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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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Active Member
FC: 3196-4076-7050

I think someone said I'm flying.

Add me and and pm with what you find and your own FC so i can added you.


New Member
FC: 5086 - 1961 - 7743
Rock type Safari (Marcargo, Nosepass, Shuckle)

Adding anyone, but really needing a Ditto safari


Flawless Technique
FC is 4339-3819-1503
My Safari is Bug (Heracross)

I would like as many different types as I can but right now I really really want a Normal Safari with Ditto and/or Audino.


Well-Known Member
I am currently looking for someone that has Shuppet in their friend safari. My friend code is 1521-2662-0974 and my friend safari is Bug type with Paras and Masquerain. The third pokemon is yet to be determined. Please PM me if you have this pokemon and have added me so that I may input your friend code.


Looking for sneasel and palpitoad safari! My FC are getting full so I have to be selective.

Safari (Poison Type): Gloom, Garbodor, and Whirlipede.

FC: 3823 8772 5875


New Member
looking for ditto, riolu, scyther or haunter safari but i will add anyone who adds me. my code is 4253-3812-9092 and my safari is Ghost type with Phantumps and Lampents, not sure what third is.
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Frigid Trainer
My info is in my sig. I'm mostly looking for safaris with Sligoo, Larvesta, and Shuppet, but if for some reason you need to make use of my safari, I'm more than happy to add another hunting ground to my options.
Also, Safaris with starters are always welcome.
A ditto safari wouldn't hurt, either...
PM me with your codes, and thank you to everyone who helps!
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Hi :) I'm still looking for an excadrill, dragonair, clafairy and riolu.
Please send me a PM if you want to add me
Fc 2165-5879-1437
Friend safari ice : snorunt, beatic, Dewgong


New Member
Mine is geris:4511-0615-8369
Still don´t know what I have but will edit as soon as I know
PM me your fc so I can add you back
Just reposting my info for the night;my code is 1607-2139-2028 and my Safari is Ghost with Phantump, Shuppet, and Spiritomb. I'll add anyone who asks, but be sure to PM me so I can add you back! Currently, I'm looking for Ditto (like everyone else x. X), Ivysaur, Sligoo, Larvesta, Galvantula, Shelgon, Luxio, Crawdaunt,Metang, Lapras, Toxicroak, Maractus, Dusclops, Combee, Helioptile, Pinsir, and Heracross. So I still have a ways to go xD happy hunting!


Radio - On Air!

Still looking for Safaris that contain a Dewgong, Metang, Dusclops, and/or Nuzleaf. :) Thanks!


Just a guy

Looking for Safaris with the following Pokemon.


I will try to register anyone who registers me. PM me if you are interested. My FC is in my sig.


Looking for Safaris with Ditto, Pumpkaboo, Pawniard, Pupitar, Metang, and Dusclops Send me a pm with your FC


Hello, my FC is 4871-3897-2190. I have a Ghost type Safari with Pumpkaboo, Shuppet and Drifblim. PM me once you have added me.


Pokemon Master
Reposting, info in sig.

Looking to finish as much of the National Dex as possible, also looking for Dragonair, Braixen, Breloom and Metang.


New Member
Looking for Pupitar + Excadrill please....

I will add you back, send me a PM with your safari typing please + type of pokemon
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