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Friend Safari Exchange Thread ~*READ THE RULES IN THE FIRST POST*~

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I am currently looking for someone that has Pancham in their friend safari, as well as the starters for all generations(With the exception of Quallidin and Ivysaur). My friend code is 1521-2662-0974 and my friend safari is Bug type with Paras and Masquirian. The third pokemon is yet to be determined. Please PM me if you have these pokemon and have added me so that I may input your friend code.


Jumping into the fray here! I just got access to the Friend Safari and my FC is 5215-0220-7715. Unfortunately, I do not yet know what Pokemon I have. If you add me, please send me a PM and let me know what's in mine :) Thanks!

Edit: Thanks to all of you who jumped right on that so fast! My Safari is Steel with Magneton, Forretress, and Klefki :)
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My Code is 3136-7088-2625
Safari Pokémon: Rhydon, Corsola, and Dwebble


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Repost~ PM me if you add me! Especially if you have Ditto safari!


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FC is in signature if not : 4699 - 6468 - 2765
Dunno whats in my Friend safari
Yes, mine is useful! :'D

I'm looking for a FS with Dragon types & Normal (Eevee wanted). I have Octillery, Quagsire & Frogadier (Protean confirmed, had my sis check ;D)

Please PM (with your safari info) me so I can add you :)


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Hi, My Friend Code is 3737-9851-2148 and i'm fire type I have Growlith, Slugma, and Fletchinder
My friend (who does not have an account on here but asked me to post this) friend is 4940-6482-5931 and she's electric type and she has Luxio, Electrabuzz, and Emolga please pm requests thankies!!!


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Add me! :3

I have a Fairy type Friend Safari with Togepi, Mawile and Clefairy
My FC is: 3711 - 7461 - 0948
PM me when you've added me so I can add you back :D

Edit: I need someone with Dittos in their Friend Safaris please :D
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Repost I have Steel type Friend Safari with Metang, Mawile and Bronzong.

My FC is 1478-3904-5033
PM me so i can add you back.

If you are unsure of what your Friend Safari type or pokemon are.
Add me and PM me I will get straight on it.
add me and my sister !!
PM me your friend codes !!*

friend code is 4055-3181-7408*
name is maddie

name is maceylynn

- Rattata
- Arbok
- Clefairy
- Clefable
- Wigglytuff
- Meowth
- Persian
- Mankey
- Primeape
- Porygon
- Mewtwo
- Mew
- Dewgong
- Muk
- Krabby
- hitmonlee
- hitmonchan
- koffing
- weezing
- Electrobuzz

thank you.


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hello everyone, would like to get Kanto starters but will add others...
Pikachu, Dedenne and Galvantula
Please add me
Friend code 3523-2826-9846
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you amaze me.
Add me!! :D

I have a Ghost type Friend Safari with Dusclops, Lampent and Gourgeist.

My friend code is 4484-9016-3944

PM me when you've added me so I may add you as well!


Reposting, look at signature
Have a nice poke-day! :D


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My FC is 3110 5056 8575

Psychic: Grumpig, Wobbuffet, Xatu

Desperately seeking ditto safari, steel, fairy.
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my friend safari is dropping dugtrio and sandscrew. Not sure of the 3rd. Not great I know. Would really like to find someone dropping dittos or starters, ivysaur and frogadier. In any case, I'd be happy to add anyone just pm me if you do so I can keep track. I'll pm other's as I scroll backwar



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Hey guys! Not quite sure what my safari has (sorry) but I'm really looking for a Fire safari with Growlithe if possible! My FC is 2922-0067-8957! Just PM and I'll add you right away! Thanks :)
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