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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~


I need movesets,NOW!
Friend Code:4527-8669-6081
Pokemon in My Safari: PARAS, ILLUMISE, VENOMOTH (Sorry)
Pokemon I am Looking For: GASTRODON (VERY VERY Desperatley), DITTO (Obvs)

PM If you're interested in my Safari or have a GASTRODON/DITTO Safari


Active Member
FC: 3136-7747-4882.
Water safari, with Octillery, Floatzel, and Poliwhirl.
Looking for safaris with Spritzee, Snubbull, Vullaby, Munna, Inkay, and Klang. Won't accept any but those for now, please.
Also, please be on as well so I can get your 3rd pokemon and hidden abilities, too.


New Member
Friend Code: 2466-2286-2612
Pokemon in My Safari: Unknown
Pokemon I am Looking For: Any


Friend code: 1676-3822-6924
Pokemon in safari: Machoke, Throh, Tyrogue.
Looking for: Pansear, Mankey, Riolu, Pikachu, Dragonair, Swirlix.

Not accepting any Water or Ground safaris.


New Member
Friend Code: 0516-7384-5293
Pokemon in My Safari: Krabby, Wartortle and Frogadier
Pokemon I am Looking For: Chansey and Audino in the same one would be great. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to add me and mention which ones you have. Limited friend spots left.

Character name: Titaniel
Mii name: Daniel


Teh ub3r n00b
Friend Code: 0104-0806-5601
Pokemon in My Safari: Aipom, Keckleon, Chansey
Pokemon I am Looking For: Ditto!
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New Member
Friend Code: 0147-0190-8362
Friend safari pokemon: togepi, swirlex, and yellow floette

Pokemon I am looking for: chansey, phantump, panpour, piloswine, spritzee, crawdaunt, absol, blue floette.

Pm me so I can add you back, and if you don't have the safari I'm looking for and need mine, no worries I'll still add you :)


Well-Known Member
Friend Code:1048-8845-0258
Pokemon in My Safari: Seviper, Garbodor, Whirlepede
Pokemon I am Looking For: In particular, audino, chancey, ditto, eevee, combee, vivillon, sableye, togepi, breloom, quilladin, diggersby, piloswine, cloyster, whirlepede, abra, pupitar, forretress, excadrill, and klefki, but there's more besides those that I'm missing and I will add anybody regardless.


Shiny Trainer
Looking for a safari with: Pickachu, Hoothoot and metang
please pm me


walking oxymoron
My friend safari: normal
pokemon in it: aipom, kecleon, smeargle
friend safaris wanted:
beginning to run out of room so would appreciate safaris with two or more that i need each
normal aipom
bug butterfree illumise pinsir (would prefer one with all three :))
dark crawdaunt liepard sandile
dragon dragonair druddion
electric pikachu zebrstrike gavantula
fairy snubble spritzee krillia mawile clefairy swirlix
fighting pancham riolu (would prefer one with both :))
fire none :)
flyingpidgy hoothoot tropius farfetched rufflet swanna
Ghost driftblim spirit tomb glork
grasssunkern swadloon maractus (would prefer one with all three :))
ground marowak gastrodon (would prefer one with both :))
ice none :)
poison kakuna whirlipeed seviper airiados toxicronk swalot muk
psychic none :)
rock dweble pupitar barbacle (would prefer one with all three :))
steel mawile fortress metang bronzong
water bibarel quagmire frogadier (would prefer one with all three :))

FC: 5172-1332-5903
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New Member
I'm trying to complete my safari list, so if you can help me, I'll appreciate.

Friend Code1: 1418-6891-9672
Pokemon in My Safafi: Phanpy, Dugtrio, Palpitoad

Pokemon I am Looking For:

Bug: Beautifly
Dark: Vullaby, Sableye
Electric: Emolga
Fairy: Snubbull, Kirlia, Spritzee
Fire: Fletchinder
Flying: Pidgey, Tranquill
Grass: Sunkern, Pansage, Maractus
Ice: Lapras, Piloswine
Poison: Toxicroak
Steel: Magneton, Forretress, Klang, Bronzong
Water: Quagsire

Friend Code2: 1478-3534-0672
Pokemon in My Safari: Nosepass, Pupitar, Barbaracle
Pokemon I am Looking For: Any, but I'm prioritizing my FC1
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Cool Boy

Be fearless
Friend Code:3179-6833-7401
Pokemon in My Safari type is fire and the pokemons that can be found there are: Magmar, Larvesta, Fletchinder.
Looking for anything special ;) just send me pm or vm(with the pokemons that can be found in yours!)
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New Member
Friend Code: 1779-1244-0605
Bug Safari: Paras, Masquerain, Vivillon


New Member
My friend safari:Sunkern,Swadloon, Gogoat
My friend code: 3024-6126-5574
Pokemon I'm looking for: Luxio, Kirlia

If you have what I need in ur safari plz add and Pm me but PM me anyway and I'll probably add u


New Member
Friend Code: 4957-3736-3322
Pokemon in My Safari: Ice: Snorunt, Bergmite, and Lapras
Pokemon I am Looking For
I'm have 16 spaces left, so I'm not accepting anyone who doesn't have what I need. Below are the Pokemon I still need for shiny hunting and breeding. Bold ones are what I'm looking for the most.

Dark: Pawniard
Electric: Pikachu
Fairy: Snubbull, Swirlix, Floette (Yellow, Orange, and White, if possible)
Fighting: Tyrogue
Flying: Tranquil
Ghost: Drifblim
Rock: Boldore
Steel: Metang
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New Member
Friend Code: 2852-7829-6303
Pokemon in My Safari: Bergmite, Snorunt & Cloyster

Pokemon I am Looking For:~ Aipom, Electabuzz, Galvantula, Zebstrike, Luxio, Clefairy, Tranquil, Dusclops, Gastrodon, Camerupt, Marowak, Metang, Klang, Bronzong, Abra, Excadrill, Muk, Munna, Girafarig & Xatu

Have Pokerus which am happy to share.

Boston's Best

New Member
3ds FC 2380-3265-7762
Safari- Fighting riolu, pancham, machoke


My FC: 0516-7617-3510
My FS: Dragon with Noibat, Druddigon and Fraxure
Looking for:

Normal: Eevee, Chansey
Bug: Pinsir, Heracross
Dark: Crawdaunt, Sableye, Pawniard, Mandibuzz
Dragon: Shelgon
Electric: Electabuzz, Manectric
Fairy: Mawile, Togepi
Fighting: Meditite, Breloom (preferably in the same Safari)
Fire: Fletchling
Ghost: Phantump, Lampent, Dusclops (will only accept Dusclops if you have Lampent or Phantump with it)
Psychic: Abra, Duosion
Steel: Magneton, Metang

VM me if you're going to add me and tell me what your Safari is. I'll accept you only if you have something I'm looking for.

Mr. Morshu

Mega Smaggron
Friend Code: 2320-6664-2608
Pokemon in My Safari: Ground- wooper, camrupt and diggersby tho?
Pokemon I am Looking For:
poison- Muk,
dark- sableye, crawdaunt,
ice- spheal,
i'll add anyone who has 1 or more of these, and if you need my safari, i may be willing to add (room is starting to run low a bit).
sorry, but i'm not accepting any more water, electric, fire or bug safari's