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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~


Tamer of Gyarados
Friend code: 2320-6230-5847

Type: Bug
Ledyba, Beautifly, Heracross
Looking for anything


New Member
Friend Code: 1693-0566-3487
Pokemon in My Safari: Unknown
Pokemon I am Looking For: Any

Lord Zoroark

Master Tactician
My Friend Safari has Growlithe, Ninetails, and Larvesta, if anyone's interested.

My FC is 4425-2017-8372.


Active Member
FC: 3136-7747-4882.
Water safari, with Octillery, Floatzel, and Poliwhirl.
I need a Poliwhirl safari.
Also, please be on as well so I can get your 3rd pokemon and hidden abilities, too.
If you add me, please PM me and let me know.


Friend Code: 0404 - 7523 - 0951
Pokemon in My Safari: Unknown (I reformatted my 3DS, so if anybody can tell me what I have on this one, I'd appreciate it!)
Pokemon I am Looking For:

Safaris with starters, Ditto, Chansey, Eevee, Aipom, Vivillon, Heracross, Paras, Sableye, Liepard, Gabite, Dragonair, Sliggoo, Pachirisu, Electabuzz, Luxio, Pikachu, Zebstrika, Galvantula, Togepi, Kirlia, Clefairy, Breloom, Riolu, Magmar, Fletchinder, Larvesta, Woobat, Tropius, Rufflet, Hawlucha, Phantump, Swadloon, Gogoat, Wooper, Phanpy, Gastrodon, Palpitoad, Diggersby, Bergmite, Lapras, Whirlipede, Xatu, Gothorita, Pupitar, Metang, Klang, Bronzong, Excadrill, Krabby, Poliwhirl

Apologies for how extensive the list is, I just really need to get back all the Friend Safaris I've lost because I wasn't thinking when I reformatted my system </3
Please PM me at any time and I'll add you guys as soon as you can ^^
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New Member

Friend Code: 0318-8199-7724
Pokemon in My Safari: [Electric] Electabuzz, Electrode and Zebstrika.
Pokemon I am looking for:
Dark: Mightyena; Pawniard; Cacturne; Absol; Liepard
Electric: Electabuzz; Galvantula
Fairy: Snubbull & Jigglypuff;
Fighting: Throh; Breloom; Hariyama
Fire: Ponyta; Magmar; Charmeleon; Larvesta; Ninetails
Flying: Woobat;
Grass: Oddish;
Ice: Snover; Beartic; Dewgong; Piloswine
Poison: Gloom & Whirlipede
Psychic: Grumpig; Wobbuffet; Girafarig;
Steel: Magneton; Forretress; Klang; Bronzong; Excadrill
Water: Bibarel

Those in bold are those I'd really like, to try and fill the Pokedex.

Please have 2+ in your Safari... if possible

Please PM if you add me.

I would really, really appreciate Fire and/or Steel Safaris - even if only for a couple of days. Am happy to be deleted after I have got what I need.

Thanks for your help


Shiny Hunter
Friend Code for Y 2122-6192-5997.
Safari Type Fighting. Meditite , Pancham, Hariyama
Looking for
Dark. Liepard
Fairy. Floette (White & Orange )
Ghost. Spiritomb
Steel. Forretress
Water. Floatzel

Message me If you want my safari or have any of the above. If you don't know what you have got add me and I will find out for you.

Has no one got a Mightyena safari?! =(

Friend Code: 1177-6536-6585
Friend Safari: Grass; Sawsbuck, Tangela, Quilladin

Looking for: Mightyena, Liepard, Swirlix - I'm looking for these the most!

I also wouldn't mind having some safaris with:
Normal: Loudred, Ditto
Poison: Venomoth
Dragon: Sliggoo
Flying: Fletchinder, Woobat
Water: Lapras, Wartortle
Psychic: Duosion


New Member
FC: 0662 3091 0410
Pokémon in Safari: Druddigon, Noibat, Fraxure

Looking for:
Dark: Mightyena, Vullaby, Cacturne, Sneasel, Sandile, Liepard, Absol, Sableye
Poison: Muk, Swalot, Gloom, Cascoon, Toxicroak, Whirlipede
Fairy: Spritzee, Swirlix, Floette, Kirlia
Psychic: Drowzee, Duosion, Munna, Grumpig
Grass: Sawsbuck, Ivysaur, Maractus, Sunkern
Electric: Galvantula, Zebstrika, Manectric, Electabuzz
Ice: Lapras, Dewgong, Cloyster, Spheal
Fire: Magmar, Larvesta, Ninetales
Flying: Tropius, Rufflet, Tranquill
Steel: Magneton, Bronzong, Klang
Fighting: Mankey, Pancham
Water: Poliwhirl, Krabby
Ghost: Dusclops
Dragon: Shelgon

!!Also it'd be nice if we can manage to get online at the same time for 3rd Pokemon and HA!!


New Member
Hey guys,

I'm new on here, so first off hey!

Friend Code: 2809-8634-8228
Friend Safari:Ghost (Shuppet, Phantump, and Spiritomb)

Send me a PM and I'll add you.
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Mew/Mewtwo Lover
Pokemon Y - 2766-9387-7732


I know its nothing amazing, I recently obtained the Shiny charm I would love to add people with 6th gen pokemon in their safari, I'm mainly looking for someone with a Klefki, or a honedge if that can even be caught in Safari's.


Looking for ditto safari. could really use the help for breeding purposes. Thanks!
And I'm also looking for a frogadier safari. That would be great too.
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New Member


Between since i got the shiny charm i love to do some shiny give away to friends that i know well. If you add me with a ditto safari you could be part of the bunch :)


New Member
Friend Code: 4570-6896-4003
Safari: Wooper, Marowak, and Gastrodon.
Pokemon I'm looking for: Pikachu, Riolu, Poliwhirl, Piloswine, Spiritomb, Whirlipede, and Galvantula.


Shiny Hunter
FC: 1134 - 8053 - 7402
Safari: Ladyba, Beautifly, and Venomoth (Bug)
Safari's I'm looking for: Ditto, Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite, Gible/Gabite/Garchomp, and Any Starters or evelutions to starters


pokemon collector
Friend Code: 4811-6968-6968
Pokemon in My Safari: Doduo, Swanna, Hawlucha
Pokemon I am Looking For:

Normal: Aipom, Minccino, Chansey

Dark: Mightyena, Nuzleaf, Vullaby, Cacturne, Liepard, Inkay

Electric: Manectric, Galvantula

Fighting: Throh, Tyrogue

Fire: Ponyta, Magmar, Larvesta, Pyroar, Ninetales

Flying: Tropius, Rufflet

Ghost: Dusclops, Spiritomb

Grass: Sawsbuck
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Feeble Fish
My FC: 3969-4403-8831
Safari Type: Ground
Slot 1: Wooper
Slot 2: Marowak
Slot 3: Palpitoad

LF: Any Safari with Ditto
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