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Free ultra beasts from pokemon sun

Discussion in '7th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by catsarecool, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. catsarecool

    catsarecool Member

    Hi guys. I wanna reset my Pokemon Sun game, so I figured I should give away my Pokemon. I have all the Ultra Beasts you can get in Pokemon Sun. I also have a Solgaleo, a Zygarde, a Tapu Koko, and a Necrozma if you want that. First person to win gets them. Just give me the Route 1 trash pokemon (yungoos, pikipek, etc.) because I'm going to reset anyway. My only condition is that you trade me back my Incineroar and my Shiny Eevee to my new character that I make. First come first serve, and take as much as you want.

    Other interesting mons:
    Slush Rush Adamant Shrew Level 1
    Lycanroc Midday
  2. Loreena

    Loreena From Bisaboard.de

    Do you still need help? Would love to assist you :)
  3. AnimePsyclone

    AnimePsyclone Mew... Mew... Mew...

    Kartana plz
    Nickname it Origami
    Also a Zygarde
    PM me for details
  4. poochiena

    poochiena tiny dog

    I'd love that sandshrew if it's fine! ♥
  5. Fan4me

    Fan4me New Member

    I assume this is all done by now?
  6. Arc1Dragon

    Arc1Dragon New Member

    If your still doing this and nobody has taken Cosmog I'll take it
  7. Xenomata

    Xenomata MS Paint Sableye

    If you're still doing this, can I get Guzzlord and/or Necrozma? If other people claimed them already, I don't really wanna keep them, I mostly need their dex entries to make catching them less of a pain, ya know?

    ...though if I can keep them, that's cool to.
  8. jolyon2008

    jolyon2008 New Member

    If this offer is still up, may I have your Tapu Koko by any chance?
  9. MegaMeganium

    MegaMeganium Dropping Bloom Dooms

    May I have a Solgaleo and Kartana, please? Assuming this is going, of course.

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