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.~:~.Fost325's Request Shop.~:~.


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I got all the shiny sprites opened to save but everytime I get half done it confuses my computer and deletes it all. If you have a shiny sprite sheet I will be able to get it a lot quicker. Do you have one?

I Use pe2k.com for my shiny sprites


<--HeHe Fire Bishie
That is where I go to get all of my sprites but like I said I start to save them all and my computer freaks out.

Edit: I may be closing the shop down me and Foxy have pretty much went over to the PE2K forums. ER I will be glad to keep in touch with you through IM or somthing if you want. Or I have an Idea you could create an account there to. I mean you can stilll hang out here. But we would love to have you in the community there too.
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*grabs fosts leg*
please *cries*
Its so lonely with lugiagirl gone
you and foxy are some of my best friends
dont leave me too!

Think Togepi

Here I Am.
I cannot see my request pictures.