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Four Weddings, A Funeral, and A Baby (PG-13)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Medea, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    Well I've done another story and this again involves Pokeshipping and Contestshipping. And there's a little bit of Rocketshipping. This story takes place about 10 years from now. Here's a little update about some of the characters.

    Ash: Stopped going on journeys for the time being. Is living in a little house with girlfriend Misty.

    Misty: Left the Cerulean gym and is living with Ash.

    Brock: At the Pewter City gym as gym leader once again. Is in a on-and-off again relationship with Suzy (Pokemon Fashion Flash)

    May: Living at home with her parents in Petalburg. Dates Drew.

    Max: Caught a Ralts (some years back) and is on his own journey

    Tracey: Still Professor Oak's assistant (of course)

    Now that's settled, here's the story...

    Part One:

    One beautiful day in a church, people of all sorts were sitting and waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle. Professor Birch stood at the front waiting for his bride-to-be. In the crowd, Misty and Pikachu were waiting for the ceremony to take place. All of a sudden, she hears sobbing coming from behind her. She turned around and saw Brock. “Brock, I haven't seen you in a while. Wait, what’s wrong? I never knew you cried at weddings” said Misty. Brock told her that Suzy broke up with him again. “Brock, you and Suzy have been going back and forth in the relationship” said Misty. All of a sudden, soft music began to play and everybody rises. Mimie walked down the aisle carrying a pillow with two rings on it. Then the bride comes walking down the aisle, being escorted by Ash. The bride then kisses Ash and joins Professor Birch. He pulls up the veil and sees Delia’s face.

    That night at the wedding reception, everybody went up to Delia and Professor Birch to congratulate them. As Misty grabbed a few drinks, she noticed that Ash felt a little sad. She then asked him what was wrong. Ash told her that he’s feeling a little depressed about something and doesn’t know what to do. Misty hated to see Ash this sad. She thought it might be because his mom won’t be living in Pallet Town anymore. Before she could say anything, she felt her leg being kicked from under the table. When she lifted up the table cloth, she saw May and Drew on the ground making out. “Do you mind” Asked Drew. In another part of the reception, Ash was talking to Brock and Tracey. Ash told them that he was planning on asking for Misty’s hand in marriage. Brock started to cry and yelled out, “Why is everybody else happy except me? It’s just so unfair.” Tracey then told him he should do it. In another part of the room, Misty bumped into Norman and Caroline. Norman then asked Misty where May was. Misty hesitated a little bit and told him that she hasn’t seen her in a while. As Norman left, Caroline asked Misty if something was bothering her. Misty told Caroline that lately Ash has been depressed and doesn’t know what to do to cheer him up or know what’s bothering him for that matter. Caroline took one look at Ash and thought he might be having an affair. Misty started freaking out. “You don’t think he’s having an affair, do you?” asked Misty. Caroline told her it could be anything. Misty then got really mad and wanted some answers. She went over to Tracey and asked him what he and Ash were talking about. Tracey started to hesitate and told her that everything was fine. “You’re a liar Tracey! Now tell me what Ash said” she yelled out. She then grabbed Tracey and started shaking him. Ash then stopped Misty from shaking Tracey and asked her what was going on. Misty then dropped Tracey and yelled out, “Is it true Ash? Is it true? Are you having an affair with someone? Who is she Ash? Why would you do this to me?” Ash then stopped her and told Misty that he is not having an affair with anybody. Ash then said, “Misty, I’ve been waiting a long time to say this but…Misty, would you marry me?” Misty just stood there with her jaw wide open. “Oh Ash, of course I will” said Misty. She then jumped into Ash’s arms and the two kiss. Suddenly, someone screams out, “BOUQUET TOSS” and a bunch of girls come out of nowhere, including Misty and May. When Delia tossed the bouquet, it turned into hell, as a crowd of girls bombarded the bouquet. Suddenly, it was a fight between Misty and May, as they both caught it at the same time. As they fought over the flowers, the bouquet broke into two, so now Misty and May had their own piece.

