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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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Hey there, just posting my friend code here in my sig. My safari is normal with eevee, aipom and kecleon. I'm looking for a safari with clefairy in particular but otherwise ill add people.
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My Friend Code: 0602 - 7695 - 3244
My Type: Flying - Doduo, Tranquil and Tropius
PM me if you add me :D
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I have just finished the game and looking to partake in a safari or two... My FC is my Sig, no idea what my type will be though please add me and pm etc.

I would like to find some people with ivysaur and charmeleon and dittos please...


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Looking for a Ditto safari. My safari is normal with Loudred, Dunsparce, and Chansey. FC is 2277-6737-8102. If you add me, please PM me with your FC.
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hello, I don't know what friend safari I have but I was hoping we could trade codes. PM me if you have mine so I can get yours. :)

I have Psychic.
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Friend code is 1779-0470-6851, and I would love it if someone would be able to tell me what type/pokemon mine is. Just PM me your friend code when you add me!


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Last Pokemon I was hoping to find today was Spheal, anyone have an Ice or Water safari where I can find one?


Looking for Snubble! Does anyone have a snubble or Snubble in your safari zone? Please pm if you do! Thanks!


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looking for anyone who has these pokemon in there safari

list of pokemon looking for are Chansey,Ditto,Eevee,Dragonair,Togepi,Xatu,Aipom,Sableye,Mawile,Absol,Metang,Shelgon,Luxio,Spiritomb,Throh,Sawk,Swadloon,Ferrothorn,Fraxure,Vullaby,Floette,Swirlix,Spritzee,Helioptile,

these are ones i really need


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My 3DS Friend code is: 3093-7484-1425
Game name: Jaeger,
Friend safari type: Dragon
Pokemon: Fraxure , Dragonair , Sliggoo


Really? Come on now.
My friend beat the game and is wondering what type he got so pm me if your open to randomness

hes looking for phantump and froakie's evo

his 3ds fc is 4871 3363 8857

pm if interested


Looking for a Ditto Safari. I MAYBE have one. My pokemon in my safari matchs up with someone who has a ditto, as in we share all the same pokemon except for Ditto and I have only been told 2. Try your luck today!


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Just added a bunch of you and found out what i have

My type is steel with Metang, Mawile and Brozong.
Two of which are my favourite pokemon.
Pretty neat huh?

My FC is 1478-3904-5033

Add me up if you want. Just PM me and i'll add you back.


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FRIEND CODE: 2277- 6820 - 1992
I don't know what my type and pokemon are, i would like to know.

I'm also looking for someone who's safari has SKIDDO, as i'm trying to get a shiny Skido. PM if you add me! :)


Dragon Pokemon Fan
Please add me. My type is Bug. I think has Vivillion, other two can't remember.
I am looking for people with Shelgon, Sawsbuck, Zebstrika, Vulpix, Ponyta, Luxio, Ivysaur, Braxien, Frogadier, Girafarig, Tropius, Petilil, Lampent, Larvesta or Ditto in their Friend Safari.

FC is in my sig! Thanks! PM me so I can add you.
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