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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~


<----Newest Shiny

Friend Code:2406-5350-1882
Pokémon: Munna, Espurr, and Gothorita.
I do not need all pokemon in the safari to be listed. I might consider only one pokemon from the list, but I would prefer at least two on the list to help avoid any shinies I don't want. I want Hariyama, Pancham, Pinsir, Petilil, Pawniard, and Butterfree for RE'ing
Feel free to PM me.

Looking for:
Normal: Eevee
Bug: Butterfree, Paras, Masquerain, Pinsir
Dark: Pawniard, Inkay
Dragon: None
Electric: Helioptile
Fairy: Kirlia, Mawile, Spritzee, and Swirlix
Fighting: Meditite, Pancham, Hariyama
Fire: None
Flying: None
Ghost: Spiritomb
Grass:Ivysaur, Petilil
Ground: None
Ice: None
Poison: Kakuna
Psychic: None
Rock: Boldore, Shuckle
Steel: Mawile, Magneton, Metang
Water:Wartortle, Poliwhirl

Von Sky

New Member
Friend Code: 0189-8991-8947
Pokemon in My Safari(GROUND TYPE): ;027;;290;:536:
Pokemon I am Looking For:

Normal: Eevee
Bug: Paras
Dark: Absol
Dragon: Shelgon
Electric: ~
Fairy: Clefairy, Kirlia(really need Kirlia with Telepathy)
Fighting: ~
Fire: ~
Flyying: ~
Ghost: ~
Grass: Pansage, Maractus
Ground: ~
Ice: Spheal
Poison: ~
Psychic: ~
Steel: Klang
Water: Wartortle


Friend Code: 3909-7621-1253
Pokemon in My Safari (Rock): Magcargo, Dwebble and Shuckle
Pokemon I am Looking For: Chansey, Audino, Luxio, Togepi, and Tyrogue.
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My friend code: 014697490815
Pokemon in my safari:
Poison... Cascoon, Garbador and Drapion
Pokemon I want:
Any and all, but would love to get a dratini/dragonite


Shiny hunter
my friend code 1263-7123-1219
pokemon in safari electrode helioeptile and mantric
pokemon I want any at the moment


New Member
I am looking 4 a Manectric and Luxio saffari.

I have a ice safari, check my signature.
My FC: 0147-0121-7476
ICE Friend Safari: Delibird, Beartic and Cloyster


It has...hair?
Friend Code: 4940-5522-9449
Pokemon in My Safari: Pinsir, Ledyba, Volbeat
Pokemon I am Looking For:
Normal: Smeargle
Bug: Butterfree, Venomoth, Masquerain
Dark: Nuzleaf, Crawdaunt, Sandile, Liepard
Dragon: Shelgon
Electric: Pikachu
Fairy: Togepi, Snubbull, Kirlia, Jigglypuff, Spritzee, Clefairy
Fighting: Tyrogue, Riolu
Flying: Pidgey, Spearow, Farfetch’d, Hoothoot, Tranquil, Hawlucha
Ghost: Drifblim, Spiritomb
Grass: Oddish, Maractus
Ground: Wooper, Phanpy, Marowak
Ice: Snover, Cloyster
Poison: Kakuna, Gloom, Venomoth, Garbodor, Muk, Drapion
Psychic: Abra, Munna, Wobbuffet, Xatu, Duosion
Rock: Nosepass, Boldore
Steel: Ferroseed, Forretress, Metang, Excadrill

Please only add me if you have these Pokemon. As space is becoming limited, I would prefer if you have at least two of my requested Pokemon; obviously, in some cases this is not possible, so don’t worry about it too much. Also, please include your Safari type and contents in your PM. Thank you!
My friend code: 014697490815
Pokemon in my safari:
Poison... Cascoon, Garbador and Drapion
Pokemon I want:
Any and all, but would love to get a dratini/dragonite


New Member
3DS Friendcode: 2079-7411-4987
Pokemons in my safari: Ladyba, Masquerain and Heracross
Pokemons i'm looking for: Breelon, Eevee, Clefairy, Shuckle, Crawdaunt, Kirlia, Excadrill but still willing to add anyone


Friend Code: 5429-6807-0632
Pokemon in My Safari: Sableye, Mightyena and Sandile
Pokemon I am Looking For:
Normal: Aipom, Chansey
Bug: Venomoth
Dark: Vullaby, Cacturne
Electric: Electabuzz, Galvantula, Zebstrika
Fairy: Clefairy
Fighting: Mankey, Tyrogue, Breloom
Fire: Larvesta
Flying: Tranquill, Tropius
Ghost: Dusclops, Spiritomb
Grass: Tangela, Sawsbuck
Ground: Phanpy, Palpitoad
Ice: Dewgong
Psychic: Munna, Xatu, Girafarig
Rock: Nosepass
Steel: Klang, Bronzong
Water: Krabby

The elike

New Member
IGN: Kyle
Safari: Fairy with Togepi, Mawile, and Floette yellow
Hunting: Dragonaire


Well-Known Member
Friend Code:2036-7627-1070

Pokemon in My Safari: Growlithe, Pyroar, Fletchinder

Pokemon I am Looking For:
Normal: Chansey, Lillipup
Electric: Electabuzz, Luxio
Bug: Combee
Dark: Inkay, Mightyena, Pawniard, Vullaby, Sneasel, Cacturne, Sandile, Absol, Liepard
Fairy: Togepi, Kirlia, Jigglypuff, Mawile, Spritzee, Clefairy
Fighting: Machoke, Meinfoo, Pancham, Breloom, Hariyama, Riolu
Fire: Magmar
Flying: Spearow, Farfetch'd, Doduo, Hoothoot, Tranquill, Swanna, Tropius, Hawlucha, Drifblim
Grass: Ivysaur
Ground: Nincada, Gastrodon
Ice: Spheal
Poison: Drapion
Psychic: Sigilyph
Rock: Boldore, Onix, Barbaracle
Steel: Magneton, Klang
Water: Krabby, Gyarados.


Friend Code: 0232-9015-0505
Y Safari Pokemon: Pansear, Slugma, Ninetales
Pokemon Desired: Any. My FS is too sparse to be picky just yet unless I have every single one of the offered FS Pokemon.


Shiny hunter
fc 1263-7123 1219
pokemon in safari electrode mantric helioeptile
pokemon looking for kalos starters


Well-Known Member
Friend Code: 4742-5319-5337
Pokemon in My Safari: Emolga, Stunfisk, Luxio
Pokemon I am Looking For: Any- these are what i want the most, but I'll accept virtually any safari

Normal- Ditto, Eevee
Water- Frogadier, Gyarados, Wartortle
Steel- Klefki, Metang, Ferroseed, Excadrill, Mawile
Dark- Sableye
Dragon- Dragonair
Fairy- Togepi
Psychic- Duosion, Xatu

PM me if you added me thanks

adam(X) max(Y)

New Member
pokemon x (adam)
Friend Code:4957-3559-4252
Pokemon in My Safari: Electrode, Pikachu, Galvantula
Pokemon I am Looking For: really metang but ill take anything

Pokemon Y (Max)
Friend code:4399-0029-3885
Pokemon in my Safari: Swalot, Toxicroak, Gloom
pokemon I am looking for: anything