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Forum Rules and Guidelines

Discussion in 'Technology Help' started by Shining Mew, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. Tech Help Rules & Guidelines
    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

    Helpful links
    - General forum rules
    - Tech Help FAQs
    - Wi-Fi FAQ
    - Helpful Programs and tools
    - Getting your DS or Wii online

    1. About Posting
    This forum is mostly to help you with your technology. Make sure though that your post isn't relevant elsewhere. For example, don't post a Pokemon related question here or help with a game.

    Otherwise, other technology related topics are welcome.

    2. Be patient
    If you're the one asking for help, wait for someone to get to you. Do not post multiple times in a row asking for help! If you do post multiple times, you'll get an infraction for each post.

    3. Know what you're doing
    If you're the one answering to a query, know what you're talking about. Don't just throw out a random solution. Also remember that computers are different. Whatever worked for your computer may not work for another person's.

    4. Above all, try to help
    Don't try to demean anyone, don't try to tease anyone, and if you're going to post immediately after the question, at least try to help.

    Helpful tips
    1. Keep your instruction manual, and read instructions carefully
    Probably the number one reason why people have issues with their electronics. At times, the instruction manual also contains troubleshooting tips that you can use. You're not any less of a "man" if you look at instructions versus not knowing crap.

    2. Avoid being a fanboy
    We all know Windows has BSODS, we all know that Apple likes to claim their OS "just works", and we all know that Linux is a free OS that in some versions is a pain in the neck to configure. Respect everyone's tastes in preferences. Also personal experiences doesn't represent the whole.

    3. When inquiring about buying something...
    It's best to know your budget, your wants, and your constraints. Also don't expect what happens in a perfect world, because this is how purchasing electronics normally goes:

    [ ] Quality
    [ ] Price
    Chose one.
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