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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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New Member
I am one of those desperate guys hopping from forum to forum begging people with a Normal Type Safari that has Ditto in it to add me. I want to start EV breeding bad, and I am ever so impatient. haha

I have Ground, with Trapinch and Camerupt. Not sure of my 3rd yet.


New Member
My Friend Code is 1134 -8255 - 5206

I don't know what my friend safari type is or what pokemon are in it but...

Pm Me so we can exchange


Charmander is best
Here's my friendcode... I don't know the Pokemon in my Safari so if someone could let me know that would be great! :D


Please PM me your friend code if you add me! :)

Edit: So far I know my type is Ice
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New Member
My code is 5043-1630-3726
Not sure what my type is yet, let me know if you use it! I'm particularly looking for Ivysaur, Frogadier, and Gyrados, so if someone has one of those and could let me know that'd be awesome.


In-Game Master
Hi, I am reposting my FC in hopes of getting more safaris. I would really like one with a quiladin, but I am up for any. My FC is:

PM me when you have added me, thanks in advance!

Hey, whoever does this, if they can PM me what type my safari is and what pokemon are in it, that would be awesome, thanks!
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< I can fly! Weeeee!
My safari is water type and has: Bibarel, Quagsire and Frogadier

My friend code is 2964-9916-3869

I'm looking for Ditto's mostly, as well as a ton of other Pokemon. PM or VM me


Breeding Rookie
Reposting my Fc feel free to add me 2766-9127-2456 pm me if you added me :)


The King
Reposting my FC for the fun of it :3 Check that description, then PM me so I can add you!

Mr. BrickaBracka

Once more I live!!
reposting my code 3110-4834-5981. my safari is dark with crawdaunt, inkay, and nuzleaf. pm me so i can add ya back.


New Member
My fc is 2380-3221-5402 i have a thunder type safari pm if you add me


New Member
Hey everyone my fc is 2294-4695-9011 my fs is psychic and contains espurr Abra and xatu I'm looking for normal fs with ditto and dragon with shelgon but I'll add anyone just send me a pm with your fc so I can add back
Reposting my Friend Code, it's in my signature. Please PM me if you add me.

I also have a variety of pokemon to trade, please look at my signature to see what I have.


I have a friend code I'd like checked to see what my type/pokemon are.

FC 0104 0290 5150

I've beaten the elite 4, if that matters.


Well-Known Member

my friend safari is psychic type with drowsee, espurr, and duosion.

4897 7047 8708

I'm looking for a tyrogue safari, or a safari with electabuzz in it.
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