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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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Shiny Hunter
Hello, I'm interested in exchanging friend codes. Pm me with your fc if you added me please.
My fc is: 0516 7504 1357

I also don't really know my type and pokemon, so It would be appreciated if you told me what type I am.


Trader and Battler
Looking for Normal Type Friend Safari. I'll take any safari though. My Friend code is in my sig, please PM me if you add me so I can add you back.


Looking for either anyone who has Luxio in their Safari Zone or anyone who has a luxio with hidden ability! PM me if you fall into that category please and thank you!!


Really want a friend safari with ditto in it. If you do please send me your FC code. I have druddigon, gabite, and dragonair in my safari. My friends list is almost full so I can't be adding to many people right now


New Member
I'm desperately looking for a safari with a ditto. If anybody has one please let me know via PM

My friend code is 1289-8519-6215

I'm also willing to trade a shiny grumpig for it


New Member
Central US and Canada time.

FC : 5172 0267 0618. (Name: Sub)
DARK: Absol, Mightyena, Crawdaunt

Looking for anyone who has beat the E4.

PM your code to me if you add me

Looking For:

Currently at work... will add all who pm me asap tyvm
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Metroid Hunter
well im reposting again if you guys don't have these pokemon: smeargle,lillipup and mincino message me if you add me...im looking for dragon,water, and other types i don't have...


New Member
Heya, looking to add a lot of codes to up my pokedex numbers and make the perfect party!
Dont know my type yet, so would be great if someone could pm me it :)

FC; 0130-2058-6994


New Member
Look in my Signature.If you can a bit german,is that you're chance.;)

(By the way,have these Dittos and other Hidden Abilitys too.Looking for others,expect Ocean (or other Pattern) Vivillon's. ;) )


New Member
Got an updated want list now, figured I'd post here again instead of editing a post now back over 10 pages.

See sig for info!


Well-Known Member
Looking for normal safari with smeargle, fairy and dragon safari. Info in my sig. PM me if you have it but I will not add anyone back who doesn't state their types and pokes, and those who I already have.


New Member
Please add me 1349-5742-2141
I have fairies - Kirlia, Spritzee, Floette
Looking for Dittos mainly but PM your code and pokes - Thanks!
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