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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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Have ditto fc.
Looking for one with Joltik


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Friend Code: 3024 - 6074 - 9418
Ice Safari, contains Snorunt, Sneasel and Dewgong.

I'm not too picky on what I want since what I'm looking for is Pokemon that cannot be found in Y version. Specific-wise I'd like to have ones with Frogadier, Ditto, Metang, Wobbuffet, Gothorita, Kirlia, Spiritomb, and Tyrogue.

PM with info if you do invite. I check the site occasionally.

Gothorita, Ditto, and Wobbuffet can be found in Y.


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Name Keith FC 3866-8536-5637 Rock type safari with macargo AKA faster egg hatcher. PM me if you added me and I'm currently looking for a safari with Floette the fairy type


that1chick Iam Confused....do have a Pikachu in your Safari or a Stunfisk?


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FC: 0576 4891 5397 Ice type with Spheal, Bergmite and Piloswine. Looking for friend safari with Pikachu, Ivysaur and ninetails.


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Finally found out my safari type. I have grass type with sunkern - ivysaur - quiladin. My FC is 2406 6294 5800. I'm not looking for anything in particular, just bulking up my FC list. Pm me if you add me so I can add you back.


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Friend code is: 3050 - 8532 - 4682
Water safari with Gyarados, Panpour, and Azumarill

Looking for safari with Tyrouge


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FC: 4055-2817-6288 Poison Type with Venomoth, Kakuna, and Toxicroak. Willing to add anyone but seeking Togepi, Ditto, Pupitar, Larvesta, Pinsir, and Heracross if anyone is willing to give me their code with one or more of the pokemon mentioned. Pm me with your code and type/pokemon if you add me. Willing to check safaris for people who do not know what they have at the moment.
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you guys know the drill, sig has the info, pm me with your friend code, still looking for Riolu and Shelgon Safari's.


My code: 4184-1715-4671
Mine has Tyrogue!

Friend list almost full, so really just looking for Klefki/Braixen safaris. Sorry.


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I don't know what pokemon are in my friend safari, but my friend code is 3153-4334-6909. If you add me, message me so I can add you back. Once I figure out which pokemon are in my safari I'll edit my post :)

Normal type and I have Dunsparce, Loudred, and Chansey

Looking for someone with a Togepi!
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Hello hello!

My Friend Code is 0516-7290-9929
My Safari is Poison with Cascoon, Garbadoor and an unknown.

Please PM me if you add!


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Thanks MonMonCandie,

I meant Klang, not KlingKlang. So my question still stands, anyone seen Klang in a Safari? I know where the list is on the site, but I'm taking it with a grain of salt due to the lack of ability to pull this info out of the game's code. I've also seen others talking about Honedge and Staryu (which I'm assuming are not possible safari mons), so you know.

Yeah my friend has a steel safari with Klang in it.


Hi my number is 3265-5388-6085. I have ground - sandshrew, camerupt, ???. I am looking to Togepi, Azumarill, Inkay, Dragonair, Mawile, Breloom, Excadrill, Thank you so much in advance!
Thanks for the adds people. PM me. FC: 0791-2292-7628 Let me know if you add me.

Mostly after Dragon safari's but will accept all FC's.

I got Growlithe, Ninetails, and Larvesta.


hello humans, I'm looking for friend safari with espurr, or willing to trade HA espurr for a plethora of other HA pokemon i have to offer
hit me up

Jason Park

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Hi, I have a Fairy safari with Kirlia, Floette and Swirlix.

Looking for Ditto, Rufflet, Tyrogue, Noibat and Golurk. Thanks!


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Hello Im looking for FCs to add. My FC is 4098 3180 2904. PM me if you add me. I dont know whats in my safari but Id appreciate if someone let me know.

I am mostly looking for safaris with Mankey and Phanpy in them, but would also like Heracross, Deerling, teddiursa, and Growlithe
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