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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Hydrohs, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. faber

    faber New Member

    FC -*2552 1580 0744
    Bug*Safari featuring Ledian, Masquerain, Heracross

    Looking for:
    Normal : Lillipup, Minccino
    Bug : Paras
    Dark : Vullaby, Sandile
    Dragon : Gabite, Shelgon
    Electric : Luxio
    Fire : Magmar
    Flying : Swanna, Rufflet
    Ghost : Dusclops, Drifblim
    Grass : Tangela, Sawsbuck
    Ground : Phanpy, Camerupt, Palpitoad
    Poison : Swalot
    Psychic : Grumpig, Munna, Girafarig
    Rock : Boldore
    Steel : Forretress, Klang, Excadrill
    Water : Krabby

    Will accept any who have at least one of those pikemon I miss :)
  2. Friend Code: 0576-5248-4692
    Pokemon in My Safari: Psychic - Grumpig, Sigilyph, Girafarig
    Pokemon I am Looking For:

    Ivysaur, Wartortle, Charmeleon, Frogadier
    Bug: Pinsir
    Dark: Crawdaunt
    Fairy: Spritzee
    Fire: Larvesta, Fletchinder
    Ground: Diggersby
    Steel: Excadrill

    PM/VM if interested. I have a near empty friend list so I'm currently able to add almost anyone who asks. If you don't know your Safari mons I'm willing to help you find them.
  3. Lake0fRage

    Lake0fRage New Member

    3ds FC Kel
    Pokémon: Normal type safari, Minccino, Aipom, and smeargle
    Looking for everything add me and pm your FC
  4. pokefan249

    pokefan249 New Member

    Dark friend safari, sneasel, pawniard, inkay

    Looking for: chansey, aipom, frogider, ninetales, charmilion

  5. DreasDK

    DreasDK New Member

    I Got fight types Pokémon
    Breloom Pancham and Mankey
    FC: 1891-1304-1297
    I Will add all who Will add me.
    But if you Got Ditto i Will be happy :)
  6. 2fast2good

    2fast2good Well-Known Member

    Nick: 2fast
    3DS Friend Code: 1075 0759 9103
    Friend Safari: Swirlix, Togepi, Floette.
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Chansey, Clefable, Beautifly
  7. jstce

    jstce No$o

    Friend Code: 1590 5707 5447
    Pokemon in My Safari: venomoth, beautifly and butterfree
    Pokemon I am Looking For: ditto

    Pm me if added id greatly appreciate it
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2014
  8. dasaff

    dasaff Member

    3DS Friend Code: 2981 7131 1230
    Friend Safari: i dont know, sorry
    Pokemon I am Looking For: any
    please add me
  9. Laoboi56

    Laoboi56 New Member

    Friendcode: 3866-8242-6264
    Pokemon in my safari: ground with sandshrew, marowak, and Palpitoad
    Pokemon im looking for: riolu, rhydon, abra, kirlia, tranquill, and toxicroak
    Pm me if you're interested and have one of the above Pokemon and I'll add you
  10. Aura Surge

    Aura Surge Member

    Thanks for the help!
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2014
  11. Ryohei

    Ryohei Shiny Hunter

    Friend Code: 1134 7732 5905

    Pokemon in safari: Ghost Type: Shuppet, Pumpkaboo, Dusclops

    Looking for:
    Grass Quilladin (No tangela, sawsbuck and pansage please)
    Fairy Togepi | ORANGE Floette
    Ground Gastrodon
    Dark Liepard
    Normal Mincino
    Water Gyarados

    If you don't have the above but interested in my safari, I will only accept if you can offer me something such as those pokemon, rare berries/items or evolutionary items.