    Part Two:

    About a week after the wedding, May was in Oldale Town to watch Drew compete in a contest. On her way to her seat, she bumped into Harley. “Oh my May, it’s a surprise to see you here” said Harley. He then asked her if she was going to enter the contest. May told him that she’s going to be in the audience cheering for Drew. “Well he hasn’t seen anything yet. When this contest is over, my special someone will be screaming out the name of the great coordinator Harley” He said. “Harley, I told you a thousand times that we are only friends” said May. Harley then said, “Who said I was talking about you?” He then pulled out a picture of his special someone, who happened to be Dome Superstar Tucker. When May saw the picture of Tucker and Harley together, she flinched a little bit and then went on to her seat. It is now near the end of the contest and Drew’s Roselia finished things off with a Petal Dance attack against Harley’s Cacturne. And so, Drew won the contest. After the contest, May invited Drew over to her house since her parents were out of town for a couple of days. That night, May wanted to have some alone time with Drew. So, she went down into her father’s wine cellar and grabbed some wine to drink to celebrate Drew’s victory. A few drinks later, Drew and May enter May’s room and shut the door.

    Some days have passed since that night and May hasn’t been feeling herself. Fearing the worst, May decided to call Misty. When Misty came to the Petalburg gym, May asked her to go to the local pharmacy. Misty then replied, “You mean you dragged me from Pallet Town to here, just so I can go to the pharmacy for you.” May told her, she couldn’t go there. She then said, “Because I’m Norman’s daughter, people are going to wonder why I’m buying a preg…I mean…Oh crap.” Misty then asked May if she was pregnant. May then said, “I don’t know and that’s why I need you to go to the pharmacy and buy me a pregnancy test.” After Misty purchased the test, she waited patiently outside the bathroom for May. All of a sudden, Misty started to hear crying from the bathroom. She then asked May if everything was alright. “No, everything is not alright. I’m going to have a baby” she yelled out. Just then, Norman and Caroline come through the door. May decided not to tell them anything for the time being. May then told them she was going to be in her room. Misty then smiled, said goodbye quickly, and left. Caroline then said, “I wonder why Misty left in such a hurry. Oh well. I’m going to be in the bathroom.” As soon as Caroline stepped into the bathroom, she saw the pregnancy test and that’s when she put two and two together. “Oh my goodness, Misty is pregnant” said Caroline. After she finished up in the bathroom, Caroline rushed over to the phone and called Ash to congratulate him. When Ash picked up the phone, Caroline was the one who did the talking. “Oh Ash, I’m so happy for you and Misty” said Caroline. Ash then asked her why she was happy for them. Caroline replied, “Oh don’t be silly dear, you and Misty are going to have a baby. Oh this is so exciting. Well I got to go. Bye Ash.” After Caroline hung up, Ash stood there in shock for one second and then fell down to the ground. Luckily, Tracey was at the house with him. Tracey ran over to revive Ash and then asked him what happened. Ash came to and said, “I’m going to be a daddy” and then fainted again. Once that was said, word spread pretty quickly around. When Misty returned back home, Ash ran over to Misty to greet her. “Misty, what are you doing up in your condition? Here, lie down and rest” said Ash. Misty then asked Ash what was wrong with him. “Oh you don’t have to explain anything. Caroline told me that you are expecting a baby” said Ash. Misty replied, “What the hell are you talking about? I’m not pregnant. May is the one who’s expecting.” Ash then gave a big sigh of relief. “Thank God, the last thing I need to do is care for a child” he said. Misty then hoped that no one else thought she was pregnant. Just then, there was a knock on the door. It was Professor Oak, Tracey, and Brock came to the door to congratulate Misty. That night, Drew came to the Petalburg gym to see May. As May came out to see Drew, Caroline told May that Misty was pregnant. “Wait a minute. Misty never told me that she was expecting.” Caroline then replied, “You mean she never told you? I was so sure that the pregnancy test I found in the bathroom today…was…hers…Oh May. No! It’s not true is it? Tell me it’s not true.” May then told her that it was true and that she was pregnant. When she said that, Drew just stood there in shock and said, “Who got you pregnant? I mean…Oh crap.” Norman then went over to Drew and told him he would like to speak with him in private. As the men leave the area, Caroline said, “You know what you have to do May. You’re going to have to marry that boy. I’m sorry honey but I don’t want my first grandchild to be a b@stard.” Just then, Norman and Drew came back and both of May’s parents agreed that the two must be married.

