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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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My FC is 2148 8651 2324. Looking for anything with ivysaur, growlithe, luxio or anything really but I would be forever grateful if you have ivysaur. My safari is Grass if im not mistaken. PM me


New Member
Hello, my name is Art_de_Cat,
FC: 3781-0087-3326

In Game trainer Name is Teddy P and have Pokemon Y
I am a bug safari with Vivilion, paras, and illumise
I am looking for people with Dittos, or luxray family specifically, but anyone who wants to exchange codes just let me know!

Insane General

New Member
Friend Safari type is normal: Teddiursa, Kecleon, Eevee
Friend Code: 4124 - 5203 - 4588
Pm me with yours :D


Got a ditto safari. FC: 0473-9218-6273

Im looking for:

--IV Pokemon--
Gible (Jolly)(Rough Skin): HP, Atk and Speed IV
Scyther (Adamant): Hp, Atk and Speed IV
Larvitar (Adamant): Hp, Atk and Speed IV

Power items (Def and Spe Def)
Choice items
Life Orb


New Member
My FC is 2036 - 70032 - 0555

Got a Bug-type Safari: Volbeat, Combee and Heracross

I've been looking for one with Galvantula/Joltik but I'll add anyone that wants to trade FC's

Just PM me!


Will add anyone that PMs me.


looking to add people with starters. already have hidden ability wartortle and frogadier. looking for others. check my sig and add me. send me a pm if you do.


New Member
Hey all,

I have been out of Pokemon for several generations now, but have picked up the latest game. I've just beaten the Elite 4, and am ready to start doing endgame stuff. I only have about 2 friends with 3DS's, so I need some codes :D!

My code is: 3582-9448-2818 - I do not know which Pokemon are in my zone or how to check.

I read up on the deep breeding system in this game, so I'd like to start doing some of that. As such if anyone has a zone with ditto or dratini, that'd be super helpful! I'll add anyone though since I don't really have many codes yet! Be sure to PM me if you added me.



New Member
My FC is: 1993-8252-5412

My Safari is Steel: Klefki, Klank and Ferroseed

In game character name is Sept

PM me if you add me



New Member
I'm not sure what kind of Pokémon are in my friend safari but my friend code is 1263-6759-6816 so PM me if you add me. My name is Marinator


Aspiring Author
Here is my fc, to anyone who is interested: 3995 - 6572 - 7256

My friend safari is fire with: Ponyta, Slugma and Ninetails.

I am currently looking for people with the following in their safari: Ditto, Lampent, Sableye and Golurk.

PM me if you are looking for what I have/have what I'm looking for. ^^


ground types
pm m if you have any of the following:

zubat, golbat, crobat
beldum, metang, metagross
i have brelooms, if interested
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Hey Guys!! Am a ground type safari! with Marowak, Trapinch and a Gastrodon!!! So PM me if you want to add :D
My FC: 5456-0610-4532 And if you have a ditto, vulpix/ninetails, starters, electricity pokes safari PM MEEHHHHH ! But if you dont have, i don't care
ill add you anyways :D
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Well-Known Member
I really need someone who has a normal safari with Ditto. My safari is water and I have Wartortle, pm me if you wanna swap FCs.


FC: 3265-5388-6085

Hi, please register me and send me a PM with your Friend Code. I will be checking for the next hour. I have no friends and do not know what my friend code pokemon are. Thank you very much.
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