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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

Dragoness Abivelus

Dragon Trainer
X Friend Code:
Grass - Sunkern;191; Ivysaur;002; Quilladin

Friend Safaris I Need:
FAIRY - Snubbull, Spritzee
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New Member
Have a dark safari with Nuzleaf, Crawduant & Inkay

LF: Chansey


New Member

My friend code is : 0318-8199-7724
'Fraid I don't know my Safari type, as know no one who plays...

Currently playing Y - have completed once, and am currently trying to capture all others I've missed!


New Member
FC: 1263 - 6758 - 9541
Friend Safari: Oddish / Petilil / Maractus

Looking for:
Any OU Tier Pokemon
Water: Frogadier & Wartortle
Normal: Chansey


Shiny Hunter
Friend Code for Y 2122-6192-5997.
Safari Type Fighting. Meditite , Pancham, Hariyama
Looking for
Normal. Smeargle
Bug. Volbeat & Heracross
Dark. Liepard
Dragon. Shelgon
Fairy. Swirlix & Floette (White & Orange )
Fire. Charmeleon
Ghost. Spiritomb & Dusclops
Ice. Delibird & Cloyster
Poison. Gloom
Rock. Pupitar & Barbaracle
Steel. Fortress
Water. Octillery, Quagsire & Floatzel

Just PM me if you have any of the above.
I will also take unknown safaris, Just message me & I will let you know what you have got. Thanks


New Member
Friend Code: 3926-6033-9859
Dragon Safari: Noibat, Gabite, Druddigon

I'm looking for a wide variety of pokemon, so pretty much everyone is invited to add me :)

Please PM if you add me!


New Member
Friend Code: 5043-1302-7608
Pokemon in My Safari: Electric - Manectric, Helioptile and Emolga
Pokemon I am Looking For: Any

Hi! I'm looking to know what pokemons are in my safari and to get every safari pokemon out there, so add me!
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FC: 5129-1290-2826
In Safari: Mawile, Floette (yellow flower), Dedenne
Looking for: Growlithe, Dewgong, Sneasel, Dragonair, Breloom, Wooper, Spiritomb
PM if you add me so I can add you back. (And please tell me who is in your safari.)


Active Member
FC: 3136-7747-4882.
Water safari, with Octillery, Floatzel, and Poliwhirl.
I need a Poliwhirl safari.
I am very limited on space, so only message me if you have what I need.
Also, please be on as well so I can get your 3rd pokemon and hidden abilities, too.
If you add me, please PM me and let me know.


New Member
Friend Code: 3368 - 2692 - 5869
Pokemon in My Safari: Dewgong, Beartic & Snover
Pokemon I am Looking For: Everything

I currently have a surplus of 4-5 IV Vulpix; Timid with Drought & Flash Fire, Bred with Hex.
Also 3-5 IV Marill; Jolly with Huge Power, Bred with Aqua Jet & Belly Drum.


New Member
Friend Code:2105-8650-8598
Pokemon in Safari: Golurk, Phantump, Shuppet
Pokemon Wanted: Fletchinder, Gabite
I also accept others so PM me if you have questions
My friend code is 0860-3427-6000 and my safari is dragon types(Noibat,Gabite, and Druddigon)
Looking For:
Electric w/Pikachu, Galvantula, or Luxio
Normal w/ Eevee
Bug w/Pinsir
Dark w/Sneasel, Absol, or Sableye
Dragon w/Dragonair
Fairy w/Togepi
Fire w/Growlithe or Larvesta
Flying w/Pidgey, Hoot Hoot, or Rufflet
Ghost w/Spiritomb
Grass w/Quilladin or Pansage
Ground w/Phanpy, Sandshrew, Marowak, or Nincada
Ice w/Sneasel or Piloswine
Poison w/Ariados, Whirlipede, or Drapion
Psychic w/Wobufett or Duosion
Rock w/Rhydon
Steel w/Mawhile, Ferroseed, Magneton, Skarmory, Forretress, or Klefki
Water w/Krabby,Gyarados, or frogadier
I'm open to adding anyone though!


New Member
Friend Code: 4098-4247-8194
Pokémon in Safari: Audino, Dunsparce, and I don't know what the third one is yet
Pokémon looking for: DITTO if you have Ditto please, PLEASE add me. But I will accept just about anything because im new.

please pm me when you add me I'll be checking daily


Well-Known Member
New 3DS means new friend code.

Friend code: 0877-1963-5568
Pokémon in my Safari: Machoke, Pancham, Riolu
Looking for: The pokémon in the list below:

Normal: Anything without Ditto
Fire: Anything
Fighting: Anything
Water: Anything without Octillery, Gyarados and Poliwhirl
Flying: Anything without Doduo
Grass: Anything without Pansage
Poison: Anything
Electric: Anything without Pikachu and Manectric
Ground: Anything without Gastrodon
Psychic: Anything
Rock: Anything without Corsola
Ice: Anything without Cloyster and Lapras
Bug: Anything
Dragon: Anything
Ghost: Anything without Pumpkaboo
Dark: Anything without Liepard and Crawdaunt
Steel: Anything
Fairy: Anything


New Member
Friend Code: 2595-1495-8187
Pokémon in Safari: Tangela, Petilil and Gogoat.
Pokémon looking for: Eevee, Ditto, Dragonair, just about anything but I really would like Eevee. I am open to adding just about anyone though since I have really little friends so far. Please add me! :)
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I smell a Lawsuit...
Friend Code: 3196 - 3020 - 9453
Pokemon in My Safari: Unknown
Pokemon I am Looking For: Gible/Gabite, Eevee, Starly, Or pretty much anything else. Mainly Gible.


I smell a Lawsuit...
Just reposting since eonevolution helped me find out what my pokemon were:

Friend Code: 3196 - 3020 - 9453
Pokemon in My Safari: ICE: Snowrunt / Cloyster / Sneasel
Pokemon I am Looking For:
Gible, Eevee, but willing to add anyone really. Really Really want that gible though.


New Member
My safari swaddlon, pansage, gogoat
Fc 4038-6838-8710
Looking for azumarril! Plz also need u to be on so I get special ability.