    To be continued tomorrow...
  2. MEDEA THIS STORY IS FREAKIN AWESOME WITH OUT DOUT!!!!! I just wondering who's the fourth wedding & who dies
  3. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    Once again, I knew you were going to be the first to post...Well here's the next part.

    Part Three:

    A couple of weeks have passed since then and Ash and Misty were planning for their own wedding. One early, early morning, Ash gets a rude awakening, as the phone rings. When he picked up, Tracey’s face appeared on the screen. “Tracey, what the hell are you doing calling me at this hour” asked Ash. Tracey was sobbing uncontrollably and said that Professor Oak is dead. Later that morning, Ash and Misty headed towards the lab to straighten out a few things. When they arrived, they saw Gary and Tracey answering a few questions for Officer Jenny. After she left, Tracey went back to crying on Gary’s shoulder. A few days later it was the day of Professor Oak’s funeral. As Gary made his speech about his late grandfather, Tracey kept interrupting with his sobbing. After the funeral, Gary and Tracey had to go to the hearing of Professor Oak’s will. Gary promised Tracey that when he takes over the lab, he’ll still let him work there. But when the will was read, it was revealed that the lab would be torn down. Then the construction crew entered the room and it was Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket. “Team Rocket, I should have known you guys were behind this” said Tracey. James then told him that they are no longer members of Team Rocket. “Sure that was a great part of our lives. But somewhere along the lines of failing over 500 times, it got a little old” said Jessie. And now, the three are taking odd jobs here and there. “And so, the old coot said that the lab is to be torn down two days after the funeral” said Meowth. As Tracey and Gary left the will hearing, Tracey asked Gary if there was anything that could be done to stop the destruction of the lab. Gary replied, “I’m sorry Tracey but there’s nothing I or anyone of us can do. We just have to face the fact that Grandpa’s lab is going to be destroyed in two days.”

    The day of the destruction was finally here and Tracey, Gary, Ash, and Misty are walking around the lab one last time. As Tracey walked through the lab, he began to sing. “Memories, light the corners of my mind.” Gary then butted in and said, “Tracey, no singing Streisand!” Just then, Misty started hearing muffled up screams. The four of them split up to find the screams. Ash then opened up a closet door to find Professor Oak, tied up and duck tape put over his mouth. “Professor, I thought you were dead” said Misty. As Gary took the duck tape off and untied him, Professor Oak said that a couple of days ago Jessie, James, and Meowth ambushed him and trapped him in a closet. Just then, the three came to the door and saw that their plan was ruined. Tracey then pulled out a pokeball and said, “I’ll teach you to mess with Professor Oak!” Misty then stopped him and said, “Wait, if Professor Oak is here, then who was in that casket?” James then told them that fellow comrade Butch was in the casket. “Oh my God, you are horrible people” said Tracey. Jessie then replied, “It’s not what you think. Cassidy was the one who killed him when she saw Butch in bed with Domino. It’s a real shame too.” Meowth then told them that they were working at the morgue that week and took the body. Also, that they were the ones that changed Oak’s will and that they made up Butch to look like Oak. Just then, Jessie hit Meowth and yelled at him for blabbing everything. Gary then said, “Oh don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to say what you did, since the police should be here any minute.” Just then, sirens are heard and Jessie, James, and Meowth run off.

    To be continued tomorrow...
  4. Great job Medea again i was thinking Professor was a deadman
    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! BUtch is cheating on Cassisdy, (thinks about The mallet is the way butch Was killed) Am i the only one the thinks this story is freakin awesome
  5. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    Part Four:

