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Free Resources for Webmasters


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theres freedomain.co.nr all they ask is that you put a miniscule banner on your front page which no one has to click or nothing.
theres box.net for a file host


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You do not if you use a premade content managment system like php-fusion ( http://php-fusion.co.uk ) and if you need any help their forums are very active and members are friendly.

Shining Aruseus

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I really hate the adds I'm getting on my site off of 50megs.com.... so where is a site host thats FREE and has no adds, gives a large amount of space, and also lets you use HTML (I hate free layouts, thats why I quit Freewebs!).


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Wi-fi name is Spice
I was making my own web page and I was wondering how you add sound to it. I want to add "Crazy Frog Popcorn" If anyone could help please pm me directions or the html code I need to use to add sound to my website.


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I was making my own web page and I was wondering how you add sound to it. I want to add "Crazy Frog Popcorn" If anyone could help please pm me directions or the html code I need to use to add sound to my website.

If I were you, I would ditch the idea altogether.

Sound is a HUGE turnoff for websites, especially sound that plays automatically when you enter. It really doesn't look good on any website.

...Though if you MUST have sound... -_-

<embed src="file.wav" loop="true" autostart="true" hidden="false">

src: Basically where your sound is located. This links to the actual file.
loop: Whether the sound repeats or not once it's done playing.
autostart: Whether the sound starts automatically or requires manual starting by the site visitor.
hidden: Whether the sound's player is visible or not on the page.

There are other commands, such as to edit the height and width of the player if hidden="true", but I'm lazy. :|

Marky Vigoroth

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What about ZendURL?
They support scripting and do not force you to have banner/pop-up ads, among other things. They even let you use FTP! (Though the FTP support is not prefect.)


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Free Hosting for everyone

8tt.org freehosting provides the important feature of using your own domain with 10 GB Disk Space,10 GB Bandwidth,PHP & MySql,with unlimited Databases,and the important feature of ftp and control panel access
click here to join now and enjoy with free hositng


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Can someone advise me on making my own site? It needs to be free, I can't do much HTML, but I'm quite good at computers in general...


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I'd like to add a forum host. It is http://freepowerboards.com/

FreePowerBoards is a phpBB3 host that has altered the control panel to give you as much control as you need over your forum. Edit stylesheets, yata yata yata with many cooler things give FreePowerBoards the upper hand over most phpBB3 hosts, since most people don't like the default phpBB3 control panel.

They also offer you many new types of subdomains, as well as piles of styles to choose from.

Also, there is a webhost.

FreeHostia is one of the best hosts to choose from. They give you an awesome control panel with many things. MySQL, all PHP functions, all Perl functions, a fully web based online file manager (better than Net2FTP), one FTP account that can be used to access all of your subdomains/domains, 5GB bandwidth, phpMyAdmin, etc. All free features can be found here. I found no problems with this host except they have an average of maybe 20 minutes of downtime every month. Thing is they used to have 45 min/month on every one of their servers, but now, 20 mins/month and not all servers go down at once. Also, it doesn't work with the PHP mail() function, as one of my forum's members reminded me. It really supports most forum software, since they're usually PHP and occasionally Perl. You can use Elephanté Free Scripts to download quickly many PHP scripts like newsletters, phpBB and SMF forum software, form generators, you get the point. I like FreeHostia so much that when it wasn't working with ComCast I looked for a good webhost that was similar but never found one.

ONE more thing...
DaFont is absolutely the best place for free fonts; supported usually by both PCs and MACs, for if you wanted to make an awesome banner.

Actually, maybe there is more...
FusionNews is much more secure than CuteNews, since CuteNews can be easily hacked into (which is a bad thing). For example, the website called Airro (if you guys know about it) had its CuteNews hacked. FusionNews also allows many more forms of BBCode. The control panel for FusionNews is a whole lot better. Also, FusionNews doesn't have its copyright anywhere except the comments section. There are many more smilies, too.
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Firstly most links lead to wrong links. I've been busy with alot of things and lazy to edit them. K? K. And I already know I'm much cooler then you by 100 times.=/

Damn,you read profiles? Srsly,even 10 year olds are much cooler than you and own a sucesfull website.

Im 10.. and i owe a cool site.

Sapphire Milotic

I have some recommendations for website hosting:

Eevee's Head Quarters is the host that I am currently using, she is a very nice webmistress and everything. She only hosts websites that are already made and think that they need a better website host. :]

ByetHost is a pretty good website host too. They do not put up ads on your website or anything, so it is a pretty good deal. :p