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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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pokemon breeder
My friend code is 3539-9822-3087

I have a normal type safari, but I'm not sure what pokemon are available in it.

If you're interested in swapping codes just add me and pm me yours.

you have audino chancy and dunsparce
Hey all! Feel free to add me (but PM me to let me know!). My details are in my signature. Cheers!


New Member
My FC: 4098-3584-0826 I have mawile, florges, snubull. Looking for azumarill, larvesta, or magneton pls pm so I can add you too immediately. A couple pages went by figured time to post again.

Primera Stark

Wicked like Gengar
My Pokemon Y FC is in my signature, I am Rock-type, third pokemon unknown though, please do PM me if you add me though.


Active Member
Looking for Togepi, Azumarril, Sliggoo, . . . .


Right now I'm only looking for Dewgong, Spheal, Rhydon, Cacturne, Excadrill, Joltik/Galvantula, and Klang.

Lord Slim

Does anyone have a safari with Ditto in it? I'm willing to exchange with anyone, but the ditto would be awesome. I have a fire safari with fletchinder, pansear, and charmeleon. I'll leave my code here. PM me or whoever writes under this I'll add. Thanks 2423-3165-3660 name is Slim


I don't know anyone with a 3DS so it'd be great if someone added me. I also have no clue what type I am though and I'm not looking for any type in particular either, I just want to do Friend Safari.


My FC is 3394 4079 1955 in game name is Aaron My safari type is Bug with Paras, Volbeat and Vivillon. If you add me PM me with your FC please.
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IcaV PokePimp

PM me if you wanna add each other for Friend Safari. Looking for Dittos but am willing to add most anybody whose beat the league.




Stan pokéfan

Aspiring Breeder
Pm me your friend codes: Muhahaha

I have 27 spots left until I have to start deleting FC's. If you need to know what type and pokes you have I will check my inbox regularly and pm you the Info.
My info is in my signature.
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