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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~


New Member
Freind Code: 1863-9066-0360
Safari: spearow, hoohoot,flechinder
LF: dragon(mostly dragonair) and breloom


New Member
FC: 0791-2794-4273
Safari: (Psychic) Espurr, Drowzee, Xatu
Looking For: Ditto

But I'm adding all!! Only have a few on my list right now. PM if you add me!!


New Member
3926 6035 7212
Electric safari with pikachu electrode and zebstrika
Looking for eevee mankey/primeape(can't remember which one it is) and sneasil/weavile

Pm if you add me and I'll add you back


New Member
FC: 0232-9491-3744
My Safari is Dark-type with Sneasel, Mightyena, and Absol
I'm looking for Clefairy, Galvantula, Charmeleon, Farfetch'd, Spiritomb, Swadloon, Toxicroak, Shuckle, and Ditto... That being said I'll add anyone.
PM me with your FC if you add me so I can add you back!


Friend code 3ds: 4098-2882-4994
Safari Pokemon: Drudigon and 2 more I don't remember xD
Pokémon I'm looking for: Paras, Ditto, Feebas, Togepi


Shiny Hunter
Friend Code: 1134 7732 5905

Pokemon in safari: Ghost Type: Shuppet, Pumpkaboo, Dusclops

ONLY Looking for:
Fairy ORANGE Floette
Normal BOTH Chansey AND Audino

VM me Please


New Member
Hi guys, all my info is in my signature.

Pokemon I am Looking For:

*Constantly updated list*

Normal: Evee, Chansey
Bug: Pinsir
Dark: Crawdaunt, Vullaby
Dragon: Shelgon, Dragonair
Electric: Luxio, Galvantula
Fairy: Togepi
Fighting: Tyrogue
Flying: Tranquill, Tropius, Rufflet
Ghost: Dusclops
Grass: Sawsbuk
Poison: Muk
Steel: Metang, Bronzong

PM me if you have questions or if you added me (It won't work unless both consent). I am very nice.

**Cool thing about Friend Safari is, If I delete you off my DS Friendlist (I still have like... 80 spaces left, don't worry), you still have access to my safari (as long as you don't delete me), but I won't have access to yours. You gotta see each other on only once and gotta go through hall of fame to access all pokemons in the Friend's Safari, granted hidden abilities are easier to get when friends are on, but not it's not necessary for them to be on. Hidden abilites aren't available if you haven't seen each other online once**
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Pokemon X
fc: 2852 7144 5421
Pokemon in safari: Electric with Dedenne, Pikachu, and Zebstrika
Game Name: kylar
mainly just looking for anything


Dragon Breeder
Pokemon X
Fc: 4527 8994 5576
My Safari: Unknown (I think my cousin said normal. Not too sure)
Looking for: Ditto and Frokie safaris

Plz pm me. Thanks


New Member

Safari:(Ghost)Lampent, Punkaboo and Dusclops

Looking For A Safari With: Any Pokemon really, but i really want Chansey, Sableye and Dusclops ;]

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
Friend Code: 4725-8075-8961
Pokemon in My Safari: Phanpy, Marowak, Diggersby
Pokemon I am Looking For:

Normal: Chansey, Smeargle
Fire: Larvesta, Ninetales
Water: Bibarel, Poliwhirl
Rock: Nosepass, Corsola, Shuckle
Ice: Beartic
Steel: Mawile
Fighting: Mienfoo
Ghost: Dusclops, Drifblim
Dark: Cacturne, Crawdaunt, Liepard
Bug: Pinsir
Dragon: Shelgon
Fairy: Spritzee

PM me if you would like to exchange FCs.


Dragon Tamer
I have a Normal type friend safari with Aipom, Loudred and Smeargle. Only looking for the following as they are the only ones Im missing.

Fighting: Mienfoo

Ghost: Golurk

Dark: Nuzleaf, Vullaby

Steel: Klang

Fairy: Spritzee, Clefairy


The Golden summit!!
Friend Code: 2380-2965-5558
Pokemon in My Safari: (Dark) - Cacturne, Pawniard, Sableye
Pokemon I am Looking For:
(Water) - Frogadier
(Fire) - Ninetails
(Ice) - Snorunt

Note: Will Add Anyone PM me if you want to exchange...
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Trainer name: Obito
My Friend Safari Type: Fighting Type - Mienfoo, Riolu, and Sawk
Pokémon I'm looking for: Right now, I'd particularly like anyone that might have a Protean Froakie/Frogadier, or any Kanghaskan. However, that's just what I'm looking for. I'm not against anyone friending me just to check out my Safari type; I'm interested to know myself. Really, I'm okay with friending anyone and everyone!

If you friend me, pm me!


Rare collector
My FC: 0834 2236 1763

My Safari: Ground with Trapinch. Marowak, and Diggersby

Looking for: Swirlix, Crawdaunt, Ditto

Only add me if you have one of the things I want.