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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~


Well-Known Member
My Friend Code is: 3136-6575-8714
My safari: Flying; Doduo, Tropius and Woobat

What I want:
Bug: Pinsir, Heracross
Dark: Sableye, Absol, Vullaby
Dragon: All
Electric: None at the moment
Fairy: Mawile
Fighting: Breloom, Riolu
Fire: None at the moment.
Flying: None at the moment
Ghost: Shuppet,
Grass: None at the moment
Ground: None at the moment
Ice: Cloyster, Piloswine
Poison: Whirlipede
Psychic: Abra
Rock: Pupitar, Barbaracle
Steel: Mawile, Skarmory, Excadrill
Water: Gyarados, Azumarill, Frogadier

Send me a VM if you add me.

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Friend code: 0044-2853-9292
Pokemon in my Safari:
Meditite, Sawk and Hariyama
Pokemon I am looking for:
Vullaby, Cacturne, Absol
Snubbull, Swirlix, Clefairy
Ariados, Drapion
Magneton, Forretress, Klang, Bronzong


New Member
Friend Code: 0774-4764-3717
Pokemon in My safari: Snover, Bergmite and not sure on last one
Pokemon I am looking for: Breloom, Ditto, Eevee and Fletchinder will add anyone


Shiny Hunter
Friend Code: 2981-5276-3858
Pokemon in my safari: Pachirisu, Stunfisk, and Zebstrika.
Pokemon I am looking for: Clefairy, Phanpy, Dragonair, Abra, Crawdaunt, Sableye, and Growlithe.

PM/VM me with your FC if interested!


New Member
Friend Code: 4957-3039-1959
Pokemon in My Safari: emolga, helioptile, zebstrika
Pokemon I am Looking For: charmeleon

Thor's Beard

Well-Known Member
FC: 1779 - 0465 - 6200

Friend Safari: Bug - Ledyba / Masquerain / Vivillion

Looking for:

Normal - Eevee, Ditto
Bug - Pinsir, Heracross
Dark - Pawniard, Nuzleaf, Cacturne, Crawdaunt, Sneasel, Absol, Inkay
Dragon - Any
Fairy - Togebi, Kirlia, Marill
Fighting - Machoke, Meditite, Tyrogue, Breloom, Riolu
Fire - Charmeleon, Larvesta, Braixen, Ninetales, Fletchinder
Ghost - Lampent, Dusclops, Golurk
Grass - Ivysaur, Quilladin
Ground - Phanpy, Trapinch
Ice - Cloyster, Lapras, Piloswine
Psychic - Abra, Duosion
Rock - Shuckle
Steel - Magneton, Ferroseed, Mawile, Forretress, Skarmory, Metang, Bronzong, Excadrill, Klefki
Water - Octillery, Wartortle, Gyarados, Poliwhirl, Azumarill, Frogadier

Send me a pm if you add me.


New Member
Friend Code: 3952 7216 5518
Pokemon in My Safari: Dragonair, Gabite, Drudigon
Pokemon I am Looking For: Any, preferably ditto
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New Member
Friend Code:1091-8761-5942
Pokemon in My Safari: fighting with pancham and meinfoo, but I don't know what the third is currently
Pokemon I am Looking For: ditto, but will add any other types


Active Member
FC: 3136-7747-4882.
Water safari, with Octillery, Floatzel, and Poliwhirl.
Looking for safaris with Gyarados, Sigilyph, Spritzee, Riolu, Swirlix, Rufflet, Vullaby, Munna, Pupitar, Inkay, and most Steel types. Won't accept any but those for now, please.


Well-Known Member
Friend Code: 3282 3383 4836
Safari: Pansear, Charmeleon, Braixen
Looking for:
Normal: Loudred, Audino, Chansey, Ditto, Eevee
Bug: Pinsir, Heracross
Dark: Pawniard, Vullaby, Sableye, Inkay
Dragon: Shelgon
Fairy: Togepi, Snubble, Jigglypuff, Mawile, Spritzee, Swirlix, Clefairy
Fighting: Meditite, Pancham, Tyrogue, Riolu
Fire: Charmeleon
Flying: Hawlucha
Grass: Ivysaur
Ground: Gastrodon
Ice: Snover, Cloyster
Psychic: Abra, Xatu
Rock: Rhydon
Steel: Magneton, Mawile, Ferroseed, Forretress, Skarmory, Metang, Klang, Excadrill, Klefki
Water: Gyarados, Poliwhirl

Note 1: I will not add people who do not do me the courtesy of telling me what's in their Friend Safari. I will always tell you what's in mine if I contact you, and I expect you to do same (it's just the right thing to do). Also, if you have a complete repeat of what I have (i.e., three of the exact same Pokemon), then I will kindly inform you of such, but I may consider adding if you desperately need one of my Pokemon.

