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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Hydrohs, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. KnightofRawr

    KnightofRawr Don't underestimate

    Pokemon: Combee, Volbeat, Pinsir
    Code: 3668-8625-7027

    My goal is to have every Pokemon that is available in the safari, obtainable to me. So the following Pokemon are what I need right now:

    Normal: Lillipup, Minccino, Chansey
    Bug: Paras, Beautifly, Venomoth
    Dark: Nuzleaf, Vullaby, Cacturn
    Electric: Electabuzz, Luxio, Zebstrika
    Fairy: Togepi, Clefairy
    Fighting: Mankey,Breloom
    Fire: Growlithe, Magmar, Larvestia, Ninetails
    Flying: Tropius, Rufflett
    Ghost: Dusclops, Spiritomb
    Grass: Sawsbuck, Maractus
    Ground: Phanpy, Camerupt, Gastrodon, Palpitoad
    Ice: Dewgong
    Poison: Cascoon, Venomoth, Muk
    Psychic: Drowzee, Munna, Xatu, Girafarig
    Steel: Metang, Klang, Bronzong, Excadrill

    If you have any of those feel free to add me and PM me :) I'll add anyone
  2. dewey911p

    dewey911p primus inter pares

    Friend Code: 1118-1633-7306
    Pokemon in My Safari: Poison - Cascoon, Venomoth, Muk
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Kanto starters, Helioptile, Fletchinder, and I guess Goomy too. I have like 70 spots left though so if anyone needs my Safari just shoot me a message and I'll add you =)
  3. Tenskwa-Tawa

    Tenskwa-Tawa New Member

    Friend Code: 2449-4712-5086
    Pokemon in My Safari: Bug: Paras, Beautifly, Heracross
    Pokemon I am Looking For: I still have a ton of free spots, so I'll add most anyone, but I'm specially interested in:

    Bug - Paras, Heracross
    Dark - Nuzleaf, Sneasel, Crawdaunt, Cacturne, Absol
    Dragon - any, Dragonair
    Fairy - Clefairy, Kirlia
    Fighting - Hariyama, Tyrogue, Meditite
    Flying - Swanna
    Ghost - Golurk, Spiritomb
    Grass - Oddish, Sawsbuck, Ivysaur
    Ice - Sneasel
    Poison - Whirlipede
    Psychic - Girafarig
    Rock - Rhydon, Shuckle
    Steel - Klefki
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2013
  4. EQWashu

    EQWashu Master Pokéwitch

    Friend Code: 3823-9029-3721
    Pokemon in my Safari: Water: Krabby, Floatzel and Frogadier
    Pokemon I'm Looking for *ONLY* :
    DARK: Nuzleaf, Liepard (pref. both in one safari)
    BUG: Beautifly/Pinsir (pref in one safari as well)
    ICE: Snover, Bearctic, Dewgong (also 1-safari pref)
    STEEL: Magneton, Klang, and Bronzong (seriously prefer at least 2 of these in one)

    Sorry, but I'm out of spare room and cannot accept any other safaris at this time. Thank you!
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2013
  5. Spooker

    Spooker New Member

    Hi, let's be friends! 0.0
    Friend Code:1762-2725-4415
    Pokemon in My Safari:Krabby, Poliwhirl and Wartortle
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Eevee, Espurr,Frogadier, TOGEPI, Swirlix, Abra and Magneton
  6. NickStannard

    NickStannard New Member

    FC: 4811-7084-0455
    Pokemon in my safari: Teddiursa, Audino & DITTO
    Pokemon I'm looking for: DITTO ONLY! I'm desperate!
  7. Mudkipz_Lulz

    Mudkipz_Lulz Icy Mudkipz Breeder

    FC: 3497 - 0519 - 7105
    Pokemon in my safari: Manectric, Pachirisu, Stunfisk

    Pokemon I'm looking for:
    (Normal) Lillipup, Minccino
    (Bug) Butterfree, Paras, Combee, Beautifly, Illumise, Pinsir
    (Dark) Mightyena, Pawniard, Vullaby, Sneasel, Cacturne, Sandile, Sableye, Absol, Liepard, Inkay
    (Dragon) Dragonair, Sliggoo
    (Electric) Pachirisu, Emolga, Electabuzz, Helioptile, Zebstrika, Galvantula
    (Fairy) Kirlia, Jigglypuff, Swirlix, Clefairy
    (Fighting) Machoke, Meditite, Mienfoo, Throh, Pancham, Breloom, Hariyama, Riolu
    (Fire) Ponyta, Magmar, Pansear, Charmeleon, Pyroar, Ninetails, Fletchinder
    (Flying) Doduo, Fletchinder
    All Ghost
    (Grass) Tangela, Sunkern, Swadloon, Petilil, Maractus, Gogoat
    (Ground) Wooper, Camerupt
    (Ice) Delibird, Snorunt, Sneasel, Dewgong, Cloyster,
    (Poison) Kakuna, Gloom, Ariados, Garbodor, Drapion, Toxicroak, Whirlipede
    (Psychic) Abra, Drowzee, Sigilyph, Girafarig, Duosion
    (Rock) Nosepass, Pupitar
    (Steel) Magneton, Ferroseed, Forretress, Skarmory, Metang, Klang, Bronzong, Excadrill, Klefki
    (Water) Octillery, Panpour, Gyrados, Floatzel, Poliwhirl, Frogadier
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2013
  8. Gamefreak0523