    A couple of months pass by and May is about five months pregnant. Her and Drew are still planning on their wedding, but Norman and Caroline are coming up with decisions that May and Drew don’t agree upon it. One night at Petalburg gym, May and Drew were alone. May then apologized to Drew for everything that’s been going on. Drew then replied, “Oh May don’t apologize. We just have to face facts that your parents can’t trust us to make decisions for ourselves.” May then yelled, “That’s not going to happen.” She then got up and went to the phone to make a call. Just then, Grace’s face popped up on the screen. May then asked Grace if she still worked at a wedding chapel in Saffron City. When Grace told her yes, May told her to put her and Drew down for a wedding for tonight. Once May hung up the phone, Drew went over to May and asked if she was sure she wanted to do this. “Drew, this is our chance to do our own thing for our own wedding” said May. Meanwhile in Pallet Town, Ash and Misty were planning their wedding as well. Just as Misty was looking through a catalog of wedding dresses, the phone rang. Caroline then popped up on the screen and told Ash and Misty that she needed help. She told them that May and Drew left a note saying that went to Saffron City to elope. Ash told her not to worry and that they will put a stop to it. Caroline then told them that the two are going to be at the Amazing Grace Wedding Chapel. After they hung up with Caroline, Misty then called Tracey. Misty then rushed through her words and said, “Tracey, we need you to watch the house. Ash and I are going to the Amazing Grace Wedding Chapel in Saffron.” After she hung up, Tracey got on the phone and called Delia. He told her that Ash and Misty were going to elope in Saffron City.

    Hours later, May and Drew arrive in Saffron City. When they went inside the wedding chapel, Grace and Medicham came out to greet them. May then said, “Thanks for seeing us on such short notice. Oh, and I hate to ask but, do you have any wedding dresses that’ll fit…well you know?” Grace then laughed and said, “Oh don’t worry, we have plenty of brides that are expecting. Some of them even go into labor here.” Sometime later, Ash and Misty arrived at the wedding chapel. When they went inside, no one was at the reception desk. The two then decided to go and find where they hold all of the ceremonies. Just then, they passed a room where a bride and groom were exchanging vows. Ash then ran in and yelled out, “Don’t do it May!” Suddenly, the bride turned around (and it was Jessie) and she yelled out, “Hey twerp, you have some nerve messing up my wedding day.” “Yeah, now shut up, they charge by the minute” said James. Just then, May came up to Ash and Misty and asked them what they were doing here. Ash then told them that he and Misty came to stop the wedding. Misty then butted in and said, “Do you guys really want to be married here?” Just then, Grace called May and Drew up to get married. As May and Drew walked down the aisle, Brock went up to Ash and Misty. “Brock, what are you doing here” asked Ash. Brock replied, “I’m getting hitched today.” Just then, Suzy came in wearing a wedding dress. Grace then asked the question, “Do you Drew, take May to be your wife?” Drew then said, “I do.” Grace then asked the same question to May. Misty just stood there and hoped that May would come to her senses and stop. May then said, “I…I…I…I can’t do it. I’m sorry Drew; I just can’t do it right now. I want a real wedding, with all of our family and friends there.” Drew then told her that he’ll be behind her for anything. When May ran back to the door, Misty then gave May a hug and told her she was very proud of her for making that decision. Suzy then said to Brock, “Maybe it’s not a good idea that we get married either.” And so she left. Brock then fell to the ground and started to sulk. May then had a great idea and asked Misty if we could make the wedding into a double wedding. Misty then said, “Why May that’s a great idea. But wait, our wedding is in three months. I thought it was decided that you two were going to get married before the baby was born.” May then told her that the baby wasn’t going to be born for at least three weeks after the day of the wedding. “So it’s decided, we will have a double wedding. Now let’s go home” said Ash. Just then, Delia came in and yelled out, “Ash Ketchum, you have some nerve running off to Saffron City to elope.” Ash then told his mother that he wasn’t eloping and that Drew and May were. “But we decided to merge our wedding with Ash’s” said Drew. As they left the chapel, Brock got up and wondered how things could possibly get worse. He then saw an Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy walking down the aisle. Brock then said, “Oh just my luck, two cute girls and they have to be lesbians.”

    To be continued tomorrow...
  6. Intersting Chapter again, pretty funny about the elope part I LMAO, That's it
    I'm getting people to read this story (get out Shotgun)
  7. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    XD Yes! That's so right! XP
    Why didn't you continue? *shot*
    XD Grace...XP
    XD OMG...

