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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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Sorry, but I really have no clue as too what my safari is, as I haven't had a chance to use it. Would really appreciate the PM, saying that you've added me so I can do the same

EDIT: If possible I'd like a safari with some more of the interesting, hard to get Pokemon in. Nothing too specific thanks.

EDIT: my safari is mankey, throh and tyrouge
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Hi! I have a dark type safari with mightyena, absol and cacturne.

My FC is 4270-1182-1733


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I'm looking for a safari that has Liepard and Shelgon. If you have any of these, please add me and send a private menssage.

Friend code is 3711 - 7986 - 1029

My friend safari has Abra, Duosin and Sygiliph.


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My friend code is 5257-9947-2315.

Sorry, I don't yet know what my safari contains.


Blue ditto breeder
I need pupitar, heracross and slinggoo. Please, if you want to add me, PM with your FS pokemon list.


Anyone got togepi in their safari? I would love a safari like that! Otherwise im in to anything :) Give me a pm if you want to add me. My details' in the signature! Thanks in advance :))

Ze DreamGirl

Future Vaporeon
Hello I am a grass type with Ivysaur and Pansage and ??? (I only have one badge for the moment). My Friend Code is in my signature.


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Hey all, I've got Grass-type friend safari. FC 2036-7676-5868. Let me know if you add me!

Edit: Mostly looking for Gyarados and Heracross but all are cool!
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Hi everyone my 3DS friend code is 1478-4321-4507. Please add me and PM me your code so I can add you back! Thanks :)

P.S. Looking for Ditto!


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Please add me for Friend Safari FC: 4957-3174-7843
I have Braixen, Slugma and Pansear.
I REALLY want a FS with Abra/Eevee/Ditto if it happens that you who have those pokémon ran out of space, you can just add me for a short amount if time, enough so I can get what I want, and then you can delete me, so please consider :)


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Hey, I have a grass type Safari with Pansage/Ivysaur/Quilladin. I'll add anyone but looking for Wartortle and Sliggoo in particular. Send me PM with your friend code and I will add asap :)

My friend code:


hi reposting againg detales in my Sig let me know if you add me also just caugth a dewgong in one of my Friend Safari cant really tell the diference.


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Water Safari: Quagsire, Azumarill, Panpour
Also looking for Ditto, Eevee, Ninetales safari's, but will add anyone.
LF>Azumarill with Sap Sipper


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Repost I have*Steel*type Friend Safari with*Metang, Mawile and Bronzong.
My FC is*1478-3904-5033PM me so i can add you back.

Can you please tell me your type in the pm thanks.
I am desperatly looking for feebas or milotic and will accept anyone with either of those first.
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