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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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Hi, I'm still looking for some fighting, water, fairy, dragon or steel safari

PM if you add me I'll add you as soon as possible :)
Fc 2165-5879-1437
Friend safari ice :snorunt, beatic, Dewgong

Peace out


New Member
My FC is 3539-9968-9281 and I am adding all FC's. Just PM me if you are interested.

MY type is Ground, but that is all I know.
Also, if anyone can give me FC to a Helioptile or can breed me one with Solar Power, I will be very appreciative


Active Member
LF: Lairon, Dragonair, spritzee and other fairy and steel types.
OF: Wartotle frogardier and Krabby
Fc: 4098-3293-9083


New Member
Hey, I am looking for a friend Safari with Tyrogue. My friend code and pokemon (Dragon FS!) are in my sig.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Posting again. Looking for Safari's with Ditto.

As well as Fairy and Dragon (Togepi and Sligoo), but Ditto moreso so I can try breeding.

Fighting Safari: Throh, Meditite and Riolu. FC is in sig. (Click the link that says 3DS)


New Member

4828 4859 8357 (Grass Safari - Sunkern, Swadloon, and Quilladin)

PM me if you added, will add back (if not full...)


Im looking for Friend Zafaris too, my FC is 0361 6510 3206. Pm me with your FC please, also if you can tell me my type and pokemon that`ll be apreciated too. Thx!


New Member
Adding as many people as possible for the Friend Safari, please add me~

I believe my safari is Helioptile, Galvantula, and another electric type I'm unsure of. If you add me, please inbox me your friend code. Thanks!
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New Member
Repost -

FC- 1435 4855 0211
fire - pansear, charmeleon, fletchinder

(looking for something with ninetales but will add most people)


Know my power!!!!
Anybody got a bug type safari with pinsir? If so PM me!
*****Ditto Safaris Wanted*****

Not sure what my safari has in it... but I need Dittos from friend safaris for breeding, any other dittos wont do. Please PM or reply with your friend codes. If you don't know what's in your safari, I'd still be happy to exchange friend codes for other in-game purposes. Plus it might just have a ditto in it, anyways thanks :)
Friend Code: 1504-5801-0413


New Member
My fc is 5472-7437-7620, feel free to add and pm me yours. I'm also not sure what my safari is yet, if you want to tell me that'd be cool. :]


Pokemon Breeder
I'd like to add some more Fire-type safaris in the hope that I will find one with Ninetails in that third slot! If you'd be willing, here's my info(which is also in my signature for future reference):

3DS friend code: 1349 - 5706 - 3909
Friend Safari type: Ground. Pokemon include Nincada, Phanpy, and Palpitoad.
quick repost
wanting to add any and all to my friend safari . my FC is 3007 8094 7076 just drop me a pm with your FC and spread the friend safari love
im grass with pansage Ivysaur and quilladin


New Member
My FC is 2122-6041-1263, Poisen Safari PM me with urs


Looking for Safaris with ditto, eevee, togpi, or pawniard. Will consider any though, send me your FC
3DS FC: 0275-8399-2231
Friend Safari-Ice-Pokemon: Lapras ;131; , Bergmite , Delibird ;225;
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