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Free domain !!!


The Sexy Nerd
OK, well I have decided I am very,very bored today, so let's get straight to the good stuff :)

I have decided to register a domain name for the first person to post with a valid site. Domain will be registered at http://triple.com.

So what to do:

Post here with the domain you want (.com,.net,.org,.info,.bix or .name) and a link to your site, or evidence that your site is under development.

Next Friday I will register the domain an point it at your nameservers, if I can push domains to other triple accounts, I'd do that.

Invalid Participants
1. Sites you didn't code yourself.
2. Most forums (if you have made a custom script/heavily modified an existing script you can still ask.
3. Crepuscular

Anyone is welcome - mods or people :p (except Crepuscular)




Wow *-* I noticed you don't like my site too much from what you posted in the thread I posted about it but I have nothing to lose by trying: sunshrine.eeveeshq.com I'd like a sun-shrine.net please. Much thanks in advance.
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Yeah, I know my coding isn't the best.

Thanks man, really. ;D


Sorry for the double-post but... are you gonna set my domain? It's been more than a week now... Not saying this to rush you or anything, just in case you have forgotten. Thanks.

Sapphire Milotic

Um, I think that Eevee Chan knows what it is. I think I remember asking her once, let me check my email again real quick. Ah yes, found them. These would be the name servers for your website:


Hope this helps. ;)

Sapphire Milotic

We are both hosted by Eevee's Head Quarters, so all her hostees are on Dreamhost too.