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Friend or Foe Alike! (081)


On a quest to be the best...
Two observations:

Charizard was winning; Sparky couldn’t even touch him. If Charizard had just bothered to do something, anything, Ash would’ve won.

Pikachu didn’t obey Ash either; he ran into the fray without being called on. If he hadn’t, Ash could’ve saved him for later. What Pikachu did was brave, but he may also be responsible for Ash’s loss.

Ash raised loving, strong Pokemon, but he wasn’t able to lead them. That’s why he lost the match.
Tbh Im not upset about Ash's loss. Charizard choosing not to obey Ash is yet another instance of his development, which leads nicely into him eventually obeying Ash in the Orange Islands.
What I do have an issue with is Team Rocket stalling Ash. They kept coming back and it bothered me so much.
So Squirtle and Charizard lose because they sleep and yet Rowlet still continues to battle while its sleeping... bs