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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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My safari has Golurk, Phanthum, and Shuppet. My FC: 1118-1357-9485 If interested, PM me.

Looking for any safaris with togepi, dragonair, charmeleon, Ivysaur, shroomish/breloom, fletchinder, and braxien.

In general I could use a few more steel safaris.


friendly placebo
Looking for a Friend Safari with Frogadier! PM me your friend code if you do. C:

Mine is: 4983 - 5066 - 9233
Poison type!

Not 100% sure what Pokemon are in it.


My friend code is 1650-1803-6777, i dont know what my safari is.

Atm i only have like 20 friends so i need pretty much everything, if you add me pls send me a pm so i can add you back, i can offer starters and eevee´s xD and im always up for some duels.


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I found out that I'm an Ice Safari with Bergmite, Delibird and Cloyster. If you want to add me, my FC is in my sig. Just PM me your FC :)


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Add please FC 3866-8536-5637 Name Keith. I have a rock type safari with macargo AKA faster egg hatcher. So PM me if you added me.

Offering rare items, pokemon, O-powers and of course my friend safari. Need a friend safari with honedge in it ASAP. PM or reply if interested. Thanks.

FC: 1504-5801-0413


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I have a really great Safari. Fire type: Larvesta, Braixen (Magician confirmed), Pansear. 0963-0256-3521 PM your details.
My 3DS Friend Code is 3368-1989-0029 ! For Friend Safari, a battle, a trade or whatever :)


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I am electric with pikachu and dedenne. Dont know my third. My code is 0946-2572-2499
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Pm me your code and I'll add you I have larvesta and 2 others of which I don't know


FC: 3711-7728-5652

Type: Ice; Bergmite, Spheal, Dewgong (thanks to those who helped!)

Will add anyone.

Primarily looking for:



Just a guy

Looking for Safaris with the following Pokemon.


I will try to register anyone who registers me. PM me if you are interested. My FC is in my sig.
Don't suppose anyone has a safari with Cacnea or Cacturne in it do they? PM me if so, many thanks :)
(repost & updated)
Hello all! My friend code is: 1805-2157-1929
My type is Flying with Spearow, Tranquil and Fletchinder.
Im looking for safaris, in order of preference;
Normal: Ditto,
Fairy: Togepi
Electric: Luxio
Bug: Heracross
Fire: Charmeleon, Larvesta, Ninetales
Grass: Ivysaur, Quilladin, Tangela
Steel: Skarmory, metang, Excadrill
Ghost: Golurk
Dragon: Gabite, Dragonair
Fighting: Machoke, Breloom
in-game name: Dew.
If you add me PM me your code, safari type and mons within in.
Unfortunately I wont be adding water safaris as I have alot already (many irl friends were water)

Many thanks and happy hunting xD
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3DS FC: 5300 9069 2459
Friend Safari: Ice ~ Snorunt, Bergmite, Piloswine

If you add me, please send me a PM too. I'll add anyone back! :D
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