based site I could easily navigate through. Serebii serves that purpose quite nicely.
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im a moron...

I like how everyone here speaks for themself.
I think people come back because they have a few genuine friends on here, even if it's ridiculous and seems weird to have internet chums, most people on here enjoy at least two or three members, and it's kind of fun I guess, you get more of a chance to stand out then in real life... well, without doing something really damn stupid.


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I find drama every place but here.

Especially the fan fiction section. Brrrrr.

It does seem the Debate section is pretty hot in terms to drama.
I came to Serebii mainly for the Pokemon Anime shippings. I made some really REALLY good friends here, and even found my significant other. :>

As for drama, I try to avoid that as much as possible. Any drama I have here usually occurs outside of Sppf, but even then it's minimal. ..Though I still manage to see drama blossom right in front of me sometimes.
I love forum drama. It's always fun to see a thread ending in a complete failure.

Personally, I've only met nice people and got a lot of good friendships, although I've seen a lot of moronity here, and on other forums. Misc and Games are my favorite sections because they are different and less boring than other places on this forum. Way more idiots here. Anyway, I'll always find a nice thread to post in. And if I see a fail thread (again) I'll just sit back, and wait till people make fun of it.
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On the rare days where I take time to visit here, whatever forum drama that remains to be seen is worth a chuckle or two. SPPf will always remain a good place for the losers that didn't make the football team.
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Awww, Kate. Maybe next year you'll get in.


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I'm only joking. Really I can't criticize anyone. Sorry, really.


SPPf will always remain a good place for the losers that didn't make the football team.

But.. I was on the Football team for 3 years.


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You want me to escalate the flames, Ibsweet96?
I'll just make Kate feel vain in that (s)he's right.
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