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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~


The Grass Master
Friend Code: 3540 - 0112 - 5934
Pokemon in My Safari: Drowzee, Wobbuffet, Xatu
Pokemon I am Looking For:
Normal: Loudred, Eevee, Smeargle, Dunsparce
Electric: Electabuzz, Zebstrika, Galvantula
Flying: Rufflet
Grass: Gogoat, Ivysaur, Sawsbuck
Water: Azumarill, Wartortle
Psychic: Xatu

But really looking for anyone. PM me.

Elxa Dal

New Member
My Friend Code: 4141-3013-3875
My Friend Safari (Ghost Type): Dusclops, Phantump, Lampent
Pokémon I'm looking for: Any, really. I'm still trying to find the perfect team.


Queen of Charizards!
Friend Code: 2878-9770-4347
Pokemon in My Safari: Pansear, Pyroar, Braxien
Pokemon I am Looking For: Loudred, Klecleon, Heracross, Gastrodon, Pikachu, Duosion, Rhydon, Foretress, Laparas


Ground Guru
My Friend Code : 5472-6342-2636
My Safari: Ghost - Lampent, Pumpkaboo, Dusclops
Looking For: Nuzleaf, Crawdant, Phanpy, Camerupt, Spheal, Wartortle, Frogadier
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Friend Code: 0748 2812 6841
Pokemon in My Safari: (fairy) togepi, swirlix, ?????? (clefairy or floette)

Friend Code: 4554 0315 3768
Pokemon in My Safari: (normal) minccino, dunsparce, smeargle

Pokemon I am Looking For: ditto, audino, chansey, heracross, pinsir, sableye, cacturne, breloom, ferroseed, skarmory, azumarill.
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Friend Code: 5456-0610-4532
Pokemon: Marowak, Trapinch, Gastrodon
Looking for: Shelgon, Marowak, Azumarill, Ghastly, Spritzee
(PM me your safari and pokes in it so I can add ps: will ignore if you didn't )


Dragon Tamer
Friend Code: 2852-8073-3902
Pokemon in my Safari: Sawsbuck, Pansage and Maractus.
Pokemon I am Looking For: Eevee, Ditto, Luxio, Charmeleon, will accept any though.


Rising Flame
Friend Code: 2681-0186-4445
Pokemon in My Safari: Ponyta, Pyroar, Braixen [Fire]
Pokemon I am Looking For: Eevee, Pupitar, Ivysaur, Braixen, Vivillon, will add anyone though as long as I have free slots


New Member
Friend Code: 4339-2863-6266
Pokemon in My Safari: Espurr, munna and gothorita
Pokemon I am Looking For: Ditto but any is fine :)


Friend code: 0087-2357-7886
Pokemon in my safari: Dwebble, Pupitar, and Shuckle.
Pokemon I'm looking for: Sneasle, and Trapinch.
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Grass Trainer
Friend Code: 0087-3424-7588
Pokemon in my Safari: Rock type: Boldore, Onix and Barbaracle
Pokemon I'm looking for:
Steel: Forretress and Excadrill
Water: Krabby and Azumarill
Poison: Gloom, Cascoon, Venomoth and Whirlipede
Ice: Snorunt, Spheal, Dewgong and Cloyster
Grass: Tangela and Swadloon
Ghost: Dusclops
Fire: Ponyta and Charmeleon
Electric: Electabuzz and Luxio
Dark: Crawdaunt and Sandile
Normal: Teddiursa and Chansey
~pm me with your FC~


New Member
Friend Code: 0490-5985-4021
Pokemon in My Safari: Krabby, Azumarill and Floatzel
Pokemon I am Looking For: Any
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Friend Code: 4184-2535-4634
Pokemon in My Safari: Girafarig / Espurr / Drowzee
Pokemon I am Looking For: Spinda, Pawniard, Corsola, Spiritomb
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New Member
Friend Code: 0920-0809-6262
Pokemon in My Safari: teddiursa, audino And Eevee
Pokemon I am Looking For: Only Dragonair At the moment


New Member
My friend code is: 3024 4829 5938
My safari: Pachirisu, Stunfisk, Manectric
I'm looking for Eevee, Ditto, Growlithe, Shuppet, and Spiritomb
Pm me when you add my code.
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New Member
My FC: 3110-4535-7119
My Safari: Unknown
My needs: I need fc's that can get me a kecleon, ditto, sliggoo, dragonair, helioptile, lampent, ivysaur, charmeleon, wartortle, frogadier, and magneton.


New Member
Friend code:122071754347
my safari is fairy with Calfairy, swirlx, and kiralia
I am looking for mostly water, steel, or ice safari but add means ill add you back
Pm if you added me so I can be sure to add you
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Don Pungo

Panda King
Friend Code: 1177-7759-7548
Pokemon in My Safari: Trapinch - Marowak - Diggersby
Pokemon I am Looking For: Crawdaunt, Metang, Ditto, Spiritomb, Camerupt and Clefairy