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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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hey, can everyone add me please. my fc is 5386-8507-0668. pm me and il add you back :D thanks


Obsessor Collector
FC: 4355-9891-7163
Safari Type: Grass
Pokemon: Oddish, Sawsbuck, and Tropius (as I was told over wifi chat)

PM me with either FC or FC in sig if you want to add me.


PokeGyms Creator
My FC is 0216-0846-6549

I'm looking to add lots o' friends, so shoot me a PM/VM if you add me, so I can add you back! :)


friendly placebo
As far as I know, my Friend Safari is Poison. I'm not 100% sure which Pokemon in specific show up, however. Oops I'm lame.

Either way, just add my FC (in my signature) and PM me yours! I don't bite or anything. ♥
I am looking for Friend Safaris with Pokemon from the first 3 gens (Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn). If you don't know what pokemon are in your Safari, I'll probably add you anyways. Just PM me once you add me so I can add back. FC in signature, labeled "Pokemon Y FC" (obviously).

Side Car Fox

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My fc is 3909 7796 3843

It's a steel type safari with Skarmory, Excadrill, and Magneton.


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I'm desperate for a Ditto safari, been trying to get one for days. I'll leave my code again, i'll add anyone that needs any of mine, just pm me with your code.

4596-9440-5594 pachirisu-electabuzz-zebstrika


danger chili pepper
Staff member
Here's my FC: 3866 - 8699 - 9939
EDIT: It appears I'm a Steel type (Magneton, Klefki and Klang)

Check my sig for a list of Pokemon I'm searching for.


I have psychic Xatu Wobbuffet and Drowsee


PM me with game/3ds name and I'll tell you what you have if you want me to.


Well-Known Member
I am looking for Friend Safaris that have a Pancham, Fletchinder, and Espurr. My friend code is 1521-2662-0974. I do not know what my safari is. If you add me, PM me and I shall add you. If you add me and figure out my safari, please let me know what type it is and which pokemon it offers.


Looking for as many as I can
My type ghost
Dusclops and phantup
hi guys still looking for fc's thanks

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My FC: 3539-9233-5102
As far as I know, I have a Fire type Safari, and that includes Magmar.
Please PM me if you want to add me, just like most people, I'm after a Ditto Safari, but if you are in need of Magmar, I'll be sure to add you.


I just need Cacturne and Rhydon. Anyone with those please let me know. Thanks!


<--Magic Bounce
Hi! I'm looking for someone to help me confirm what my friend safari Pokémon are. My code is 0774 4248 8294, please PM me if you're trying to add me so I can get your code.


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Hi all, I'm signing off for the night, but as usual you can add me in the interm and send me a PM, then I'll add everyone who PM'd me tomorrow :) I'd really like some more normal, dragon, fairy, water, poison and ground types.


IcaV PokePimp
Reposting, friend code is 1521-3565-8813

I have normal typing with imposter ditto, aipom and kecleon.

Open to pretty much adding anyone I can afford about 20 more spots. Should be able to get online later today. Looking for Metang, Bronzong, Azumarill, Shuckle, Breelom, Mawile, Crawdaunt, Gastrodon, Excadrill

Thanks in advance =)

Would love to add each other, Idk how spiritomb plays competitively anymore but he's cool.


New Member
Feel free to add me and I will add you.
I have normal type (Aipom, Audino, and Chansey)
FC 2380-3681-2362
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Always willing to add more friends. I'm ground type with Sandslash, Nincada, and Diggersby. Plenty of room for pretty much anyone who'd like, just pm me.
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