    All in all, a good plot. Lots fo twists and turns, but what the hey...it's funny as hell.
    For the structure of your story, might I suggest you start a new paragraph with each quote? That will make it less confusing to read.
    Good job. I shall return to read more. ^^
  8. FINALLY!!!!! (goes to tell Medea)i jst hope this Fic is not finisjed by 3 pages
  9. DKzM0mA

    DKzM0mA Bring it.

    Wow, this is pretty funny. I love your twists, on how someone think soneone is going to do something, but it is actually someone else. Keep up the great work.
  10. gladdecease

    gladdecease Master Coordinator

    ...didn't think I would post a review, but I must comment:

    The elope-that-didn't-happen so strongly reminded me of "Full House," when Becky and Jesse went to Las Vegas. Becky was almost exactly like May here...any inspiration from that area?

    In any case, I think that was one of the best parts of the chapter. Just...really well-done.
  11. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    ^You know what, I have been influenced by Full House (and a lot of other things). Thank you all for the comments...

    Part Five:

    It is now one week before the double wedding and it was the night of Ash and Drew’s bachelor party. Surprisingly, it is also the night of a wedding and baby shower for May and Misty. At Ash and Misty’s house, Misty was putting up some out some of the food for the party. As Ash prepared to leave, Misty asked him what the guys are planning for the bachelor party. Ash then replied, “Brock just told Drew and me that it was a surprise. But whatever it is, it should be good.” Just then, a car pulled up near the house and it was Brock and Tracey. Suddenly, Misty pushed Ash and Drew out of the door and told them to have a good time. After the boys left, May said, “Man, I thought they would never leave.” Caroline then brought out some erotic cakes from the fridge. A couple of hours later, Brock drove all the way to Saffron City and stopped outside a strip club. Ash then asked why they were outside a strip club. Brock then replied, “Well this is where the bachelor party is going to be. It’s the only place I was able to book.” Ash of course told him that he didn’t approve of spending the night in some sleazy strip club. Just then, a bunch of Ash’s old friends came outside to greet him including, Gary, Richie, Todd, Masamune, Tetsuya, Harrison, and Professor Birch.

    Back in Pallet Town, Misty’s living room was filled with a bunch of girls including, Grace, Kelly, Sakura, Caroline, Casey, Delia, Eriko, and Misty’s sisters Daisy, Violet, and Lily. Misty and May were then opening up their gifts. When Misty opened up a box, she pulled out a pair of red panties. She then replied, “Wow, I’m surprised you gave me this. Thank you Sakura.” Back in Saffron, Ash, Drew, Brock, and Tracey were sitting down and having a few drinks. As Brock ordered another martini, Ash asked him why he was hitting the drinks so fast. He then told Ash that Suzy broke up with him again. Tracey then told Brock not to worry and that he’ll be the designated driver for the night. Just then, a lady brings Tracey a Long Island Iced Tea. Ash then told Tracey that the drink had liquor in it. Tracey then said, “Oh crap, I just took a sip…and it was good.” Tracey then started to chug his drink and ordered another one. Richie then walked over and said, “Okay, these guys need a lap dance, big time.” All of a sudden, exotic music comes on and a dancer covered up in veils comes out. She asked where the bachelors were. Tracey then yelled out, “Right here, right here, these are the guys you want. Ash and Drew, the luckiest b@stards around…Woo-hoo!” The dancer started to dance her way over to Drew. However, Drew was not impressed and got up before anything happened. As the dancer made her way to Ash, she recognized him and said, “Ash Ketchum, is that really you?” The dancer then took off the veils covering her face and it was Melody. “Holy crap, it is you. Um Melody, it’s a surprise to see you” said Ash. Just then, Melody put her veils back on, dragged Ash on stage, and started dancing. Todd then brought out his digital camera and took a picture of Ash and Melody on stage dancing. As Drew entered the bathroom, he saw Gary standing against the wall and asked him if he was getting away from the exotic dancer. Gary then asked, “What? You mean the dancers are here?” And he ran off. Drew then sighed and went into a stall. Back at the girl’s party, all the girls were crowded around May’s stomach, feeling her baby kick. Eriko then told her that she is so lucky that she’s going to be married to Drew. “That Toshiki hasn’t even popped the question” she said. Daisy then said, “Well at least you have a guy. It’s getting harder each day to try and find the perfect guy.” Misty then told Daisy that Tracey was still available. Daisy then said, “No offense Misty but, I’ve been turning Tracey down for years. Plus, I have my suspicions that he’s a ho-mo-sexual.” Misty then said, “It’s not true, Tracey likes girls. At least, I think he does. But you should give him more of a chance.” A little later back at the strip club, Drew walked over to a table where Todd, Gary, and Richie were sitting. Drew then asked them where Ash was. Richie told him that Ash was in a back room with the exotic dancer. Gary then noticed that Brock was locking lips with someone. “Well at least Brock found a way to get over Suzy” he said. But on much more investigation, they notice that the person Brock was making out with was actually Tracey. Todd then said, “Wow, even I think this is sad. Oh well, time to take a picture.”

