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Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

Crimson Impact

Active Member
Originally Posted by Crimson Impact
Friend Code: 2766-8857-5513
Pokemon in My Safari: Chansey, Lillipup, and Kecleon
LF: Ditto, Pinsir, Heracross, Gabite, Sliggoo, Noibat, Galvantula, Electabuzz, Togepi, Kirlia, Floette, Fletchinder, Charmeleon, Golurk, Shuppett, Quilladin, Oddish, Ivysaur, Klefki, Skarmory, Gyrados, and Frogadier.

Do not add me then PM me. PM me first. There are a couple other besides this list I may accept, but all add then sends will be dejected.


Shiny Hunter
Friend Code: 4227-2881-7628
Pokemon in My Safari: Oddish, Sawsbuck (Spring form), and Quilladin
Pokemon I am Looking For: Any but FSs with Eevee, Ninetails, Lapras, Ditto and charmeleon would be awesome. ^^


New Member
Reposting... updated :)

Friend Code: 0318-8199-7724
Pokemon in My Safari: [Electric] Electabuzz, Electrode and Zebstrika.
Pokemon I am looking for:
Dark: Liepard
Fairy: Floette (yellow, orange or white)
Grass: Gogoat
Ice: Dewgong
Psychic: Grumpig
Steel: Bronzong
Water: Bibarel

If you're short on space, I'm happy to be deleted after a couple of days, once I have all 3 of your Pokes.

Also, if you want mine, let me know, and I'll add you.

Please PM if you add me.

Thanks for your help
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New Member
IGN: Toby
Friend Code: 4227 - 1340 - 2352
Pokemon in my Safari: Snover, Beartic, Piloswine

Pokemon I am still currently looking For:

Normal: Aipom
Water: -
Ice: Spheal, Piloswine, Cloyster
Dragon: Gabite, Shelgon, Sliggoo
Grass: Maractus
Bug: Pinsir, Heracross, Combee, Masquerain
Poison: Muk, Garbodor, Whirlipede
Fire: Larvesta
Electric: Dedenne, Stunfish, Galvantula
Fighting: Hariyama, Mankey
Rock: Boldore, Corsola
Steel: Metang, Magneton, Excadrill
Ground: Phanpy, Camerupt, Palpitoad
Flying: Pidgey
Psychic: Xatu, Duosion, Abra
Dark: Mightyena, Crawdaunt, Nuzleaf, Cacturne, Inkay, Absol
Ghost: Spiritomb, Dusclops
Fairy: Kirlia, Mawile, Clefairy

DM me if you add me :)
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Friend Code: 2251 - 3909 - 5085
Pokemon in My Safari: Kirlia • Jigglypuff • Floette (blue variant)
Pokemon I am Looking For:


Ledyba | Combee | Beautifly |

Nuzleaf | Pawniard | Vullaby | Cacturne | Crawdaunt | Sandile | Sableye | Absol | Liepard | Inkay |


Dedenne | Helioptile| Luxio | Galvantula |

Snubbull | Dedenne | Spritzee | Clefairy |

Mienfoo |



Trapinch | Palpitoad |

Spheal | Sneasel | Cloyster | Lapras | Piloswine |

Gloom | Swalot | Garbodor | Drapion | Toxicroak |

Abra | Wobbuffet | Gothorita |

Nosepass | Corsola |

Metang | Klang | Excadrill |


I will only add the Safari with the Pokémons stated above. Thanks
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New Member
My 3ds safari code is 2535 4531 8594
My friend safari has(fighting) Mankey, pancham, and tyrogue

My 3ds xl safari code is 4055 4870 9938
My friend safari has (fairy) snubbull, jigglypuff, and clefairy
I'm mainly looking for forretress, metang, and skarmory

Boston's Best

New Member
3DS FC 2380-3265-7762. IGN- Name
Friend safari- Riolu, Pancham, Machoke
Open for all safari's


New Member
FC: 0318-7034-8365
Pokemon in my safari: GHOST- Phantump, Drifblim, and Shuppet
Pokemon I am looking for: Poliwhirl, fairy types, and froakie
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New Member
Friend Code: 1048-9419-6918
Pokemon in My Safari: unknown
Pokemon I am Looking For: Whirlipede, Togepi, Fraxure, Ditto


Friend code: 0189-9578-3514
Pokemon in my safari: ponyta, charmeleon, ninetails

Normal: evee,audino


New Member
Friend Code: 1306-6883-3730
Pokemon in My Safari: Tangela, Swadloon and Quilladin.
Pokemon I am Looking For: Sliggoo, Swirlix, Garbodor, Frogadier, Sawk, Braxien, Eevee
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Shiny Collector
Friend Code: 1521-3764-9599
Pokemon in My Safari: Fire: Growlithe, Pyroar, Fletchinder
Pokemon I am Looking For: Any

I will add anybody, but I may decide to clean up my friend list if I decide that I have too many. This will be based on removing the maximum number of people while having access to every Pokémon in the Safari. You will not lose access to my Safari, but you will lose your chance at HA Pokémon if I have not been online at the same time as you yet.

Add my FC to your 3DS, then PM me so that I know to add yours. Please leave a title of "Friend Safari (Friend Code)" so that I don't have to open a new webpage to view it. The words Friend Code in parentheses should be your actual FC, not the words "friend code."
Friend Code: 0259-0741-6593
Pokemon in My Safari: tanglea. Ivysaur. Quilladin.
Pokemon I am Looking For: mawile clefairy


New Member
Friend Code: 0576-3903-8615
Pokemon in My Safari: Eevee, Minccino, and lilpup
Pokemon I am Looking For:Pawniard, Sandile, Golurk, Snubbull, Kirlia. PM me please, and tell me what you have in your friend safari. Though I am running low on space, so if you don't have what I'm looking for and I decide not to add you, please understand. Also if you are willing to be added and then deleted after you get what you want I am willing to do that as well.
I am especially looking for the bolded pokemon.

If you have a Pawniard and Sandile in the same friend safari please please please friend me! :D :D :D


Pokemon Veteran
Looking for Gabite mainly. I got two Safaris. Let me know which one you need.

Pokemon in my Safari (Pokemon Y):
Dedenne, Pikachu, Galvantula
3DS Friend Code: 3523 - 2826 - 9846 (Raul)

Pokemon in my Safari (Pokemon X):
Mankey, Pancham, Tyrogue
3DS Friend Code: 2723 9947 2265 (Raul)


The Legendary Vida
Hey my friend safari actually has both mawile and clefairy
My friend code is 4742-6105-1053
I'll be online tomorrow so feel free to add me


Perfectionist Breedr
Friend Code: 3007 - 9421 - 4138

Pokémon in My Safari: Dark Type = Vullaby - Sneasel - Liepard

Pokémon I am Looking For: I've been searching for a Safari with Dunsparce, Loudred and Ditto for so long... if you have it please friend me and let me know, I'll appreciate so much. Anyway there are many safaris that I don't have it, so let me know what you have.
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