    VM me Please
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2014
  12. thaislex

    thaislex walking oxymoron

    My friend safari: normal
    pokemon in it: aipom, kecleon, smeargle
    friend safaris wanted:
    beginning to run out of room so would appreciate safaris with two or more that i need each
    normal aipom
    bug butterfree illumise pinsir (would prefer one with all three :))
    dark crawdaunt liepard sandile
    dragon none :)
    electric pikachu zebrstrike gavantula
    fairy snubble spritzee krillia mawile clefairy swirlix
    fighting none :)
    fire none :)
    flyingpidgy rufflet swanna (would prefer one with all three :))
    Ghost spiritomb glork
    grasssunkern swadloon maractus (would prefer one with all three :))
    ground marowak gastrodon (would prefer one with both :))
    ice none :)
    poison kakuna whirlipeed seviper airiados toxicronk swalot muk
    psychic none :)
    rock none :)
    steel mawile metang
    water bibarel quagmire frogadier (would prefer one with all three :))

    FC: 5172-1332-5903
  13. Squeevee

    Squeevee 夢に夢に夢見る

    Friend Code: 3411 0837 2062

    Pokemon in My Safari: Ledyba, Volbeat, and Heracross

    Pokemon I am Looking For: Eevee, Seviper, and Onix
  14. iDoFriendCodes

    iDoFriendCodes Genesect is boss.

    My freind safari is dragon.
    I am looking for anything other than rock, ground, or fire.
    PM me if you want to be freinds.
    My fc is on my profile.
  15. SlyFox

    SlyFox Member

    My friend code is 4227 - 1343 - 7922
    My Safari: Psychic Abra, wobbuffet, and Gothorita
    Looking for Ditto and Eevee
  16. pokedexfiller

    pokedexfiller Unova Trainer

    Friend Code:4184 2658 0393
    Pokemon in My Safari: Unknown
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Metang
  17. Dacron

    Dacron New Member

    Ok, so, my wife would like fiends for her game. I know her friend safari isn't that exciting, especially since she hasn't beaten the elite 4, but if you'd be kind enough to add her she'd definitely add you. And, if that isn't good enough, I'll add you if you add me and her. Mine is a little more interesting. :)

    Friend Code: 1263-6495-1820
    Pokemon in my safari: Spearow, Woobat, ???
    Pokemon I am looking for: Any!

    Friend Code: 3351-4127-3631
    Pokemon in my safari: Noibat, Gabite, Sliggoo
    Pokemon I am looking for: Any!

    PM us! We'll be responsive!
  18. BlackKyurem3DS

    BlackKyurem3DS Active Member

    FC: 3136-7747-4882.
    Water safari, with Octillery, Floatzel, and Poliwhirl.
    Looking for safaris with Spritzee, Snubbull, Vullaby, and Munna. Won't accept any but those for now, please.
    I really need a Snubull Safari soon, so if you have one, please let me know.
    Also, please be on as well so I can get your 3rd pokemon and hidden abilities, too.
  19. onegenericname

    onegenericname New Member

    Normal safari with smeargle, lilipup, minccino
    FC: 4055-4506-5220
    Looking for: Any

    Pm me if you add me please.
  20. Hieisyphon

    Hieisyphon New Member

    Friend code : 4871-3596-8018
    My safari : poison with seviper drapion and swalot

    Looking for -
    Normal : Dunsparce, lillipup, loudred, kecleon, chansey, eevee
    Bug : Paras, Beautifly, Illumise, venomoth, pinsir, vivillion
    Dark : mightyena, pawniard, vullaby, sneasel, crawdaunt, sandile, sableye, absol, liepard
    Dragon : Fraxure, Shelgon, Dragonair, druddigon
    Electric : Emolga, stunfisk, helioptile, zebstrika
    Fairy : snubbull, kirlia, jigglypuff, mawile, spritzee, clefairy
    Fighting : meditite, tyrogue, brelloom
    Fire : pansear, pyroar, fletchinder
    Flying : Spearow, pidgey, tranquil, hoothoot, hawlucha, tropius
    Ghost : shuppet, pumpkaboo, golruk, dusclops, drifblim
    Grass : oddish, tangela, ivysaur, petlil, maractus, gogoat
    Ground : wooper, marowak, camelrupt,
    Ice : Delibird, spheal, snover, beartic sneasel, dewgong, cloyster, piloswine
    Poison : All
    Psychic : munna, grumpig, sigilyph, xatu, girafarig,
    Rock : nosepass, boldore, onix, macargo, pupitar, shuckle, barbaracle
    Steel : magneton, mawile, skarmary, metang, bronzong
    Water : krabby, bibarel, panpour, wartortle, quagsire, floatzel, poliwhirl, frogadier

    updated with what i'm looking for, also please pm me if you add me
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2014

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