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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~


Catchin' Em All
I sent my 3DS to Nintendo, and it was unable to come back with the same save data, so I lost all my friends (but luckily no Y data). Yet again I am in need of people to give me their safaris (anyone is fine) and I don't think my Lampent/Phantump/Spiritomb safari will remain, but I do not know. That being said,
FC: 1822 - 0851 - 3086
Pokemon: Either Lampent/Phantump/Spiritomb OR some other set of 3, can someone please friend me to check?
Requesting: Anything, because I lost all my pokemon including ditto.


Fell off a boat
Friend Code: 3325-2529-0373

Pokemon in My Safari: Ferroseed, Forretress, Klefki

Pokemon I am Looking For:
Bug: Masquerain
Dark: Mightyena, Pawniard, Sandile, Liepard
Dragon: Druddigon
Electric: Luxio
Fighting: Machoke, Mienfoo, Throh, Tyrogue
Flying: Pidgey, Rufflet
Ghost: Golurk
Ice: Spheal, Beartic, Piloswine
Poison: Garbodor, Muk
Psychic: Drowzee, Gothorita
Rock: Boldore, Pupitar
Steel:Magneton, Ferroseed, Forretress, Skarmory, Bronzong
Water: Krabby

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Friend Code: 2681-0607-0918
Friend Safari : Ground - Dugtrio, Sandshrew, Diggersby.
Looking for : Ditto, Dragons. others are welcome


Friend code: 1676-3822-6924
Pokemon I have: Machoke, Throh, Tyrogue
Looking for: Magneton and Ditto.

Not accepting any water, ground, or ghost safaris with Lampent.


Battle Me!!!
Friend Code:0232 9161 0856

Pokemon in My Safari: (Fighting) Mankey, Pancham, Riolu

Pokemon I am Looking For: See description for a detailed list
I will probably add you even if you don't have something I specified if you need something in mine.

Please pm me if you have any of the Pokemon safaris below so we can exchange friend codes.


New Member
I'm looking for an Electric type safari, but any kind works :D I'll PM you if I add you, and PM me if you've added me
My safari type is.. Poison with Ariados, Whirlpede, and Gloom
The Fc is 0275 7625 7176


New Member
Hi everyone

My friend code is: 1693-1112-4207
My safari is: steel with Metang, Mawile and Klefki

Pokemon I'm looking for:
Normal: Eevee
Bug: Paras, Combee, Beautifly, Heracross
Dark: Mightyena, Cacturne, Absol,Inkay
Electric: Electrode, Zebstrika
Fire: Magmar
Flying: Hoothoot, Tropius
Ghost: Spiritomb
Ice: Spheal, Piloswine
Psychic: Gothorita
Steel: Magneton, Metang, Bronzong

My space is getting limited so I'm not adding anyone right now who doesn't have at least one of these pokemon.
The pokemon I'm looking for the most is tropius. Please add me if you have this safari.

Thank you
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Friend Code: 1048 9262 1484
Pokemon in My Safari: Ground: Trapinch, Camerupt & Gastrodon
Pokemon I am Looking For: Nothing really. Just want friends.
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Elite Four Gattsu

Master of Evil PKMN
Seeking: Chaney, ditto, evee
Offering: pikachu,electrode,zebrastrika


New Member
Friend Code: 5215-0169-2478
Offering: Fire: Slugma, Pansear, and Braixen
Seeking: Any
PM me if you add please!
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Mega Gobli

The Best

Pokémon X n Y 2981-6150-7153
Pokemon in My Safari:Fairy: Togepi, Jigglypuff and red flowered Floette.
Looking for: Eevee, Espurr, Vivillon.

Pm me if you add me.


Mega Blastoise
Friend Code: 2277-6776-7710
My Safari: Ground; Sandshrew, Nincada, and Diggersby
Looking for:
Bug: Combee and Volbeat
Steel: Klang
Fairy: Orange and White Floette
Dark: Pawinard, Sandile, and Sableye
I have everything else but these, so if you have a Friend Safari with these Pokémon, and you'd like HA Pokémon from a different Safari, just let me know, and I'll be happy to help out. If you need help finding your Safari Pokémon, just VM/PM me and I'll be glad to help out with that too.

Reb of Kalos

Addicted to pokemon
My fc: 0473-7979-2883
Pokemon in my safari: teddiursa, minccino, ditto
Pokemon I need: Luxio
(Won't add if you don't have one of the pokemon I need)
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Krystal the Kyogre

Novice Shiny Hunter
Friend Code: 1306-5332-1441
Pokemon in My Safari: Snover, Bergmite, and Piloswine
Pokemon I am Looking For:
Noibat, Sliggoo,
Shuppet, Drifblim,
Pupitar, Shuckle,
Wartortle, and Frogadier.

Just message me your FC, and I will get to it when I can.
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Catchin' Em All
Pokemon in Safari: Ferroseed, Skarmory, Excadrill
Requesting: Anything, I lost my collection recently.
FC: 1822 - 0851 - 3086


New Member
FC: 4098 - 4001 - 1674
Pokemon in my Safari: Dwebble, Corsola, Shuckle
Pokemon I'm looking for:
Normal: Chansey
Bug: Heracross
Dark: Vullaby, Sneasel
Dragon: Fraxure
Electric: Manectric, Galvantula
Fairy: Togepi
Fighting: Breloom
Fire: Larvesta, Ninetales
Ghost: Dusclops, Spiritomb
Grass: Tangela
Ground: Phanphy, Gastrodon
Ice: Cloyster, Sneasel
Poison: Muk
Rock: Pupitar
Steel: Forretress, Metang, Bronzong, Excadrill
Water: Krabby

I'll still probably add even if you don't have the above. Those are just the pokemon I'm really interested in getting in a safari.


New Member
Rock - Nosepass, Pupitar & Rhydon

Looking for Water with Azumarill
Also open to adds to help anyone else!


New Member
Friend Code: 3454-1214-2421
Pokemon in My Safari: Bergmite, Snover, Dewgong
Pokemon I am Looking For: Dragonair, Spiritomb, Gabite, Electabuzz, Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Larvesta, Quilladin, Ditto, Chansey, Drapion, Shuckle, Frogadier, Wartortle, Metang
But I will accept any I don't already have.
I appreciate any help, thanks!


Team FroakieMander!
Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a Friend Safari with Poliwhirl!

FC: 1762 4121 3903
Water - Quagsire, Octillery, Frogadier


New Member
Friend Code:2020 0737 2362
My Safari: Water (Krabby, Floatzel, Frogadier)
Looking for: Dusclops, Dewgong