Note 2: Also, when you add me, please be online, 'cause I will be online when I add you. I'm tired of having so many Safaris in which I can't access the third Pokemon.

Note 3: Priority mons are in bold.
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Well-Known Member
Friend Code: 2938-7277-8393
Pokemon in My Safari: Pidgey, Swanna, Hawlucha
Pokemon I am Looking For:
Bug: Ledyba, Masquerain, Pinsir
Fairy: Togepi, Kirlia, Spritzee
Rock: Nosepass, Corsola, Pupitar
Steel: Magneton
Water: Poliwhirl

I have limited space now, so please VM only if you have something I’m looking for. Sorry :(


Shiny Trainer
Friend code: 1435-4722-6793
My friend safari: Steel with Ferroseed, Metang and Excadrill
Looking for: Wartortle, Metang, Pupitar, Dragonair, heracross!.
please pm me


New Member
3DS FC - 5215-0459-2216
IGN: Dibul
Safari Type: Psychic
Pokemon: Abra , Girafarig , Espurr

Only Pokemon on the following slots: 1st Slot, 2nd Slot, 3th Slot

Pokemon I am looking for:
Dark: 1. Pawniard & 3. Inkay (Only if it contains those 2)
Electric: 1. Electrode, 2. Helioptile & 3. Luxio (Only if it contains those 3)
Fairy: 1. Snubbull & 2. Spritzee (Only if it contains those 2)
Ground: 1. Trapnich, 2. Dugtrio & 3. Gastrodon (Only if it contains those 3)
Water: 2. Quagsire & 3. Frogadier (Only if it contains those 2)
Poison: 3. Muk/ 3. Toxicroak
Psychic: 1. Drowzee, 2. Sigilyph & 3. Gothorita (Only if it contains those 3)

Send me a PM with your Safari Trio and your FC ~


Ghost Trainer

My Code: 2664 2458 6584
My Safari: cascoon ariados drapion
Looking For:
Normal: teddiursa
Bug: heracross
Dark: pawniard vullaby cacturne sableye liepard inkay
Dragon: noibat
Electric: Pikachu manetric
Fairy: togepi snubbull kirlia spritzee swirlix floette
Fighting: mankey breloom
Fire: ponyta fletchinder
Flying: farfetch’d hoothoot fletchinder
Grass: sunkern pansage maractus gogoat
Ground: phanpy nincada
Poison: muk drapion
Psychic: grumpig girafarig
Rock: nosepass dwebble corsola pupitar shuckle
Steel: magneton forretress metang klang excadrill
Water: octillery panpour
will add anyone. but limited space


New Member
Ground-wooper,gastrodon and camerupt
Thank you ^.^


Well-Known Member
Friend Code: 2964-9061-8257

Friend Safari Type: (Bug) Combee - Masquerain - Vivillon

Seeking: (Doesn't matter if all of them are in the same Safari or not)
(Bolded are most wanted_
Normal: Loudred, Ditto, Eevee
Bug: Heracross, Pinsir
Dark: Absol
Dragon: Fraxure, Noibat, Sligoo
Electric: Manectric
Fairy: Mawile, Kirlia
Fighting: Breloom, Riolu, Meditite
Fire: Flechinder
Flying: Flechinder
Ghost: Shuppet
Grass: Ivysaur, Quilladin
Ground: Diggersby
Ice: Snover
Poison: -None-
Psychic: Duosion
Rock: Pupitar, Barbaracle
Steel: Mawile, Ferroseed, Forretress, Excadrill
Water: Wartortle, Azumarill, Frogadeir

If you have anything else, chances are I won't accept it. However, there may be some I missed, and I will accept them if I don't mind having them.


Active Member

Friend Code: 1349 - 4674 - 3085
Pokemon in My Safari: Mankey, Throh, Tyrogue

Pokemon I am Looking For:
Bug: Vivillon
Dark: Nuzleaf, Sandile
Dragon: Shelgon
Fairy: Clefairy, Floette (Orange or White Flower)
Fire: Growlith
Flying: Tropius
Ice: Snover, Dewgong
Poison: Ariados
Psychic: Gothorita
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Mew/Mewtwo Lover
FC: 2766-9387-7732
Pokemon in my Safari : Electric with Emolga, Stunfisk, and Manectric
Pokemon I am looking for: Larvester- HA Poliway and family- HA Ninetails.

Thanks to everyone who helped me find out what I had. <3
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