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Free Hosts

Discussion in 'Webmasters & Websites' started by Mystical-Lugia, Apr 14, 2004.

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  1. Hey everyone, hope you've all been enjoying the Webmasters section :)

    Anyway, recently - there's been a selection of multiple topics on users requesting free hosts. So as to avoid a major flood of these topics - I've created this sticky in order for anyone to request, post or talk about free hosts. :) Please remember though - that FORUM hosts and such are NOT allowed.

    Anyone creating an individual topic in where to find free hosts will have there topic closed and will be pointed here - just so you know ok?

    I'll start of by recommending a great free host - http://www.geocities.com - It's got a great pagebuilder for new sites and works fluently with anyone. Be warned though - once your site grows, geocities may become less helpful towards your websites needs. Got an advanced free host you'd like to share with other users? Wanna find a better host than Geocities? Post your requests and replies here. But please remember, no forums.
  2. Clare

    Clare The Dainty Delcatty

    Here are a few that I know of:

    http://www.topcities.com - you get 600 megabytes of bandwidth per month and there's 150 megabytes of disk space on offer


    http://www.tripod.com - Both these hosts are pretty similar in terms of how things work. Only snag is that banner ads now appear at the top AND the bottom of pages so you must be prepared to put up with that. I used to host on Tripod, but I moved after they introduced the bottom-of-page ads because it was screwing with my layout.*

    http://www.bravenet.com - I currently use their Bravehost hosting service and they have another hosting service called Bravepages.

    *This statement is not intended to bash Tripod
  3. Purin

    Purin Guest

    Hm...freewebs is good, but for beginner websites. Plus point here is that you need not add banner ads or popup ads. Just a link that states that your website is hosted by them will do.
  4. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me Staff Member Moderator


    No ads except for a simple text link to the host, 100 megabytes of space, unlimited bandwidth, ASP support, Microsoft Access database support, SSI support, and loads more. No PHP, but you can do stuff with ASP all the same.
  5. Carlos

    Carlos Guest

  6. Alecat

    Alecat Guest

    hmm, I have been looking for a free PHP host... but not many sites support that. The ASP host one looks good, but no PHP. now I have to find a free ASP script of what I want, darn.

    [EDIT] I found a good-looking site. It got some great reviews on FreeWebSpace.net, and I have registered with them. My account is yet to be confirmed, but the link is here; www.illusionfxnet.com

    They have 3 different free plans to choose from, ad free, can host a sub-domain, and other features visible on that main page. They look good, but I havn't got their reply yet. Here's hoping![/EDIT]
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 23, 2004
  7. Kaiserin

    Kaiserin please wake up...


    Works wonders for me, with good uploading service, space, and stuff like that. I forget about the ads, but I don't think there are any. It's just a little unreliable in the availability department. Damn 404 errors. -_-;;
  8. Rayzor

    Rayzor Rising Trainer

    www.freewebs.com is the best I know of, but I am a little new at websites and such. This is a little off topic, but could someone tell me what PHP and ASP are, and also what a good amount of megabytes for a website is? I will be able to suggest better hosting sites if I know these things.
  9. Dark Sunrise

    Dark Sunrise Guest

    There is also http://www.brinkster.com
    I used that a very long time, but I'm moving. They put adds on every page, but if you register a .tk domain, there's not adds at all anymore.

    Brinkster has 30MB, for me that's enough. But like www.1asphost.com has 150MB and it's totally FREE! I highly suggest www.1asphost.com, it's on of the best there is. And it's even good for hosting, compared to brinkster is not good for hosting images
  10. Trinx

    Trinx The T

  11. Crazzy

    Crazzy Guest

    I need a host with PHP + mySQL.

    Also the best host out there is:

    Hostultra gives you unlimited Bandwith + Space. NO ads cept one. Plenty of sub domains such as www.yourname.vzz.net + more. Also you get PHP but thats about it its the best I know of.
  12. Siclon-Zer0

    Siclon-Zer0 Guest

    The host I used to use was www.web1000.com, its a good free host that offers no ads, unlimited bandwidth and 50mb free space. Also I don't think there is a pagebuilder so you have to use ftp (which i would use anyway).
  13. Dojorkan

    Dojorkan Guest

    Onlinerock.com is good except it may be a bit confusing for new people. You also cant make your own pass.
  14. DarKNezZ

    DarKNezZ Guest

    do anyone know one where it is free but with features??
    BTW... www.webbyen.dk if you understand danish ^_^
  15. FreakPhantom

    FreakPhantom Guest

    I use freewebs.com. DarKNezZ, it has free feautures like guestbook. if you want a forum, use proboards.com. Thats what I use for my site(link in sig).
  16. I want to know which would be a good one to start from if it was the size of this website (Ok, not that big at first),I'm thinking about either doing a Pokemon website or a Pokemon/Megaman website, for free.
    Also, do sites created with Yahoo SiteBuilder work on other webhosters besides Geocities?
    Last edited by a moderator: May 26, 2004
  17. Sobear FC3S

    Sobear FC3S Guest

    Thanks for the links, guys. I tried a few, and finally settled on www.hostultra.com. My previous server, www.50megs.com, was terrible. it used to be good, but no longer. Oh well. :(
  18. Kaiserin

    Kaiserin please wake up...

    I just came across something that may change your mind about using the hosts with popup ads.


    A deviant and nifty little HTML code that you insert into every page of your site will kill the nasty popups automatically. I haven't tried it (I haven't had the need for it XD), but it seems to work. Give it a whirl, this seems to be handy.
  19. Wh00t! ::looks around::

    Try freewebs.com
  20. pilko

    pilko Guest

    Are there any sites that host Frontpage-made sites for free? I've made a site on Frontpage, but can't find anywhere to host it for free, if there is anywhere. (Not Angelfire, it won't work for me.)
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 16, 2004
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