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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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Froakie :D
I'm not sure what my safari is as none of my friends beat the game yet lol :$
PM me your FC's :D


Hello there! x3
Looking for Water and Fire type Safaris and anyone with Ditto in their Safaris!. My safari has Aipom, Kecleon and Chansey! My FC is in my sig, pm me if you added me!


New Member
My friend code is 3539-9822-3087

I have a normal type safari, but I'm not sure what pokemon are available in it.

If you're interested in swapping codes just add me and pm me yours.


Hey Scotty,Jesus Man
Hey guys, I have one doubt: later this year, I'm gonna buy my 3DS, but now I'm using my cousin's. When I get my 3DS will my friend safari still have the feriends I add now or will I have to add everyone again?

Anyway, my FC is 0345-0215-5143. Send me a PM if you add me so I can add you back. Not sure yet what my type is, luckly someone can tell me :p


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Feel free to add me for my Safari type shown in my sig and PM me for your code.

Safari Type requested: Dragon in generals, Fire with Braixen/Charmeleon, Grass with Quilladin, Water with Frogadier/Wartortle(if there one), Steel in general, Ground with Drilbur (unless it in Steel as Excadrill). Will think of more.

Also can anyone let me know the rest of the pokemon in my safari?


RNGer, haters hate.
FC is in my Sig. If I know correctly, I am Grass with Quilladin. If others could inform me, that would be great! Thanks!
I'm only looking for Abra, Kirlia, Absol, Excadrill, Mienfoo and Espurr right now, but will trade for rare candies too.

My own Friend Safari has Espurr, Drowzee and Girafarig. PM if interested :)
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Super Awesome Dude
Adding people now. If you add me, please PM me to let me know and I'll add you ASAP. Really looking for normal or dragon type safaris for Ditto and Dragonair, but anything is fine. FC in sig.


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my FC 3325-2405-3129 i am looking for a ditto safari I was told mine is ground don't know what is in it though please PM me if you add me


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Grass type here! My FC is 0920-0785-6136, and I have Quilladin, Ivysaur, and Oddish. Open to almost anything at this point, though the biggest gaps I'd like to fill right now are Fairy, Dragon, Ghost and Water.



Details in sig, PM me if you want to add
Particularly looking for Abra, dragon or normal types


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Feel free to add me, info in sig.

Not looking for anything in particular but if you have ditto then that would be a good bonus.


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my fc is 4356 0302 3712 lookin for more friend safaris


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looking for more various safari :) , my fc is 3110-5077-2612 Profile Name Ptm (not sure of what type of safari i am)
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I have a Flying safari with Fletchling, Hoothoot and Farfetch'd, looking to gets lots of zones! :) Most specifically after Ivysaur!

FC: 4511 1792 9876


I'm looking for any safari friends! The more the merrier!! My code is 2793-1148-2460. PM me yours please. Thanks!


Hello! Feel free to add me, info in Sig.
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