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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Hydrohs, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. duderob92

    duderob92 New Member

    Friend Code: 0473-7937-9116
    Pokemon in My Safari: ghost: Lampent Phantump
    Pokemon I am Looking For: chansey
  2. pokedigijedi

    pokedigijedi Saiyan Jedi

    Friend Code: 4382-2152-1254
    Pokemon in My Safari: ariados, kakuna, muk
    Pokemon I am Looking For: shelgon, gabite, heracross, mightyena
  3. Zoei

    Zoei New Member

    Friend Code: 2380-3701-9003
    Pokemon in My Safari: Mightyena, Cacturne, Absol
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Any
  4. ardif

    ardif New Member

    Friend Code:5172-0318-5247
    Pokemon in My Safari: Octillery, Floatzl, Frogadier
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Bronzong
  5. Star-Dragon

    Star-Dragon New Member

    Friend Code: 3780-9508-1040
    Pokemon in My Safari: Bug Type with Heracross, Butterfree and Masquerain
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Ditto, Smeargle and Quilladin
  6. Morokei

    Morokei Pokegym Steel E4

    Friend Code: 0576-4814-2765
    Pokemon in my Safari: Ground, Nincada, phanpy, diggersby
    Pokemon I am looking for: Ditto or fairies. But I'll also accept others if they want some of the pokes in my safari
  7. croagunk22

    croagunk22 Well-Known Member

    Fc: 3351 4257 2387
    Pokemon in my safari: snorunt lapras and sneasel
    Pokemon I'm looking for: togepi cascoon cacturne pachirisu mankey palpitoad muk excadrill venomoth forretress krabby please only add me if you have these pokemon although I can make exceptions for friend safari exclusive pokemon please pm if you add :)
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2013
  8. Jonerthan

    Jonerthan Member

    Friend Code: 5112-3499-6544
    Pokemon in my Safari: Poliwhirl, Quagsire, Panpour
    Pokemon I'm looking for: Electabuzz, Magmar, Togepi, Lapras, Muk, Abra, Ferrowseed, Skarmory, Foretress, Azumarril
    Feel free to add me even if you don't have them, and PM me!
  9. shadowjeff

    shadowjeff shiny hunter :D

    Friend Code:3179-6484-8264
    Pokemon in My Safari:(normal): Dunsparce, Minccino, Smeargle
    Pokemon I am Looking For:grass safari WITH petilil and/or maractus
    pm me if you added me
  10. TheDarkDragons

    TheDarkDragons Mega Blastoise

    Friend Code: 2277-6776-7710
    Pokemon in My Safari: Sandshrew, Nincada, Diggersby
    Pokemon I am Looking For:
    ;209;;035;Dedenne, Spritzee, Swirlix, Floette (O,Y,W)
    I'll usually accept anyone, though.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2013
  11. bluelily

    bluelily New Member

    Friend Code: 2809-7840-9598
    Pokemon in My Safari: Combee, Masquerain, Heracross
    Pokemon I am Looking For:

    Bug: Pinsir
    Dark: Nuzleaf, Sableye
    Dragon: Shelgon
    Electric: Luxio, Galvantula
    Fairy: Togepi, Clefairy
    Ghost: Pumpkaboo, Spiritomb
    Grass: Swadloon, Maractus
    Ground: Palpitoad
    Psychic: Drowzee
    Steel: Mawile, Forretress, Klang, Bronzong, Excadrill
    Water: Krabby Wartortle

    Got all the other ones already, so just these ones please.
    If you add me, please PM me so I know to add you back c:
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2013
  12. 3DS Name: red
    3DS FC: 3737-9566-5302
    Safari type is Ground with Sandshrew, Marowak and Gastrodon.

    Looking for Psychic(Abra), Water(Frogadier), Dark(any), Dragon(any) and Electric(Helioptile) Safari

    I'm adding anyone right now
  13. Asphalizo

    Asphalizo NidoKing Master

    Friend Code: 2750-1425-8071
    Pokemon in My Safari: FIGHTING (Mankey, Pancham, Hariyama)
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Ditto, Gabite, Fraxure, Shelgon, Breloom, Golurk, Snoover, Abra, Rhydon, Metang

    Really looking for a Ditto so I can began breeding!!
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2013
  14. itzfritz

    itzfritz New Member

    Friend Code: 1607-2862-8729
    Pokemon in My Safari: Volbeat, Vivillion, Butterfree
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Any
  15. jesz_

    jesz_ Stay Sassy

    Friend Code: 1564 - 3418 - 3449
    Pokemon in My Safari: (Ghost) Shuppet, Phantump, Spiritomb
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Any
    PM for add back ^__^
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2013
  16. KeK

    KeK New Member

    Friend Code: 3969-4493-0256.

    Bug Safari with Ledyba , Illumise and Pinsir

    Looking for normal, dragon and fairy safries. More specificlly Kirlia, Ditto and Sliggoo.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2013
  17. JigokuRoa

    JigokuRoa New Member

    FC: 0877-1343-4697
    Pokemon in Safari: Sandile, Mightyena, Liepard
    Looking for: Mawile, Cottonee, Gastly/Haunter, Eevee, Snorunt, Ditto, any Fairy and Dragon Pokemon
  18. legendarytrainer123

    legendarytrainer123 Happy Holidays!

    Friend Code: 0302-1168-6212
    Pokemon in My Safari: Electrode, Pikachu, & Manectric
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Any
  19. Gecko1220

    Gecko1220 New Member

    FC: 5343-8573-0019
    Pokemon: Trapinch, Marrowack, Diggersby
    Looking for as many safaris as possible
    (I have a ditto safari, which i'm willing to trade from if anyone wants)
  20. zozo

    zozo SLIMED!

    Friend Code: 3609-1041-6416
    Pokemon in My Safari: Doduo, Woobat, Fletchinder
    Pokemon I am Looking For:

    Normal: Ditto*, Dunsparce
    Fire: Growlithe
    Water: Poliwhirl*
    Flying: Tropius, Woobat, Rufflet
    Grass: Petilil
    Poison: Toxicroak, Whirlipede, Garbodor
    Electric: Galvantula
    Ground: Gastrodon*, Palpitoad
    Psychic, Xatu, Wobbuffet, Munna, Gothorita,
    Rock: Rhydon
    Ice: Any*
    Fairy: Kirlia, Jigglypuff
    Steel: Mawile, Excadrill, Ferroseed* Klang, Klefki
    Dark: Sneasel, Absol, Vullaby
    Dragon: Dragonaire, Fraxure, Druddigon, Shelgon
    (* marks the ones I particularly want)
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2013

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