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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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Looking for a Friend safari with dark/steel/dragon/fairy types. Especially ones with sableye or metang.

PM me for exchange

Friend code is 3454-0782-1475


No Day but Today
Finally beat the Elite 4, but I don't know what my last pokemon is. My type is water. Please add me! PM if you do! 3DS FC 3454-0782-1475


Just a guy

Looking for Safaris with the following Pokemon.


I will register anyone who registers me. PM me if you are interested. My FC is in my sig.
Ok...my FC is in my signature...but I have no idea what type do I have for the FriendSafari...is that something I find out once someone adds me? I just want to fill in my FriendSafari and see what Pokemons I can get before I'm able to transfer my full pokedex from Black2 :D also how do you find out if your friend has beaten the Elite4 and that you have access to the third pokemon?

The Mighty Tuma

Up and Coming Trainer
My info is in my signature. Just starting out with the friend safari, so any help would be appreciated. If you add me just pm me with your friend code, thanks


I am looking for quite a few Pokemon for Pokedex completion, here's the long list:
Seel, Tangela, Natu, Sunkern, Girafarig, Pineco, Shroomish, Tropius, Shinx, Bronzor, Spiritomb, Munna, Blitzle, Drillbur, Tympole, Deerling, Rufflet, and Vullaby. Any of their evolved form are perfectly fine, of course.

I would also like to have Starly and Honedge. I'm not sure if Starly or Honedge zones exist, but if they do I'd be very appreciative. If anyone adds me, just pm me and I'll add you back.

My Friend code is Duo:4356 0012 7773.

My Zone is fighting, and I believe I have Sawk, Mankey, and Tyrogue, but I'm not too sure about the first two.


Well-Known Member
I have Fraxture/Noibat/druddigon in my FS.
Need vivillion, crawdawnt, mightyena, sneasel, hidden ability dragon air, shelgon, electabuzz, magmar, Luxio, manectric, galvantula, clefairy, throh, ninetales, growlithe, ponyta, larvesta, ruffett, hoothoot, dusclops, spiritomb, spheal, cloyster, muk, seviper, drowzee, pupitar, rhyming, excadrill, octillery, wartortle, polywhirl. Pm if you have any, then add me!
I really need Ditto and Eevee but I'll add anyone who adds me. My FC and known Safari info is in my signature. If anyone knows what my third one is, I'd love to update with that info.


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Reposting, please PM the Pokemon in your safari first before you add me.


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My FC is 0602-6443-9551

Type is fighting, I know for sure I have Tyrogue, not sure what else. PM me if you add me with yours


I have a Grass safari with Petilil, Pansage and Gogoat.
FC: 5241 1915 9014

Alex Evangel

New Member
Hello, I've got a flying type Safari with: Doduo, Rufflet and Tranquill.

I'll add everyone that PM's me their code, I want lots of FC's!!! Thank you


New Member
My FC is 2638-0733-3939
Fire: Ponyta, Charmelion, --

Just finished the main story so my third should be available now. Send a message with your friend code if you add me.


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Hello, I have a psychic type safari which includes the following: sigiglyph, gothorita, and abra. Looking to add anyone and everyone. My friend code is: 1263-5893-9762. PM me if you add me so then I can add you back. Thanks. :)


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Hey people, my fc is 0817-3983-2541
Please PM me with your's, and I'll add you.
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