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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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posting to keep up with the thread, info in the sig, if you add me today please know I won't be able to add you back until about 9 hours after this post because I'll be at work.


normal type: Aipom,
My safari is normal type: Aipom, eevee and loudred
my fc is 1349-4695-4792 pm if you add me and I`ll add you back

add me my friend code is in my signature

mainly looking for a ditto friend safari and i have the pokerus to trade for it, i also have a female protean froakie that i can breed (but may take time to get a protean female for you)

i am also looking for plenty of other friend safaris so feel free to add me and send a private msg with your friend code

also just a reminder to everyone, please go online in game by activating the internet button at the top center of your touch screen so that everyone can have access to your 3rd types.. i have far too many friends that never come online and limit me to only 2 of their 3


Squirtle Power!
Currently looking for Abra, details in signature - PM if you add me
Just find out my pokemons on my FriendSafari, my type is Fire and I have: Pyroar, Ponyta, and Braixen


Radio - On Air!
Looking for an Ice Safari with Snorunt. :) Details in my sig!

EDIT: Forgot to say that I'm also looking for Ghost-type Safaris since I rarely have any. Thanks!


New Member
my friend safari is normal type. my FC is 1907-8199-4861 name is Jesus. PM to add back


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Repost! My friend code is 0490-5792-3604.
I believe i have a ghost type safari but i don't know what the 3 pokemon are! if anyone could let me know that'd be great!


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My friend code is 0688-5382-1852. I don't have any info on my Safari yet, will edit when I get some.

I'll add everyone who sends me a PM with their FC.

EDIT: Type is Water; Pokémon are Quagsire, Bibarel and Poliwhirl
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SM Ash = New Ash
Hello! I'm looking for Safaris with the some starters (Ivysaur, Wartortle, Braixen and Frogadier) and Manectric. My FC is 1676 - 3812 - 1321 and I have Forretress, Ferroseed and Klefki.

VM me in case you're interested.


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Hi. I'm looking for safaris with Bagon & Abra. Anyone got them? Got stuff to trade if you have. Thanks.


Volcanic Rage
My code is in my sig, as are the Pokemon in my safari. Ideally looking for a Ditto safari (like everyone else!), but I've got a bit of space so I'll add anyone who adds me at this point. :)


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LF: Riolu, some steel pokemon, some dark type pokemon, some fairy type pokemon, etc
Im water type with frogardier wartotle and other


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ground type with Palpitoad, Marowak, and Trapinch
My Friend code: 2466-2335-7750
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Hi. I would actually be looking for Shellgon as Bagon won't be in safari. Anyone have a dragon type safari with him in? Cheers!
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