    In the backroom, Ash was asking Melody why she ended up in a strip club in Saffron. Melody told Ash that a couple of years ago, she left the Orange Islands on her own, but found out that it was harder than she thought to be on her own. Short of cash, she tried to find odd jobs in any department. She didn’t want to go back home for she’d feel like a total failure. Melody finally reached her last resort, and wound up in the strip club. She then said, “Well enough about that. Tell me, how have these last few years treated you?” Ash told her that he’s back in Pallet Town, taking it a little easier, and is about to be married to Misty in one week. Melody then said, “I always knew there was something between you and Misty.” Ash then told Melody that he must be going now. Melody stopped Ash at the door, grabbed him, and kissed him passionately on the lips. During the kiss, Drew happened to have opened the door at that very same time. After the kiss, Drew came quickly and got Ash. “Okay Ash, we have to go now. We’re being kicked out” said Drew. As they drove off, Drew asked Ash why he kissed that exotic dancer. Ash then replied, “I knew that girl from years ago and for the record, she kissed me.” Drew then told Ash that he’d better resolve this, since he is getting married in a week. Ash then asked Drew to not tell Misty about any of this and Drew promised. Once Drew and Ash returned back to the house, Misty asked Ash how the party went. Ash told her that he doesn’t feel like talking about it and runs off to bed.

    Part Six:

    That next morning, Todd was sending some primo blackmail photos from the night before to his homepage. Todd still took pictures of pokemon, but also has a site devoted to photos good for blackmail. Unfortunately, he totally forgot that there was a picture of Ash and Melody together. It wasn’t long before all of Pallet Town was talking. That afternoon, Misty was trying on her wedding dress, when she got a phone call from her sister Daisy. Daisy asked Misty if she saw Todd’s new pictures from his website. Misty said no and said she was going to check right now. When she accessed on, she saw Ash dancing next to an exotic dancer, and she started screaming. “I know you were so wrong about Tracey being straight” said Daisy. Misty then yelled, “I’m not talking about that. I knew Ash was hiding something.” At Pewter gym, Brock was also looking at the site. When he saw the picture of him and Tracey kissing, Brock started to scream. Suddenly, Brock’s father Flint walked in, saw the picture, and said, “Where did I go wrong?” Back in Pallet Town, Ash returned home. As soon as he walked inside, Misty stood there with a sour look on her face. “Ash Ketchum, who was that dancer you were with last night?” As Misty held out the picture, Ash asked her where she got it. “Never mind of where I got it. Now tell me who she was” said Misty. Ash then replied, “Okay look, it was Melody, and she was the dancer at the strip club.” “You were at a strip club” Misty yelled out. Ash then told her that it wasn’t his idea to go and it wasn’t his idea to kiss Melody either. Once Ash said that, Misty threw him out of the house.

