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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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Friend Code: 4441-9542-8525
Pokemon in my Safari: snubbell, spritzee and flotte
Pokemon I'm Looking for: Galvantula,
PM if you have thanks!


Pokémon Blue
Friend Safari:

;191; :548: :556:

Looking for:


3DS Friend Code: 3007-8066-8615


Homo Insani
Friend Code: 4699-6473-5895
Pokemon in my Safari:Boldore, Pupitar, Rhydon
Pokemon I'm Looking for: Ditto, Dragonair, Drapion, Kakuna
(I believe this is according to the rules of this sub-forum, isn't it?)


FC: 2852-7902-5876.
Pokemon in my safari: Doduo, Swanna and Hawlucha.
Looking for: Steel (Metang preferably), Ice, Ghost and Bug safari's. However, I'll still add most people even with different safari's.

PM me if you add me.
Friend Code 1: 0989-1739-6560
Pokemon in Safari: Lampent, Phantump, Drifblim

Friend Code 2: 3609-1040-1613
Pokemon in Safari: Mankey, Throh, Breloom

Looking for: Snorunt, Starters, Eevee, Ditto,
Oddish, Swadloon, Petilil, Kirlia

Please PM me if you want to add me. Let me know which game you would like to add and the pokemon in your safari.
Thank you!


Friend Code: 4253-3474-6081
Pokemon in my Safari: Psychic safari. Drowzee, Girafarig, Sigilyph
Pokemon I'm Looking for: Starters and ditto, but i accept everyone


praise helix fossil
FC: 3067-5640-2854

Pokemon in safari: unknown

Looking for: Ditto, Eevee, Metang
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Hi everyone. Please feel free to add me.

Remember to drop me a pm of your friend code so i can add you back once you have added me.

I will be online for the next 3 hours or more. Refer to my signature below for details!


New Member
Friend Code: 3110 5217 0839
Pokemon in my Safari: poison : gloom, garbordor, unknown
Pokemon I'm Looking for: Starters and ditto and abra/munna, but i accept everyone

Just PM me i will gladly add anyone. feel free for anybody to check my unknown safari pokemon


New Member
hey, My FC is 4828-4968-0653
Friend Safari : Seviper, Venomoth, Toxicroak

Looking for: Eevee, Ditto, Pupitar, Pinsir, Politoad

If you are so kind to add with one of these pokemons please PM me :)


FC: 0473-9218-6273

Got a normal safari with dittos. :D!

Im looking for:

--Friend Safari--

--IV Breeded Pokemon--
Gible (Jolly)(Rough Skin): HP, Atk and Speed IV
Scyther (Adamant): Hp, Atk and Speed IV
Larvitar (Adamant): Hp, Atk and Speed IV

Choice items
Life Orb


Ana de Armas fan
Friend Code: 2509-1844-9479
Pokemon in my Safari Zone: Unkown
Pokemon looking for: Growlithe, Snorunt, Metang.


Winter is coming
FC in sig.
My safari: Snover, Bergmite, Dewgong
Pokemon I'm looking for: Ditto, Growlithe
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New Member
Friend Code: 1091-8795-3488
Pokemon in my Safari: lampen, pumpkaboo, drifloon
Pokemon I'm Looking for: Any and all that I do not have

Feel free to PM me with friend codes, I haven't yet used the Friend Safari and am hoping to do so as soon as possible. All friend slots are available. Thanks! :)
I'll add back as soon as possible, online mostly in the mornings and evenings.
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FC: 3582-9620-1002
Pokemon in My Safari: Eevee
Looking for:
-Steel: Klang, Mawile
-Rock: Rhydon, Corsola
-Flying: Woobat, Rufflet, Fletchinder, Hoothoot
-Ground: Camerupt
-Ice & Water: Lapras
-Bug: Vivillon
-Dark: Cacturne, Mightyena

Please PM with your Type and Pokemon guys


New Member
Friend Code: 4983-4929-0960
Pokemon in my Safari: Floette, Swirlix and Togepi
Pokemon I'm Looking for: Rufflet, Tyrunt, Kirlia, Metang (but if you have something I don't have I'll accept that too)

PM me if you've added me and I'll do the same


New Member
My FC is 1161-0070-3933
My frien safari is rock typ
So far nosepass and marcargo and the third is still unknown to me
And I want any and pm me if added

Thanks in advance
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