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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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New Member
Reposting, FC is 2191-8420-0026. Rock type w/ Pupitar, Nosepass and ?

Looking for steel type Friend safari's, prefferably with Aron or Lairon.


Chickity China
Looking for a Dragonair FS, I really need it for a tournament that I've been wrangled into. But I'll add whoever adds me.

0731 - 5776 - 8866
I've got Moody Smeargles, which are amazing.

PM if you add me.
My code is 1650-2192-8516. My Safari is Fairy type and I have Togepi, Swirlix, and another thing I don't know yet. PM me, yo.


Looking for more FC's for safari, particularly need:
Dark with Vullaby, Cacturne, Sableye or Absol
Dragon with Noibat or Shelgon
Ice with Spheal or Snorunt and/or Dewgong
Ground with Phanpy and/or Camerupt
Grass with Tangela, Sawsbuck or Swadloon, and Quilladin
Electric with Electrode, Luxio or Zebstrika
Fire with Magmar
Fairy with Snubbull and/or Clefairy
Ghost with Phantump and/or Dusclops

Currently not taking Flying, Fighting or Rock safari's.

My FC is 4184-1248-6336 my safari is Fighting type with Machoke, Breloom, and Sawk. Send me a PM with your FC if you decide to add me. I'm almost always online and have had multiple people get shiny pokemon from my safari.


Hi my fc is 2466-2337-1705
i have Lillipup,Chansey and Minccino
pm if you have added thanks


Veteran Trainer
Anyone have Sligoo or Feebas here? I have Butterfree, Masquerain, and Pinsir in mine, code in my Sig.
Hi there!

My name in game is Rrank. I am not sure what is in my Friend Safari, but I am looking for anyone with a ditto in theirs. I am looking to start IV Breeding and it would be very helpful.

Also, just looking for anyone to help me find out my Friend Safari.

Just shoot me a PM if you are interested ^-^
Got a ditto safari. FC: 0473-9218-6273

Im looking for:

--Friend safari with--

--IV Pokemon--
Gible (Jolly)(Rough Skin): Atk and Speed IV
Scyther (Adamant): Atk and Speed IV
Litwick (Modest): Special Atack and Speed IV
Deino (Modest): Special Atack and Speed IV

Power items
Choice items
Life Orb
Been lookin for someone with a Ditto Safari. Could you add me and help me find out what my Safari is?


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I am currently looking for someone that has Ditto in their friend safari. My friend code is 1521-2662-0974 and my friend safari is Bug type with Paras and Masquerain. The third pokemon is yet to be determined. Please PM me if you have this pokemon and have added me so that I may input your friend code


Veteran Trainer
My code is 1650-2192-8516. My Safari is Fairy type and I have Togepi, Swirlix, and another thing I don't know yet. PM me, yo.
Your 3rd is Floette (Blue Flower only, at least it is for me)


Got it Memorized?
hello again. Ok. I deleted my last post here so I can update it here. I am Ice with Snover, Bergmite, and Dewgong.

If anyone would like to add me. Please PM me with your FC. I am mostly looking for anyone with a water FS holding Frogadire with protean in it. Thank you.

FC: 1375-7592-4453


New Member
I have an ice safari with snover, sneasel and lapras. Add me 1048-9235-2625. Let me know via PM and I'll add back!
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