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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~


New Member
Friend Code: 2449-4712-5086
Pokemon in My Safari: Bug: Paras, Beautifly, Heracross
Pokemon I am Looking For:

Bug - Paras, Heracross
Dark - Nuzleaf, Sneasel, Cacturne
Dragon - Fraxure, Shelgon, Sliggoo, Dragonair
Fairy - Clefairy
Fighting - Tyrogue, Meditite
Flying - Swanna
Ghost - Golurk, Spiritomb
Grass - Oddish, Sawsbuck
Ice - Sneasel
Psychic - Girafarig
Rock - Rhydon, Shuckle
Steel - Klefki

I'm starting to run low on slots, so I'm putting a few restrictions on who I add. I'll still add most anyone who PMs me except for:

Ground, Fire, Water or Normal (too many of those already, sorry)
Fighting, Ghost, Ice or Rock that don't have any Pokemon I'm looking for (too many duplicates, sorry)

I'm always adding anyone who wants to find out their pokemon, though :)
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Friend Code: 0731-5224-5171
Pokemon in My Safari: Aipom, Kecleon and Smeargle
Pokemon I am Looking For: Gastrodon, Tropius, Forretress, Vullaby, Liepard and Excadrill (I'd prefer it if you have at least one of these Pokemon, though I'm highly likely to add you as long you don't have a Rock or Ghost type Safari)


Shiny Hunter
Friend Code: 4725-8028-2521
Pokemon in My Safari: Phanpy, Marowak, Gastrodon
Pokemon I am Looking For:

Normal: Ditto
Dark: Vullaby, Cacturne, Sableye
Dragon: Any
Electric: Electabuzz, Luxio, Galvantula
Fairy: Clefairy
Fighting: Mankey
Fire: Magmar
Flying: Rufflet
Psychic: Munna, Xatu
Steel: Forretress, Excadrill

I'll still accept most people who PM me except for grass, rock and ghost safaris (I have too many of those). I'll also still add any unknowns and let you know what you have.


New Member
My friend code is 1762 - 4118 - 2137
My safari is unknown...
I am just looking to complete my pokedex, so any and all are invited...


Active Member
Friend Code: 4167 5084 5892
Pokemon in My Safari: Rufflet ,spearow and woobat
Pokemon I am Looking For: Metang shelgon tyrogue golurk safari's only at the moment please - i'm running low
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friend code : 4554-0052-3310

snorunt, bergmite and cloyster in my friend safari

Looking for: clefairy, cacturne, liepard, vullaby, electabuzz, zebstrika, mankey, growlithe, larvesta, dusclops, phanpy, spheal, munna, forretress, klang, bronzong, exadrill, and krabby


Aspiring Breeder
My Friend Code: 0146-9051-1476
My Safari: Noibat, Gabite and Druddigon.
Pokemon I'm Looking For: Chansey, Liepard, Metang, will update as my desires arise. Thank you.
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Eevee Trainer
Friend Code: 1161-0180-5718
My Friend Safari:Ice-Bergmite-Piloswine-Snover

I Am Looking For:

PM me please ^-^ Even if I'm not online, I check the forums a lot
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Well-Known Member
Friend Code: 4682-8956-3477
Pokemon in my Safari (Ice): Bergmite, Dewgong, Snorunt
Looking for: Anything EXCEPT Chansey, Aipom and Minccino :)

Relliks Ban

New Member
Friend Code: 4313 - 0006 - 9617
Friend Safari - Ghost w/ Lampent, Phantump, and Spiritomb
Really need eevee and ditto obviously. Ivysaur and Wartortle. dark and ice. psychic, galvantula.
Friend Code: 4184-2535-4634
Pokemon in My Safari: Girafarig / Espurr / Drowzee
Pokemon I am Looking For: Spinda, Pawniard, Corsola, Spiritomb
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IV breeder
FC : 0018-1378-1337
Safari Type : Grass
Pokemon in my Safari : Quilladin , Sawsbuck and Oddish
Safaries I am looking for : ice, steel and water

I am starting to run low on friend slots. I will only accept those I seek. Thank you


New Member
FC is 0877 0999 1326
Pkmn in my safari isI have sunkern, petilil, and quilladin
pkmn looking for is anything.

please add me and I will do the same just need to add ppl for my safari

looking for magneton safari.
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Slayer of things
Friend Code: 4441-8309-3611

Pokemon in My Safari: Psychic - espurr, abra, girafarig

Pokemon I am Looking For: ponyta, loudred, spheal, snorunt, lapras, rufflet but willing to add most anybody.
Friend Code: 5043-1699-3042
Pokemon in My Safari: Gabite, Shelgon, Sliggoo
Pokemon I am Looking For: Mawhile, Eevee, Ditto, Larvesta


New Member
Friend Code: 3995-6900-9891

Pokemon in My Safari: Fight - Mankey, Sawk,Tyrogue

Pokemon I am Looking For:
Normal: Smeargle
Bug: Ledyba, Volbeat, Vivillion
Dark: Nuzleaf, Pawniard, Vullaby, Cacturne, Sandile, Absol, Liepard, Inkay, Sableye
Dragon: Shelgon, Noibat
Electric: Pachirisu, Electabuzz, Luxio
Fairy: Snubull, Spritzee, Floette
Fighting: Sawk, Tyrogue, Throh
Flying: Spearow, Farfetch'd, Tranquill, Woobat, Rufflet, Hawluch
Ghost: Drifblim, Golurk
Grass: Oddish, Sunkern, Ivysaur, Swadloon, Petilil, Gogoat
Ice: Cloyster, Delibird
Poison: Seviper, Drapio, Toxicroak, Kakuna, Cascoon, Garbodor
Psychic: Duosion
Rock: Pupitar, Rhydon, Shuckle
Steel: Ferrorseed, Forretress, Excadrill, Mawile, Bronzong, Klang, Skarmory
Water: Panpour


Pokémon Ranger
3DS Friend Code: 2664-2276-2590
Pokemon Safari: Rock- Nosepass, Corsola, Rhydon
Let me know what you have in a PM and we can trade Friend Codes.


Friend Code: 4468-1211-4348
Pokemon in my Safari: Ledyba, Masquerain, Viviloon
Pokemon Sought: Ditto Safari only at this point, just want access for a bit to get a handful of them