    Ash then went over to stay with Tracey until the heat died down. Tracey just tried to help Ash keep an open mind about things. But Ash told him that there’s so much doubt about the wedding now. Tracey then said, “Yeah, that’s great Ash. But right now, I have to change my name thanks to that damn photo. Let me think…I know I’ll change my name to Sketchy Trace.” Ash then gave him a weird look and called him one strange weirdo. Later that day, Misty was crying while May comforted her. Just then, there was a knock at the door. When Misty opened the door, she saw Melody there. Melody asked Misty if she could speak with her for a moment. As May left the room, Melody told Misty that she saw the picture on the internet. She said, “I know you have no reason to believe me but just hear me out. It wasn’t Ash’s fault. I was the one who brought him up on stage, I was the one who drug him in the back room, and I was the one who kissed him. Don’t you see Misty? Ash really cares about you.” Misty then thanked her for her honesty, but asked Melody to leave. As Melody headed towards the door she told Misty, “Just remember Misty, Ash would never abandon you. He’s loyal and faithful to the end.” After Melody left, Misty didn’t know what to do. May then walked in and told her that she should go see Ash. That night, there was a knock on Tracey’s door. When Tracey opened the door, Misty stood there asking if Ash was there. Ash then got up from the couch and asked Tracey if he could leave for a little while. “Hey, this is my place” said Tracey. As Tracey left, Ash started to apologize to Misty. “I’m sorry I let all of this happen last night. You have to know that Melody means nothing to me. You are the only girl I ever want to be with” said Ash. Misty then said, “Oh Ash, you’re the only person I want to be with too.” Tracey then came in and asked them if they patched things up and if the wedding will continue. “Rest assure Tracey, the wedding will go on” said Misty. With that, Ash and Misty kiss.

    To be...finished tomorrow...
  12. pokeplayer984

    pokeplayer984 Banned

    Finishing up so soon? ;_;

    Anyways, this is really good, full of laughs and great plot twists. :)

    Let's see, the couples for weddings so far are...

    Professor Birch & Delia (I don't know if I agree with that one.)

    Ash & Misty (*hears a hyperactive girlish scream from a hyperactive pokeshipper.*)

    May & Drew (Always imagined this one happening.)

    Jessie & James (With what I've seen on the anime, I wouldn't be surprised.)


    Wow! That's four there! :)

    May got herself pregnant and has to pay the price. ^_^

    I'm guessing Brock & Tracey were so drunk, they thought that they were kissing the prettiest gril in the world. I would be VERY surprised if they thought they loved eachother like that. 0_0

    I'm loving this fic and can't wait for the full scripts that are yet to come. :)

    Well, I'll see ya later. ^_^
  13. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    LMAO - for a second I expected that to be Kelly, but, meh. ^^
    XD - imagining these characters doing that makes me LOL.
    XD No way! XDD

    How sweet this story is. And still funny. Keep up the humor! ^^
  14. Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine Don't Mess wit Texas

    I love the new chapters! Keep up the good work?
  15. Your a fast wrighter Medea
  16. gladdecease

    gladdecease Master Coordinator

    Actually...I believe it's already been written out. Medea's just posting the sections one or two at a time after a good number of people have read it.

    I should do that...*ponders*

    The strip club humor was well-placed, and Melody, while unexpected, was well-suited to her role. It's almost odd, her patching up a relationship she had "tried" to break apart way back when. And nice nonetheless.
  17. Medea

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    Well that was a scary couple of days. I was actually planning on putting this up on New Years Eve, but everything was closed. Oh well, what are you going to do? Well anyways, I want to thank you all for reading and reviewing my fic. I have been working on another one that takes place right after this one. Problem is, I don't know when it'll be done on a count of, I'm going back to school next week. And I'll have little time to work on anything like I did during my 3 month hiatus. But if you would like to hear more, just PM me. And now, here's the last part of this story!

    Part Seven:

