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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~


New Member
Friend Code - 0877 1576 8620
Pokemon in my safari (Rock) - Onix, Dwebble, Rhydon

I'm looking mainly for ditto but will accept any FCs.


New Member
Hey me again, still looking for some pokés :)

FC: 1693 - 1815 - 8704
In my Safari: Klefki, Forretress & Magneton

Looking for: Flechinder, Mawile, Lampent, Pumkaboo


New Member
Friend Code: 4570-6896-4003
Safari: Wooper, Marowak, and Gastrodon.
Pokemon I'm looking for: Pikachu, Poliwhirl, Piloswine, Spiritomb, Whirlipede, and Galvantula.


New Member
Friend Code: 2509 2898 6167
Pokemon in My Safari: Frogadier, Quagsire, and Bibarel
Pokemon I am Looking For: Ditto, Metang, Excadrill

Crimson Impact

Active Member
FC: 2766-8857-5513
Pokemon in my Safari: Lillipup, Chansey, and Kecleon
Pokemon I'm looking for: A lot. Especially Dittos. Some specs include, but aren't limited to, Gligar, Fletchinder, Galvantula, Frogadier, Gloom, and Togepi.

PM me first.
Friend Code: 2122-6624-3079
Pokemon in My Safari: (Psychic) Grumpig, Espurr, Xatu
Pokemon I am Looking For: Any but especially Tyrogue, Electabuzz, Ditto

I have a lot of space so I will add anybody and any type of safari.
Not sure what my friend safari is, obviously I would absolutely love a Ditto even if you delete me tomorrow. But I am equal opportunity FC adder
PM me and let me know yours once you add.

FC: 4141-2879-6459


New Member
Friend Code: 0705-2213-6307
Pokemon in My Safari: Emolga, Pikachu, Luxio
Pokemon I am Looking For: Smeargle, but I will also accept any other safaris that I'm in need of, so please PM me if you want to exchange friend codes and let me know what's in your safari.


Pokemon Breeder
Moving Post Up.
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Looking for Magmar Safari! Please PM me back to exchange FC!
Name: Jacob
3DS FC: 2208-6033-7329
Friend Safari Type: Ice
Friend Safari Pokemon: Sneasel, Delibird, & Lapras!


i like mew
Friend Code- 1306-6688-2427
Friend Safari- Ice, with Spheal, Bergmite, and an unknown poke (I have not completed my Pokemon Y game, but with my Pkmn X in I can get the third.)
Looking For (i don't really care if any of these are in them just prefered)
Normal-Chansey, Aipom, Mincinno, Ditto
Fire- Ninetales, Larvesta
Water- Frogadier
Grass- Sawsbuck, Maractus
Electric- Manectric, Luxio, Zebstrika
Psychic- Espurr, Abra, Duosion, Xatu, Munna
Ice- Sneasel
Dragon- Fraxure, Shelgon
Ghost- Drifblim, Golurk, Dusclops
Dark- Nuzleaf, Sneasel, Cacturne, Crawdaunt
Steel- Metang, Excadrill
Fairy- Clefairy
Bug- Beautifly, Masquerain, Paras
Fighting- Breloom, Tyrogue
Flying- Swanna, Tropius, Rufflet
Poison- Seviper, Gloom
Ground- Phanpy, Gastrodon
Rock- Pupitar, Rhydon


New Member
Friend Code: 4227 - 1340 - 2352
Pokemon in my Safari: Ice Type - Piloswine, Beartic, Snover
Pokemon I am looking For: Ditto, Xatu, Hariyama, Gurdurr

DM if you add me :D


New Member
FC: 0130-2752-4060
My Safari: Poison
LF: Dratini, Chansey

PM if you add


Pokemon Breeder
Friend Code: 4382-3343-3223
Friend Safari: Rock (Nosepass, Magcargo, and Barbacle)
Looking for:
Normal: Dunsparce, Lillipup, Loudred, Minccino, Smeargle, Chansey
Bug: Any
Dark: Any
Dragon: Shelgon
Electric: Any
Fairy: Any!
Fighting: Any
Fire: Ponyta
Flying: Any
Ghost: Any
Grass: Sunkern, Petlil, Quilladin
Ground: Any
Ice: Any
Poison: Any
Psychic: Any
Rock: Boldore, Onix, Corsola, Shuckle
Steel: Any
Water: Any but I really want starters

So basically I just want anything. Please PM me to let me know if you have added me.
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New Member
FC: 0576-5086-9476
My Safari: Grass - Pansage, Sawsbuck, and Maractus
LF: Ditto, Chansey, Eevee, Smeargle, Sliggoo, Noibat, Helioptile, Braixen, Quilladin, Frogadier

PM if you add please with your IGN included.
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New Member
Friend Code: 1521-4479-2401
Pokemon in my Safari: Dragon: Fraxure, Noibat and Drudigon.
Pokemon I Am Looking For: Ditto, just like everyone else, but mostly everything.
Please PM if you add me.


New Member
My friend code is 0147-0485-6376
My 3DS name is Shafayat.
Please add me im trying to complete the pokedex.I saw 480 and i have 350
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