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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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Dan OHara

Hello Im looking for a few new Friend Safari's with any of these:

Dark: Sneasel, Inkay
Electric: Electrode
Fire: Larvesta, Ninetales
Flying: Hawlucha
Ice: Lapras, Snorunt, Sneasel
Poison: Toxicroak, Swalot
Rock: Barbaracle
Steel: Magneton
Water: Azumarill, Lapras

Please PM me with your Safari info (or that you need help finding out) before adding.


PS: If you need Friend Safari Dittos I have lots that I do not need and will trade for anything that catches my eye :D


New Member
Hi !
Normal Safari here! But I don´t know what Pokemon though...

My FC : 2466-1878-2019

I´ll add everybody who adds me !

PM me! :)

Lotus RoseWolf

New Member
My friend code is 1934 - 1806 - 0667, pm me your FCs!! Thanks!! :)


New Member
hi hi
not sure what my safari gives
but if anyone wants to add


New Member
Hello all,

I need some new friends for the Safari. My friend code is: 0018-1267-5059
My type is Ghost i have 3 pokemon you can catch: Pumpkaboo, Lampent, and Golurk.
I have two friends who are fighting and ghost. I need the other 16 types of friends. Please only add me if you know your type and it is not the types already mentioned. Just PM me your ID and i'll get you added ASAP. Good luck friends!


<--Magic Bounce
Reposting... Looking for a Ditto Safari and a Floette Safari. Mine is Flying with Pidgey, Woobat, and Hawlucha. PM me if you want to exchange. :)


Shameless repost for more safaris (im addicted). Info is in my sig!


New Member


New Member
Hey I will add everyone who adds me. Trying to get a good amount of friend safaris. I have electric with Pikachu/Electrode/Luxio.

FC is 1950-7901-0067


Battle Engineer
looking for oddish/gloom friend safari, ferroseed, metang and also sliggo. i think gloom is poison but oddish is grass.


New Member
Heya gems and germs! My FC is a Dragon type one that gives Shelgon, Fraxure, and Druddigon.

If ya want to add me please send me a PM with a list of the pokémon yours gives.

FC: 5026-5841-1072


I ate ColtonL
Does anyone have a poison or flying type with zubat, golbat, or crobat? I reaaaaaaally need infiltrator crobat ;_;


Bird Brain
Reposting with update. I'm now looking for a Grass and a Normal Safari. My FC and Safari details are on my sig. PM me if you added me and give me your FC so that I can add you. Thank you.
Hey guys, I have one of every type but Fairy. If you have a Fairy safari, hit me up. My code is in my sig.
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