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Forum Upgrade Complete

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Who dun dug diglett?
I don't like it to be honest. The old look looked much more professional. I've been on forums like this and it just really turns me away.


teh wild card
Although I personally liked the old layout better, this ones pretty cool, but it'll take some getting used to :l


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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The VM stuff unfortunately is a bit out of our control. We'll inform the vBulletin people and hopefully they will fix it, but it's not the fault of us.

As for the Black background with White text. Studies have actually proven that it's better for the eyes than white background with black text.


As for the Black background with White text. Studies have actually proven that it's better for the eyes than white background with black text.

Not according to my professor in Color Studies, or my own aching eyes after staring at the screen.

And while I cannot recall the exact source, I have reason to believe that certain people's eyes become excessively strained when viewing white text on a black background. This also happens to include myself.

Possibly it could be better in some situations, however there is a very real population of people who are hurt by it, which is why I always stay away from it for body copy.

Just looking at such text for, say, 30 seconds, is extremely stressful, whereas it doesn't bother me in the slightest to simply read dark text on a lighter background.

This is part of why I don't go to certain websites anymore, since they changed their only layout to white on black. Despite the fact that a site's content is great, if they layout kills my vision, then I just can't go there anymore.

I'm glad Serebii forums still has the green theme - it's much more aesthetically pleasing, and much much more readable.

Jeez I hope you're not a designer, cause your idea is even worse. The BW theme is amazing and the better of the three currently available. You don't like it? Don't use it. Wait for the other themes to come out. And FYI, they were trying to be minimalistic. Apparently that concept was lost on you.

I'm not criticizing the layout itself. I'm criticizing the fact that it's used on a website that is a forum, which contains mostly body copy. Like I said, if it was mostly images posted, and not text, it wouldn't be an issue at all. Minimalism or not is irrelevant. I appreciate minimalism but that's completely and utterly BESIDE the point.

Er... speaking as a designer, white on black is terrible for those with sensitive eyes, especially now that the font is a little smaller. There is a HUGE difference between that and what black on white would look like. Most sites tend to use a light color for the background and dark color for text. It's waaaay easier on your eyes when reading for extended amounts of time. Black on a slight grey is even better. Think about all the books you read. Black on white. Not the other way around.

QFT. =)


I feel like I need to clear up two things:

First, when I said to put it on a white background on the black page background, I was just saying that because otherwise a lot of you would probably think it's too plain and not enough black for the "black and white" theme. But honestly, I'd rather see an off-white or gray background with black text. Basically, it was more like, if you must keep a black background, at least put the text on something not black.

And umm... Second, err... I'm a girl. =P (A lot of you were referring to me as "he" so umm yeah, I wanted to say that. LOL)
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Just me
There are people who prefer dark-on-light and there are people who prefer light-on-dark. I can definitely see why you'd stop visiting a website that inevitably hurts your eyes, but why complain that there is a layout you don't like if there's also another one that you're fine with?

Captain Brain

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Thanks for the update. ;025;

pokemon fan 132

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Thank you for upgrade Serebii( Joe). Forums look renewed and refreshed and i definitely like new default style. I appreciate all hard work you did to make this site even better and more enjoyable to everyone in here.


The Abysswalker
Whoa... this is going to take some getting used to... Looks a lot more... futuristic.

It's pretty cool.
It ate my account and I had to re-register using my school email. I recently abandoned my original Serebii account, celebitrainer, to create a new one named Rainbow Dash, but when I tried to log on today it refused to recognize my new name and password, and no matter how many times I told it to send my password to my email it wouldn't send it. I even made sure to check my spam folder and there was nothing there.


My Little Ponyta
I'm still having an invalid redirect URL problem, anyone else?


ooh, yeah, wow.
Am I the only one who is having issues with the site remembering me/keeping me logged in? If I don't visit for ten or fifteen minutes, I'll be logged out, or if I put my computer to sleep I'll be logged out when I come back—this didn't happen with the old forum.


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The site news thing seems broken.

It lists the post by Rainbow_Dash as being posted in 2:39 PM despite it being posted at 9:39 AM (My time).

As of the time of making this post, it is 10:14 AM here in New York. And the time at the bottom is set to match the time where I live.

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As for skins, we've based the current two "custom" ones on the two most popular old themes, according to a poll I made in Misc.

When I counted it up on the 27th Feb: Serebii V9 and Dark type were the only ones above 9, at 22 and 20. Happy Style, which is VB Default, was at 9.

You can check the thread yourself: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?562700-Favourite-Serebii-forum-Skin
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