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Friend code help?


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Couldn't find a forum for this topic, plz move or hit me upside the head with a heavy object if it doesn't fit in this section.

Anyways, I've been having a heck of a time in regards to friend codes. I can register other people just fine, but I got my Diamond secondhand from a friend (meaning no handbook or anything), and with my Pearl version I have no clue WHICH number or code is supposed to be for what...for a while I thought maybe I could just hook my DS up to the internet and find my code off of the Nintendo website or something, except it turns out I have the wrong cable. >_< So, yeah, I'm at a complete loss for what to do now to find mine...

...help? Please? ^^U


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There is no cable that connects your DS to anything but a power outlet or a headset.


To find your Friend Code look in your Pal Pad. Its in the key items department.
There are 3 options when you click thePal Pad:
• Check friend roster
• Register friend code
• (Your ingame name)'s Friend Code.

Not that hard ^^


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Already looked in my Pal Pad. Says I have to go online to get it.

...or something. >_<;

EDIT: Nvmind, it says to log onto Nintendo WFC. ...what is that? Wifi? <_>

Ah! Wait! I think I get what you mean with the 'Register Friend' thing! Sort of...soooo, do I basically just make one up? I'm confuzzled again... T_T
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no, use connect trough Wi-Fi, to the Gts atlest once, after ward, the game will have generated a random, but permanent Friend code for you, that is unique to your game and to your DS or DSi ( has long has you dont restart the game(deleting saved file and restarting a new))

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Once you log onto Wi-fi (Nintendo WFC) you will automatically receive your Pal-Pad Code (Friend Code). It does not matter if you log on through the GTS/ WI-fi Club or the battle tower.
You will have to look in the pal pad by accessing "Name's Code" Once you look there it will stay there unless you access wi-fi with a different DS.