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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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New Member
Trainer name: Cal
FC: 2852-8164-1670

just beat elit4/got to kiloude and have no idea whats in mine

pm me with your FC and I'll add as many codes as I feel like typing :p
will probs be online most of tomorrow

will also add the last few posts above me if you guys are watching this thread


Trader and Battler
Looking for all safaris. Feel free to add the friend code in my signature. Be sure to also PM me with your code.


Kinda reminiscing
My FC is 4527 7981 4260. My name is Kieran

PM me if you add me so I can add you back

Thanks in advance!

My friend safari is delibird, piloswine and Sneasel


New Member
Update: My FC is 2638-0733-3939
Fire: Ponyta, Charmelion, and just found out that my third is Ninetails. :)

Send me you FC if you add me.


Hey all just thought I'd put up an update. Deets are in my sig. Ghost is pretty chill.


There are so many to look through!! lol, I am really looking for Psychic, Grass, Dragon and Rock fields. Also the following Pokemon:

Elekid (Electabuzz)

I have a Poison type with Whirlipede, Gloom and I forget the last one..please add me if you have either one of them!!

FC: 4210-4069-2826.
Here's my Repost of the day!

normal Aipom-Kecleon-Smeargle 5172-0943-0261

Looking for Ditto FS and a Steel w/ Skarmory :)

PM if added !


New Member
my type is electric, I ave galvantula, Pikachu and I am not sure for my third. PM me your code once you get mine - 5198 3580 0389


Hi my FC is 3969-4493-0256. It seems I have bug safari with Ledyba, Illumise and Pinsir.

Just let me know through PM so I can add you too.


Hi everyone my 3DS friend code is 1478-4321-4507. Please add me and PM me your code so I can add you back! Thanks
Looking for Ditto!


My Fc is 3024 - 5524 - 3108 :) pm your code if you add me :D

P.S.: i don't know what's my safari type yet!
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Shiny Charm Hunter
396942138890 is my FC
I have ice type with sneasel, dewgong & delibird
Pm me with your code so I can add you :)


New Member
Hello, my friend code is: 0619 - 4305 - 7533.
If you add me please send me a message with your code so i can add u back. And if you could tell me what's in my safari i would be eternally grateful =)


Dr. Ham

New Member
Seeing how it has been 4 days but a mighty 1.5k posts I'm going to do it again. No, not that.

Details In my sig, pm if you add me.


Dark type trainer
I'm really looking for a safari with absol & lillipup, if anyone has them please PM me, friend code in signature, I drop normal with Eevee :)


Pokemon Breeder
I have two 3DS consoles, so I have two FRs. You can pick between the two, though I have no idea what my first one's type is yet. If you're only adding one please let me know which one you're adding! My FRs are in my sig.

I really want Safaris that have any of the following:
- Growlithe/Archanine
- Vulpix/Ninetails
- Snorunt
- Shroomish/Breloom
- Seel/Dewgong
- Togepi/Togetic

I am willing to trade or help you breed something as well. I have Ditto, Eevee, and version exclusives for both games. When I capture Zygarde I will be willing to trade it for something, but probably multiples of the above or something really special (i.e. a shiny).
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Not sure how useful my safari is to people but I will accept anyone.

I am looking for a safari containing Camerupt
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