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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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Active Member
LF: Lairon, Dragonair, spritzee and other fairy and steel types.
OF: Wartotle frogardier and Krabby
Fc: 4098-3293-9083


looking for a friend safari with gligar, or riolu or looking to trade a Hidden ability gligar female if possible, FS in sig and i have other good pokemon and i can breed any nature, PM me up
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New Member
reposting. looking for ditto friend safari but I'll gladly add anyone. FC is 1907-8199-4861. PM me so I can add you back. please and thank you.


New Member
Looking for someone with Fairy type safari. I'm Poison my FC is 4613 - 6272 - 2142.

Looking to get a Swirlix with Unburden if you know anyone with one or a safari with Swirlix in them please let me know either here or PM :) Thanks!
Does anyone have a safari with diggersby? I have an ICE safari, PM me and add me and ill do the same :) (this applies to anyone )
I'm reposting. I don't have many FC slots available at the moment, so if I've asked to friend someone that hasn't responded in kind yet, I may be removing that pending friending from my list.

That said... My code is 4554-1301-8103. From what I've heard, my Safari Zone has the following pokemon in it: Gabite, Druddigon, and Noibat.

I'm looking for Heracross, Noibat (still haven't seen anyone with one in a safari yet), Helioptile, Manectric, Luxio, Zebstrika, Pancham, Mankey, Riolu, Hariyama, Spiritomb, Cloyster, Duosion, Excadrill, Ferroseed, Skarmory, Absol, Inkay, Crawdaunt, Vullaby, and Klang. Those with at least two of the bunch will have priority at this point (this is not a full list, so send me PM and I'm sure I'll add ya anyway).


My safari Golurk, Phanthum, and Shuppet. My FC: 1118-1357-9485

Looking for any safaris with togepi, dragonair, charmeleon, Ivysaur, shroomish/breloom, fletchinder, and braxien.

In general I could use a few more fire and steel safaris.


New Member
Looking for a friend Safari with Gothrita or its evolution line!

If any of you could help me it'd be much appreciated.

Whats in my safari is in my sig... in a second


TransSteel-type Pokemon
I dropped my FCs over at the Official 3DS Friend Code thread, but for added measure I'm putting it here too :p

FC: 0189-9270-7499 Bug Safari: Paras, Beautifly, Pinsir
FC: 2148-8666-0146 Ground Safari: Trapinch, Marowak, ??

PM me yours if you add either/both code(s). I'm looking for everything besides Ground type.

The Mighty Tuma

Up and Coming Trainer
My info is in my signature. The only thing I'm looking for is a couple more electric type safaris, but will add people even if their not. Pm me if you add me
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PM your friend code
Info for Safari in sig


The Oddball Trainer
Friend code is in my sig! Looking for someone who's got a safari with Sliggoo, and one with Shuckle!


New Member
Hi everyone.

My friend code is 3351-5401-9803. Please PM me if you want to add me.

I am not sure what I have in my Safari, so I would also appreciate it if you could PM me that info as well.


New Member
Hi everyone! Please add me to your Friend Safari!

My Friend Code is 1907-8401-6407
I give Psychic Drowzee , adorable Espurrs & Gothorita

I'm not filled enough yet to be picky so I'll add everyone, but if you can let me know what you have anyway :).
Also I am breeding adamant Dratinis with mutliscale, PM if you'd like one I currently don't have a lot of females but feel free to see if any are left!

I have a shiny Gulpin to trade if someone with Ditto will add me, If I catch any others they will be offered as well

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