    Gamefreak0523 Shiny Hunter

    Friend Code: 4725-8028-2521
    Pokemon in My Safari: Phanpy, Marowak, Gastrodon
    Pokemon I am Looking For: I have plenty of room still, so I'll still add most.

    Normal: Ditto
    Dark: Vullaby, Cacturne, Sableye
    Dragon: Any
    Electric: Electabuzz, Luxio, Galvantula
    Fairy: Togepi, Clefairy
    Fighting: Mankey
    Fire: Magmar
    Flying: Rufflet
    Poison: Whirlipede, Venomoth
    Psychic: Abra, Munna, Xatu
    Steel: Forretress, Metang, Excadrill
  9. 1nsomniac

    1nsomniac Sleepy Raccoon

    Friend Code: 3480-3036-9760
    Pokemon in My Safari: Dugtrio, Trapinch, and Palpitoad
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Eevee, and Dragonair. Adding anyone though!

    Just PM me! C: If I don't reply then I am offline and will get to you as soon as I get back on.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2013
  10. Boston's Best

    Boston's Best New Member

    Friend Code 2380-3265-7762
    My Safari- Roilu, Machoke, and Pancham
    Looking for DITTO and X mega stones
  11. XlordgoldX

    XlordgoldX Hi 5s & stage dives

    Reposting. I have 30+ friend slots open, so dont be shy now!
  12. Sir Squishy

    Sir Squishy New Member

    Friend Code: 4012-4545-5677
    Pokemon in My Safari: Growlith, Larvesta, Braixen
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Any
  13. pokedigijedi

    pokedigijedi Saiyan Jedi

    Friend Code: 4382-2152-1254
    Pokemon in My Safari: ariados, kakuna, muk
    Pokemon I am Looking For: gabite
  14. #1PokemonFan

    #1PokemonFan Well-Known Member

    Friend Code: 3411-1691-1122
    Pokemon in My Safari: Ghost type - Shuppet, Pumpkaboo, and Spiritomb
    Pokemon I am Looking For:
    Steel: Forretress, Bronzong
  15. Dimz

    Dimz Member

    Looking for a fairy type safari with spritzee
  16. reneko

    reneko New Member

    Friend Code:2509- 1977-8402
    Pokemon in My Safari: Unknown
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Any dragon!

    add me!!! Just PM me!
  17. Mr. Ribbles

    Mr. Ribbles Cubchoo Lover

    Friend Code:5429-7990-7464
    Pokemon in My Safari: Beautifly Illumise and Pinsir
    Pokemon I am Looking For:I'm fine with most safari's that aren't utter crap. Really looking for the Venipede line, Cubchoo (and just Cubchoo. Not Beartic.) along with Braxien and Frogadier.

    Also, for the love of god.

    If you have a Ghost type safari with any of the following pokemon: Shuppet Spiritomb Pumpkaboo Phantump and Spiritomb, please tell me.

    You do not have any idea of the amount of ghost type safari's I've met that have those pokemon, which is why I will not accept any ghost type safaris unless you have 1 or two pokemon not in that list.

    Unless you're 100% honest to me from the start. If you have the listed pokemon and you have a ghost safari and you want to add me, tell me. If I find out later, I'm removing you.
  18. quiz_master

    quiz_master Active Member

    Friend Code:0559-6817-0288
    Pokemon in My Safari:Water, Octillery, Floatzel, and Frogadier
    Pokemon I am Looking For: Ivysaur, Dragonair, Mincino, Eevee, Ditto, Butterfree, Sligoo, Pikachu, Larvesta, Maractus, Snorunt, Snover

    Must include atleast 1 of those running low on slots thank you

    PM me its the easiest way to add each other
  19. jimpastable

    jimpastable New Member

    Friend Code: 0318 - 7895 - 7983
    Pokemon in My Safari: Ice - Piloswine, spheal, and bergmite
    Pokemon I am Looking For: any but I specifically am looking for froakie with protean, ralts, klefki, larvesta, lillipup, luxio, electabuzz
  20. sugbukz

    sugbukz New Member

    Friend Code: 4227-2033-7911
    Pokemon in My Safari: rock, boldore corsola thy don!
    Pokemon I am Looking For:ivysaur(ha) Togepi evee and others just pm me

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