    The big day if finally here and everyone is very busy to prepare for the double wedding. In a dark room in the back of the church, Max was in there talking to someone sitting in a chair. “Oh please, just give me that photo that everyone has been talking about” said Max. Norman then turned around and said, “So you come to ask me a favor on the day of my daughter’s wedding.” Caroline then came in and told Norman to stop acting like he’s the Godfather. “Well I’m going to be a grandfather in a couple of weeks, so I should have the right to do this” said Norman. As Max left the room, Caroline gave him the picture. “Oh, this is too good to be true” said Max. Meanwhile, Misty and May were putting on their wedding dresses. May then started to cry. When Misty asked May what was wrong, she then said, “You’d cry too if you were going to walk down the aisle looking like a blimp.” Misty then tried to comfort May and told her that she looks beautiful. As the bridesmaids got ready, Tracey went up to Daisy came up to Daisy. Before Tracey was able to say anything, Daisy stopped him and said, “Oh Tracey, you don’t have to say anything. I know all about your secret. I saw the picture on the internet and you know you shouldn’t be ashamed of your homosexuality.” As Daisy walked away, Tracey started to bang his head against the wall. Just then, Brock came up to Tracey and asked to talk to him. Brock then said, “Look Tracey, whatever happened at the bachelor party I just want you to know that I still would like to be good friends. I mean, I don’t know about you but I’m straight.” The two then shook hands in agreement. Just then, Delia ran to everyone and said that the wedding is about to start so get ready.

    As some soft music began to play, everybody in the church stood up. Just then, the bridesmaids and suitors came down the aisle as followed; Violet and Richie, Eriko and Toshiki, Lily and Gary, Kelly and Max, Grace and Tracey, and Daisy and Brock. Pikachu and Combusken then come down the aisle, both carrying pillows with two rings on it. Roselia then came in and did a Petal Dance attack, spreading flowers all over the place. Just then, the music switched over to “Here Comes the Bride.” Norman was in the middle of May and Misty and escorted the two down the aisle. As they walked over to Ash and Drew, Delia and Caroline began to cry. In the middle of the Priest’s speech, May began to hold her stomach and made a lot of sounds. Drew then asked May if she was alright. “I’m fine! Just go on with the speech” she said. As he continued, May grabbed onto Drew and said, “Oh God, I think the baby is coming.” Just then, the crowd gasped and the Priest said that maybe the wedding should be postponed. “I said, JUST GO ON WITH THE SPEECH NOW!” yelled out May. The Priest then said, “Okay, let’s just skip ahead to the I do’s. Do you Ash take Misty to be your loving wife?” Ash accepts. He then said, “Do you Drew take May to be your loving wife?” Drew accepts. He then said, “Do you Misty take Ash to be your loving husband?” Misty accepts. He then said, “Do you May take Drew to be your loving husband?” “I dooooooo…Oh my God, get this thing out of me” said May. The Priest then said, “Please grab your rings and by the power invested me, I now pronounce you husbands and wives. You may now kiss the brides and somebody call a doctor.” Ash and Misty then kiss and May went down to the ground. Grace then ran over to May and said, “Don’t worry May, and I’ve been through this many times before. You can totally trust me. Wow, that thing is really coming out.” May gives a weird look to Grace and yells out, “Is there a real doctor in the church?” Just then, a Nurse Joy ran down the aisle and said she’d be able to help until an actual doctor arrived. Tracey then went over to Todd and took his camera. When Tracey came near May, she snapped and punched the camera. Todd then got up and screamed out, “My camera!” Nurse Joy then noticed that the baby was going to come out right now, and told May to start pushing. May started to push and a little while later, she gave birth to a baby girl. Just then, a doctor came in and said, “Okay, where’s the emergency?” As May was put on the stretcher, she told Ash and Misty that she was sorry for ruining the special day. Misty then said, “Oh don’t worry about it. Ash and I are finally married and I’m very grateful to be with him.” Drew then just remembered what he wanted to do. He then kissed May and told her that he loves her. “Oh Drew, I love you too. And I’m glad; we’re now husband and wife.” Grace then said, “You know, if you combine May and Drew’s name together, you get Mew. That’s what you should call your daughter, Mew.” “That’s great Grace, but we already have a name picked out. She’ll be named Rose” said Drew. As Drew and May left in the ambulance, Ash then went to Misty and said, “If we decide to have a second wedding in the future, promise me that we will not invite any pregnant women.” Misty then said, “Okay Ash.” As the two entered their limo, Ash brought out two tickets and told her that they are going to spend their honeymoon in the Orange Islands. Misty and Ash then kissed, as the limo drove off.
  18. Great Chapter Again Medea, This is looking good so far, keep working on it
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    XD...just XD.
    Amazingly funny and random. XB Love the Contestshipping cuteness. ^^
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    Nice chapter Medea, I loved the double wedding especially

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